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  1. This sounds awesome. A great Day for AoS altogether.
  2. Hmm, maybe I could do the vargheists as regular vampires with wings... It's bit of hard faction to build army for, as we play 1500 point games. The three battlelines in that size are quite restrictive. Maybe it would be better to go with the vanguard restrictions for 1500 point games anyways.
  3. Could we for once keep that out of this Thread? The plowing of ground for the garden of Nurgle sounds awesome.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if the multipart version of poxwalkers has parts to make them AoS compatible along the way of Tzaangors.
  5. Well cavalry in AoS seems to be more about tanking damage than hitting enemies, so slug-cavalry would be perfect for that
  6. Ok, I'm planning to build a Soulblight army so I'm looking with keen interest on this. It sadly looks like that the allies doesn't count as minimum battlelines. I'm not too keen on the vargheist models and want to have some skeletons anyways in the army. I was planning to also have some ghouls (as I have already 6 models), but seems that they'll break the allegiance btw. I think it's possible to have flying vampire on lord on foot currently as well?
  7. Wasn't it so that the Deathless minions is the Soulblight allegiance ability (meaning that other death will get something else) or did I get it wrong, they had crazy accents in the stream?
  8. Well they got new models in the End times, which were more or less the first AoS releases. Same goes for Death and Skaven. The Glottkin book was released bit over two years ago, which in "Army book update time" is not a long time. In any case, new daemons and maybe similar set as Tzaangor are quite safe bet for the Death guard, so an update for AoS is quite safe bet soon.
  9. That deathrattle box will make me start an undead army. And the New Ghb as well, as I want vampires.
  10. From what I've seen the variety in the competitive end of the game isn't bad at all. Especially with the more fleshed out factions. The problem seems to be more with the older stuff missing the allegiance abilities etc. (which is not surprising as they are essentially free stuff) and that should change really soon to better. In my experience with different games, is that many times the problems with some "netlists" is that they are easier to play. Thus in a local gaming group, where the players are about on similar somewhat low skill level, the players that use those powerful lists tend to get more victories. Then when participating in larger tournaments with better players and more of those powerful lists, the real strength of the list and the players start to show. This is especially true on different kinds of Warhammers as they tend to be heavily focused on list building.
  11. Ah, I see your point now and agree. That said, there would have been nice possibility of skaven with some clanrats, a warplightning cannon and a weapon team, which would be a nice allied force for a chaos. But I guess there aren't plastic weapon teams outside the Island of blood set.
  12. It makes more sense for Khorne or Tzeentch (or in future Nurgle and Slaanesh) players to ally some slaves to darkness units than the other way around. I'm just not sure why they would want to have chariots or knights though...
  13. I would say that in general, I guess mostly due to the lack of points in the release, the "AoS web-community" is much more Open/narrative oriented than in many other games. Maybe there is more focus in matched play after the GHB, but for example the big fb-group Age of Sigmar fans has quite low amount of stuff about tournaments and such and also on this board, the Open and Narrative gaming is quite well represented.
  14. With delicate I mean that it's a bigger step to revise the written warscrolls, even if the required modifications would be small, as the rules are printed on battletomes and to the leaflet coming with the models, than e.g. revising the points cost that has deliberately left out to an own table.
  15. Yes I agree with that. There is still differences. The broken flyers were much wider problem, because there are lot more of those besides Stormraven which have certain common rules making them so good, so you can design a wide fix for that. Whereas in AoS there are handful of problem units, that are good for different reasons, requiring much more delicate rework. They haven't after all done many direct adjustments for unit rules in 40k, except for the horrors, which was in a new codex. The only direct fix otherwise that I know was to the min unit size and price of razorwings. It's one thing to adjust the matched play rules to adjusting rules of certain warscroll, which is printed on the booklet coming with the figure.