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  1. We shall see, maybe I'll have to go twice [emoji12] Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
  2. These are fantastic. You've come leaps and bounds in your painting! Out of curiousity, how are you desaturating your paints?
  3. Very interesting, great multi-level idea. Looking forward to seeing it progress.
  4. If anyone wants to use the mask head on that female stormcast, I need that helmetless one. it screams Dark Eldar. Also, I love the comedy in putting anchors on a snail.
  5. Sold, pm me and we can sort it out this evening. Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
  6. What would you want for them? All look ace to me.
  7. Any pics of brutes/gruntas? Man im just taking all your ironjawz
  8. That pack squig crew is awesome What date are you guys at WW? I'm planning a trip the 11th september.
  9. Get in the queue, git. Great work, good write up, enjoyed the sprinkling of bestial charisma here and there Just curious as to whether Brutish Cunning can be used on the general himself or only a nearby unit.
  10. Simple answer - no. Games Workshop's squigs are simply the official paint job. They're painted red because the scheme of their army is red, black, and green. It's colour theory yo.
  11. YESSSSSSSSSSSS. Sorry. If you don't mind could I see your eldar? if you have a link or something to somewhere else that's cool. Planning on starting Dark Eldar with some Ynnari and your work is awesome.
  12. Oh yes!!! The aelves will make good conversions for Dark Eldar/Harlequin characters. That troll is fantastic though. Definitely getting one.
  13. This exactly. Unless the ironjawz systematically killed all greenskins, then there is no way they could stop them following them on a waaagh, there must be more of them than ironjawz.
  14. You're right they do say cheaper, my bad. Must be 160 then, do we think they would try making then less? Not that I would complain at 140, means at 1k you can take a grot shaman too Edit: didn't realise moonclan don't have ironjawz listed as an ally. Hope ironjawz can take them just not the other way around. Come on gw, don't make ironjawz loners.
  15. In terms of the gargants, surely it's all but confirming they're now 200 points. Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk