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  1. Interesting to see the prices of those Sylvaneth models. Going with the factor of 5, the tree-revenants seem to be lower in cost than in GHB and Kurnoth hunters are higher. Maybe they are based on the GHB2 prices...
  2. I must say that sounds really fun. Have to try it some time.
  3. Many systems have some tweaks to go around this. Bolt Action/Antares has the order dice mechanism, where the exact order is random and one player might have more activations in a row. Batman has passes for the player who has less units. Dropzone commander has limited amount of battlegroups in which you divide your troops and they activated all at the same time. My favourite system is Havoc, which as a very indie game is perhaps not so familiar, but it has a great system where each model is individual, but you can activate more models with musicians and by having the models on Base contact. After one player has activated all his troops, the other player has only two moves left. I think many of those would be suitable for AoS. About scenarios, we have actually played some of the general's handbook scenarios in Antares as they are quite nice for General pick-up games. Worked out perfectly.
  4. It's interesting that almost all other Major games have some sort of alternating activation or reaction mechanics. Although I'm not sure of warmachine as I have never been interested enough of it To investigate the rules further. Concerning the mechanics. Gruntz had a fun alternative how to play. Each player gets dealt playing card for each unit and then they are put face down next to units. Then the units activate in the order of the cards, starting from the Ace of hearts. Fun way to add bit of fog of War to the system.
  5. Having played gate of Antares quite much, that uses the bolt Action system, we spend about as much time on a game as for a similarly sized Aos match so I don't see the time as muvh of an issue. Many "single model" skirmishes have much more refined rules which has a part in the game length. Still I agree that it might take a little longer, but not more than the Off game banter
  6. Yes, in bigger games it starts to be a bigger issue as there might be enough firepower to eliminate big important parts of enemy army. As close combat already being done unit by unit, it's mainly an issue for the shooting and magic. In 40k it's much bigger issue, especially in Apocalypse-style games.
  7. Hi, I've been thinking about testing Age of Sigmar with alternating activation as I have got used in it with other games, and I have to say that I like it more than IGOUGO. The combat phase already works that way, so it's not a big stretch to go the other phases like that as well. My idea would be to first play the hero phases of each player normally in iniative order and then go though the other phases unit by unit. So movement + shooting + combat unit by unit and then in the end the battleshock phase again together. It would change the dynamics of the game quite much, but at the same time would reduce the impact of shooty armies and the double turn quite a lot. It increases the interaction and tension as you get to respond to each move of the enemy and also it adds another tactical level in which order you move your troops. Do you save some harder hitters for later on the turn or push them to the face earlier, which is the aspect I like in it. Probably some point costs would be off, but that's the case anyways and in casual games it's not so big issues when players are not trying to "break the system". I'm sure, I'm not the only one who has had these thoughts, so has anyone tried this kind of tweak for AoS?
  8. The third poll has interesting way of representing the results as they have been somehow normalized to total of 100 %, even if you could choose more than one.
  9. Seemed to be just the regular costs divided by five (and the unit cost). Has anyone tested AoS/hinterlands with alternating activation? I thibk it would make the smaller scale battles more interesting and should be quite Easy modification. The hero phases would be first for both and then each would do their thing model by model.
  10. Well the lion doesn't seem to be white, so I would guess Lion 'el Johnson.
  11. There was a rumour, maybe from playtest version, that the rule would have been so, that you couldn't shoot characters if they weren't the closest model or within 12". That could work better in AoS. Not being able to target unless they are closest makes them really hard to kill by shooting Against someone who knows what he is doing. I have a feeling that it will be an issue even in 40k eventually. Bit more refined Los rules would be better though.