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  1. Being strict with new players?

    If you don't absolutely crush new players every time you play how will they learn that life is PAIN and everything they love will betray them!! Also remember to be really self-righteous about it. Make sure they understand how great you really are, as a person, for ruining their game and teaching them these hard, hard lessons. /sarcasmsohardithrewmybackout In all honesty though, if you are playing against someone new you need to try and be altruistic about it. Teach them the game in a way you think they will enjoy it the most. It might not always be clear what they want but try your best and be enthusiastic. They'll get your intention and appreciate it. Don't be overly critical, point out rules mistakes but allow take-backs if it will make the game more fun for them, and try very hard not to crush their souls. Your goal should be to get them back there playing next week...and the next week and the next. In order to have healthy communities of AoSers we need veteran players who are willing to teach and encourage new players to stay and grow the community and teach new players themselves.
  2. Line of sight

    This question comes up so often because there's a conflict because the rules complexity the GW wants the game to include and the rules complexity that experienced gamers (nearly everyone on this forum) want to have. Experienced players i.e. any player with a working knowledge of the ruleset of any tabletop game, feel able to handle additional complexity. Most of the time they are right and additional complexity would add rather than take away from their enjoyment. GW clearly value simplicity over attempts at realism and trust the players to explain away any inconsistencies. They're promoting simplicity and ease of play in this instance to allow new players to get learn the rules with a minimum of confusion. More experienced players can layer on additional rules as they like but new players don't have that luxury. Moreover experienced players are better able to create house-rules than new players hence your examples, base to base line of sight or monsters that block of sight. I wouldn't expect this to change in future editions. GW will certainly add new terrain pieces with their own Warscroll rules but the most we can expect in the main rules is perhaps intervening terrain to grant cover. Even that seems unlikely because of the difficultly of wording such a rule. I give you the "Barricade" rule on the Walls and Fences Warscroll as an example. A 48 word sentence needed to explain that your models can hide on the other side of a wall. My advice is to just house rule what seems best to you and your mates.
  3. Dread Solstice Dilemma - Which Outcome & Why?

    I can think of a very good reason for Order to fight for the Skull (assuming that means Nagash). In the stories, Nagash is sending his lieutenants out to recruit people to fight him. He's even asking Mortals and Free Peoples. One chance to join and then they are destroyed if they say no. I'm certain that some groups of Free People, Duardin, and others agreed to fight for him. They might have been coerced and had no choice but they are still fighting for Nagash.
  4. Dread Solstice Dilemma - Which Outcome & Why?

    My Seraphon will be supporting the Drake of course. That statement exactly describes what the Slaan are doing all day in their man(frog?)-caves. And even though he is the youngest and smallest and cutest of the Slaan, Cueyatl can manipulate stars with the best of them!
  5. Mortal Seraphon

    I've been playing Seraphon since AoS dropped and I can't think of any major problems this would cause. The most common occurrence would be the Slaan's signature spell as already mentioned but that can be solved by changing CELESTIAL DAEMON to SERAPHON in the wording. I know there are few situations were being CELESTIAL might matter but I believe those are mostly Times of War or Narrative Battleplans. Seraphon themselves prolly have more interactions with DAEMONS than most other armies but its always affecting CHAOS daemons. I also agree that Bravery 10 seems high for mortals, even cold-blooded ones. 8 or 9 might be better. Bravery 10 seems to be reserved for things that either can't die and know it (daemons) or are not even conscious of death so not afraid of it (mindless undead). Still it may be more trouble than its worth to start changing stats.
  6. The Rage Quit Amnesty

    I've never rage-quit myself but... ...I feel that rage-quitting is an important and sensible response to changing the rules for playing with your toys ONLY IF you burn your army and post it on YouTube. Get really angst-y about it and play angry Deth Metal in the background! For your 😬 and our 😂!!!
  7. Age of Sigmar "2nd edition"

    And this why we have these discussions!
  8. Age of Sigmar "2nd edition"

    I wonder how many people who decry the double turn are wargame veterans. How many are people with years of experience playing wargames like 40k, WHFB, Malifaux, Inifinity, and all the others? I say this because the priority roll seems to get a lot of hatred from gamers. However, I've never met anyone who is actually new to the war gaming who has an issue with it. They mostly take it in stride and learn to adapt. It just a rule of the game and you play with it. For what its worth they are also less likely to make themselves play monofaction i.e. "I'm an Ironjawz player so I can't ally in goblins for shooting cause that's not who I am cause I only play Ironjaws." They only start to play that way if their local gaming groups says or heavily implies that monofaction is the 'right' way to play and double turns are bad. Of course this is my personal experience and completely anecdotal...like everything else here! As for shooting in combat I don't have a huge problem with it but I think it could use some sort of modifier or risk associated with it. Its not that its broken, at least I don't believe so. But I think it is kind of a no-brainer strategy right now. It needs some sort risk to it to force the player to make a decision as to whether or not shooting a target is worth it. I'm a fan of "Hit Rolls of 1 deal a single mortal wound to a friendly unit within 3" of the target." That could even be added as a line to the main rules. If there are no friendly units within 3" nothing happens. If there are friendly units within 3" then apply the rule. It introduces risk, perhaps serious risk since the friendly unit gets no save (usually). It also does this without adding any dice rolls. That last one is very important I think.
  9. Will you use Malign portents?

