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  1. Thanks, I will try to make more. I hope I will finish my other stories for Yelena soon, so I could make a counterpart of those stories here. (The first meeting between Yelena and Christina). I think the biggest problem with my stories is the timeline. The monastery were Yelena and Verena are coming from were written that they were fallen hundreds of years ago, while Rosenheim and Mithrilfels/Mithrilrock would be during this Generation, so my continent Eloni and the Part of Chamon weren't corrupted for a long time during the Age of Chaos. There is also the point that most of my stories contain my own armies (good and evil). The only exeption was my battlerteport I wrote in "Battle of Heroes" I have a third project that didn't has a blog here yet about my Skaven Army that is already mentioned in Yelenas Story in my Stormcast Project, and about 5-6 armies, that are waiting as well (Nurgle Mortal + Rotbringers + Daemons, Khorne Bloodbound, Swifthawk Agents + Eldritch Council, Darkling Covens + Scourge Privateers + perhaps Order Serpendis, Bonesplitterz, Ogors). And my skaven actually have only 7 painted models and about 3 parts of backbround that isn't translated, yet. This project here is the special one of all of my projects because it's more a proxy project to give the continent life. Edit: And thanks that you like the german name, I changed Mithrilrock back to Mithrilfels. I think, that it makes it a little easier for me)
  2. Here is my first characterdescription for my faithful army. Its the description for sister Christina, my Free Guild General of the Order of the yellow rose. There is already a hint, that she met with my Stormcast Eternals (How the Stormcast Eternals gets there is still Work in Process). For everyone who is wondering, I called the town 'Rosenheim' in the german version (Mithrilrock is called 'Mithrilfels' there for example. You guys already know Mithrilrock from my characterdescription of "Vanguard Raptor Prime, Ramir"). After I wasn't satisfied with translations like 'rosehome' I didn't translate it in that story. Have fun. Free Guild General, Sister Christina
  3. Here are my first models painted for that project. These models are part of the Order of the Yellow Rose. Freeguild General (Sister Christina) Freeguild Archers (Rangers)
  4. On Friday I made a my actual third game of Age of Sigmar with the Battle of Heroes Event in GW-Wiesbaden. I wrote a little introductionstory before posting this the first time: Actually it was some sort of introductiongame because my it was the first game for my opponent. After he only has "normalsized" models I didn't use my Drakesworn Templar, so it was a 500 Point Game with 5 Heroes. So my army looked like this: Victor Brightsoul (100) Lord-Castellant Knight-Venator (120) Morbius (80) Lord-Relictor Valten Blazenheart (100) Lord-Celestant Total: 500/ 500 The army of my opponent contained the following models: Aspiring Deathbringer with Goreaxe and Skullhammer (80) Exalted Deathbringer (80) - Ruinous Axe & Skullgouger Bloodstoker (80) Bloodsecrator (120) Mighty Lord Of Khorne (140) Total: 500/500 At first I thought the shop would have a scenario for that event, but after should compromise to a Battleplan. To keep it simple we used "Three Places of Power", because it fits nicely to the event after heroes should hold objectives. I hope I didn't make an mistake that the marker is controlled by a hero until is is killed or left the 3" range of the marker. The battlefield was 48"x48", and we still used 3 markers so each marker were 12" away to each other instead of 18". So here was the battlefield (seen from my side of the table) Sadly some of my pictures have a bad quality, because I made them with my smartphone and didn't wanted to waste to much time. Set-up of Stormcast Eternals: Knight Questor positioned next to the right wood Lord Relictor right from the magical water. Lord Celestant left of the magical water, next to the tower Lord Castellant between the left wood and the tower and the Knight Venator next behind the Lord Castellant Set-Up Chaos: Blood Stoker right to the ruinwalls Mighty Lord of Khorne and Bloodsecrator behind the mausoleum Exalted Deathbringer and Aspiring Deathbringer positioned behind the wood in the enemy territorium. I didn't read that the player that finished first could choose who has initiative we rolled the Initiative (after both armies did have the same number of units I think it was alright so). The first initiative goes to Chaos: Chaos Turn 1: Blood Stoker Wipped the Mighty Lord of Khorne in the Movement Phase all models exept the the Bloodsecrator ran to the markers. The Bloodsecrator moved right behind the mausoleum. the Blood Stoker conquered the right marker, the Mighty Lord of Khorne the middle marker and the Aspiring Deathbringer conquered the left marker 3 : 0 points for Chaos Stormcast Eternals Turn 1: Lord Celestant used Furious Retribution, Lord Castellant used this Warding Lantern for the Lord Celestant The Lord Relictor moved into the wood. Lord Castellant and Knight Venator move near the left marker. The Lord Celestant moved closer to the two Deathbringers. The Knight Questor moved closer to the Blood Stoker but falied it's charge later this round. The Knight Questor shoots at the Aspiring Deathbringer and makes 3 