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  1. My problem with the Fyreslayers is that, not counting characters, they only have 10 body sculpts for the whole army (5 vulkites, 5 Hearthguard). So from a modelling perspective they get a bit boring pretty quickly. For instance, in the Vulkite box, one of the 5 is in a 'hero' pose so you can use him as your Karl but that same pose you have to repeat 4 times if you're doing a unit of 20. Swapping heads doesn't really cut it.
  2. Arkanauts all done. Pretty happy with them but the colour scheme isn't going to translate directly to the more heavily armoured units so some experimentation is needed.
  3. Arkanauts almost there, just got to finish the basing. Meanwhile I'm trying to figure out how to do the Endrinriggers. I don't want to do them all metallic so will be trying for dark blue armour. Just gotta figure out the balance.
  4. Managed to get a few more up to the shade stage over the weekend.
  5. After a bit of mucking around I've completed my first Overlord test model (minus the basing). I'm thinking I can call this Barak Mjornar . Close enough.