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Lord Panther

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  1. Lord Panther

    Bone Banga

  2. Lord Panther

    Gore Grunta's

  3. Lord Panther

    Magic Boyz

  4. Lord Panther

    Malign Portents - A Tale of ??? Warlords

    Still plugging away. Got my Warchanter done and have made good progress on my second 'Ardboyz unit.
  5. Lord Panther

    What do you look for in a youtube channel??

    I think miniwargaming has stated that they are about to get into AoS in a big way, re-basing a lot of stuff. They are doing an End Times narrative series as a bit of a send of to 8th ed.
  6. Lord Panther

    What do you look for in a youtube channel??

    See, I watched the review and the apology. The review was pretty rude. He apologised for being a ****** during the review and for being a ****** to his co-host, he did not retract his criticisms of the game. He did apologise to the GW design team for the horrible stuff he said about them but that's different to sucking up to them. You're aloud to disagree with creative decisions but don't be rude to people. I thought the apology was completely appropriate considering the hobby is not that big and there is no room for bad blood. Showing a bit of common courtesy does not make you a shill. Anyway, moving on. Miniwargaming kinda intrigue me with there whole giant new facility build they are currently going through. They are building like 6 custom studios to shoot wargame content in, along with rooms for people to stay in when they visit and a small tournament space and a hobby shop. How on earth is there a business model for that? How do they afford it? I'm kinda jealous.
  7. Lord Panther

    The Rumour Thread

    This jpeg file is called 'AspectStorm'. What would the other aspects be? AspectCalm? AspectTsunami?
  8. Lord Panther

    What do you look for in a youtube channel??

    This would be great if people did more tactics explanations with models on tables. Actually demonstrate them in action.
  9. Lord Panther

    Malign Portents - A Tale of ??? Warlords

    Finally got some photos taken. Here's the completed Gore-Gruntas: And the whole muster so far. Have got a Mega-Boss, Warchanter and another 10 'ardboyz to paint up. Then I might grab another box of Brutes. Still want to paint up a Maw Krusha at some point too.
  10. Lord Panther

    What do you look for in a youtube channel??

    Good picture quality, good lighting (everyone forgets lighting, normal house lights aren't gonna cut it), good sound and steady camera work. Even if you are doing a hardcore, high meta, competitive battle, try and tell a story with your video. And don't have an animated intro on each video that lasts more than 5 seconds (that gets tired real quick)
  11. Lord Panther

    Malign Portents - A Tale of ??? Warlords

    So ive been busy getting married and going on honeymoon but I’m back at it now and making some progress on my gore-gruntas. Got the base coats on the fur and a wash down.
  12. Lord Panther

    The Rumour Thread

    Might be time to retire the green sheet then.
  13. Lord Panther

    The Rumour Thread

    Based on how these break down (and looking at the 40k ones), do you think if you just use half of them it would be big enough for a skirmish?
  14. Lord Panther

    Malign Portents - A Tale of ??? Warlords

    Harbinger done! Unfortunately I won't be able to make it into the GW store to enter the comp again but I'm pretty happy with how he came out. The TGA boards will have to do. The nice graduation I managed to get on the big mushroom top didn't really photograph well but trust me, it looks neat. Actually, the gloss Nuln Oil I put on the bug shells also looks terrible in photos.