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  1. Griffounet

    Tomb Kings?!!

    Currently, Morghast still get the "reanimant" Keyword so a reanimant subfaction would be a thing in the future. We just need to cross the finger to see a tomb king vibe on it (I hope like somes conversions of Andrew Forrest and Tyler Mengel - see below)
  2. Griffounet

    forgotten ossuary 01

    Custom 110*110cm terrain for skirmish games.
  3. Griffounet

    From France, with Love

    Hi everyone, I'm a returning WFB french player. I played some introduction games in a LGS at Montpellier and I decided to dust off my old dark aelves models. I will surely go on a mixed Order Army to play models I wish to convert and paint. I already started with a small warband for skirmish games (image below). I also play and paint some BloodBowl, 40k And Star Wars IA/Xwing stuffs
  4. Griffounet

    Bleaksword 01

  5. Griffounet

    Darkshards 01

  6. Griffounet

    Tyran 01

    converted Dreadlord from old bits (Cold-one knight leader, Chaos marauders, Dreadspears...)
  7. Griffounet

    Exiled warband 01

    Bleakswords, Dreadlord (count-as Knight Quaestor) , Darkshards