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  1. Fanatics - set up rule

    When I look at the Rule in the AoS App, "Moonclan Grots" is written this way MOONCLAN GROTS. It's written Bold and all letters in upper case, so its the combination of Keywords. The Warscrollname wouldn't work because the unit is only called "Grots" not "Moonclan Grots".
  2. One thing is missing in the description (don't know if these weren't spoilert). The White Dwarf contains two new Hero Cards: Freeguild General and Gunmaster. (Printed into the WD like the other Hero Cards) The cards are divided into 6 Treasure Cards, 4 Skill Cards, an Activitycard and a card called Achievement V. Actually never played Warhammer Quest, but have both boxes and should have all expansions. Really like the idea.
  3. Army Composition

    Hi, sadly the Battalion doesn't work anymore for matched play, because it hasn't got points in the GH17, so Archmage and Swordmasters can't get the Swifthawk Agents Keyword anymore. Did your project continued any further since October 17?
  4. In case of the Stormcast Eternals I would say: Warrior Chamber (needs 7 Battalions) = 6000 Points, Harbinger Chamber (need 4 Battalions)= 3100, Exemplar Chamber (need 4 Battalions)=4000 I rounded the points in that case because of the difference which heroes you can take. In most cases one battalion needs around 800-1000 Points per Battalion + Lords of the Storm with another 800 Points. And the Extremis Chamber (minimum amound of Points: 4620 if a Lord Celestand on Dracoth is used and not a single battleline Unit.
  5. unmotivated

    Another Idea that could help (if you have the right group) is perhaps make some painting sessions together. Wouldn't work in my case because the rest of my group is more interested in gaming than painting, but perhaps you guys can motivate each other. Or making something like 4 Generals (could be similar to AlphaKennyThings idea). Should be a little nicer than painting a tournament army because your goal is 1 or 2 Units per month instead of a 2000 Point army for a fix date. So you can see progress between you. I made those "tournament army painting" about 7 years ago. It's quite effektiv to paint an army quick, but at the cost of the painting standard.
  6. Help me flesh out an idea - 'Good' Chaos

    I think that a Marauder based Army could work. I build some tribesmen for my Order Army by using Kairic Arcolytes, Marauder Horsemen Heads and Wanderers Weapons
  7. Do you want some chicken?

    Some of the pictured didn't show up, so I tried to fix it by editing.
  8. Some of the pictured didn't show up, so I tried to fix it by editing.
  9. unmotivated

    I have these problems sometimes. In most cases you never finish a project and switch to something else. The point where my motivation has a real drop was when I painted 50 Stormcast Eternals in about 1,5 Months (Start February to Easter) and the point that I had painted my celestial vindicators with purple Plumes (color of the Bladestorms) when I read the celestial vindicators part of the All-gates story. I got some motivation back when I decided to make my own chamber (paintng the Plumes orange) and trying to write my own backgroundstories. But since then I often struggle with the colors for my projects. It's far easier to take a existing colortheme, but most of the time you are other-directed about the lore and I don't want to get screwed again by official background like in the case of All-Gates. Another point is, that it's much quicker to buy stuff than to paint it. Some of the last weekends I spend mostly by building or prime stuff (last weekend I primed about 120 Genestealer Cult models, and after I don't like spray Primer they were all primed with Vallejo Primer and a large Basebruch or Drybrush). I really should try to paint some stuff this weekend instead of only building or priming but I think it's sort the "stop chasing perfection" part MrCharisma mentioned.
  10. Multiple Bloodshield

    The 'Wardsave' or 'Feel no Pain' takes part while allocating the wounds. The Point is, that there are Abilites that can only trigger when the models has some sort of wargear. Like Orruk Ardboys with Orruk-forged Shields. If you fail the test you have to give the wound to a Model with shield, after they are the only once who get the save. This should be the same in case of the Bloodshield because only models in range get the special save.
  11. Letting go (is hard to do)

    I know this part very that it is hard to sell stuff. I think it's much easier for players, where the miniatures are only a tool to win games with. For collectors and painters it's much harder because they invest more time and more blood, sweat and tears into there collection. I rarely sold stuff (some 40k Kroot , my Italien Navy in Dystopian Wars and my Moon Grots in 7. Edition and some Dark Angels Models) and this after about 11 Years of Hobby and thousands of miniatures. Mostly I regret the Moon Grots. I had two sets of Skullpass Grots, some fanatics, some squig hoppaz and herds and Skarsnik (the metal version). I hoped the grots would stay in the group when I sold them. After some years he quit playing WHFB. When I heard that he wanted to sell them I considered to buy them back, but after hearing that the had sold skarsnik for a Terrorgheist, I didn't bought them (I think even after adding some models he wanted far more money than I sold them to him). The Point is, that some models are hardly to get after some time (special characters for example), so perhaps you can't get them back if you sell them (I know that there is still the Finecast version of Skarsnik).
  12. Thanks. The Point with the version number is only to see, if there is a change in the warscroll during the publications. If someone wants to use for example some Liberators in a Order Army and has Quest for Ghal Maraz, he perhaps wants to know if he needs the actual Stormcast Eternals Battletome or if the Warscroll is still the same. I know there could be the problem, that in different languages could be different version numbers (if there was an error in the german version but not in the english one, that was fixed in a later publication the version number would be different. Another problem, if you use some sort of Excel instead of a database would be, how the tables should look like, which factions should be in the same table. I think I only have the data for Mighty Battles and Quest for Ghal Maraz in Google Tables like that.
  13. Celestial Vindicator

    Even in such a small picture it looks more like a Tempest Lord to me.
  14. There was a PDF in the downloadsection of this forum. But it looks like bottle has deleted the file this october. There is a changed text in the first post.
  15. The problem with the Warscroll Versions isn't a GW Problem only. For six years I play a game named Dystopian Wars. In the first Edition of the game there company spartan games made statcards that were packed to the models blister. The main problem was that those statcards had no versionnumber (like the warscrolls) and so, when stats were changed you couldn't see if you got an actual card or an outdated one. With 2.0 all army Lists were brought out as PDF by them for free, what solved the problem. But I think that GW created another problem. I have the strange feeling that some times the updates were only made on the warhammer community page, so it is harder to find it after months. One thing that could help would be some sort of List that contains the warscrollname, book, a upcounting versionnumber when the warscroll changed during publications, where to find the pitched Battle profile. This wouldn't be a copyright problem. Perhaps something like that. Don't wonder about the language. I wrote this in german some time ago and never completed it.