wounds. The Lord Celestant uses his Sigmarite Warcloak, generating 4 hammers and killed the Aspiring Deathbringer. After that he charged Exalted Deathbringer and wounded him once but got 2 wounds (even with the lanterns effect). After my units were not near enough to the marker I didn't get any points that round. So it's still 3 : 0 for chaos Ini roll round 2: Stormcast Eternals win Stormcast Eternals Turn 2: Lord Celestant used Furious Retribution, Lord Castellant used this Warding Lantern for the Lord Celestant. The Lord Relictor used the storm to heal the Lord Celestant. The Lord Castellant moved to the left marker to conquer it. The Lord Quetor moved closer to the Blood Stoker. The Knight Venator moved forward to get free sight to the Mighy Lord of Khorne (more aesthetical than really needed) He shoots at the mighty lord, but failed to wound him. The Lord Celestant generated another four hammers and damaed the Mighty Lord with them. The Knight Questor charged the Blood Stoker. I activated the Knight Questor first, because I thought the Lord Celestant would will survive with the 2+ Save with the lanterns effect and made three wounds at the Blood Stoker. After it was the first game for my opponent I gave him the advise, he should attack with his Deathbringer first, after the Lord Celestant hadn't attacked yet and nothing would attack the Blood Stoker in that round. The Deathbringer failed to make damage to the Lord Celestant (because he blocked all damage). The Lord Celestant didn't make damage either because the Deathbringer blocked everything. The Blood Stoker was able to make one damage to the Knight Questor. After conquering the left marker the score was 3 : 1 for Chaos. Chaos Turn 2 The Bloodsecrator used his portal of Skulls to for the Rage of Khorne Ability. The Mighty Lord stayes at the marker to "corrupt" it further. In the combat phase, the Lord Celestant makes 3 Damage to the Deathbringer, all other models fail to make damage. After the Blood Stoker is still controlling the right marker and the Mighty Lord controlling the middle one he generates 4 pointes. So the score is 7 : 1 for chaos. Ini Roll Turn 3: Chaos wins. Chaos Turn 3 The Bloodsecrator used his portal of Skulls to for the Rage of Khorne Ability. Blood Stoker Wipped the Mighty Lord of Khorne. Mighty Lord of Khorne moved closer to the Knight Questor to charge him and makes 2 damage with his axe. Knight Questor tries zu kill the Blood Stoker but fails. The Deathbringer makes 2 damage to the Lord Celestant but gets killed after this in return. The ability of the Axe failed to kill the Knight Questor The Blood Stoker generates another 3 points. So the score is 10 : 1 now. Stormcast Eternals Turn 3 Lord Celestant used Furious Retribution, Lord Castellant used this Warding Lantern for the Lord Celestant. The Lord Relictor used the storm to heal the Lord Celestant. The Lord Celestant moved to the middle marker, the Lord Castellant moved closer to the marker and the Knight Venator moves within 8" of the Bloodsecrator. The Knight Venator tries to shoot at the Mighty Lord and sends its eagle to the Blood Stoker, but both fail. The Lord Celestant generates another 4 hammers sends 2 to the Mighty Lord and 2 to the Blood Stoker and killes the Mighty Lord but failes to kill the Blood Stoker. The Knight Venator tries to charge the Bloodsecrator but failed with a 6. In Combat Phase the Knight Questor killes at least the Blood Stoker and got controll to the right marker. After the Lord Celestant and Lord Questor got control to the middle and right marker and generating 1 point each and the Lord Castellant still controlling the left marker generating 2 points it's still 10 : 5 for chaos. Ini Roll for Round 4: Stormcast Eternals win (this is the last round) Stormcast Eternals Turn 4 Lord Celestant used Furious Retribution, Lord Castellant used this Warding Lantern for the Knight Venator. The Lord Relictor moved forward after he had nothing to do. The Knight Venator moved within 3,5" to the Bloodsecrator, shoots at him which makes 2 damage and charged him with a roll of 3. While piling in he moved around the Bloodsecrator (because he only has to move closer to the closest model at the end of piling in, so he is in the 9" bubble of the Lord Celestant). Neighter the Knight Venator nor the Bloodsecrator made damage in combat. The Knight Questor and Lord Celestant generate another 2 Points by holding the marker and the Lord Castellant another 3. So this is the first time in the game that the Stormcasts have more points with 10 : 12 for Chaos. At this point the game ends after the Bloodsecrator is unable to make any points and is locked in combat. So it was a win for the stormcast eternals at the end. I know that a win against a veteran is more satisfying, but the game was fun and after I was 3 turns in the back that makes me sweat. If I hadn't slain the Deathbringer in chaos turn 3 or my Lord Questor would have slain during the game the game would have another ending. Perhaps the Chaos Army would have more power by having a slaughterpriest, after he could create mortal wounds and would have pressurize my Stormcast Eternals perhaps more but I didn't made the list. I don't know if the Mighty Lord should have attacked in turn 2 or generate 3 points by staying at the marker so I would have enough points in round 5 at best.
