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  1. Blood Warriors weapon options

    That’s what I was hoping! I have 10 of the easy to build Blood Warriors with Gorefist built and painted. I’ve just purchased 10 of the multipart one that I can build how I like (😀) so just wanted some advice before committing.
  2. Blood Warriors weapon options

    Hi guys, Four questions about Blood Warriors, if you don’t mind helping. 1) Which is the most effective weapon load out vs. Stormcast? Double Axes or Gorefist 2) Which is the best weapon load out generally? 3) Would most opponents mind if you had 20 in a unit (10 with axes, 10 with gorefist?) 4) Would opponents mind if you used the mix above as a proxy for 20 models with one or the other?
  3. Will Destruction fit in the new narrative?

    Narratively why can’t destruction just be rolled into Khorne? Visually they cant because green and red clash . . . But other than that I’m not sure. Ps. Please don’t Foot of Gork me
  4. It’s also common write across the fantasy genre, Stephan King always struggled with bad guys as well. However I think they nail the Khorne Bloodbound characters in the Call of Archaon. But I won’t spoil it any more.
  5. My first 2K game

    If you combine your Blood Reavers into a squad of 40 I think that will save you 30 points for a triumph?
  6. I largely agree with @RuneBrush this book does a good job of setting the scene and breathing life into your minis in the starter set. Only real downside I see is that the Khorne characters are all very generic evil finger pointing types. However being the first in the series it sets up the protagonists well. I also agree that Call of Archaon (which I finished last night) is by far the best book in the series so far.
  7. Killax' Wrathforged Warriors

    That banner
  8. The Painting Contract -November 2017

    Looking good, doing 20 Blood Reavers in a month is going to be tough they are so detailed!
  9. Painting Goretide Wrathmongers

    I know, I’m just trying to keep the army in line with the lore. I think I will keep the armour red, but change the skin tone away from red.
  10. Painting Goretide Wrathmongers

    Hi guys quick lore question. If I want my Wrathmongers as members of the Goretide would I paint their armour red? Or would they have black armour as they do on the box art?
  11. The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    That’s true, I just meant for 3/4 player games
  12. The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    I hope after the initial list of warbands are released that they release a new starter set with the next two races. That way we can have more board tiles without doubling up 😀
  13. The Painting Contract -November 2017

    First part of my pledge is complete 😀 Here are 10 fully painted Blood Reavers and Blood Stoker 😀
  14. The Painting Contract -November 2017

    I think grey or even snow covered bases would contrast very well!
  15. WiP Wednesdays

    Finally made progress on my Reavers and stoker yesterday. Finished all the highlighting on the silver and red!