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  1. Sounding good so far Hope you didn't end up getting rid of too much of your beasties from before. I can think of an area I was planning in my fluff that was rather a marshland
  2. Welcome back then! I've been pretty busy so my activity dropped too but hey ho. Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
  3. I recognise those dwarfs [emoji6] caving into 40k as well? Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
  4. Awesome work. One day I foresee a best painted army award! Love the little detail on them and decorations. Agreed on the weather, tried painting and within 30 minutes my wet palette was dry, and the paint was rapidly drying in the bristles. Real write off!
  5. For me a big one is the models. Moving away from ranked up means they are way more characterful and fun. Just look at brutes, compared to the old black orcs, who were meant to be the big nasties.
  6. So 6 month update time then: 1: I'm not sure what I meant by all the destruction I have. I have a gargant, plenty of moonclan, and ruglud's still unpainted, and some metal characters. But I have painted (for me) plenty of destruction forces and got some models off my list I have wanted to paint for a long time. 2: So I did it with mixed Destruction instead, but I did win, so like, double success? 3: I have started! Slow progress, but that's more RL than anything else. 4: Haven't played him again, but have played a lot more games. Moving forwards, my goals are now: 1: Finish my Ironjawz by painting 6 more ardboyz (they're not even far from done), 10 brutes, and a megaboss. 2: Finish all my current DoT models and then give the army a break. It's been sporadic and essentially just for a low point campaign, but I want a break from them I think whilst I see what happens with AoS. 3: (Prepare for incoming heresy) Give 40K 8th a go. Namely, Dark Eldar, with a Japanese Tattoo influence. All the freehand! 4: Knock out the final bits and bobs I have wip (two gobbo shamans, the arachnaroks shrine, second warchanter).
  7. I agree whole heartedly. The fluff I have already written for my tribe focuses on them ruling a long ruined city in Ghur, with the different breeds of greenskin creating a natural caste system. They seem destructive and brutal to us, but we are humans, and can't comprehend the mind of an orruk/gobbo.
  8. As it says on the tin really, I've come into an Eldar SC box, and really I'm into Dark Eldar. So I'd be up for a flat swap or discussion. I appreciate it isn't AOS, but thought I'd check. P.S. I'll be caving into 40K 8th after I'm finished with my current Tzeentch and Ironjaw models, dont worry
  9. As it says on the tin really, I've come into an Eldar SC box, and really I'm into Dark Eldar. So I'd be up for a flat swap or discussion. I appreciate it isn't AOS, but thought I'd check. P.S. I'll be caving into 40K 8th after I'm finished with my current Tzxeentch and Ironjaw models, dont worry
  10. Now that is speedy. Let me see if I can smash out ten brutes somehow, I don't think I could relent to drybrushing their skin it's too pretty! Really isn't too noticeable a difference for the skellies and you'll have so many anyway. Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
  11. Look fantastic, really colourful as ever, seems you have a style
  12. Thanks @RuneBrush! In fairness I have been, and probably always will, call AP rend So, by my reasoning, since they all have keyword Eldar, I could run Ynnari Cult using Eldar, Drukhari, and Harlequins without voiding anything? Because that would be grand! Like Drukhari the most, but certain Craftworld stuff is cool (and I know DE have no psykers), and harlequins have some crazy units.
  13. Are these the detachments? I assume Command Points are used for things faction specific similar to abilities?
  14. I can agree on there being the risk in certain scenes that it will cause AOS players who were testing it out from 40K will just be lost back into 40K. But I am otherwise curious. I played a tester at my local and it was fun. The big thing for me is the balancing. I wanted no part of 40K as it was simply marines, more marines, ad mech, sometimes chaos marines, the occasional tau gunline. So many armies just utterly dropped off the radar and became obsolete as they kept releasing stuff for the Imperial forces over and over and over. The factions which interest me are Orks and Dark Eldar, there was no way I was getting near that. Now, it seems like they've become much stronger, and I am curious about finally trying out some Drukhari. I have a really neat idea for a scheme in my head but it'd really stretch my abilities as a painter. Also, the dropping of the books is only good. I remember a game at my local where someone had ad mech, skitarii, forgeworld, and knights. Thats like, £120 of book. For a game. Insane. My AoS force is free on my phone! EDIT: Does anyone know what the limits are for matched? Like 2 troops at 1000 points etc. Can't find any photos of that page of the book, but I have all the Drukhari rules since someone leaked the pages.
  15. Unless you used a ton of glue, you can lever them off. I did on some traded brutes It's all looking excellent though!