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  1. The Great Gnaw- Skaven release?

    And the catapult. They really wouldn't need much. Plague censer bearers could be a new dual kit with something new (plague wind slingers for example). Then a faster unit like some cavalry sized mutant rats witha gain a dual kit. Then some characters and they would be set. Eshin, Moulder and Skryre are more or less in the same situation, with Eshin needing more than the rest as the models are bit dated and don't have much of a variation.
  2. The Rumour Thread

    Yes, that's for sure. The new factions will make sure that the old ones drop out from the competitive gaming during some duration of time. But it also applies to non legacy stuff. Not much gutbusters or Skaven outside skryre on the tournament tables. I have understood that the relatively new Khorne is also bit on the suffering side as well with the new meta. But that's just how it goes. Everything is still very much playable in any kind of gaming, as long as rules are concerned. The power level is a completely separate thing. Many units in the newest army books won't see much play either. I also think like was said above, that they release these small factions to test water and I wouldn't expect to see more models to most of the factiond released for AoS this far any time soon outside of Shadespire or specialist games.
  3. The Rumour Thread

    Do they come and delete the pdf's I have on my computer or burn the printed out warscrolls from my shelf? I'm sure there will never be any new content for those armies, but it doesn't make them any less playable with the rules they already have. That said, I don't believe we are going to see any new content for, say Daughters of Khaine either. At least for many many years. Basides some splash release for Shadespire or a character for some boxed set. They might lose their official status and all, but still the rules are there and if you have a Bretonnian army you can use those rules until the end of days. It's not like a computer game where something can just be removed from the game totally. The people have the physical copies and will use them no matter what. I mean, people around here play warhammer 3rd edition regularly. It's also the reason why it's hard to see them removing stuff they have already made rules totally from the game. Keeping them in with minimal effort gives them a lot of goodwill from their customers for almost free. I have understood that the whole Legends thing was created because a lot of people (me included) wished for more of the old stuff in their big survey they had. The first wave seems to be old special characters and having non pointed warscrolls for them makes a lot of sense.
  4. The Rumour Thread

    Yes that was my point exactly. In tournament play, even a lot of the quite new stuff seems to be already out of fashion, but it still doesn't stop people using stuff like Khorne bloodbound armies based on Blood warriors and the Gorechosen back at home. Just like it doesn't stop anyone from playing with their Tomb kings, even if they don't have the perfect counters for the newest flair. The rules still work perfectly and there are the points if you use them. It also doesn't cost any resources from GW to keep supporting them on this level. They just need to keep those few pdf:s somewhere on the back of the webpage. In which they are quite good at. You could find a lot of specialist games rulebooks and stuff like the witch hunter codex from the official pages a long time after they had ended "supporting" them.
  5. The Rumour Thread

    Even when wiping the slate clean with AoS, they still made rules and points for almost everything that they have produced in the years gone by. They even bothered to add counts as recommendations for stuff like Wood elf chariots in the first army lists, even though they have had rules last time in 5th edition and models even before that. It's just like with stuff like Chaos dwarfs and Dogs of War in earlier editions. They got the initial rules in the white dwarf after the release of 6th edition and people still played them in 8th edition ten years after with those same rules. It is not likely that Bretonnians will ever get new rules or models (at least in that theme), but with those rules they already have, they are still very much playable, at least outside tournaments, as long as any army with a current Battletome. They just aren't as good on the tabletop as the new offerings, but I believe it doesn't matter for many gaming groups.
  6. The Rumour Thread

    Tomb kings and Bretonnians already have points, so they just simply cannot lose them. You can always use the old ones as long as you have them, as they are not going to get any new units in long time.
  7. The Great Gnaw- Skaven release?

