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  1. Soulsmith

    Tzeentch Custom magic cards - Page 1 Full PDF Set

    Ill be honest, I have not kept up with it since I moved on from Tzeentch 😅
  2. Soulsmith

    Sable brush discussion - including GW sable

    I don't know about anywhere else, but Russian farms are terrible, do not buy anyone's that sources from Eastern Europe. I know Winsor & Newton use tail fur plucked from captured and re-released animals seen as pests.
  3. Firstly, that head is amazing on the body. For a weapon, either use an arm with the scythe to have it raised into the air. Otherwise, melusai spear would be great.
  4. Soulsmith

    What is up with the Stormcast's mounts?

    Stormcast themselves? They're masks, so nah. Makes them all the more terrifying.
  5. Soulsmith

    The Rumour Thread

    Actually quite a fan of both the characters, the tauralon especially. I am going for a very grimdark diablo influenced force, and I feel with the right paintjob the tauralon can look terrifying.
  6. Soulsmith

    Becca Scott

    Agree to disagree, personally dislike space marines.
  7. Soulsmith

    Becca Scott

    As someone who enjoys a select few shows from G&S, I am familiar with Becca as a presenter. I have absolutely no issues with her, but to be entirely objective, I see this more as a deal between two companies, with potentially very little to do with her. GW will have had a deal with G&S to promote their games such as shadespire. Clearly, GW was happy with that, and that's why they have gone again to an established group who have experience and knowledge in this field. I can't say for certain how much the actual presenter matters outside of being good at her job enough to encourage repeat business.
  8. Soulsmith

    The Painting Contract - June 2018

    Oh no definitely thin it! It can get really thick otherwise. For the wing you see there, toxic purple had probably 6-8 coats, super thin.
  9. Soulsmith

    The Painting Contract - June 2018

    Best I can do to show you. It's only a few layers over the toxic purple so it has a lot of that in its colouration. There are some good examples online, psychotic illusions is a popular one. Lots of alpha legion.
  10. Soulsmith

    New Videos for AoS

    Alright boys lets keep it TGA appropriate!
  11. Soulsmith

    The Painting Contract - June 2018

    They work just fine with ordinary shades, though you may need to gloss them back up, as with other metallics. I use nuln gloss to darken the area nearer the wings on mine. I paint them all over with toxic purple, which is shifting green/purple, and paint the edges in psychotic illusions, which is a teal/purple/red. It gives them an almost petrol-spill look, with naturally lighter tips. If you don't want to do anything quite as dramatic, you can mix the chameleon paint with stormhost silver to make a brighter highlight layer.
  12. Soulsmith

    Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    Yeah, I quickly fell in love with mine after a few games, they hit really hard. Unfortunately it just isn't strong enough synergy. Try dropping the heralds and beast for 3 plague drones and an ordinary poxbringer, never hurts to take more wizards.
  13. Soulsmith

    Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    @CaptainNippon I like it, but honestly don't think you need the beast or the heralds. Removing them gives you 300 points, 200 of which could be plague drones.
  14. Soulsmith

    Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    1 of 6. More survivable to reach opponents, more chances to bring back dead one's as the unit lasts longer. Throws out a horrible amount of attacks, just have a lord of afflictions follow them. That said, I am running 3 of them and 2 pusgoyles, just because gorgeous models.
  15. Soulsmith

    New Videos for AoS

    Indeed, she is from game the game, but also for a while now has been hosting G&S how to play videos. They've done Games Workshop boxed games before like Shadespire, so it's a natural choice for a crossover. She's a very engaging host too.