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  1. My hope is a new death faction based around Deathrattle and the Catophanes from Shadespire. The back story from the Skirmish book would lend itself well to a reimagining of TK and Wight Kings for AoS. Not Egyptian skellies but still ancient kingdoms, now undead but with reasons to hate and rebel against Nagash (at least til he puts his boot down).
  2. I play Seraphon and they are quite versatile. There are a multitude of viable army builds; Skinks, Saurus, Big Dinos, Wizards. They can't quite compete with the most over the top competitive lists right now (looking at you Squigs!) but they are plenty strong for any environment outside of a hardcore tournament. If you play with your friends then they'll do fine. Sadly I have little experience with Skaven though I hear they have some nasty builds with lots of mortal wound output. Also Stormfiends are apparently terrifying. On a totally unrelated note, this is awesome!!
  3. I have finished the Conclave of Wizards of the Magical Land of Foon! From left to right we have: 1. Usidore, Wizard of the 12th Realm of Ephysiyies, Master of Light and Shadow, Manipulator of Magical Delights, Devourer of Chaos, Champion of the Great Halls of Terr'akkas. The elves know him as Fi’ang Yalok; the dwarves know him as Zoenen Hoogstandjes, and he is known in the Northeast as Gaismunēnas Meistar. 2. Jyn'Leeviyah the Red, Wizard of the Sixth Realm of Ephysiyies; Mistress of Nature and Nurture; Reviver of the Springs of Gu’uthmagit; Seer of the Prophecies of the Temziet Mists; Keeper of the Sacred Tome of Deyfral; and two-time Wizard's Choice Award nominee. The Elves know her as Perimmäin So’it’thuri; the Vampires know her as Beyonce Bloodlust; the Tree Folk know her as Opal Vinewitch; and upon the isle of Meegas, she is known as Ukkosta Kassvista. 3. Spintax the Green, Master of the Third, Ninth, and Twelfth Realms of Ephysiyies, Wielder of Arcane Forces Compelling the Living and the Dead, Diviner of Unknowable Truths, Caster of Illusions, Destroyer of Lies, Dissolver of the Wall of Fire, Imbiber of the Nine Deadly Poisons, Author of the Pandenomicon, and Winner of the Wizard's Choice Award; the Dwarves know him as Nickelback Silverchair; the Angels know him as Mama Cassai'el; the Vampires know him as Cameron Orlando, in the South he is known as Lodestone Greatcraft. 4. Blorth the Brown, also known as Smanghanger the Diminished and known in Shrike as Banjo Pop Tart. He is well-known to be a total ******. 5. Can the Yellow, Master of Space and Time, Headmaster of the Jizzleknob Preparatory School for Young Wizards; the Elves did know him Cannigan the Everliving, the Elves do know him as Candle Dewspice, the Elves will know him as Candy Crowley; the Dwarves did know him as Canned Heat, the Dwarves do know him as Canticle Lebowitz, and the Dwarves will know him as Canban Scrummaster…(and it goes on like this for a while). 6. Telephys the White, Master of Life and Death. 7. Rolltide the Clear, weaver of the longest rope in Foon. 8. Jamillious the Mauve, Bringer of Feast and Famine, Master of the Great Plantation, Shatterer of the Triangle Trade Winds; the Dwarves know him as Dat Dude, the Elves know him as Always Holdin', and he is also known in the Far South as Boy. PS: None of this is my creation (except for painting the models). These are all Wizards from the Hello from the Magic Tavern podcast. Check it out!! https://hellofromthemagictavern.com/
  4. Oh my God, that makes me so happy!! The Killer Tomatoes dream is real!
  5. I'm a bit confused. What is the #1 list there? Squigs? I really, really, really, hope that "Squigs" means Squigs but I can't believe it. Can someone expand a bit on the #1 Squigs list for me?
  6. Coolness! I love custom Battleplans. I'ma have to give it a try. Little known fact about Bel'End. Though he has spread the rumor that he is the largest, girthiest Bloodthirster around, when you actually meet him, he's really about average. Not too big but not too small either and that's ok. At least that's what Valkia tells him. ;)
  7. Its time to play "Quote David out of Context!! "...because your beard is a symbol of your wisdom, your respect, your power, why not put guns in it?"
