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  1. Now with bit more of insight to the new edition, I would say that the multiple command abilities will be the main thing to change how the game is played, not the summoning. It can cause some ridiculous stuff and is very easy to apply, unlike the summoning, which is bit more of a finesse thing.
  2. Jamopower

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Nowadays, a google image search should be sufficient to find almost any rule. At least I haven't encountered a batallion yet for which that wouldn't work.
  3. I'm 100% with you, that the intent is that the ripperdactyls don't generate addtional attacks besides the first, however I'm also 100% sure that the orginial rule has been written to allow possibly infinite attacks, as it has the clarification to keep rolling until you miss, and it's the way that I and most likely many else have been playing them before the rule of one (they were quite of beasts back then). Still I'm sure that with these new rules, there are lot of people that will read the rules and play it with attacks generating attacks that generate attacks even without ever realizing that they would possibly be exploiting the rules, because of the clarification in the warscroll ability to carry on making attacks. Thus it's a clear case that should be FAQ'd. Note that for Skin wolves, or Daemonettes, etc. it's very clear that they won't generate any extra attacks, as the part in the core rules is quite clearly stopping that.
  4. Jamopower

    Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Yeah, that's what I meant. The heralds are very much part of the normal game, as the endless spells seem to be (they are already in AoS-app), but that doesn't mean that all of the content in the books are automatically included in every game (and of course anything in the game can be agreed to be used or not between the players). Concerning Sylvaneth, Are the wyldwoods that the Treelord ancient generates in a non Sylvaneth allegiance army are now free as well as everything else?
  5. Jamopower

    Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Isn't Malign sorcery very similar to Malign portents as an expansion to the game?
  6. Yeah I guess so, I would still say that there is little bit of contradiction between these rules, again not that I would pull it myself, but again some might pull: "ABILITIES Most warscrolls include one or more abilities that can be used by the warscroll’s models during a game of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Abilities take precedence over the core rules." and "Lastly, any extra attacks, hit rolls or wound rolls gained by the use of an ability cannot themselves generate extra attacks, hit rolls or wound rolls. For example, if a hit roll of 6 or more allows you to make 1 extra attack, this extra attack could not generate further attacks should you roll another 6+." If ability says that you should "carry on attacking until you don't hit", do you believe the first rule that says that warscroll trumps core rules, or core rules that say that abilities can't generate attacks, as based on the first rule, the second rule should get overridden by the warscroll ability as it is part of the core rules?
  7. Yeah, I agree, but I'm sure there are plenty of people who will play it otherwise due to the second sentence. Probably will be faq'd quite quickly though.
  8. Well to be exact, it says: "Voracious Appetite: Each time a model from this unit attacks with its Vicious Beak and scores a hit, immediately make another hit roll against the same target. Carry on until a hit roll does not score a hit, then make any wound rolls." I guess it has room for some rules lawyering.
  9. Jamopower

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Can't see any reason why they wouldn't. I at least will still continue playing with my Living city army.
  10. For the armies that are/were somewhat frequently seen at the top tables, there were more points increases than decreases (Khorne, mixed order, Tzeentch, Fyreslayers), like it should be. Outside those, the decreases seem to be more for the units that are hard to see having a big impact on the competitive side of things, like steam tanks and such. Maybe Sylvaneth (who happen to also summon stuff) and some destruction stuff (with the reduction for the mammoths) will raise their heads again a bit. The command points will likely have an impact also, especially as it seems that there is no limits on how many times you can use them. That's bound to create some deathstar type of armies where you buff up a big unit with 4-5 command abilities for a turn and let it loose. Battleplans will have an impact though, although I have a feeling that if there are some changes, the summoning armies are those who benefit more from them, as the main advantage in the whole summoning mechanism is with the objectives and it's hard to see that they would change them to be less objective focused.
  11. I agree that the max size of units should be smaller in smaller games, but even with those percentages, you can get units such as 40 skeletons in 1000 points, which is not fun at all. Even bit less frightful 10 hexwraiths, or 6 spirit hosts, or 10 black knights are very powerful in those sizes if you can easily recycle them, especially in a more casual environment where everyone are not playing the latest battletome armies. Those units can easily destroy a unit or two before they die, which is a good dent of an army, especially in a game with multiple objectives. Essentially the summoning abilities are more or less twice as good in 1000 points as they are in 2000 point game. As a side note, beast claw raiders in a 500 point match doesn't sound too interesting as a game. For 500 points, it's good to halve the minimum size of the units as the game really benefits on having at least 5 units per side on the table.
  12. As a side note. The Endless legions is horribly powerful ability in smaller games. I would even say that it's so powerful that it can ruin the whole game in those sizes. The other summoning abilities are mostly much better scaled for different sizes. It doesn't help that the gravesite mechanism already doesn't scale at all, it should be one gravesite per 500 points instead of the fixed four, but I have a felling that they don't think too much about other sizes than 2000 when they make the rules.
  13. I think the main thing to consider is that however powerful the summoning might be, it's in most of the cases still an extra compared to now and as said, armies such as Legions of Nagash, Seraphon and Nurgle are already quite good and didn't get too much of changes in the new GHB. Same goes to many non-summoning armies such as Daughters of Khaine. The game as whole outside the free summoning, multiple command abilities and endless spells doesn't change too much. Thus it very much looks like that the summoning armies will in any case be better than they were before, while rest of the pack stays more or less the same, with some contenders like the changehost and mixed order are now worse. One thing to consider also is that the command abilities and endless spellls probably will make out some new combo armies after people put their thinking hats on. As a disclaimer, I'm not interested at all of actually playing the game competitively myself, but it's fun to follow how the changes impact the "no holds barred game".
  14. My feeling, which is supported by Russ Veal's article in WHCommunity, is that the there will be sort of Mtg Aggro vs. Control feel. Either you swarm your summoning opponent from turn one, or will be at a disadvantage later in the game.
  15. I think the main reason why the summoning looks so good is that tmyou don't really have to focus it, but it's just more of a freebie. For LoN, you'll always have the ability to take back an unit if needed just by using that command ability. For seraphon Engine of Gods and Slann are already solid choices and for other armies you just do what you do normally and get an unit or two on the side. That will make the armies (that already amongs the best) better, no question about it.