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  1. I know it's not quite the end of the month yet, but I won't have any more time for painting before the deadline. The good news is I have met all my commitments and the stretch goals! I hope everyone else has got on well, and I looked forward to seeing the final progress pictures. Pictures below. I've actually done a little more on the MLoK and Blood Crushers since those pictures were taken, but it's only extra basing steps.
  2. Is the Warhammer Twitch Channel Dead?

    It is a bit naughty to take nearly a month off when your customers take out non refundable monthly subscriptions . . .
  3. The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    Does anyone know what price point Shadespire will be released at? With only 8 models in the box I'm hoping it will be £35 in line with Gorechosen and Lost Patrol.
  4. The Rumour Thread

    I look forward to using the new Reaver and potentially Blood Warrior models to differentiate my different units 😀
  5. Stopping Murderhost in Scorched Earth

    Would taking the first turn not work?
  6. Transporting Prosecutors

    My Dad owns some SCE Prosecutors but is having real issues (snap) transporting them in his Citadel Crusade case. Has anyone got any better recommendations or ingenious solutions?
  7. It's not just that though. Why would you create a warscroll battalion called Gorechosen and give it a points value when it is always illegal in Matched Play? If it is only for Narative/Open play why does it have a value attached. Like I said very odd.
  8. Thoughts on the Citadel Skull Kit

    I think I will pick one of these up, I would really like to convert the blood letters on my skull cannon to look like the are loading skulls into the Maw 😀
  9. I have no issue with battle line restrictions. What does feel a bit odd is when I cannot field a fluff inspired army due to Hero restricts. I would love to run my Mighty Lord of Khorne and his Gorechosen but it is always illegal in matches play 😢 In in fact I may write to GW about this, perhaps asking for permission to use the gorechosen as a unit?
  10. The Painting Contract - August 2017

    Sorry for the delay everyone, I've been channeling my inner Duncan. The Blood Letters swords were; 1. Two thin coats of Abadon Black 2. A light dry brush of Khorne Red, focusing on the sharp edges (leaving plenty of black visible) 3. An even lighter dry brush of Evil Sunz Scarlet, only on the edges and raised centre 4. Using a small layer brush I put a 50/50 mix of Wild Rider Red and Lahmian Medium. Edge highlight the blade, strongly on the tip and then two or three separate lines in the middle of the blade (not all connected leaving big gaps) I think two looks best. 5. Then Troll Slayer Orange in the same areas but don't cover all of the step 4 red (used a small amount of Lahmian Medium again) 6. Moved to my XS Artificer brush and did they same thing with Fire Dragon Bright, except for instead of following the central line I added random dots all over the centre line. 7. Then used Flash Gitz Yellow on the tips and in the centre of the Fire Dragon Bright dots. Occasionally I will water the paint down to much and if it started to look too thin I would reapply another coat of what ever colour I was doing.
  11. Magnifiers

    I use this, but mostly for the light. However I have been known to use the magnifier for the fine details.
  12. The Rumour Thread

    It looks like Death to my eye, maybe something for Shadespire
  13. The Rumour Thread

    New WD is 95% 40k Although there are some amazingly painted Blood Crushers on page 132 😀
  14. Will GW remove Slaanesh?

    I love Age of Sigmar, but I can see a huge plot twist up ahead.
  15. Will GW remove Slaanesh?

    Sigmar = Slaanesh Calling it now