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  1. Hi, I have been collecting a mixed order army themed to Realm of Life since the last spring. It all started with a Kurnoth hunter box bought in a whim from the local GW store and has evolved from there quite naturally in to eclectic mix of units. One thing that I really like in AoS is the freedom in the army building, from which this army is a good example. The core of the force are the people of the Greenwater, a small city on the Realm of Life. Living there is harsh, the harvests are great, but keeping the settlements clear from the rapidly growing plants keeps the people busy and the growth is not limited to the ground, but everything gets its blessing. Even the people have branches growing out of them. Othwerwise the people are organized in traditional feudal fashion with the knights having their castles and the peasants working on fields. When the times are dire, as they often are, the people from Greenwater trust in their allies: the Duardin from the Mountains of Mist, the Aelves and Eagles from the spires of the same mountains and the Foresfolk called upon by the Druids. On to the troops. First the knights: The Fair Duke of the Greenwater (bit shaky photo): The Briar knight: and the Grail knights: Then the townfolk. The city guard: The hunters, accompanied by the Tracker, mysterious Aelven ranger: And a mystical mummer, claimed to be an assassin, but those are only rumours: Then to the noble Duardin from the mountains: The hammerers of the King's guard, guarding the old Runelord: And the iron breakers: And finally The Druid of the forest: The forestfolk: And the Aelven prince from the spires, with his eagle companion: So here are everything that I got ready, but I have plans on expanding the aelven part, where everyone will be mounted on flying steeds. I have some warhawks riders and I'm planning to et a dragon and maybe a Phoenix. Also the duardin part will be expanded (as I'm building it also for using in LotR) as will be the Sylvaneth part. Also, the new GHB screams for painting 10 more halberdiers as they cost only 40 points more. Also I would like to do some skinks in robes. Anyhow, I wanted to share this army to give an inspiration what the mixed army can be.
  2. Aftermath of the GT final

    I think the Byron's winning list is a good example what you can do in the game. It has been a great inspiration for me at least, even if my army is completely different. There is a lot of potential as the army creation is so open. There are amazing new stuff in facebook and twitter almost daily.
  3. Aftermath of the GT final

    Painting armies is completely different thing to painting single models. With right techniques, good colours and attention to important parts (like bases), one can make phenomenal results in very little time. Back in the warhammer.org.uk times, there was this guy 'curseofbeers' who painted amazing WHFB armies in few weeks. I myself use about 0,5 to 1,5 hour per trooper and have won an actual painting competition in a group category with some of those. But this is all something that comes with practice and adopting existing knowledge. Looking at the work of commission painters, is a good way to learn tricks. Concerning the level of the hobby, I was bit disappointed that there didn't seem to be many new armies, at least in those pics from GW. They were (understandably) mostly armies that have been circulating the scene for some time. I'm outsider to the whole thing, but have been following the things for a long time and somehow I have feeling that there seemed to be more people going for the painting nomination in the GT final with new armies having display stands and all sorts of bling back in the day, but it might also be just the years making things greater than they were.
  4. Aftermath of the GT final

    Wh World facebook pages seem to have a few photos from the event: https://www.facebook.com/pg/GWWarhammerWorld/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1726116747407798
  5. GH2017: the honeymoon is over

    Yeah, it is different, as the shooting works differently and has bigger impact on 40k, but still the game is usually about controlling objectives and with a network of hordes it's possible to effectively control where the opponent can move. But I agree that it's much less of a problem here fortunately. Also big reason is because those key characters giving the buffs are possible to be killed.
  6. GH2017: the honeymoon is over

    Fearless hordes are something I would prefer not to have in the game. I was wandering around in a 40k tournament last summer and it didn't look too fun... Oh and about death, I don't have much experience from the field, as I'm just building the army, but at least it feels very flexible as even if you go with Soulblight or Nighthaunt allegiance, you'll have the allies and then you can summon almost everything you would want. But of course compared to a lot of other stuff, it has very few options due to the whole grand alliance having so few different units. The grand alliance book is thinner than the battletomes after all.
  7. Season of war: Firestorm

    I bought the box and I have to say that I'm impressed. It actually feels like a campaign system that is possible to play through. Also the domain building feels nice. only alteration that I have been thinking is that maybe the size could be set to 50-80pt/muster point to make the games bit faster and get more games played as our group have difficult schedules.
  8. Aelves - where do they go next??

    I think that having few heroes with nice buffs for keyword "aelf", along the lines of bloodsecrator and bloodstoker, would go for a long way.
  9. GH2017: the honeymoon is over

    What, the honeymoon is already over? I have had the time to play just a single game. But it was a great game, open war cards were great addition. The New allegiances have made me buy a lot of lizardmen, a nee death army and a bunch of additions for my Slaanesh army. The New realmsgate wars scenarios are just waiting to be played and the New matched play scenarios look also fun and don't get me started on the triumph and treachery. I can't wait I have the opportunity to test it for the first time. So in a nutshell, a great book again. With my available time there will be enough content for the whole year without having to play two games that are the same.
  10. The Rumour Thread

    Yes, good example was that when people were complaining from all sorts of broken formations in the last version of 40k without even thinking that maybe it wouldn't be needed to incorporate all sorts of campaign leaflet formations to the tournament type of games.
  11. The Rumour Thread

    I guess easy solution if this is not wanted is to "ban" the rules from tournaments.
  12. Question about Deathrattle, Generic Death

    One more question from a fellow skeleton lord to be. Is it possible to build the mortarch so that you can switch the rider, or do they share parts?
  13. Alternative models: Skeletal Necromancer (Liche)?

    Otherworld miniatures have great models like: http://otherworldminiatures.co.uk/shop/jg-series-official-judges-guild-miniatures/jgdt13-pnessut-the-lich/ and http://otherworldminiatures.co.uk/shop/undead/ud11b-lich-with-wand/ Great quality as well.
  14. Lets chat Soulblight

    But in the end, does it have any effect in the game if the Vampire Lord is 120 or 140 points? Even in a 1000 point army, the 20 points is just 2% from the total. Those points add up yes, but in any case, they rarely get fielded in multiplies.
  15. Lets chat Soulblight

    Chaos sorcerer lord is 160 points...