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  1. So I've recently gotten myself a death army off ebay, I have the following models Neferata Arkhan Cairn Wraith Banshee Varghul Wight King 10 Archai (yes i know, i already owned 6 before I got the army) 4 Harbringers 1 Tomb Scorpions 40 zombies 40 skeletons 1 corpse cart 1 mourngul I don't really care whats in there besides atleast 6 archai, I know that is 720 pts, a large portion of my army, but they are one of the reasons I switched from Chaos to Death. So far I've made this for a 1500 pt game Cairn wraith (60) Varghul (160) 2 Harbringers (240) 6 archai (720) 20 zombies (120) 10 zombies (60) 10 zombies (60) 1 Corpse cart (80, balefire) Total: 1500 on the dot. My thoughts about the army is the few heros which I know death has alot of good ones, but archai! I would have liked to fit the mourngul in there but it seems too point heavy unless I take out the harbringers and varghul I can't take it, which would put me at 1 hero, a carin wraith. The sylvaneth army is my friends he has the following: 1 Treelord ancient 1 Durtha 1 Branchwych (i think, the one with the scythe) 30 Dryads 10 Spite-revenents 6 Kurnoth hunters 6 treekin He wants to expand, but isn't sure what to get, the direction he wants to take I think its probably gonna be more kurnoth though. Also I'm not sure if I can do this here but I have a Nurgle army for sale, $230, it has 1 GUO (old models, no sword) 3 Heralds, 30 plaguebeaers, 6 plague drones, 3 nurglings, 6 beasts of nurgle, 1 soul grinder, 1 glotkin. PM if you want pics or if I can put them up here let me know.