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  1. Malign Portents

    I like the twist at the end. Maybe I'm oblivious but I figured they were hunting Ironjawz to steal their souls, you know, as you do. I did not anticipate the actual reason but I like it! Also I was apparently not the only one who saw 'Laebrea' and thought La Brea Tar Pits. I think that might just be a reference from GW; or maybe an homage. Regardless its clear that the Idoneth Deepkin are actually a conclave of hobos and drifters riding stray dogs who live behind the public museum at the La Brea Tar Pits in downtown Los Angeles. But seriously go visit La Brea Tar Pits; they're awesome! You can hug a life-size statue of a giant ground sloth! "Pics or it Didn't Happen Time!"
  2. I know, right! If we're really lucky they post videos of it on Youtube for us to all enjoy. Break out the popcorn, grab the kids, and watch someone throw a temper tantrum, destroying their own property! I'm a huge fan! Deep Strike in AoS isn't as big an issue as in 40k since since most DS units are trying to charge and only become reliable with (multiple, stacking) buffs from characters who may or may not be able to DS themselves. The majority of nasty shooting in AoS is from units that can't or don't need to DS. Alpha Strike is possible but not reliable and that's a key difference. Its unfortunate but the "best" way to win any game is to simply prevent your opponent from playing. For some people the desire to win supersedes their opponent's enjoyment and they will use any tactic regardless of how much fun it sucks from the game. I just wish the rest of us would call that what it is. Unless you're playing at the top tables of the biggest AoS tournaments fighting for the title of "Most, Bestest AoS Player", its not really a "valid strategy and everyone else should get gud". Its actually and technically known as being "rude", and "inconsiderate", and a "selfish [very naughty word]".
  3. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    Sweet! I just ordered the Omnibus with the Sylvaneth, Skaven, and Fyreslayers stories. Its on the way!
  4. Let's Chat: Seraphon 2017

    Saurus Guard with buffs are tough to be sure and have good damage output. They need protection from MW like you said. Having only 1 wound makes them vulnerable to a bought of bad luck but rerolls help a lot with this. Also the Warden has a pretty big target on him but little defense. Multiple skink priests are essential I think, since 4+ for the prayer isn't very reliable. I've had whole games where one skink priest goes all atheist on me and never passes that role. Barring some kind of wide-spread religious schism and descent into decadent nihilism, it's pretty unlikely 2 of them would fail consistently.
  5. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    Exactly! They're still excellent craftsmen (craftsdwarfs?). Golems empowered by ur-gold would be pretty sweet and a chance to get some monstrous infantry into the army. I'm imagining a Duardin society powered by ur-gold! Ur-gold is used to run a variety of machines; golems, mining equipment, transportation, food production, health care, maybe even air ships. Runesmiters use ur-gold in a myriad of practical, creative, and fantastical ways. Ur-gold use finds its way into every aspect of Fyreslayer life. But as time goes on suspicions begin to grow about the finite nature of ur-gold and fears that its being used up start to be voiced by parts of society. Also the use of ur-gold releases small amounts of Grimnir's essence into the atmosphere over time leading to accumulations of Grimnir gasses. This leads to realm-wide "hotheadedness". A movement arises to limit ur-gold use and research alternatives. This movement is aggressively opposed by those groups that mine, process, and sell the resource. These organizations launch a hugely effective, decades long misinformation campaign that casts doubts on the opposition's claims of resource depletion and the environmental impacts of its use. This is quite profitable for some but leads to dangerous levels of the gasses building up in the atmosphere. As forecast, the impacts from these gasses begin to be felt and those members of society who became wealthy from the extraction, processing, and sale of the resource use their political clout to prevent meaningful change. Their accumulated also buffers themselves and parts of their own societies from the worst impacts of the environment change. Those people living outside these wealthy cultures suffer greatly as the environment they live in becomes increasingly hostile. They find themselves unable to continue living their traditional ways of life and unable to cope with the changes. Being somewhat less wealthy and privileged, they lack the resources to protect themselves or adapt. Many find flight is their only option. Millions suffer and many die as the consequences become unavoidable and mass migrations begin in an effort to find food, safety, and social stability. But when things look their bleakest, the wealthy Runesmiters from before invent some new technology that magically saves everyone and makes everything ok. The End. My favorite part of the my head-fluff is just how realistic it is; especially that last part! TLDR; totally not an allegory for climate change and ur-gold golems would be sweet!
  6. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    I really need to read Spear of Shadows! I just bought the Legends of AoS Omnibus and there are some Fyreslayers stories in there I'm looking forward to. I swear I would buy the hell out of some AoS audiobooks! Listened to all of them so far released but they stopped making them. :'(
  7. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    Duardin cavalry has always seemed weird to me. However war beast and their handlers seems like a cool idea since they have such a close bond to their magmadroths. Fire-breathing mini-magmadroths kinda of like temple/forge guardians and Duardin handlers that buff them when nearby. That might be stepping on Seraphon and their Salamander's toes though. Aside from that perhaps some kind of flame based artillery. Short-ranged, no cover bonus, good rend, throws flames; what one might call a "flamethrower". Before they can do that I think they really need to flesh about what the home life of Fyreslayers is like. There's very little about what they do outside battle besides swearing oaths and body modification. Lots of military and religion but they are still Duardin. Where's the craftsmanship? Have they totally abandoned Grungni? How do they make a living outside of combat? What do they eat and drink? Do they still like ale? How do they feel about other races? Give us more Fyreslayer fluff! PS: Outside the Battletome, does anyone more of any other good Fyreslayer stories, novellas, audio dramas, etc.?
  8. Popkins Jr (2).jpg