  5. I painted 4 Models in time of last sunday to Thursday for a event that was called "Heldengemosche" (let's call it "battle of heroes"), the plan was about 1000 points consisting up to 6 heroes I painted these three in about 8-9 hours (wednesday 18:00 to Thursday 3:00 Knight Questor Knight Venator Lord Relictor (I will call Morbius) The three days before I painted my biggest model for Stormcast Eternals. Drakesworn Templar So my plan for the event was the following army Drakesworn Templar (500) - Storm Lance Knight-Questor (100) Victor Brightsoul (100) Lord-Castellant Knight-Venator (120) Morbius (80) Lord-Relictor Valten Blazenheart (100) Lord-Celestant Total: 1000/ 1000 So the complete warband would look like this:
  6. The two models at the top that marked with a 'x' are from the Battle for Skull Pass Box (the starterbox Set of 7. Edition Warhammer Fantasy) The left model ist a Dwarf Thane (today called Warden King) while the right model should be the standard bearer of Dwarf Warriors. The Model down there is some sort of Kitbash Model. The Rangefinder is part of the Cannon Box. As for the model itself. I think it could be a combination of Dwarf Warrior and Artillery Crew.
  7. I made a painting session about 5 to 6 hours to paint that guy on sunday, but couldn't finished him that day because the base wasn't ready. Today I brushed the base with Karak Stone to finish him. Have fun with my Lord Aquilor
  8. Very funny guys. Even some medieval underwear looks like a little like hammer pants, I don't think these would fit into the Stormcast Eternals Armor. Sounds like the most propable for me. After we only see the platearmor and the that material we see in the jointparts of the armor, there could be perhaps some sort of thin padding, but not much room for many cloth underneath it. I think I will use for my story some sort loincloth as underwear. In case of women some sort of bra like the witch Aelves wear at best, or bandages (didn't female archers use bandages so there chest (if I use the other world it will probably be censored, because I saw it in my last comment) won't prevent them from shooting with a bow. Don't think that this will work for a Stormcast in that way after the armor itself has a bulge in the chestpart. In my last comment there was the point with some sort of corset, but the longer I think I would say that it could be a disadvantage because it could prevent the breathing. One intereting point is, that when we are looking at female warriors in fantasysettings it often looks like they would wear metallic armour on there bare skin, so it really could be (after AoS is a fantasy setting), that they could wear nothing at all unterneath the stormcasts platearmor.
  9. Yeah, looks like the same as for Space Marines in 40k. And even those have there human sides. I think the answer fits the question, what they wear when they didn't wear there armour, but the question, what they wear underneath there armour is still open. I'm not so familiar with medieval stuff. Perhaps they wear the same stuff a knight in those times weared? But the armour lookes a little tighter than medieval knights armour. So do they wear some close underneath, some sort of mostly black bodysuit, some sort of underwear (however those lookes like), only some shorts (while women use some sort of bra, a corset or bandages to cover there chest) or are they really completely naked inside there armour? Particular this part would be interesting in case of my story or should I just make something up and hope that it will work?
  10. The FAQ is counterproductive because it reisen more questions that clearing them. If the FAQ had answered the question like the rules said instead of making things up, we wouldn't even have this questions in the Thread. It was clearing before and not we have the conflict. Should I remind you that the first FAQ Where this question First showed up had created broken Battalions (Seraphon Battalions only consisting Monsters because they have the Keyword Skinks) because the guy who answered said the Keyword counts not the Warscroll name (in the question, if Skarsnik could be Part of the Battalion while the Battalion only said Grot Warboss). These guys were making things up without even reading the rules and realizing the consequences their answered had. The bad thing with the cover FAQ is, units that need the cover Bonus most (massinfantery with low save need never get the Bonus because there unit doesn't fit into cover while eliteinfantery that doesn't need it because of 3+ Save get the cover everytime. Its quite bad for balance because of that error that was made in the faq. The only thing I want is, that GW checked there FAQ for flaws, so the FAQ only clarifies the rules not alter them. And the parts where they want to alter the rules is by using the Errata. In that way, we will get less of these questions as forumposts.
