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  1. Stormcast Eternal

    This is gorgeous!
  2. Let's Chat: Desert Legions

    While wandering around the forum, I noticed there are lots of Let's Chat: Insert Army topics in all the Grand Alliance sub-forums. One that I noticed was conspicuous by its absence was Tomb Kings. Considering how well they did during the first year and some of Age of Sigmar's life and their apparent popularity that seems a bit strange. Tomb Kings are a great army (and my second AoS army) especially for the returning Fantasy player who already has the models. Even newer players can grab a kit or two from eBay if they fancy a mixed Death list with an Egyptian flair. With the GHB 2017 and the update to their entire warscroll range, I think it might be worth a thread discussing how Tomb Kings function now, their strengths and weaknesses, play styles and such like. Also perhaps a place for discussion Desert Legions lore and their place in the Mortal Realms since we all know they've snuck into the background lore a few times in spite of being "squatted" Oh, and about the title of the thread...for some reason I really like the change to Desert Legions. The name suits them very well!
  3. A group of 3 friends and myself are in the middle of our campaign right now. Order and Destruction are dominating with Destruction at 16 Glory Points. We're just using the rules right out of the book and there have been no problems so far. The muster points allow for uneven games and this lends itself very well to the Open War cards. As others have said before, if you don't have the Open War cards, get them! They are perfect for this kind of campaign.
  4. What drew you to collect your Army

    My first AoS army were my 8th ed. WHFB Ogres and I only had the army for a short time after AoS launched. I only had them at all because the low model count meant I could paint up a reasonable army quickly for playing Triumph &Treachery once in a blue moon. My first real AoS army (built and painted for AoS) was Seraphon. Dinosaurs are awesome! Dinosaurs on dinosaurs are better!! Dinosaurs on dinosaurs with LAZORS and magic star-frogs are the best! I'd tried to make a WHFB Lizardmen army but I got sick of painting 3547 Saurus Warriors and nothing else. So when AoS dropped and I could built and play any kind of dinosaur army I liked, I jumped on it!!
  5. Shardfall on Hexes with an objective Token?

    I was thinking about this as well and I think it is allowed because an 'occupied hex' means specifically a hex that has a fighter in it...though I will admit I couldn't tell you where that is in the rules because it is 6am and I just woke up.
  6. Need help with painting a magmadroth

    Another idea is the Citadel Paint app if you have a smart phone. I know for my second Magmadroth I want to try an albino color scheme and the the app had paint schemes, list of paints, and techniques that I found helpful. Sadly no Magmadroth tutorial yet! 😢
  7. Need help with painting a magmadroth

    S'all good! I mostly use Games Workshop paints so these are all available on their website. Some people prefer other brands but I don't have any experience with those. 1. So for fire, I start with a basecoat of Khorne Red over black primer. The primer I use is spray-on black primer from GW or Army Painter. 2. Then I apply a black wash of Nuln Oil to the Khorne Red. Not too much, but enough to get into the crevices, and tint the red basecoat. 3. After the wash dries, I dry brush Khorne Red over the fiery parts again. Dry brushing means applying a small amount of paint to the brush and wiping most of the paint off until only a tiny amount remains on the bristles. Then you gently brush over the raised parts of the model. This highlights the raised parts and makes them stand out. 4. Next I dry brush Evil Sunz Scarlet higher up the flames and away from the base of the fire. This brightens up the flames. 5. Next I dry brush on Troll Slayer Orange higher up towards the middle and tops of the flames. 6.Lastly I dry brush some Yriel Yellow followed by Flash Gitz Yellow on the tips of the flames. This makes a dimmer, reddish kind of fire. I used it for my Fyreslayers because I wanted them to have more of a 'low burning incense in a temple' look to them, not brighter flames. There are lots of YouTube Tutorials (for Magmadroths even). I'd check some of those out! Hope that helps! 😎
  8. Tga forum

    I just officially quit Dakka and I just wanted to say how much I appreciate this forum and all the folks posting here! Thank you all for being a positive upbeat place to talk about this game we all like so much! Special thanks to Ben for kicking it all off! 😎
  9. Need help with painting a magmadroth

