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  1. Works plenty well! All I would say is maybe consider some round shields or dark aelf ones for a more slaaneshy feel.
  2. Sounds like fun, keep us informed of the goings on! Also I'm pleased because I want to see you paint some acolytes. Do you find it easier painting the metal trims first?
  3. There's a difference between clearly fantastical violence and very real violence?
  4. Looking great, a lot of character in this army!
  5. The pale skin parts really make it a stronger effect on the bruised and gory parts, nice.
  6. Throughly enjoyable read, well done [emoji4]
  7. Those bloodbound are looking great, nice looking force!
  8. It depends whether they're using the old English variant, but ae is ash, and pronounced as the short a.
  9. My must haves, since stuff has to move around a lot as I don't have enough space right now, is my lamp. I simply can't paint beyond daylight hours without it, otherwise I strain my eyes and start feeling bluergh.
  10. That is a solid amount of spellcasting, how did the chaos sorceror lord do compared to DoT specific casters?
  11. I'll send you some info in a pm, it's still being planned so probably best not to put it out public!
  12. Yeah I think I need to go to Monkbar model shop and check mats maybe to see if I can speed things up. And I am a bit skint There isn't I don't think anything extra for winning the boards I believe from what they have said. Also has Scott chatted to you about the small narrative escalation league planned for end of May/June? It sounds fantastic.
  13. Been a bit busy and absent from the forums so had a catchup, and must say these are fabulous! I found painting one arachnarok a pain let alone three, and they look fantastic, great work. I think if grots get an update, as with other AoS factions they will focus on the really cool features of them. Spiderfang I think would be more than likely to be the first grots to get sigmarred.
  14. Ah fair enough, I guess the sheets to have the painting section so makes sense. Hey I'm happy you did I've enjoyed seeing your entries I had the banner bearer's body done last year, just not either arms or banner.
  15. I did another win! That makes 3/4 heats won, which I believe makes me the overall winner of the Legions of Legend at GW York. Display board to go but I believe according to scoring im away in front. So here are the models that did it, 5 savage maniaks who were the entry, and then a forgeworld banner and savage big boss, which were the Open entry earning a point each: They became a bit of a struggle to get done really, with a 12 hour stint the day before deadline. Ended up getting really tired and boared of the savages as whilst they're pretty, really none of the old fantasy sculpts compare to the stuff GW has put out since AoS dropped. The ironjawz just shine brighter. The big boss is pretty nice though, fantastic musculature and a great pose. And cannot fault forgeworld as ever, though if anything the banner is so detailed it is overwhelming! So next is the display board, which I have never undertaken before. I need ot pick up some foam, bits of wood to model a tower, and paint and sand on a scale better for it. It's a bit daunting so any tips and advice would be great. Really want to keep it as cheap as possible too! So enjoy, C & C and tips welcome, have a good day! Change is coming...