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  1. The Painting Contract - December 2017

    Hey look I finished something for one of these! First time NMM, pretty darn pleased with the bunch. Now in GW York for their shadespire competition, glamour shot at the end
  2. WiP Wednesdays

    Look it's me posting stuff! Near done, need to finish weapon wraps, bases, and Steelheart's hair and face.
  3. The Painting Contract -November 2017

    I don't think anyone wants to see 55 poxwalkers. I certainly am glad to be rid of them! Stormcast still a WiP, but will be done very soon.
  4. The Painting Contract - December 2017

    So I will be finishing my shadespire, so the stormcast who are already half done, and then maybe the blood reivers, but I also am part of the local GW advent competition so it's not up to me what I get! Could be 40K but I'll still post wips.
  5. customize your shadespire

    I'll chime in with my stormcast:
  6. AoS Wish For 2018

    Just give me a nurgle book already.
  7. Quick Question on Orruk Brutes size

    I would say no. They actually have smaller heads than more recent orcs/orks. Savage boys and Ork nobz have larger heads.
  8. The Rumour Thread

    That looks an awful lot like a spanner. Necromunda?
  9. Cannot echo @Tzaangor Management enough, really has become a great painter, and loved watching their progress.
  10. Whilst I found the book predictable (and this was what I did expect), I was very enjoyably surprised by the human aspect found in the early stages. Also pleasantly shocked by how visceral some of the language is in regards to the bloodbound. Picked up the audiobook, the real takeaway is Jonathon Keeble is a fantastic narrator.
  11. Pictorial Bestiary of the Mortal Realms

    Nice work. I am fairly certain the last unnamed beast is a squiggly beast, if it's in the hand of a wurrzag.
  12. The Painting Contract -November 2017

    Hey bud, have you thought about a flat ended blade, such as these examples from dark souls?
  13. (WTB UK) ogre kingdoms stuff

    I have a metal tyrant, as well as a whole bunch of gnoblars - can't promise numbers as I think the buggers got scattered over the years but I know for certain the tyrant, still with all weapon options.
  14. Looking for Stormcast bitz

    Literally my favourite person.