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  1. If you ever have the time and want to tackle something challenging, try and book yourself in to paint in store when Tom is in. I don't mind giving advice but I don't think I'm any better than you are!
  2. Also, does anyone know if the Gaunt Summoner on disc is still allowed? I cant find his rules anywhere.
  3. Last time I was there, if you have a fully painted force and all the necessary tools just pick a table. Unless it's one of the popular ones then you must book it.
  4. Mawkrusha looks ace! The boyz are solid too, though I think the golden beastman head and the blue in the warchanters clubs clash a bit with the scheme. Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
  5. On the other hand, they're beautiful. Would be interesting to paint. Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk
  6. Just for fun I came up with two 1k's: Tzaangor Shaman Ogroid Thaumaturge 10 Kairic Acolytes 10 Tzaangors 3 Enlightened on Disc 3 Skyfires on Disc 10 Brimstone Horrors Tzaangor Coven Tzaangor Shaman Gaunt Summoner 10 Pink Horrors 10 Tzaangors 3 Enlightened on Disc 3 Skyfires on Disc Tzaangor Coven
  7. You can get regular grease proof and boil it. The wax melts off and it becomes parchment paper.
  8. One thing, are your base rims black? I think it would be better to paint them brown, something warm to match the rest of the colour palette.
  9. Thanks All this is filling me with confidence for when I get down to doing Tzeentch stuff, which might be harder and involves colours I use less. The skull is a weird addition to the sprue really, but yeah I guess it adds the crazy savage element.
  10. Yeah, I think we need to see how they perform as just massed ranged firepower I guess.
  11. It looks like a fun list to me, who would you balewind? As bad as the acolytes seem to be I really like their background.
  12. Both look good, my only input would be drop the gore gruntas to make one unit of brutes ten man strong. Really nasty blob in 1k.
  13. Do it! The staff in York are ace guys, and the AoS scene here is I would say just as large as 40K so it's easy to get games.
  14. Sounds cool, bet you've got plenty bits and sprites you could use. I plan on using spare glyphs Tom gave me from his ork bitz, and probably build piles around them of other parts. But one will be a mini diorama using the spare tower from the arachnarok howdah. Since it isn't used in the shaman variant, it will make a neat little watch tower. I'm going to put the goblin on too of it who is struggling with a baby arachanrok on him, and put another two from the sprue climbing up to get some goblin lunch. Sent from my HTC One using Tapatalk