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  1. Starving Shadows

  2. Starving Shadows

    The Lonely Shadows(spirit hosts) Often seen accompanying or directly after a vust of he smiling man are the lonely shadows. These morse creatures are seen in groups sobbing silently as they search for new 'friends'. Many rumours of there origins exist, some saying the smiling man created them from the soyls he claims, others that they simply follow in his wake knowing that he will lead them to more people. If you see a black tarlike shadow you can be sure there coming, and though they are always lonely, they are never alone.
  3. Next Death Battletome

    What sort of direction would you like to see? I love skellies so im pretty happy with just a Battletome, but wouldnt mind adding some mad scientist, werewolf sort of additions.
  4. Next Death Battletome

    While I dont see tomb kings coming back i would love some new mummies units or heros, used to be able to take the back before they split the armies. I still think we are going to get something in february next year. Currently looks like its blood angels dark angels necromunda in november, christmas stuff chapter approved in december, which according to some leaks isnt includeing the new codexes which I think lends credence to the armies missing from ghb 2017 getting battletones, january is deamon codex, then february I think will be deathrattle and lead into malign portents, the Age of sigmar starter set will be almost 3 years old so seems like a good time for a new box, Stormcast vs Death could be a good chance in my opinion.
  5. New to AoS - Death

    Not trying to be rude, but do you mean wights or wraiths?
  6. Starving Shadows

    Thanks very much
  7. Dr Nicklesteins Lab

    Thanks very much
  8. Starving Shadows

    In the realm of shadows there are many myths relating the the "starving shadows'. Here is acollection of sone of the more common. The Laughing man (cairn wraith) Believed by many to be a leader of sorts the laughing man is spoken of in hushed tones, with many believing that even mentioning his name will summon him. Those who have been unfortunate enough to encounter him speak of his mirthless laugh, as he goes about his grim buisness of collecting more fuel to create shadows to join him in his joy. Oddly he always leaves some survivors to spread his name.
  9. Dr Nicklesteins Lab

    This will be the last post for Dr Nicklestein for now as I have got the force up to 1000 points im going to start the next realm, Nighthaunt from the realm of shadow.
  10. Dr Nicklesteins Lab

    Experiment 537 - (Terrorgeist) Eperiment 537, if not Nicklesteins greatest success, is certainly his largest. Galen Bale had not forgotten his defeat, or the hirris his men had suffered, and spent the next several years building a force with which to assault his lab, even managing to recruit a mighty beast 'oenetas' to lead the charge. And so it happened that returning at the head of a small army , Gareth Bale returned to Havenbrook. Swearing to free his men the assault began at daybreak, however Dr Nicklestein had been busy, and his army the Crying Toads, met with severe resisance. Assisted by his allies, Dr Nicklestein managed to repel the brunt of the attack. As his army stalled trying to clear there way through the mass of dead that filled the grounds he realised he need to strike the head. With a mighty bellow he and Oenetas flew in to finish Dr Nicklestein himself. As he closed in for the kill he saw The Dr brandishing an odd black artifact. Another gift From Dr Thutep he black heart had slowly been storing energy from the dead and dying during the battle, now unleashed the vicious purple blast blew Oenetas wing off forcing the might beast to the ground. A group of Expriment 469 quickly movedto finish him off. Managing to evade them Bale charged Dr Nicklestein only to be intercepted by his former comrades, unable to face thrm or reach Nicklestein he again fled. After the battle Dr Nicklestein was overjoyed to have such fine matwrial to work with and quickly began experimenting on oenetas. Eventually giving birth the Experiment 537.
  11. Dr Nicklesteins Lab

    Jakob "smiling jack" Druitt (wraith) Anotger , if more unlikeley friendship, was formed with Jakob Druitt. Druitt was a notrious killer in havenbrook, dubbed smiling jack, he terrorised the area for several years. Given Dr Nicklesteins activities it was inevitable for the two to meet, and an unlikely friendship formed between them. When smiling Jack was eventualky cornered and killed by a local vigilante group, Nikletein attempted to bring him back. He initially thought he had failed, until he recieved a visit for Jack, who had come returned, though now ghostlike. He thanked the Dr and returned to spread fear amongst Havenbrook again.
  12. Next Death Battletome

    Sure , but if we were getting new models units what would you like to see
  13. Next Death Battletome

    What I'd like for malign portents is a new krell model/wight king dual kit thats mounted on some sort of monster A lich/skeleton mage hero Dreadknight type unit like stormcast sized wights. Think you could make a decent battletome with these and existing models. Could remake bone giants, skeleton chariots, skeleton bowman
  14. Next Death Battletome

    Hi I've been thinking for the next death Battletome deathrattle seems to be a lock,but would anyone else like tosee themn do one similar to the tzeench tome, so have deadwalkers, deathrattle and deathmages all combined? Could then have seperate command tables and artifact and such like in the tzeench tome depending on who your general is, this would also get the deathmages and deadwalkers a battketone since Im not sure they could justify one on there own.
  15. NEW death model - thoughts?

    Im hoping we get "reclaimed by Nagash" stormcasts as a dread knight type unit during malign portents.