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  1. personalize the various warband

    I will be doing them different schemes for sure, planning on doing the stormcast Anvils of Heldenhammer, but with NMM gold, and the reavers will be brown skinned, with bone armour and brass trim.
  2. Soulsmith's Collective Painting etc.

    So I totally forgot to post this up here, but I finished off a diorama for my local GW competition. Didn't place I'm afraid (darn public votes) but I am happy, learnt a lot of new skills and materials, and worked out a nurgle scheme I liked! Also mine works as terrain too
  3. Let's chat : Nurgle

    Thanks, reminds me I need to put it up on here
  4. Let's chat: Garrek's Reavers

    I think the most important thing when taking on the sepulchral guard is to play defensively. Get some early objective holds ot pay for upgrades then use as many movement ploys as possible, including Saek's charge, to mob the warden as fast as you can. If the reavers can whether the skellies response, they will hopefully be taking out one skellie a turn. From what limited I've seen of the SG, they will probably be lacking in glory. Even if you lose all your fighters before game ends, if you kill enough and the warden, they probably won't catch up. Also, anyone know if we get glory from killing a resurrected skeleton?
  5. Let's chat : Nurgle

    Damn, already more followers than me
  6. Nervously looking back at GW...

    Welcome back to the hobby The Handbook has basically everything you need to play, so that includes your wargear, as well as your traits which are like character/army upgrades. And a bunch of battleplans.
  7. I am jealous. Looking forward to it, off to a good start. Those leaves are great. Also do you have an Instagram?
  8. Whats the most you ever built in a night!

    Yeah, for me, building is arduous. All mold lines must go!
  9. Letting go (is hard to do)

    I trade and sell within my circle of regulars at York.
  10. The Painting Contract - October 2017

    In fairness, I will sometimes use super glue to affix plastics once they've been sub assembly painted. But usually only the more fiddly parts that are tough to score to allow plastic to have contact. Or if I am lazy.
  11. Hobby Goals You'd Like To Achieve

    Oh boy. I would love to: Finish the armies I have right now (so finally get the ironjawz complete with a mawkrusha I don't own yet) Get a warband or two fully painted for shadespire (very doable) Improve my abilities, which really means practising more! Get more games in, become actually competent at the game.
  12. The Painting Contract - October 2017

    While painting. Best to paint spider body, legs, howdah, and grots all separately.
  13. The Painting Contract - October 2017

    I'll be very interested to see how things turn out for you as we seem to be going for similar themes
  14. The Painting Contract - October 2017

    Leave the legs off.