    I've actually played my first game with MP and I have to say I really enjoyed the Portents mechanic. It added stratagems to the game; something I really enjoy from 40k. I even feel it improved on the idea. Instead of a couple dozen stratagems to remember (difficult even with the cards as reminders) you have at most 12 (usually 6) Portents. There is definitely less resource management since Prophecy Points are replenished every turn. This encourages both players to use the Portents frequently and promotes interaction. There are fewer opportunities to abuse the system and list-tailor to max out PP since the amount of PP you get is largely based on a die roll or some characteristic (bringing a Harbinger, playing in Shyish, etc.) that benefits both players. There's no chance to 'spam' detachments like in 40k in order to farm command points and the closest you could get to abusing the mechanic is to spam wizards or priests for 1 extra PP per turn. I intend to use MP as often as I can in my games!
  10. I was originally planning on Death but I only have Tomb Kings and I'm thinking of selling them and my Fyreslayers. A great purge of models so I can focus on my Seraphon. So the legions of Cueyatl will march (zap?) to war in Shyish!
  11. FAQ landed

    I completely agree and its one of the reason main reasons AoS is my first choice for game night even though I've played 40k for 15 years. The community online and off just seem to enjoy the game for its own sake which is so refreshing I can't even stand it! I didn't truly think he was claiming, '...stuff those stupid Open Play people, get rekted, lern 2 play, git gud or shut up'. I mostly wanted to use the word "umbrage" in a sentence. Also after years of online 40k forums (lookin' at you Warseer), I'm rather leery of discussions of competitive play vs other play styles especially online. I've found far too many instances where it devolves into shouting the glories of competitive gaming and insulting claims that anyone else is just 'muckin' about'; not even really playing the game. It also bears remembering that prior to the release of AoS, Narrative gaming meant a tournament with blurb of back story in the event packet and Open gaming literally did not exist, at least in the US. While this is true to an extent, it is an assumption that some competitive gamers make that often leads to the arrogant and dismissive 'deyz muckin' about' attitude I mentioned earlier. It as though they believe competitive gaming is the only right, pure, and truly serious way to play the game. As for those other 'gamers', just throw some models at them. They'll figure something out, push 'em around, maybe try to eat them, whatever. Sorry if I sound a bit paranoid about this but as someone who played AoS from day 1 and loved it, there were a couple of really nasty, hate-filled years. Lots of vitriol and bile and personal attacks thrown about on other forums. But in the end it lead to the creation of TGA so I guess it all worked out!
  12. FAQ landed

    Interesting changes to the Engine. I'm interested to try them out during the next 34 games it will take to roll that triple 6! I will say I take umbrage for the sake of all the Open and Narrative players at the 'old age of sigmar open play that has no place in matched play' comment. Kinda sounds like the needs and wants of Open and Narrative gamers are and should be subservient to Matched Play. Know your place and conform to what's best for the Matched Play community is a rather nasty sentiment. I may be reading too much into this and that was probably not intended but at least you should know that is how it sounded.
  13. Overracted? Puh-shaw!! We all know that burning your army is the only mature and adult way to respond to "GW-rage". Good on you!
  14. Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    Wow! There are some gorgeous models here. I've only completed the Orks and Reavers but I'll make my own contribution. PS: I love the ghostly Guard some of you have posted and I think I'ma try to paint mine similarly. Look amazing and I'm told its fairly easy and quick!
  15. Wanna Start Tomb Kings but how?!

    I started a Tomb Kings army when the I heard they were being discontinued. Tomb Kings were my first Fantasy army in 7th edition and I love the flavor and lore. Sadly I didn't play with them for long since back then they suuuucked like an airplane toilet; got tired of being tabled by turn 2. Worst...starter...army...ever! :'( As it turns out I really like the skeletons side of things and not the reanimant side of things. This is good since Deathrattle will surely get an update sooner or later and TK skellies are as good as any other for a Deathrattle list. The only problems might be the archers and chariots but the rest should be fine. Tomb King = Wight King, Liche Priest = Necromancer, and so on. I'm very interested in this new Legions of Nagash book to see how Deathrattle are updated. So interested in fact that I might just expand from Tomb Kings to Deathrattle and Death generally. As for where to find them...I don't have much to add. eBay, conversions, and lots of patience are your friends. Search long enough and you'll find some gems ($35 Bone Giant in box anyone?!) Also some models aren't too bad price wise. Basic skeletons and horsemen are not too pricey and the old metal tomb guard aren't bad either. The new tomb guard are very expensive though they are also very nice models. Oh and I highly recommend Tyler Mengel's Unofficial Tomb Kings Battletomb. It hasn't been update for GHB 2017 yet but its still great for narrative and open games (and matched if your TO is into that kinda thing). Here's the link: http://theendlessdeserts.blogspot.com/