    Having painted large lizards before (a magmadroth, two stegadons, a bastilodon, a maw-krusha, and a carnosaur), I'll tell you they're intimidating but are pretty simple to paint. This is because their scaley hides make dry brushing really simple and looks really good. As for fire, I usually start with a deep red basecoat following by a black wash. Then dry brush increasingly brighter shades or orange and then yellow towards tips of the flames. Its quick and looks fine from 3 feet away. I'm sure other people can give tutorials about painting realistic fire with blue central flames and object source lighting and all that if you want to be really thorough!
  10. 'Creamy' is a good way to describe the scales of albino alligators I've seen on online. I like the idea of mixing bone and white. I'll also check out Pallid Witch Flesh...a color I've never used. Thanks for the advice! 😊
  11. So I've expanded my Fyreslayers with a new Start Collecting box and I built the 'droth as a Runesmiter (Country Mac) to go with the Runerfather (Frank) on his Magmadroth (Popkins). Since the Runesmiter's Magmadroth would presumably be of religious significance, I decided to really make her stand out. I've decided I want to try an albino color scheme. I've had some experience painting white on clothes before (for Freeguild) but never on a living creature. Normally I prime grey and basecoat with Celestra Grey. Then I use ever lighter layers of Ulthuan Grey and White Scar to build up white on the raised areas. I'm wondering how this will look though since albino creatures tend to be pinkish. Should I try a red wash at least for some areas (eyes, mouth) and highlight up to light pink? My concern is that the red wash will be rather too dark and, well, red. I've also not used a wash in the past when painting white. Also are the dry brush whites worth a look? I've never used them before. If anyone has experience and advice I'd greatly appreciate it
  12. Open Play Allegiance Abilities?

    I've been playing Warhammer (40k and Fantasy) for nearly 14 years and I have to say I completely agree. I actually had this epiphany just a couple days ago. Two friends and I decided to play a Triumph &Treachery game and we were halfway through the game before I realized that none of us ever asked about points level or restrictions. We just grabbed what we wanted and played. The game turned out to be incredibly fun in spite of (some would say) it's freeform nature. This has just been how we've playing lately (at least the last 12 months) and we just sort of stepped into it. Probably not much help for others trying to get friends into Open Play but there you have it.
  13. Age of sigmar & terrain

    That was my exact point when someone told me they didn't like the double turn because they could play a 'perfect game' and it would be ruined because of the double turn. Well if you didn't account for the double turn, then you didn't play a 'perfect game'. Also I think Auticus' explanation for why most tournaments and competitive games shun lots of terrain and the terrain rules is likely spot on. As for terrain, my LGS is lucky that we have a whole back wall of terrain to choose from. We have a good selection of GW terrain that I and others have assembled and painted for the store, but most of it is generic, scratch-built terrain. Its still pretty high quality (we have some skilled modelers in the store) and there's plenty to use for three or more games simultaneously. I usually try to play with about a 10-15 pieces of terrain and I personally love the terrain rules and the warscrolls. When I'm setting up a board I have about 3-4 pieces of with terrain rules (Mystical, Damned, etc) and 1-2 using the warscrolls. These ones are 'strategically' set up where the two players will have to at least approach and hopefully interact with them. Folks are right that some of the terrain warscrolls favor certain factions or unit types but I just consider that an extra challenge. Its kind of a secondary objective. For example if I'm playing my Fyreslayers against an army with wizards, and we have a Dreadfire Portal on the battlefield, one of my goals is to keep his wizards away from it. If you don't know what the rules for the Dreadfire Portal are, you should look them up ;). Let's just say....orbital laser! The game is more of a narrative story and war simulation to me. A huge part of war is seizing and denying the enemy's valuable territory, and there's not much incentive to do that is none of the territory (read terrain) is valuable!
  14. NEW FAQs, Compendium, Forgeworld

