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  1. That part was pretty much lifted from the doomwheel rules. No, unfortunately, I couldn't afford the two metal kits required. given I was playing on pocket money at the time, the only way I could ever afford the kits would have been to have a birthday and christmas purchase. but I aways wanted to, and when the plastic kits came out, I was on a break from the game. I'm currently looking at making one though, as I now have the "new" plastic kits.
  2. Rules here: Rat Tank Warscroll Mostly starting this thread to see if there is any interest in one of the old 5th or 6th ed conversions that was featured in white dwarf magazine as part of their clan Skryre army list. Anyone willing to try out the rules? has anyone got one kicking around from back in the day? Constructive feedback welcome
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is something I've been kicking around for a while. many years ago, White Dwarf published a Clan Skryre based army list with a few conversions, things like augmented rat ogres and special rules for Skryre forces. The most interesting (in my opinion) was the Skaven Rat Tank. It had a backstory, a conversion guide, and most importantly a set of rules. Which I have attempted to recreate the rules for with this warscroll. I would love your thoughts and constructive feedback on it, as this is essentially version 1.0. I know occasionally these conversions pop up on ebay, but I'm working on one using the current plastic kits.
  4. 10, you can use it to seal down crackle effect if it starts flaking off bases.
  5. This entry is basically just to give a couple of group shots of the 500pts. I don't think the 20 plague monks I just finished are going to win any beauty prizes. but I'm certainly pleased with the way the force is shaping up so far. I'm Excited about the next deadline. Which is to add another 500pts to the whole thing, and should be announced during Today's hand in. I think next on my list for this is Verminlord Corruptor Plague Furnace 8 Giant Rats or 2 chaos familiars which should be 500pts on the button adding to this lot for the full 1000. also considering adding a bunch of Nurgle demons if I add anything to go for 2000, maybe some plague toads. -=R286=-
  6. So Deadline 1 had me painting Nurglich (Epidermis) and 10 plague censers. Model count 11 Deadline 2 currently consists of 20 plague monks (140pts) I know, but I am getting there slowly, I think this round may have to just block, dip and highlight. I hate painting non-character infantry. plus I still have 20 bases to do too. Fen beast (Beast of Nurgle) 60 pts. this is him not finished, but after his first dip in the quickshade. A bit more work and definition and he will look less like a sh*t demon, although, kind of appropriate for a beast of nurgle. The model itself is a Malefaux, bad Juju mire golem. This takes my total model count up to 32. which for a skaven army, isn't too bad. I was thinking for the final deadline, given we will have another 500pts to play with. I might go for a Plague Furnace, A verminlord and a couple of chaos familiars. the next hand in is this coming Monday, and I will pop up another entry to show you the finished results on these figures.
  7. Not in the GH for points values, so they dont have them in skirmish. once you get Behemoths involved, its not really skirmish level any more. and if you are using them for scenarios, you dont need a points value on them as they are objectives essentially.
  8. it's no secret I'm a fan of Skaven. Recently, I became involved with a painters challenge at a local wargames club. This challenge has been an interesting way for me to get back into the swing of things in terms of painting, as I tend to have periods of inactivity between picking up a brush. The Idea behind the competition is simple enough, pick an army, build towards 1000pts in manageable blocks. score points on how much of it is painted per deadline. the first deadline caught me off guard, as I only really got involved when there were just under 2 weeks of the first deadline to go. owing to the fact they make up the largest chunk of my unpainted lead mountain, I chose clan Pestilens. The theme I chose was the early days of pestilence, during the great migration, when plaguelord Nurglich (the first) pushed his way into Lustria and the new world. That is before he got his tail handed to him by the lizard folk and their winged serpent god. for this theme, I decided I would make some Incan-inspired path bases. My first 300 points: Nurglich on great Pox rat (using the warscroll for Epidemus) 180pts 10 Plague Censer Bearers. 120pts I met the deadline, had everything based, everything painted and got 15points in the painters challenge, coming second to the person who got everything painted and won the best painted model\unit bonus. The next deadline is the 19th of June and the challenge is to add a further 200pts to our army. for this I have chosen: Fen Beast (Beast of Nurgle Warscroll) 60pts 20x Plague Priests 140 pts Wish me Luck.
  9. A chunk of that is to do with his armour though. I think its the Behemoth keyword on the warscroll that precludes it. after all, the demon prince is a plastic kit, and in RAW plastic kits are all you get.
  10. I'm fairly certain some of the keywords were changed on some of the Skaven and Duradain Warscrolls. although I cant remember what was added off the top of my head, I would have to look it up.
  11. Hello, My name is Renfield and i'm a Skavenholic. been playing for over 2 decades, rapidly approaching 3. gave up fantasy somewhere round 7th ed and only really collected during 7th & 8th. Started playing again when GW said "here have some rules" I come from the Home of Metal and live not far from where Ozzy grew up. also known as the Midlands, UK, more specifically Birmingham. I've been on the forums a couple of days, I probably should have started here really.
  12. I rage quit when 7th came out does that count? I mean, I carried on with Mordheim, and still bought stuff with Skaven in, but fantasy went meh. I love the Narrative system in AoS.
  13. they should be 16, I had misremembered, they are in the official book
  14. Model size The Megaboss is about the same size as an ogor though isn't it? it was something that was said on the run up to release. skirmish isnt a place for big beasts.
  15. Too big, nothing bigger than an Ogor