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  1. Moonlightwolf

    Clarification on Banners and Musicians

    As it is the rules for most icon bearers and musicians mean that there's really no point taking more than one, the unit bonuses don't stack its really only where you have multiple options or an ability that's based on the model's location as is the case with pipers in plaguebearer units. Thing is you're unlikely to ever see more than 1 of each per minimum unit size because the benefits are never enough to justify going out and buying enough to make a unit that are all icons or musicians. The only advantage it provides is positioning and removing casualties. If there's ever an overpowered way to use something it they tend to FAQ it fairly quickly. For example the netters in the above post though they are essentially a special weapon option rather than an icon bearer or musician.
  2. Moonlightwolf

    Heroes of the Old World

    Totally making khalida a necromancer.
  3. Moonlightwolf

    Clarification on Banners and Musicians

    Most warscroll rules allow any number of models to be musicians or icon bearers. The key is that the effect is only applied to the unit once, it doesn't upgrade or get better. The only advantage to taking multiple is where they can take multiple items or the effect is based on a single model not the unit as a whole, for example the FAQ for clan pestilens states that you can take multiple standards and musicians and make use of both icons and both musician options on the warscroll, however you can only take one champion so you do have to choose between the champion options. Similarly the plaguebearers scroll states that the effect is based on distance to the pipers themselves not the unit as a whole so I'd say they're encouraging the use of multiple pipers. TL,DR You can take as many icon bearers or musicians as you like but effects that apply to the unit whole unit do not stack. In the case of plaguebearers you could certainly take multiple pipers to widen the area of effect and based on the warscroll I would even say this is encouraged.
  4. Moonlightwolf

    Purple sun and 6 or more wounds models

    Looking at the warscroll the wording isn't wonderful but 6s first definitely seems to be the intent.
  5. I feel like the incarnates elementals of fire and beasts would just fit so well into the new malign sorceries stuff that I would love to see them come back, perhaps with new incarnates for other magic types (I still remember concept art for the incarnate of death). I like the land ship but it feels to tied to the old world, I'd rather have a spiritual successor based on the cog forts. The mammoth is great though I seem to remember them saying it was really prone to manufacturing issues which might explain why its no longer available.
  6. Moonlightwolf

    Destruction FW changes

    This is how I feel, initially I was miffed about the wound reduction and points increase but then I realised how much power spell spite has gained, plus like every wizard she can now cast endless spells so her utility has just got a massive boost.
  7. Moonlightwolf

    AoS 2 - Gutbusters Discussion

    Yeah I wouldn't usually do this but I emailed them as well, I started my gutbusters with AoS and always followed the images in GA destruction when it came to basing, the idea of having to rebase most of my army when I've been following GWs own images since AoS released is crazy to me.
  8. Moonlightwolf

    AoS 2 - Gutbusters Discussion

    I feel like some of the more subtle changes aren't really going to be appreciated yet. look out sir + the ability to regenerate makes them one of the more durable wizards in the game, combine that with way more spells to cast and I think they might really come into their own.
  9. Moonlightwolf


    This is so good, is that the head from an idol of gork
  10. Moonlightwolf

    Gargant "Stuff 'Em In Me Bag" Buff - Now Extremely Strong?

    Seems like this will be a rare occasion but possibly a way to take out badly positioned elite units. I imagine most players will get wise pretty quick but it might be a good way to ensure your opponent lets the gargant attack first since they will want to still be able to pile in to keep unit coherency.
  11. Moonlightwolf

    Will they retire any night haunt units,

    Given that the cairn wraith was apparently the basis for most of the new nighthaunt designs I doubt its going away any time soon but I can definitely see its warscroll getting an upgrade to make it as appealing as some of the new heroes.
  12. Moonlightwolf

    AoS 2.0 Winners and Losers

    Quite literally impossible to tell since the rules aren't released yet, also meta's don't get properly established until a month or 3 post launch when everyone fully understands the rules and has had a fair few games to test them. knee ****** reactions serve no-one.
  13. Moonlightwolf

    Your Faction Ideas?

    New models take a long time to produce and some of the "old" models aren't that old. I think we'll see a mixed approach, some factions slowly phased out whilst others are just revamped. I'm pretty sure the wanders will stick around as they've been featured in several stories. The gutbusters are essentially a full army just waiting a battletome and those models aren't that old so I can't see them being phased out. perhaps some of the smaller aelf factions such a scourge privateers will disappear in time (their pirate elves theme is kind of covered by the idoneth) but I honestly think it will be a slow process.
  14. Moonlightwolf

    Your Faction Ideas?

    I'd love to see troggoths expanded into a proper faction, I really enjoyed playing Throgg the troll king in total war: warhammer but I think a destruction variant on that idea would be more interesting in AoS. My thought would be you have a breed of troggoths whose ancestors drank the spilled blood of gorkamorka (perhaps during his initial fight with sigmar). They gained a level of cunning and ferocity beyond that of the average troggoth and became brutal leaders that can keep troggoths and other monsters in line. The idea would be to truly realise that Lord of the monster horde line from Throgg with troggoths backed up by other monstrous destruction units.
  15. Moonlightwolf

    Tomb Kings?!!

    The king they're talking about is definitely Nagash, I'm more interested by the first figure he see's it could be the mortarch of grief which might hint at them being khalida. I really doubt we'll see Settra return but I would love it if deathrattle moves closer to tomb kings from an army perspective.