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  1. Haven't this been the case no matter the rules practically since Warhammer (and the internet) was created?
  2. Rolling for priority each turn just wouldn't work in 40k. The amount of dakka in the grim dark future is such much greater, that two shooting phases in a row would determine the winner 99% of the time. They had to already change the starting mechanism there, because just the first shooting phase was enough in some cases. That said, the turn mechanism is the main reason I don't like 40k at all. The AoS system isn't perfect, but it's much more interesting (but again, would make the 40k even worse). IMO mainly shooting based games need some sort of alternating/reaction based mechanism so you can't shoot everything you have without worries.
  3. Concerning terrain, the AoS Ruins that they produce, possibly expanded with more options, would be quite perfect to Mordheim type skirmish.
  4. Mordheim was a great game, but not because it was a great game, but because the setting and the warbands were great and the campaign system was fun. As a game it was quite boring to be honest. The games went very quickly to everyone hidden all the time with unbeatable heroes ruling. Either sniper heroes with crossbows or super possessed/skaven/orcs/warrior priests. I played usually with Possessed and oh boy were they broken. Because the possessed were so costly, the warband was in underdog position from the beginning, but still beating everyone, because they were worth their cost. At some point we were just playing the campaign system, the games were basically the underdog feeding few expendable henchmen to die and voluntary routing. Sometimes we didn't even bother to play the games, but just "drawed" the game and went to the good part of exploration and experience But we played a lot. I may have played over 100 Mordheim games (of which part were not perhaps very "true" games...). Now when you compare that to the modern skirmish games like Infinity or The Batman Miniature Game (those are the main games I have expereince from), there is a difference of worlds. If they could combine that kind of gameplay to the old campaign system (without it being broken, though I believe it's nigh impossible) adn to a thematic setting like the Ex Profundis Dark Age of Sigmar AoS28, be it set in the Mortal realms, or in the Old world, we would have a winner at our hands.
  5. AOS IGYG Mechanics

    Simple solution would be to have hero phases for each player first in an iniative order, then follow that up with the movement, shooting and charging in unit by unit (or detachment by detachment) faction and then have the combat as it is now in the iniative order. I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work. The points might need some eyeballing and it might be better to start with smaller battles though. I don't see the advantages so much on the decrease of the down time for each player, but the alternating mechanism brings up different kind of tactical challenges as you have to plan each move bit more carefully, when the opponent can counter them before the next unit can move. It's bit more like chess or checkers. Don't know if the end result would be absolutely better, but altering the activation system (the third one would be the alternating iniative for each phase) can give you sort of separate games with the same miniatures without any extra investment, which can be fun. Still one additional thought. Both systems have their perks and fans so I don't think neither of them is absolutely better, but I do think that in a game that heavily features effective long range shooting (which I don't think applies so much to regular AoS match, but applies very well for 40k) the classic warhammer system just doesn't work and breaks the game. You can get so big advantage on the first shooting phase that the opponent can just not retaliate and thus the game changes into revolving around that first turn shooting, making a lot of units that doesn't have abilities helping in that obsolete. Thinking a bit further, clear winners in the alternating system are cheap chaff and harrasment units that can block the opponent's moves either by charging them before their activation, or by standing in front and retreating if the opponent charges. In a sense, that would be nice mechanic, with a hint of realism, and it would make many useless units better, but on the other hand it could also lead to quite frustrating games and could break the game as well. Thus some sort of limit to units and activations would be beneficial. Easy solution could be adding an army composition requirement, that the army must be split to detachments with each hero leading 1-4 or 2-5 units, which then would be activated simultaneously. It wouldn't removr the edge of the fast cavalry totally, but it would allow countermoves of several units to possibly block their ways of retreat.
  6. AOS IGYG Mechanics

    Splitting the army to contingents of few units that would activate one at a time, with a chance of double activation either by some sort of command system or by chance would be my preference. Being able to counter the opponents actions bit faster than after the whole army has done everything is a mechanism that I like very much. Also the army split in to detachments bring another layer on the army building. Works really well in e.g. Dropzone commander. Also I would do it so that only moving, shooting and charging would be like this and then the combat phase would be as it is.
  7. The Rumour Thread

    New models for soulblight would not be too farfetched as they are either ancient or a very expensive finecast kit. There would also be a lot of opportunities for new units in the Theme. I'm particularly wishing for a Foot unit of Vampire thralls (as I have a lot of semi-useless Foot vampires), but not holding my breath for that.
  8. The Rumour Thread

    Well some hellenic chaos Warriors with sleek armour, along the lines of the characters and hellstriders would certainly fit the bill and would sort of be required to tie in teh hellstriders to the overall Theme. Also some robed cultists would fit the bill. Though I don't believe we'll see Slaanesh until next year.
  9. The Rumour Thread

    Yes, that's how I think it goes as well.
  10. The Rumour Thread

    My view is that the different sacrament armies might turn out to be essentially deathrattle/nighthaunt armies with different flavours. Which would make sense. The skeletons can operate by themselves, but they are still under the chain of command with Nagash on top. That's why I fear that the special characters will be compulsory.
  11. The Rumour Thread

    My guess is that deathrattle won't be its own allegiance per se, but the deathrattle troops will feature heavily in the alleginces of the Mortachs and especially Nagash.
  12. The Rumour Thread

    I really wish that Nagash/Mortarchs are not compulsory for running those factions as I'm not a big fan of special characters. Especially as I usually play quite small skirmishes.
  13. The Rumour Thread

    Gw is a model company first and foremost. It would be very strange for them to put out this kind of big release without any new models, but I guess we will find out soon.
  14. The Rumour Thread

    It would be cool if there would be light and shadow elves that would use same kits and would have sort of "two sides of the same coin"feeling with the add on parts on the basic model.
  15. Low Points Games...Who's Playing Them?

    I'm also in the 1000 to 1500 group. I find the sweet spot in the games to be around 40 to 50 models. As my time and attention span is limited, I tend to switch projects at that point. Luckily AoS works nicely in that scale. Actually I have only played one 2000 point match. It didn't change much as our armies weren't really designed with that point size in mind. I would actually be more interested in 4k than in 2k to get really a sense of epicness.