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  1. Looking for 90x52 ovals

    Hey guys, got gore gruntas in a trade but don't have the right bases. Looking to get some of these large cavalry ovals for them. Message me if it's a possibility 🙂
  2. Shadespire Steelheart warband

    Absolutely zero issue, my angharad has a different shield and a sword, steelheart has a spear, and obryn an axe.
  3. Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    I think we will more likely see it as buffing scenery. I feel like we would have seen something about it being a unit by now, or art of that nature. I am very curious with the new background reveal of Morathi how her relationship has changed with Malerion and what is going on there.
  4. From 40k to AoS

    Welcome aboard! You'll find plenty of help here for sure. What is the draw about those armies? More than happy to help, orruk player myself.
  5. The Rumour Thread

    Honestly, I think it's terrain.
  6. Starting new with IronJawz

    I worry it is a one trick pony list. You're hoping the shaman can pull off some big damage, but if it doesn't, other than the megaboss you have low damage output.
  7. Dread Solstice Dilemma - Which Outcome & Why?

    I will be going eye, as we all know da bad eye is a mighty symbol of da grots! Take advantage of da bad JuJu to smash some puny mortals!
  8. Starting new with IronJawz

    Yeah, you get to take part in any malign portents stuff and it looks a blast so I would suggest it, and with his 5+ save on top of his normal he is the most survivable bubble wizard we have. Ardboyz are good for sitting on an objective or tying up similar infantry. Mine eventually beat a unit of liberators, but they slogged at each other all game. For 1k I am running: Megaboss Warchanter Fungoid 10 x brutes 5 x brutes 3 x gore gruntas
  9. Starting new with IronJawz

    You could drop the shaman and IF for 5 brutes and the new fungoid cave shaman, makes a great mystic shield bubble.
  10. As my armies are ironjawz/destruction and maggotkin, I'm going by which character I prefer... Itz krumpin' time you gits!
  11. The Rumour Thread

    Can anyone post the Fungoid's version of this? Can't find it
  12. The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    Yeah, I can definitely see those cards making their way into my decks. Going to pick up the skaven, in all my years in the hobby I have never painted a rat-thing.
  13. New Aelves

    I personally just hope the source is wrong because I want my 40K knife ears to get more support
  14. The Painting Contract - February 2018

    You absolute darling. Hah I'm afraid my futuristic interests come with pointy ears! But nurgle will be on the agenda again eventually. And maybe some DoK for dark eldar conversions.
  15. The Painting Contract - February 2018

    So I have to focus on 40K again this month so...