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  1. By which I totally meant their discs. Because this month has been just so much work, but should get the rides done in time. I actually think the riders won't take as long, discs are nice models and all, but they're rather dull.
  2. I just want to see a drop on Acolytes. They are a super cool unit, but near useless for their price.
  3. Looking great so far. As for teh cloth, do it red. Or, do it off white and heavily blood stain it.
  4. Prime black, drybrush dark grey, then light grey, then highlight drybrush very light grey, then wash it all black.
  5. It's not a bad idea, I painted mine in sub assemblies and they looked fine without the armour. Agreed on nipples though. Really, I dont think filling the back hole would be too advanced sculpting.
  6. Love it. Really nice scheme, inspired by Tale of? Great contrast between the blue and rusty weapons.
  7. Looks great! Your paintings really come along, and you make good pace with it too! Kept clean and crisp tzaangor despite them being famously challenging. Also I'm stealing your twistbray idea, the spear looks great! Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
  8. Little far from York
  9. Welcome aboard!
  10. Hey there guys! Not to tease you but I am afraid no real painting news right now, been busy with work but back to it soon! Today was the start of my GW's local campaign, Blood in the Skies, and I grabbed two games with my Disciples. Essentially, the games take place either on a normal board, or a special sky board. The aim is to earn plunder, which act like normal objectives, though one is worth 5 (the aethergold). Sky boards hold more plunder, but there is a limit to how many games you can play on them per week. The islands may also move. The campaign is 300 point escalation, with 100 points added a week. Players also get an additional 150 points for summoning. As such, the two games I had today were at an advantage, as I could summon and they could not. My force was led by a Tzaangor Shaman, with 3 Skyfires, and 10 pink horrors in my summoning pool. Game 1 was against Stormcast, who were made up of 1 lord-celestant, 5 liberators duel-wielding hammers, and 3 prosecutors with hammers. He won deployment, and selected his corner, with me deploying opposite. During his first turn he shuffled forwards off of his island, claiming a plunder token. I deployed on two tokens, and summoned my pink horrors on top of a stack of rocks, which had the 5 plunder token of aethergold. Using arcane bolt from the horrors I killed a prosecutor, and dealt 1 wound to another. Then I flew my skyfires in range, and the shaman to claim another token. In the shooting phase, the horrors dealt with the remaining prosecutors, and the skyfires fluffed it. The next turn, the island I deployed on moved, further securing the gold upon it. I moved the shaman to the skyfires, and cast Shield of Fate on the horrors. The horrors used arcane bolt on the celestant, dropping him a wound. Shooting phase saw the horrors deal a further 3 wounds to the lord-celestant, and the skyfires again fluffing their rolls. In his own shooting, the celestant killed 4 horrors, who reappeared in the battleshock phase due to one of the Destiny Dice I had. The next turns went similarly, with the lord-celestant falling to magic, and the liberators making it into combat with the horrors, only to fall to shooting and claws from all sides, with the final warrior of Sigmar fleeing the field (or being tactically withdrawn?) A solid victory, earning me 13 plunder! My next game was against Kharadron Overlords, who were hurriedly assembled having been purchased whilst I played my first game. The force was an Aetherkhemist, 3 Skywardens (Aethermatic Volleygun, Drill Cannon), and 5 Grundstok Thunderers (one of everything). The map was rejiggered, with most the gold landing firmly towards the corner he deployed in (as he hadn't played, the rules were the player with least plunder chooses deployment). (Tokens yet to be distributed, aethergold placed however) Also, Tzeentch smiled on me: This game played out similarly, I took the same spells, though remembered to give the pink horrors Bolt of Change as well. No islands drifted in this game however. I deployed south of the realmgate, as close to the left hand side of the board as my corner (bottom right) allowed. I summoned my horrors in the left hand corner, claiming gold. In the shooting phase his khemist rolled 11 attacks, and swiftly deleted one of my skyfires. I had no idea these fellas were so nasty! Not wanting anything to do with that, I promptly Bolt of Change'd him with Destiny Dice to remove the duardin from existence. (I know some people disagree with Destiny Dice being used for mortal wounds, but I stand by the writer of the book using them as such being law. At these low points it is horrific, but were I to have more targets and an opponent able to unbind, it would be different) A volley shot from the thunderers left of the realmgate killed three horrors, with 1 returning from the realm of Tzeentch in my battleshock. The skywardens held the aethergold in his deployment. In my turn, shooting from the horrors and remaining skyfires killed the thunderers. I was surprised that they had 1 wound each, though it explains the points for them being so cheap, with the amount of damage they can produce. I did get lucky rolling two sixes for my skyfire hits. I then attempted Fold Reality and popped the Skyfires out of existence. Whoops! Thought it would be more fun to not use a DD for it (also wasn't certain if I can). I then moved up and lost some more horrors to the skywardens, before Bolt of Change removed them as well. I did however end with 5 plunder, to my opponents six! Was fun to play against the Kharadrons, certainly seem less threatening at lower points, though I will keep an eye on their ranges, there is a lot of big rend in their force. Both players were new to Sigmar too, so I did my best to help them, but at the end of the day it's a campaign, so the skyfires are sticking around (Also I don't own anything else). Hope you all enjoyed the read anyway! Fun little skirmish-ey games, and a great board from GW York! I will be turning my forces exploits from this campaign into fluff so good to keep a record! Maybe when I have some more painted minis to show for it. Discs should be finished soon though, and honestly I think the tzaangor riders will be easier More interesting to paint anyway! Not sure how to paint leather on them yet but will cross that when I come to it.
  11. Looks so good. I would love to play across from you one day, though I seem incapable of keeping up with your pace of painting!
  12. Looking great! In terms of the copper, more recessed washes, and try drybrushing Runelord Brass on as a highlight, like the smaller sticking out bulbs. Adds a silvery tone.
  13. Looking great, love the greens and red taps.
  14. Really good read, look forward to hearing more, they're an interesting faction.
  15. By this point, you're essentially mocking the community. I defended your earlier statements, now I'm not sure.