    The reason you don't understand the reason for all the rage is because there isn't actually a legitimate reason for all the rage. As with most online discussions, let hyperbole and rage be your watchwords. You are correct of course. Everyone can still play with all their models. No models have been invalidated, only some army builds at specific points levels have to change now. After 14 years in this hobby I've found that most of the anger during these transitions boils down to a couple of things. Some of it comes from fears that amount to , "...my army may not be as easy to win with as I want it to be." Some of it also comes from worries that, "...the way I want to build/have been building my army might not be as efficient/powerful as I want it to be." But these things are to be expected when a big update like GHB2017 is released. These are the facts of life for Wargaming. Rules change, army lists change, the ways we play change. What's truly baffling is the notion that GW are somehow being petty or insulting towards their customers by slowly (seriously, folks, its been ongoing for 2 years now) distancing Legacy armies and removing keyword synergies with supported armies. How exactly is it petty that they provided and updated, for free, rules for models they do not sell and make no money from. The fact is that they actively lose money and customers to the 2nd hand market due to the presence of these rules. How is it insulting that they have been providing and still provide veteran players with the means to play with their entire collections, even those models that GW does not sell anymore? How can anyone look at the support they have freely provided and think that is more insulting than releasing AoS with the announcement that all Tomb Kings and Brettonia players can trash their armies because they have no rules in the new game? The release of the original pdf's was intended to tide people over until the Grand Alliance Books were released. The reason that more than 18 months later, they are still updating the Compendium rules, in spite of lost business, can only be due to their respect for the players, the models they've released in the past, and the years of lore they've created for Warhammer. There is literally no other reason to support Legacy armies, and that is the exact opposite of being insulting and petty.
  15. NEW FAQs, Compendium, Forgeworld

    I'm quite happy with the new FAQ's and updates. I think they did a good job of identifying loopholes, rules abuses, and overpowered models and of brought those into line with the rest of the game. Removing the stacking of buffs and clarifying that "a roll of 6" is synonymous with "a roll of 6+" are real biggies for me. I'm also very happy that the Squig Gobba was improved and I don't even play Moonclan. I painted one for my friend's army and I love the model! All of this speaks to GW's desire to ensure that AoS is fun and enjoyable first and foremost. My only sadness is that my Skink Chief lost his Command Ability. Oh well, he'll make it through. He's Marked for Greatness after all! Needless to say I'm very excited for all the new Seraphon goodies and if I really want to run my Skink Chief and Jungle Swarms, I still can. I'll just run an Order army instead of a Seraphon army. I know I'll be giving up the shiny new Seraphon goodies for one game but that's fine. Tomb Kings are my second army and I have to say I'm quite pleased with how they updated the Compendium Warscrolls. They've distanced them from the current armies while still updating their rules to match the game as it has grown over these two years. The update basically removes any synergies between the Compendium and the supported Warscrolls as well as matching keywords. My Tomb Kings lost "Deathrattle" but gained their own keyword "Desert Legions". They have synergy within themselves but not with the other Death factions unless the synergies target units with the Death keyword. Like with my Seraphon if I want to run my Tomb Kings with other Death units, I'll just run a Death army, not a Tomb Kings army. Everyone knew GW should and would move in this direction with the Compendium Warscrolls and its been two years. No one can honestly claim that this was a surprising move or was unnecessary. At this point GW has been losing sales to eBay for 2 years because they provide rules for models they do not sell. The fact that they've updated the Compendium one more time (assuming this is the final time) is a real sign of GW's respect for the games and models they've produced and the player base. As for the notion that this makes the Compendium units 'unplayable', let me quote a famous Spaniard. "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." - Inigo Montoya. None of the Compendium Warscrolls are unplayable. "Unplayable" means that the rules and their interactions in game are nonsensical or irrelevant. Every Compendium Warscroll is perfectly playable in the game. Even moreso now they been updated to match the current wording of the game. Twice now I've even stated how; run a Grand Alliance (Order, Death, Destruction, Chaos) army, and not a faction specific army. In fact the one thing that GW could have done to make the Compendium Warscrolls nearly unplayable would have been to remove the Grand Alliance keywords from the Warscrolls, but they didn't. Please don't forget that not every person plays AoS like you and please don't assume that Matched Play is all there is. There are lots of us Narrative and Open players out there, who will happily use our Skink Chiefs without issue. If you're are unhappy with the changes to the Warscrolls then, "These are less than optimal choices in the army that I choose to play for tournaments and matched play games", would be the words that you're looking for. TLDR; Love the changes & bandying about hyperbole like 'unplayable' is a bit disrespectful to the rest of the AoS community; think before you post.