  8. Looking back, my last post seems a bit....uuummm...off topic. Or perhaps late to the party. So back to the GHB, I'm fine with yearly updates for points. I think its give 'the meta' time to develop and change and redevelop and change a few times before solidifying for a few months before a new update. It is far preferable to waiting years for partial updates in the form of one new army book. I also think that points being updated in a yearly publication is preferable to listing them in the Battletomes. The points can be updated regularly without yearly reprinting of all the Battletomes (obviously not possible or desirable). Also it helps separate Matched Play concerns from Narrative and Open Play concerns and, I hope, will help slow the co-opting of the latter two by the former. I think Warscroll Builder is a perfect compromise. They can update the online source with 'play-test points' for the community to test while waiting for the next GHB to update the 'official points'. There is no guarantee that, for example, the new points in the GHB2 for Fyreslayers and Tomb Kings must match the updated points they released a few months ago. And that possibility is all for the good, I think.
  9. Unfortunately, it is not rare to hear the kind of sanctimonious bullshit that Auticus is describing either online or in podcasts. The competitive players will teach you 'the right way to play' or narrative players just 'suck and should git gud'. My personal favorite bit of rhetorical garbage is when they appeal to "Human Nature". Its just "Human Nature" for competitive players to "break the game" and be "WAAC". Appeals to "Human Nature" are your first hint that the person making the argument has no evidence to support their point. "Human Nature" is shorthand for "whatever I want to prove to my point". "Human Nature" is perfectly malleable to fit any argument and changes depending on what the person needs to win their argument. More importantly, "Human Nature" is usually invoked to excuse or justify bad behavior. If a player, brings a competitive list to a narrative event one time, then maybe it was a mistake. If they persist, however, until the narrative campaign is ruined, that is simply selfish and unacceptable behavior. It is not "Human Nature" because they want to win and break the game. It is a selfish individual intentionally ruining other people's games because they think they have the right to do so. The narrative event organizer has the responsibility to make it clear that the event is narrative and not matched play. Beyond that it is the player's responsibility to ensure their list, play style, and behavior do ruin other player's enjoyment of the game. People don't like to hear this, but you have a responsibility to your opponent to do what you can to ensure they have an enjoyable game. Specifically, never go out of your way to ensure their game is ruined just so you can enjoy yours.
  10. Personally I want High Tower or nothing...but only so I can score and bathe in the glory of "OMG!! dont scorre u newb!!!!! Git gud!!" comments. As for the topic of other Battleplans, I've actually been collecting the Realmgate Wars book slowy (about 1 book every other month). My local store has shelves players can rent and I keep the books on the shelves. I also make it known that the books are free to use so long as they return home to their shelf! Whenever I play I usually look for a Battleplan in one of those books. We can use all the Matched Plays rules they like but I try to get others to play these different Battleplans. I'm a big fan of The Ritual, The Watchtower, and The Cursed City. My shortest game of AoS ever was playing The Cursed City. Game ended on the bottom of Turn 1 with a draw!! And its those kind of weird games that I love about AoS above all!
  11. I have a several things that I love about AoS. In no particular order: 1. Nearly every game I've played has been fun, fast-paced, and closely fought. In spite of complaining, negativity, and hypothetical whining from the Haters and having played since release, I've almost never had a bad game. I've played Open (and still do regularly), Narrative, and Matched and have enjoyed every way to play. 2. As someone who loves Tolkien, I still find the AoS fluff that be unique, interesting, and fun. It is totally different from the traditional LotR style fantasy world. Its kind of like reading stories and adventures set in a mish-mash of every culture's mythological dream time! Yeah there are cliches and, yeah some of its based on Norse mythology, and they're not the deepest, best written stories, blah, blah, blah. I don't read these stories to improve myself as a person, or to consider the moral decay of society, or to learn fundamental truths about the universe, or other high and mighty aims. Its escapism, pure and simple, and it does its job well. 3. The models are spectacular! So much detail its almost painful to paint them. I just spent two weeks painting 15 Fyreslayers and then 15 Tyranids (3rd edition termagants and hormagaunts). The 15 Tyranids were almost a refreshing break after painting the detail on the Fyreslayers! 4. I've been playing 40k since 2003 and I've never seen the kind of creativity, excitement, and simple joy of the hobby that I saw after AoS was released. That prolly seems really odd to people that did not join until after the release of the General's Handbook but its true. Prior to AoS all I (and it seemed anyone) knew about tabletop mini games were tournaments and competitive play. Narrative Play meant playing Matched Play but using some scenery rules in a one day event. Open Play literally did not exist and was inconceivable in the minds of most players. They wouldn't have even thought it was actually playing a game. After AoS was released I saw a huge expression of creativity and love for the hobby, gaming, and lore from its fans. Take a look at MongooseMatt's blog (https://ttgamingdiary.wordpress.com/), Tyler Mengel and his Tomb Kings (http://theendlessdeserts.blogspot.com/), this forum, and lots of others. Its all the more amazing that these things exist considering the contempt, hatred, and aggression that the game system and this community faced for nearly a year.
