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  1. EMMachine

    Official table sizes

    To this point there was a guideline for legendary battles. 4' by 2' per 5 units (as an open play measurement) In the end GW also stated that the measurements between players and or tableedges should stay the same so, if the tablesize is smaller the deployment zone get's smaller. In the end, most battleplans use the modular table layout, that is 4' x 4' or 6' x 4'.
  2. EMMachine

    Slave to Darkness synergy question

    The short answer is. If you have the Keyword to fit an allegiance this unit counts to the allegiance. In case of a Nurgle Army you can use Clan Pestilens, too if you want because they have the Nurgle Keyword.
  3. Okay, I did a little building again for my maidenguard Actually I build 2x10 Maiden Defenders (didn't glured the Shields yet) A Handmaiden o Steed And 2 Maiden Chariots (not glued yet, because I brush the deers normally after shading) Even when not using the fan made Battletome it gives me more variation because the Maiden Defenders (Bleakswords) are Battleline and I can build an Order army with combined with the reavers.
  4. I don't think that narrative players will role for the realm (only if exploring a unknown Realmgate). Its all about the story and the players are know Ing where the battle takes place.
  5. EMMachine

    AoS App - Any word from GW?

    In my case, it took 6 days until my app worked after the update for the new edition. I didn't have used the Mailadress, I was in contact with Adam Hall via twitter.
  6. EMMachine

    Seraphon questions

    Yes, unless the command Ability restricts it. I don't trust the app completely since the update, but if I read the start of the sentence it says: So the Ability itself stays until your next herophase, but the buff on one weapon would stay until the end of the combat phase (so you could buff another weapon in the opponents close combat phase)
  7. Somesome in a german community said something (don't know if it was AoS or 40k) but I have the feeling that is true: "If an optional rule is made to restrict the game further it is used without asking, but if an optional rules gives the game more choices it's getting ignored." Reading through this thread I get the same feeling.
  8. EMMachine

    Purple sun and 6 or more wounds models

    You roll a dice for each model. I think the point with the 6+ Wounds is only that it is't slain automaticly by rolling a 6 (because a model with 5 or less wounds will be slain by a roll of 6).
  9. EMMachine

    Rules, what is where?

    Isn't this question a little early? The new edition isn't even 2 weeks old.
  10. EMMachine

    Are glade riders still useable

    The Models that have the Wanderers Faction don't lose the Wanderers Keyword. It only means, that you can't take Wanderers Allegiance for the Army (you can't use units for Battleline that are only Battleline if the Army has Wanderers Allegiance), and you can't use Wanderers Allegiance Abilites. (The Models can't be used as Allies, because Wanderers don't have that faction is there Allies List) The Army has to be an Order Faction and can only use Order Allegiance Abilites.
  11. EMMachine

    Allies and Artifacts

    If your army is Grand Alliance faction, they are not allies when having the Grand Alliance Keyword. If this wasn't an error with the Assassine it could simply be a Grand Alliance Order Army.
  12. EMMachine

    Rules, what is where?

    They are in the Grand Alliance Book. In the Generals Handbook 2018 there are only the Battalions that were in the Generals Handbook 2017. @Dongilles If you mean the Pitched Battle Battleplans, with 6 Battleplans and 12 Battleplans the numbers are wrong. There are 6 Battleplans in the Corebook and 12 in the Generals Handbook. In the rulebook are the rules for the Balewind Vortex. The Rules for the Spells that are included in the box are only cards (not printed in the Malign Sorcery Book) Why, Bonesplitters have there Allegiance Abilities including the spells in there battletome. Only factions with a battletome older than Sylvaneth or don't have a battletome have Allegiance Abilities in the Generals Handbook.
  13. EMMachine

    Gravesite placement

    You should have to think is that enemy units can block the effect of the gravesides, so putting all into the middle could mean that a single model can block all 4 (in case of the summoning effect).
  14. EMMachine

    Allegiance: Order Serpentis

    Hm, I think there are two problems. 1.) there is no mentioning in the new rules that you can take a spectific Allegiance and Grand Alliance Allegiance Abilities. So there is the question if it is possible in this Edition taking the Cityrules in a Army with Specific Allegiance. 2. you have 5 Allied Units in your Army. The rule that you only can take 1 Ally per 4 units is not overriden by Matched Play (the 400 Points maximum for 2000 Points is in addition to the corerule Restriction), so you would need 15 Order Serpentis Units and I only see 8
  15. EMMachine

    Skirmish point values for new Stormcast

    Skirmishpoints are not in the battletomes. For Daughters of Khaine and Idoneth Deekpin they were updated in the Skirmish Errata. In the end, most of the time the formular is Minimum Model Points / Minimum Model Size / 5.