    Their models strongly hail from the ancient times also The current Deathmaster Sniktch is very much in line with the AoS range in my view.
  8. The Rumour Thread

    Without going in to details. That sounds like it is a good few steps in to a direction where the game is decided on who gets the first turn, either by having less units or even worse, just by a roll off. Leaving a big impact on the result of the game to single roll off with a single d6 is a big reason for a lot of problems in many editions of both Warhammers. Of course it's not that simple and I have a feeling that that kind of addition would lead to a sort of chaff war, where both players have a lot of "speedbumps" to protect their hitter units. It can be fun of course, but due to nature of the importance of that kind of units, it can cause imbalance between the different armies as some of them have better tools than others for that kind of play. For example all of the Stormcast on foot without teleport shenanigans sound like big losers . And it's good to remember that the big charge doesn't need to be on the first turn. Almost every army can make a list where you can charge with all of your army on turn two. Currently it is just not a wise thing to do as you get hit back as much as you hit yourself. in any case it is a massive change to the game and to the value of different units and the probability to get the points right on the first time is quite low based on what we have seen from the 40k indexes and the two GHBs, for which is good to remember that they are based on the community generated and playtested fan made comps. So the current GHB points are already a revision of 3+ to the first draft. Going back to square one will surely lead to a situation where there are quite a few outliers on the points cost. But time will tell.
  9. Warhammer Legends...

    Didn't they say that this was due to the people asking for more of the old stuff, and with the success of made to order (at least based on the delivery times for the orders) they probably see that there is a market for this. Thus they can sell us those old heroes and put little effort on making them warscrolls that we can use them how we want. Likely this will include buying a lot of other miniatures as well. They actually only have to return the warscrolls they removed in the last compendium update to achieve this and put some sort of disclaimer that those are meant for the people to use their old collections to battle in the World that Was or something along those lines.
  10. AoS 2

    I agree that the dispelling should be easier. It's very rare (and risky) to have a wizard close enough and visible to dispell. At least it shouldn't require a line of sight.
  11. My First Adepticon, A Tournament Report

    The fair play score system that I have always liked the most, and have used in the tournaments I have organized as well, is where everyone chooses the favorite opponent after all of the games and from each choice, the respective player gets some amount of points. In this system there are no "losers" and less possibility to tamper the scoring for advantage of the score giving player. I think that the psychological aspect of those scores being there is more important than the points as such. It can be just a tie breaker as well and the method for choosing the fair play award.
  12. My First Adepticon, A Tournament Report

    The discussion seems to be quite far from the original critique: So if there was only 6 point range for the sport scores, the fears of people "gaming the system" seems to be bit exaggerated? In any case, it's good to remember that this is a game and the prizes are mostly just prestige, and at least I think that there is more prestige in being the nice guy who is also a good player than being a ****** who wins by using the system in his favor. I have bad experiences from MTG where many people on the national level seemed to take the game super seriously with the cost of social aspects (which is sort of understandable, as you can make some real money out of it on the top level), and didn't bother with the tournaments after few tries as it just wasn't fun.
  13. The Rumour Thread

    I guess this is the first time when the "alternative models" have been released much before even rumours of the army by GW: http://www.manticgames.com/mantic-shop/kings-of-war/trident-realm-of-neritica/product/naiad-wyrmrider-centurion.html Although I agree that the GW version is about zillion times better.
  14. Who Likes Initiative rolls?

    I would say that in a objective based game with fixed turn order, going second is usually the best choice if there isn't huge alpha strike potential. Thus shaking that up is always a bonus in my view. The necromunda tweak sounds also nice.
  15. SCE: Blanche vs reality

    It's same in many GW models, they exaggerate the heads and weapons for them to "pop out" from the tabletop. Partly for epicness, partly for easier to spot which has what and for heads the easiness in painting. Thus the proportions of the final models are usually off. For me, I was used to it and didn't mind it, until working with realistically scaled models for a while and after that, most models just look so exaggerated that it starts to nag. It was the same with marines. There it was also the scale creep of all other models that were supposed to be smaller than marines, but the models weren't that led to the Primaris.