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  1. Painbringer

    Painbringer's Sylvaneth (last update: 17/06/2018)

    Hey guys, thanks - glad you like my army! But, there's more - so here's some more Kurnoth Hunters:
  2. Fantastic! I really like bases and the war paint. That herdstone/objective marker is also sweet
  3. Painbringer

    The Darkwood Court

    This is a fantastic thread! Concept is great and you have really put a lot of effort into this. Keep up the good work!
  4. Painbringer

    Painbringer's Sylvaneth (last update: 17/06/2018)

    Here's my Treelord and first unit of Kurnoth Hunters:
  5. Painbringer

    The Painting Contract - June 2018

    Here's the first two painted Tree-Revenants - since I've already used this scheme on another unit, the painting is fairly quick.
  6. Painbringer

    Painbringer's Sylvaneth (last update: 17/06/2018)

    It's been some time since I've painted this, but if I remember correctly, this was the process (unless stated otherwise, all colours are Vallejo colours): Everything was primed white Whole base was covered with Khaki, then washed with Sepia Wash A bit of Brown Ink was added to some parts of the base (around the roots/broken branches, for example) Parts of the base have been lightly drybrushed with Khaki "Grassy" parts were drybrushed with Camouflage Green and then washed with Green Wash Rocks were painted with Stonewall Gray (I think), then washed with GW Nuln Oil Rocks were then drybrushed with Stonewall Gray and Dead White I hope this helps!
  7. Painbringer

    The Painting Contract - June 2018

    First time pledge. I will paint unit of Tree-Revenants and finish painting on the last remaining Kurnoth Hunter. Maybe paint some Bloodletters and start painting Skarbrand a bit.
  8. Painbringer

    Painbringer's Sylvaneth (last update: 17/06/2018)

    Hey, that was actually one of my inspirations I wanted to achieve something like that! Regarding the process, here's how it was done: Cover the bas with wood glue Cover parts of the base with Ash Grey flock and the rest with Field Grass flock (both from Army Painter) Add mix of Meadow, Summer, Patchy and Daffodil tufts (all from Warlord Games) I need to add some details here and there (some of the bases are not finished yet)
  9. Painbringer

    Hardest kit you've built?

    Generally, I do not have any issues with plastic GW kits. Recenlty, the only model that gave me a bit of trouble (but just a bit) was Lord-Celestant on Dracoth - some of the parts are very strange. When it comes to older models, probably the most problematic were metal Chaos Chosen for Warhammer Fantasy - parts not fitting properly, having to pin a lot of things and impaling my fingers multiple times on many spikes on their armour However, this far from the frustration I felt when I was assembling some of the Warmachine/Hordes models - Mulg the Ancient is probably the worst model I have ever assembled.
  10. Painbringer

    Painbringer's Sylvaneth (last update: 17/06/2018)

    Thank you very much for your replies! Here are some pictures of my Drycha:
  11. Painbringer

    Painbringer's Sylvaneth (last update: 17/06/2018)

    Here's my Spirit of Durthu:
  12. Two years ago, I started collecting Sylvaneth and Blades of Khorne for AoS. Despite the fact that I play miniature games for more than 10 years, Sylvaneth are my first fully painted army (unlike some of my Warmachine stuff that has been sitting half-painted for years) - there's just a handful of models left to finish. I really like the look of the models and I had a lot of fun painting this army. During the next few weeks, I will post the pictures of my painted Sylvaneth models, as well as some of the stuff that I'm currently painting. So, let's kick this off with my Sylvaneth Wildwood: