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  1. Kirjava13

    AoS 2 - Clan Skyre Discussion

    Try in the whatsapp thread in the main forum and then report-scurry back, yes-yes.
  2. Kirjava13

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Nice write up @dillonjay21, I had... rather the opposite experience on Friday! I went up against Brayherd- he brought two Beastlords, two Greater Bray Shamans, two mobs of Bestigor, two chariots, a small unit of Ungor Raiders and a Jabberslythe. Ranged against that, I had my mounted Knight of Shrouds, a Guardian of Souls, a Lord Executioner, a Spirit Torment, 20 Chainrasps, 10 Reapers, 8 Stalkers 3 Spirit Hosts,, 4 Myrnmourn Banshees and 2 Chainghasts (the latter two being new additions since my last game). We played a randomly generated scenario from the GHB2018, deploying in opposite corners and essentially fighting over terrain pieces. I set up to try and be able to move out across the table and flexibly contest as much as possible, with my Reapers in the underworld. He deployed his Jabberslythe... then set everything else up in ambush! Hm... I finished deploying first and took second turn. His entire army sans Jabberslythe came onto the board in my flank and rear, but having to make 9" charges was his doom. Only one unit of Bestigor and a chariot were able to charge. The Bestigor did some damage to the Chainrasps and Guardian of Souls, but not enough to kill either. The chariot got into the Stalkers, who promptly turned around and hacked it to pieces before it could fight. Now wildly vulnerable to a counterattack, the Bestigor were hacked apart in my turn as I dogpiled them with everything in the area, regenerating Chainrasps the entire time. The Stalkers and Lord Executioner got hold of the other chariot and his Ungor Raiders, neither of which lasted very long. I was able to get a double turn, and the Reapers appeared from the underworld. They promptly pincered the second Bestigor herd with the Chainrasps and Spirit Hosts, and I rolled a 10 for their charge too! They absolutely murdered the hell out of everything goat-shaped in the way of their scythes, helped by the Knight of Shrouds' command ability. Speaking of him, he hacked down both Beastlords, the Sword of Stolen Hours very handily healing up most of the damage he had taken along the way. The Jabberslythe finally made it into the fight on turn 3, having spent the entire first two turns cheesing it across from its deployment zone to try and help, but by then there was nothing to help. Every single Brayherd warrior was dead. Although its acid blood killed off most of the Reapers when they cut it to pieces, it found itself as dead as its allies. I'm not sure if I should take any lessons from this, as I honestly don't know whether my opponent let me win or not- his decision to isolate one of the most powerful elements of his army, the Jabberslythe, and then attack piecemeal, still confuses me. Did he not know what he was doing, or was he throwing me a bone (for context, he is not a new player and had watched me be decisively defeated the week before)? Anyway, I have realised the absolute necessity of protecting the Guardian of Souls, who was invaluable for his +1 to wound and regenerating spells. The Spirit Torment's ability to regenerate is good too, glad I remembered it. And Reapers, with all their buffs, are just mad. I have picked up two more boxes so I can take 30. Next battle in two weeks! A chance for revenge against the Sylvaneth beckons...
  3. Kirjava13

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Anyone got any advice for taking on Treemen? Or heavily armoured units in general? We can put out a lot of dice but against the high armour of a Treeman I was a bit stumped (ha!) last time I came up against one.
  4. I played in Ghyran on Friday. It made zero difference, except my opponent's Life Swarm brought back D6 wounds instead of D3. I still murdered all his Bestigor though.
  5. Whilst I want to encourage everyone to play Skaven, if you don't want to paint a lot of models then Clanrats are absolutely not a good choice- on top of needing them in large numbers, they're surprisingly (and irritatingly) detailed, making getting them to the table quite the chore. I've seen it referred to as, "doing time in the Clanrat trenches" on Reddit and boy oh boy, there is truth to that.
  6. Kirjava13

    The Rumour Thread

    If Seraphon don't get a plastic Slann and updated Kroxigor based on the Total War design at some point I will be very surprised.
  7. Kirjava13

    The Rumour Thread

    Please. Please no. I can't buy any more. I'm too weak.
  8. Kirjava13

    The Painting Contract - July 2018

    Yeah, the dark bit around his shoulders. I'm copying the colours from the battletome for this bit- it's Incubi Darkness base, Nuln Oil wash, Kabalite Green highlight, Sybarite Green extreme highlight.
  9. Kirjava13

    The Painting Contract - July 2018

    @Wars@Kramer thanks for the encouragement guys, really appreciate it. I maybe need to do another layer of Kabalite Green on his cowl highlights, then do another highlight of Sybarite Green on top, because it doesn't show up very well atm. And I have no idea what to do for all the Nighthaunt Gloom part- the fire at the base should be different, thinking of highlighting it up to white, while the rest gets highlighted up blue-grey... Not sure which colours to use though.
  10. Kirjava13

    The Painting Contract - July 2018

    I suck at highlighting.
  11. Kirjava13

    The Painting Contract - July 2018

    Update: base colours done on Knight of Shrouds. I'm nervous about shades and highlights...
  12. Kirjava13

    Your Collection/armies

    Same, except that hasn't stopped me in the slightest! All the Daughters of Khaine and Seraphon- oh, I forgot my Seraphon! A Start Collecting box, Bastiladon, Terradons and Stegadon- are in their boxes awaiting attention. I'm making very good progress through the Nighthaunt and Skaven, and the Idoneth are progressing reasonably. Getting an airbrush has really sped up the process!
  13. Kirjava13

    Your Collection/armies

    I... I... I just like all the things! 😰
  14. Kirjava13

    Who's doing Armies on Parade?

    My painting wouldn't win any competitions, but I'm tempted to try putting one of my armies in for this...
  15. Kirjava13

    Your Collection/armies

    Hmmm. Skaven - 2x Spire of Dawn sets - 2x Stormfiends - Arch-Warlock - 2x Doomwheel - 3x Warplightning Cannon - 2x Stormvermin - 1x Warpgrinder Daughters of Khaine - 2x Blood Coven sets - 4x Melusai - 2x Khinerai - 1x Morathi Idoneth Deepkin - 1x Eidolon - 1x Leviadon - 2x Allopex - 6x Eels - 2x Akhelian Kings Nighthaunt - 1x Soul Wars set - 1x Knight of Shrouds - 1x Chainghasts - 2x Grimghast Reapers I (re)started in the hobby about a year and a half ago. 😅