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  1. I do love the idea that's already been posted of sticking a curseling on a balewind and denying anyone else magic.
  2. That blood bowl team is also a good example of a general aesthetic. The fact that it doesn't have bright colours isn't an issue, as it has a drab scheme but punctuated with different colours, the reds and the darker, bluer black orcs. Great thread though guys, giving me lot's to think about for my upcoming DoT project.
  3. The chainmail, damage to the rondel, and the indent shapes in the armour near it means it has potential to be ironjawz, as those are all pretty normal for them, very Ardboy like.
  4. Full on 100% stealing that idea. Great use of the warchanters pose and a good way to make bosses different! And you know, amazing painting as ever!
  5. Are you planning on using green gemstones such as that scheme? If so you could use a warm, yellowey green.
  6. Damn, nice blends!
  7. I would say go for it. You could aim to make you red more of a pink, different enough to not match the purple in the flame. Pinky red and yellow will give off definite Tzeentch vibes. I wouldn't worry, the models for Tzeentch are so different you can't look at them and think Khorne. Personally I am thinking of giving the Tzaangors and daemons grey skin, blending into pink, purple, yellow or blue on mutantey bits, like the tentacles of the tzaangors heads and feathers. And the armour is Dark Eldar-ey green. Going to put them on snow bases so they can't be too bright or it'll clash. Really need to test model it though.
  8. @Double Misfire Nice reavers! Sicne you're running quite a warm scheme, why not a lightish wood colour for the bows? You could use a reddish leather too, Tuskgor fur esque.
  9. Just caught up, great stuff. Looking forward to stuff from Amorcica. Man I wish we were getting giant crossbow brutes, though I would not be against black powder!
  10. My favourite thing about this is it is so reminiscent of WHFRP. The character drawings especially are near identical to the type found in Denizens of the Empire.
  11. The Gore gruntas are there for board zoning and holding things up. That's simply their role. I find however at 1k you don't need the speed, two runs and still being able to charge means the brutes aren't slow.
  12. That's exactly what I run. It does the job very well, I managed to beat stormcast on an objective game where they couldn't suffer battleshock and I could, was very nice.
  13. I am currently working on a shaman on arachnarok, because it's such a nice model. The rules are good too, will be a staple in my mixed list just because
  14. Great guide, nice ogor. Personally I think an airbrush is great but only appropriate generally for hard surfaces.