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  1. Hello all, so I was having a discussion with my buddy about khorne and if it's better to go big or small with units. The conversation was was mainly based around blood reavers and a dark feast. Is it worth taking three units of 20 or splitting it down to 6 units of ten? I am fairly new to the game and was arguing the merit of the smaller units. It seems to give you more options for movement and objective grabbing. More charge options, so if one fails another might make it in (might die on their own though). But most importantly more easier to kill units speeds up your blood tithe, bringing this awesome fun more into the game. thoughts and or experiences would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Thank you guys. This is really helpful. I will I'll have to proxy the last unit of horrors. Also only one of my chariots has a herald the other is an exalted. which ever list my friend brings he is going to likely have a terrifying combat unit, either storm vermin or grave guard. Are these my priority to kill?
  3. Hello all. so I am still pretty new to aos, only played three games and only one with tzeentch. i am playing a good buddy on Thursday at 1500 and the army selection is proving tricky. My friend won't care if I want to proxy miniatures as my army is still new and is made up of only two get started daemon boxes, a tzangor shaman and a soul grinder. i want to give my friend a good game but I also don't just want to proxy the best stuff because it is the best, and I also want to use the models I own. any help in list building and possibly how to use units like flamers and screamers would be greatly appreciated. He has skaven or undead as his armies. thank you
  4. 60 points?
  5. Hello all, sorry if this has been posted before. I couldn't see it though. so I picked up the start collecting daemons of tzeentch box and it has the warscroll M'zarr's aetherhost, I would like to run this in match play but can't find it anywhere. any ideas?
  6. THats what I thought
  7. Hello guys. New to to here and aos in general, all of three games under my belt. Why on war scroll builder does it give me two options for the lore of change for my pink horrors? is this a mistake or can I actually take two spells. Thanks