  12. Also here is a picture of my friend's general for his Bonesplittaz that will be battling on Saturday! As of this moment he has no name so I shall dub him, "Toby LeRone". He likes FOIGHTIN'!! That's really the only reason he needs for stompin's 'umies and krumpin' stunties!! Surprisingly he gets along well with Aelves. Its a mutual friendship built on years of respect and trust, support and love (and krumpin', lots of krumpin'). PS: I'm not really sure what "krumpin'" actually is...
  13. I'll have a go! My General is Runefather Frank Grimnir. He is shown here with his two Runesons, Charlie and Dennis on the pyramid, his daughter Dee (she's the birdlike snotling hiding behind the magmadroth, Poppins) and their friend Mac the Runesmiter. My force is commanded by Runefather Frank-Grimnir. With his Runesons Dennis and Charlie (and daughter Dee) he rules over the most welcoming and open Fyreslayer Lodge in all of Azyr. They have excellent relations with the local Free Peoples and Aelves and, combined with the bright glow of their Lodge's forgefires, folk say, "Its always sunny in Fyla'del-phya!" They're also famous for always receiving payment for their services. In fact should any disputes arise, Frank invites both parties to the Paddy's Rune Temple thousands of feet down in the bowels of the fiery mountain. There they have a civil discussion, no threats, no violence, all perfectly fine and legitimate...but they always receive their payment...because of the Implication. You know...the Implication...
  14. Well said and true! 😃
  15. "There's no wrong way to play." This is a sentiment I hear expressed a lot in wargaming and frankly I disagree with it. There absolutely is a wrong way to play this and any other game. The wrong way to play is to consistently play in a way disregards the purpose of the game (you AND your opponent's enjoyment) and to play in a way that is disrespectful or insulting to your opponent. This may seem so obvious that is doesn't need stating but a lot of people, at least on the internet, have never learned this. What does this look like? For person of a competitive mindset it may be consistently playing hyper efficient "WAAC"-style lists and crushing your regular opponents whether or not they are enjoying it. Some even claim that their opponents are 'disrespecting' them by not playing well enough. This argument is simply false. It is not an opponent's obligation to match your skill or choice of army or list to make the game more fun for you. The first (skill) is not possible and unreasonable to expect; not because the hypothetical 'you' are god-like at AoS but simply because all people have varying levels of skill. The second (army and list comp) is an example of one player dictating to another how to enjoy their hobby for purely selfish reasons. For a narrative player, this may manifest itself as unpleasant 'surprises' inflicted on a player at the narrative event. If the narrative they are all playing does not match the organizer's head-canon, the organizer may unjustly punish another player in an attempt 'fix' the narrative. Intentional inflexibility and punishing your players is pointless and cruel. Insisting on playing every game only in the ways you enjoy, whether that's 'narrative & fluffy' or 'WAAC' is selfish. In my opinion this is 'the wrong way to play'. Let me be clear that this is possible in competitive, narrative, and really any type of gaming. However it is likely more prevalent in competitive play for a number of reasons. First there is simply more Matched Play than Narrative Play and so this behavior gets more exposure online. Secondly, disrespectful behavior is more likely to be excused as friendly competition in Matched Play. "If my opponent doesn't want to lose they need to get gud!" and that such like. Lastly Matched Play proponents are more likely assume that winning is the only 'real' purpose of any game due to their more competitive mindset. Conversely they are more likely to assume that any other play style is just muckin' about! 😁