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  1. Single Scrolls / Multiple Battalions

    You have to pay for all Battalions you use. The "super" Battalion/"mega" battalion/"meta" battalion, or what else you will call it, only gives his own special rules to all units it contains. So, if you want to play the Ironjaws Bloodtoof Battalion (that is included in the GH17), you have to pay 300 Points for the Battalions alone to have the Minimum of Battalions (Bloodtoof + Ironfist).
  2. Deadly terrain and Sylvaneth Wyldwoods

    It's actually one sentence with two parts to trigger the ability: run or charge move across, or finishing on this terrain feature/a Sylvaneth Wyldwood In both cases of point 2 it only counts when the movement was lake in point 1 like tea_wild_owl said.
  3. The Rumour Thread

    Actually I'm interested what the box will bring us. First I thought it will only be a GW-Campaign like Season of War. I think we could be glad for every form of Material we can get. I'm familiar with the problem. My terrain is painted in some sort of wastelandstyle , what could perhaps fit for Ghur, Shyish or perhaps Aqshy or Chamon, but my story actually plays mostly in Ghyran .
  4. Charnel Pit Carrion

    With Matched Play Conditions: No The entry in applications is outdated since the update of the compendium PDFs where the Battalion is removed. In a private Setting you can ask your opponent (if he agrees that you can use it). But if you use points to play I would add 100 Points to the Battalions point cost.
  5. There is an error in the english GH17, that is fixed with the latest Errata. Mounts attacks shouldn't be affected by command traits. They can use command abilities .
  6. How precise does WYSIWYG have to be?

    Like others already said, I think its as strict as you and your opponent handle it. WYSIWYG is mostly a reminder what sort of equipment your units have. After there is one weapon line for all Skeletons on a Warsphinx (not per model) it wouldn't make a difference if there are 3 or 4 models up there. Only if models could be variable it would be some sort of reminder. I think, my project "Faithful of Eloni"should be some sort of grey area in case of WYSIWYG, after I don't use the original models (more conversions and kitbashes with 32mm Bases instead of 25mm Bases after some Models only fit on 32m after GW don't have human models that looks like Citizens of the Realm Ghyran). But in the most cases the weapons are correkt for the warscroll I want to use (but it could also happen that there will be a unit that wouldn't fit that way after I don't think that most of my population would use gun powder Weapons). So perhaps there could be a unit Tribesmen that use a converted version of Marauder Horse Men with Javlins as Free Guild Pistoliers (after the weaponprofile goes in a simular direction and there is no unit for order that would have such weapons). But this point would be a fluff thing and luckily I don't want to play tournaments with that army (so who cares, it's a funproject for my narrative). Like Malakree said, its part of the FAQ that they have the same equipment like the other models. If they shouldn't have a weapon there would perhaps be a weaponline (punches & kicks) with values and in the description would be mentioned that such a model would use "punches & kicks" instead of his regular weapons. We see such things with the champion of a unit that could have another weapon than the rest.
  7. matched play battleplans with imbalance

    But what logic does it follow when you can't control the objective when you don't have 20 models and there is no enemy there but you can control it if there are enemy models. I see the "or, failing that" as the point that the enemy has also 20 or more models. So when you use it for a programming language if( unitsize >=20 && unitrange <6 && (enemyunitsize<20 || enemyunitsize>20 && modelsInRange > enemymodels in Range ) controlObjective() saying that unitsize of 20 only counts when no enemy is there screws up the entire logic of controlling a objective.
  8. matched play battleplans with imbalance

    But the rule says, you get control if your unit has 20 or more models and this unit is within 6". This sentence tells us that a unit with 19 or less models is unable to capture an objective. It's the main condition. In other cases the rule should be. In such a case the condition would be that a unit has to be in 6" and there would be a subcondition for units with 20 models. But the unitsize is actually the maincondition that you can control a marker.
  9. matched play battleplans with imbalance

    The problem is, that in both ways the marker is controlled by the player that captured it even if it leaves it. What means. If he captures 1 marker and you don't have a unit with 20 models or more you autolose the game in first turn like in scorched Earth when all your markers got razed in first round (and in case of Stormcasts the only unit that can get more than 20 Models are Liberators). You want to play a vanguard chamber? You can't win because Vanguard Hunters can only get 15 models. You want to play Beastclaw Raiders, you don't even need to set up if the opponent has only one unit with 20 models. Each Matched Play Battleplan should be winnable ba every army, not excluding a quarter or more of them.
  10. Hi guys, I get the feeling that the GH17 Battleplans are not really balanced for all armies. We already had the case with "scorched Earth", where fast armys with aditional movement are in the lead. But how about the Battleplans "Total Conquest" and "Battle for the Pass" Both have the following victory condition: So you need a unit with 20 models within 6" of the marker while the opponent has no unit with 20 models within. If he has a unit himself. The player with more models in range get controll. So we have 2 missions where elite armies are pretty much screwed because they use rarely 20 models in a unit or don't even have a unit that are 20 models or bigger. What do you think?
  11. Lets Chat: Darkling Covens

    The Question is, how many new fraction will come out before the next Grand Alliance Book (2018). There are some quite big armies that didn't got Allegiance Abilities with the last book (Swifthawk Agents, Deathrattle, Grots, Gutbusters), there could be a Nurgle release that will have some change on allies and we have the strange case with Deathwalkers, that can have Allies, but don't even have a hero for there own group. And with the Rumours Engine Posts I heard several times the term Chtuhlu Aelves, which could simply be Scourge Privateers (which also have no own Allegiance yet). And when the Rumors are right this year we will only get Shadespire for AoS, so I don't really think that there will be completly new faction coming out before GH18.
  12. Lets Chat: Darkling Covens

    This won't work if the army should have Darkling Covens Allegiance because the Faction doen't have Collegiate Arcane as Allies.
  13. When to apply modifiers and Rule of One

    The correct sequence would be: 1. Roll to hit. 2. Re-roll dice that can be re-rolled if you want or have to do it. 3. Discard dice that showed a natural result of 1 (rule of one in Matched Play). 4. Apply modifiers If 1s would be discarded before rerolls all abilities that let you re-roll rolls of 1 would be useless and these are the most used rerolls the game has (mostly every model with 2 weapons has this rule).
  14. Skryre acolytes

    I really like to have about 30-40 Acolyte Models, so a Skryre Army would feel like an army, but like James McPherson said, there are too expensive. I actually have 10 and even there are 3 different models I sadly got 10 times the same (actually don't know, if this was the case because I ordered them all together or it was the only model they had). I think, in my case it would be more a style thing.
  15. Slaves - The Good, the bad, the ugly?

    Do you also try to go understrength so you will get the Scions of Change ability? Tzeentch should be the easiest one with "9" I'm actually building a nurgle list for chaos (Slaves of Darkness, Rotbringers and Chaos Daemons) don't know if I also want Pestilens. Would be nice to get the "Grandfather's Favour" effect in case of Nurgle but if I don't want to overprice them too much for going understrength I would have to take 14 models (paying for 15). But actually I'm more an army builder than a player.