  11. The strange thing is, that the FAQ alters the coverrules (thats not what a FAQ should do, it should only clarify rules. Changing rules is the job of the errata). The corerules only say that all models of the unit have to be within or on the terrain feature. When we look at the rules, what is meant with "within", in most cases its the shortest distance beween the model and the measuring point. So in case of 'within 1" ' the following is legit (the green line should be the 1" zone around the model. When following the rules of the rulebook for cover the second picture would be legit. The models are within the terrain like the the model is within 1" of the other model. In that case, when following the rules the answer in the faq is incorrect because it didn't follow the given rules and changing rules is part of the errata not the faq. When they want to change the rules, they should change them via Errata or give us new rules. But the FAQ Answer is simply wrong, by comparing them with the mechanics given by the rules. He made things up that aren't written in the rules.
  12. When I started playing tabletop (40k) playing was pushed to competitive play because the group I joined played that way and played tournaments. I never liked the 0815 Meta Armybuilds, and tried to find my own style I could stand out with but mostly sucked at tournaments. When I started playing fantasy in 7. Edition (while 40k was in 5. Edtion most of the group left the game because there Metalists didn't work anymore). Lately I pretty much started to hate competitive play because the only point is, to find the next broken combo to get an easy win, while the armies are as far away from looking like an army that could exist from the game like the range between sun and Saturn. Wish I could play more storydriven but its hard to find people that didn't want to win at all cost. So I spend more time with painting and writing than playing (except for some 9th Age, because it's one of the only games the rest of my group wants to play).
  13. Hm, english isn't my native language but "all of the model" in case of "all parts of the model" sounds pretty wrong to me. "all of the models" makes more sense to me for grammatical purposes. (And the question isn't varifiable that way with the rules) Another point is, is this a question that was already in the 1.0 FAQ? Sometimes I had the feeling with such questions that someone without ruleknowlage had answered. It's the same with the question: Q: What is 'set-up' exacly? The answer thats told to that question isn't varifiable by the rules. Even worse. The answer said that you can set-up units within 3" of enemy models in the movementphase, while the movementphase itself says that it's forbitten to move into 3". And in most cases this set-up counts as there movement in the movementphase, so it should have the same restrictions as normal movement. Perhaps the questions of the 1.0 FAQ should be reworked (like the question if the unitsname or the keyword is used for a battalion. That question had the totally wrong direction in 1.0 and was changed in 1.1.
  14. I'm actually writing further parts of my background (mostly from Yelenas standpoint) and I'm struggeling with one point after I think I miss some information about Stormcast Eternals. I don't know where to post it, after this forum doesn't have a loresection, so I use my blog for this. I have thought about, that some Stormcasts had come to my own continent (not through a realmgate) and now where trapped there until opening a gate to Azyr or dieing in combat. And they found surviving humans. After we know, that Stormcast Eternals are modified humans (not ghosts in armour like the Thousand Sons in 40k) there is the point what a stormcast would wear as clothes, when not fighting in combat. I don't think that they wear there armour 24/7 (if there is something like constant time in AoS). We have read that stormcasts were fighting for days, weeks or more at the same battlefield, but even when they are nearly immortal they should have to eat and sleep some time (and I don't think that sleeping inside the armour is that confortable) and have to do some body hygiene (if they don't want to smell like worshippers of nurgle after some time). Do they wear tunics, dresses or shirt and trousers? Is there some point of background I didn't know, after mostly reading Battletomes? Another point is, what do Stormcasts Eternals wear underneath there armour. I think the only thing we know is, that they have those black cloth or rubber? parts beween there armourplates (mostly visible in the kneepart), so they can move. But I don't know if this is they parts are connected to the armour itself or if they are wearing some sort of bodysuit. It would be a little strange if the warrior would completely naked when stripping of the armourplates. Perhaps somebody could help me with my questions. It would help me with my writing.
  15. To 1.) In open and narrative games there shouldn't be any illigal warscrolls. The only cases you get is, that you can only units in matched play with a pitched battle profile (which are made for the latest published warscroll in most cases) and perhaps this part of the FAQ And some sort of balancing is only ensured if the latest warscroll is used with the latest points. To three. I don't know if the question was correctly read or the question has a typo, when the answer was given. If you look at the complete answer, not only the "yes", there is no point saying that the entire model has to be in cover. Only that all models have to be in cover to get the bonus. Their could only be the point that the guy who answered didn't used the 100% or he thought unit instead of model. So the unit in picture 1 won't get coverbonus because of the model with the red cross and in the second picture they would get the cover bonus.