    Fun Fact: Young magmadroths are too small to hunt and cannot breathe fire yet. They feed mainly on small chili peppers and a savory Tabasco sauce suckled from their mother's "Tabasco Gland".
  9. Popkins Jr (1).jpg

    Tagging along is Popkins Jr., son of Duchess and Popkins (magmadroth of the lodge's Runefather Frank-Grimnir).
  10. The Fyreslayers of Fyla' Delfya are a rarely seen but potent force in the Vale of Efengie. With the discovery of an ur-gold goblet in the near the Dark Forest, Runesmiter Country Mac and his magmadroth Duchess have emerged to lead the hunt!
  11. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    The only Magmadroth I don't have is the Runeson. I haven't looked at him too much (just being lazy ) but I'd be interested to hear how he does. Being smallish monsters perhaps Magmadroths hunt in packs like raptors! I hear they can open doors...by burning them down with their fire breath!
  12. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    So having recently painted up the Chosen Axes, I've been inspired to return to my Fyreslayers. I'm in the process of painting a Runesmiter on Magamdroth and 20 more Vulkites (with twin handaxes). I have about 2000 points, lots of Heroes and Vulkites and some Hearthguard (Auric and Berserker). I know that more Vulkites are always good but I have questions about the Hearthguard. Auric Hearthguard have our only ranged attack and it seems decent, especially when supporting Heroes. However they are pretty bad in melee. Do you all find Aurics more useful in a large group or smaller 5-man (duardin?) squads? Also how are the Auric centered Battalions? I don't have enough Aurics to run them but I've looked at them and they seem fun. I have 10 of the Hearthguard Berserkers with poleaxes and they always do work especially in the Lords of the Lodge Battalion. Is a bigger unit worth the extra cost? Would a second smaller unit be more effective? Lastly, I have do not have any Berserkers with the broadaxe. They seem like they'd be better at dealing more wounds more consistently but don't have the advantage of mortal wounds that go straight through defense. Not sure if its worth it or if perhaps they have a different target in mind compared to the poleaxe Berserkers. What are the community's thoughts on these guys? Thanks!
  13. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    Looks pretty good to me. My (admittedly limited) experience with Fyreslayers is that they really like having a way to deal mortal wounds. Without wizards they have magmadroths, Vulkites with shields, and Hearthguard with poleaxes. Your initial 1000pts has lots of ways to spit out MW. Also the Battlesmith's ability to reroll saves and battleshock is excellent for that big unit of Vulkites. He's so good I've heard it mentioned that the Runefather on Magmadroth's Command Ability is kinda meh in comparison. I see why that is the case and in 1000pts it prolly isn't very useful. However, as the army grows, I feel that 20" bubble for his Command Ability is useful. Speaking of the Magmadroth, I wouldn't count on it to tank your opponent's army. She'll die and pretty quick. Magmadroths are solidly middle-sized monsters and, while she's got some nifty abilities, she'll go down to concentrated fire. Luckily the Runefather isn't the vital "lynchipin"that other faction's characters are. As for the Chosen Axes, I've used them twice to hold objectives as you said and the opponent just ignored them. They're not really a threat to anything besides another Shadespire unit but they are very small and can hide! I'm pretty sure you cannot mix shields in a unit. Its all shields or none. However I believe the shielded guys have a different sort of target compared to the twin axe guys. The shield Vulkites have a decent chance to punch through elite infantry on the turn they charge. Combined with the picks they can take on heavy armor and deal some damage. The twin axe guys deal wounds more reliably with the reroll to hit and so are better against large hordes of weaker infantry (goblins, freeguild, etc.).
  14. Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    Just finished painting the Fiery Dorfs! I'm look at those sweaty back runes! 😁