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  1. Another Slaves to Darkness question...

    It's possible. You can choose the allegiance of the Battalion orange common Keyword all models have. This should be stated in the Description for Warscroll Battalions in the Tzeentch Battletome (Page 95).
  2. In matched play, units can't get bigger than there size they are bought at. If you have a unit that already lost models you can use the ability to get model back without paying reinforcementpoints. Bringing a new unit into play is paragraph 2-4 of the Reinforcement Points Rules on Page 77 of the Generals Handbook and adding models to a existing unit is paragraph 5 of the same rule.
  3. Hellstriders and rapturous banner

    "a" and "an" are indefinite articles (they are never connected to numbers). The answer for the question "Are you in range of a unit with this rule?" is simply "yes" or "no". If it is yes, the effect happens once. Only in cases where we have "each" or "for each" the question is "how many units/models with this rule are in range?"
  4. Malign Portents

    The Question is, is he what pretends to be? I mean, the rituals and laws we heard about, we a the reader can actually say that they will not help and we know that from the story that these laws, made the life of the towns people more difficult, darkened the mood in the town and caused the death of Jedd. Is he really a follower of Sigmar? I mean, he could be working for Nagash or Tzeentch pretending to be a Witchhunter, so he could weaken towns and villages with uneducated citizens with superstition and fears. So these towns and villages will fall by the next invasion.
  5. What would "humans" be called under the AoS naming scheme?

    The Racenames like Duardin, Orruks, Ogors or Aelves exist in AoS since the beginning of the game, so it's very unlikly that "Humans" would be changed after three Years.
  6. Two Vampire Lord questions

    1. Only some Vampires are flying not all. And if you want the flying rule the model should have wings. As long the unit has the DEATH Keyword in that case and is part of your army it can be a target. The Vampire Lord has the Death Keyword and can be target for the Command Ability.
  7. Nice lot of Bonesplitterz, buy or not?

    Hm, we should have the same book (aber there is only one for Bonesplitters) and in my book Savage Orruks with Chompa + Boneshield or Savage Stikka + Boneshield are a option for the Kunning Rukk, too. Spaming Arroybows in Kunning Rukk is just the Powergamer variant.
  8. Nice lot of Bonesplitterz, buy or not?

    @PlasticCraic Do you want to have any friends to play against? I mean, 1 big Unit of Arrowboys shooting twice with Kunnin' Rukk you won't have many friends, but 2 units?
  9. My only suggestion would be, not using that warscroll and instead put Garreks Reavers in a unit Bloodreavers (as regular model or champion) and the same for Magore's Friends with Bloodwarriors.
  10. Screamers of Tzeentch - Locus of Change

    What makes this one so special that its applied before re-rolls? The problem is that each ability that makes you do something uses the term "a hit role of x" or "a hit role of x or more". If it is count as some sort of modifier (it changes 6 to 1) than it wouldn't interact with the rule of 1 and only deny abilites (thats actiually a case I didn't consider in my opening post). If it should interact before rerolls or before modifiers the rule must tell this because it's only stated that re-rolls and the rules of 1 are applied before modifiers. We had the question her before: The question here was how it interacts with the rule of one (before the GH17 a attack with this rule simply was a miss after 6. weren't a automatic success. But at that time the FAQ Question above didn't exist yet, if I remember correctly. I mean, GW made the sentence "(after re-rolls, but before modifiers are applied)" to make a difference between dicerolls and modified roles for abilites with "x or more"
  11. Hi, I think many of us know the rule for Locus of Change: I have the feeling that this rule could need some clarification by FAQ or Errata (paticularly after this question of the Rulebook FAQ). There are actually 3 ways this rule could work That all dice that are showing a 6 are threat as 1. (in this case we saw the sentence "(after re-rolls, but before modifiers are applied)" in the newest battletomes like Daughters of Khaine its after modifiers but only 6 will be converted (so a buff of +1 would make 6 to 7 (which didn't converted to 1 but 5 would be because 5 would become 6) with considering of the FAQ that 'a role of 6' is treated as 'a roll of 6 or more' in case of a modifier of +2 on hitrolls each roll of 4 (which becomes 6) or more would become a 1. (This would be really OP after the change of hitting would degree drasticly with modifiers after a natural 1 is a automatic miss and models that are already bad at hitting (To Hit 5+ would have even less chances and units hitting on 6+, don't know if there are Units left after zombies have been changed, wouldn't be able to hit at all) What do you think? I don't have facebook, so I can't post the question there. Regards EMMachine Edit: Another Model with this type of rule is the Grot Warboss with his ability "Dead Tricksy (or just Lucky)"
  12. Humans of the realms

    I would like to see different styles for humans. In case of Ghur they could be partly barbaric looking or like the old Middenheim Ulrik Cult or Kisley from WHFB. For Ghyran, I made my own people (partly they look a little too much like Wanderers and haven't painted enough of them) Instead of putting all old armies into 1 Battletome a real "City" Battletome or Expansion would be nice, with Battletraits, Command Traits, Artefacts (perhaps there own Command Abilities and Magic Lores) and unique Battleline Choises for the armies would be nice. The Firestorm Campaign was a step in that direction, but it partly has the problem that the factions often have "Battleline if" Units and not many choices for real Battlelines in some cases (I know this is a matched play problem, but if GW want that such rules are used in Matched play they could do more. I mean it doen't help if one city allegiance could only use Liberators for example because they are the only battleline).
  13. The AoS RPG

    Don't know if WHFB had this much lore after about 3 Years. In the worst case it should be possible to make a mod for Dungeons & Dragons after it is Realmworld, too (because in the end the dungeon master don't has to use existing regions and can make his own part of the world).
  14. Tales of Arranoc, the Last Shimmering Isle

    Hm, didn't read the story, yet. But for a City in Ghyran it could be using a flowery name. I have a destroyed city in Ghyran in my at first german written story that was called "Rosenheim". I didn't translated it later because it would be something like "Rose Home" or "Rose Asylum" (last I didn't thought of, but don't know if this would sound right). Another thing, that could help is the City Generator GW postet in the warhammer community: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/09/26/make-your-own-free-city-the-easy-way-sep26gw-homepage-post-4/
  15. The only unit I can think off that would fit in a "deep strike shooting" Unit would be Stormfiends with Ratling Cannons and a Grinderfist (or if Clan Skryre with Gautfyre Skorch is used Stormfiends with Warpfire Projector) In most cases the unit can't deep strike or if it has ranged weapons these ranged weapons aren't strong or don't have many shots. Like @BURF1 said. In 40k the ranged attacks are much stronger. And if we count Tzaangor Skyfires. Even if they were able to deepstrike they don't have to because of there movement and range. In AoS deep striking is simply an option to get to an objective or to bring a slow unit in Chargerange to eneny units with a quite high chance that the charge is still failing.