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  1. Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    I’m not “actually adding” it before the save. I’m using it as a decision point to determine if I should take that Reroll opportunity using my “can Reroll” ability. The key part is the last paragraph example which I have put in bold for clarity. Because the “can Reroll” isn’t mandatory I get to choose whether I’m going to take that Reroll or not. Here’s the exact wording from “The Rules Faq” v1.4 “Q: Some abilities allow me to re-roll a successful (or unsuccessful) roll. When this is the case, is the success or failure based on the roll before or after any modifiers are applied? A: Re-rolls happen before any modifiers are applied, so the success or failure will always be based on the unmodified roll. As an aside, when an ability says you can re-roll a failed roll, you may want to consider the effect that any modifiers will have before deciding to re-roll the dice. For example, if a roll succeeds on a 4 or more and you have a +1 modifier, you don’t want to re-roll ‘failed’ rolls of 3, because they will become successful after the modifier is applied!” In our case a “failed roll” of 2 or more would still succeed as there is a +2 modifier (assuming a unit with a save of 4+ and the attack has no rend) So we wouldn’t want to Reroll a 2 or a 3.
  2. Where do I go next?

    As a side note ... Moonclan did really well in one of the major tournaments with loads of Squigs ... it was glorious! I believe it was the Warhammer GT Heat 3 around 2017? So... tournaments aren’t entirely out of possibility even with Moonclan and no battletome. There was article on making a Grot Army on Spikey Bits around that time: Take a peek here: https://spikeybits.com/2017/07/aos-first-1000-moonclan-grots.html Their recommendations are pretty much in line with the units you have. (We both would need to get more fanatics ...)
  3. Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    Remember to keep in mind : Modifiers happen AFTER rerolls. Your initial success (or failure) is determined prior to adding in your modifiers. The Chaos lord on daemonic mount Tzeentch: “You can re-roll failed save rolls” You don’t have to, you CAN ... not you must... <-This is key. So... save of 4+ with Paradoxical shield, with the ability to Reroll failed saves. Roll save: Rolls a 1. This is not a success, so no forced Reroll is required. (Edit: 1 is however a guaranteed failure... so I would choose to Reroll this ...) I can choose to Reroll failed saves. If I add my paradoxical shield is this still a failure? If yes, Reroll and hope for a 2+. As this is a Reroll, I can’t re-roll a re-roll ... so that would end the cycle. Rend can cause issues... i.e. Lets use a rend of -1 with the example above. So, Roll of 2. That’s a failure, I don’t have to Reroll. However they have a rend Of -1. If I add my 2 from paradoxical Shield I’m still failing. So I CAN Reroll that failure (and hope for a 3 or more). If I had rolled a 3 on the other hand ... I would have not taken the Reroll for failed saves ... 3 -1 rend + 2 paradoxical = 4 “Base” Success and Failure of Rolls are calculated before the modifiers are applied for Rolls. It has a potential huge benefit against rend. Because you get the opportunity to Reroll known failures. This is balanced by the force Reroll against successes. And could even benefit you ... So, Rend Of -3 ... rolled a 4. Well technically it succeeded. But I lucked out, I have to Reroll. So I Reroll and hope for a 5+ (5 Roll -3 rend + 2 Shield = 4...) I hope that helps!
  4. Maybe we will be lucky and they will post updated official points for everything in the next GHB. Especially as they don’t follow that points cost for all of the Harbinger heroes added in Malign Portents.
  5. Where do I go next?

    ... they don’t have to have black robes ... mine are purple...
  6. Lord Redomir, Chaos Sorcerer Lord of Slaanesh

    Chaos Sorcerer Lord of Slaanesh, painted in the color scheme for “Lord Redomir” from the “Warhammer Quest: Shadows Over Hammerhal” boxed set
  7. Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    “Page 77 – Fated Artefacts, Paradoxical Shield Change the rules text to: ‘Re-roll successful save rolls for the bearer. In addition, add 2 to the save rolls for the bearer (after any re-rolls have been taken).” So the process is: 1. If successful roll (before modifiers) Reroll. 2. If the roll is a failure. Do not Reroll. 2a. (If the roll is a roll of 1, (either originally or after the Reroll) it is a failure due to the rule of 1.) 3. After any Rerolls have been taken due to succeeding (or rerolls for 1s if you have that capability) add 2. (Along with any additional modifiers for rend, additional bonuses ... etc.) 4. If the new total after all modifiers have been applied is your save value. The save was successful. Remember: Rerolls come before modifiers. So as an example with 4+ save. Reroll 4,5,6 Roll Of 2. (Fail) Add 2 for the shield. Success. Fatemaster. Save of 4+, add 2 if the opponent isn’t flying. With Paradoxical Shield even succeeds with up to a -2 rend against stuff that doesn’t fly as long as you don’t roll a 1. Roll Of 1 always fails, 2 to 3, fail, but you can then add Add 2 for shield, add 2 if opponent isn’t flying ... success on an “anything but 1 roll”. Success on a 3+. Rerolls 3,4,5,6. Succeeds on “anything but 1”. Seems pretty solid. You’re always adding 2 to the save after any mandatory Rerolls are taken. So, only a final roll of 1 is a guaranteed failure.
  8. Strategies versus death players!

    Nope. Nothing more than existed in GA:Death previously. All of the new stuff requires keywords they can’t get. (Battle Traits, Spell Lores ... Artefacts etc.) and They still have no allies. edit: the only bright side is that they no longer have named characters so they can take Death Artefacts and Command Traits. (And Nagash killed off the Tomb Kings in the old world .... )
  9. Where do I go next?

    Round 25mm bases (If you’re running them at any tournaments that have that requirement.) edit: But they are absolutely not required to play. At GW locations ... it’s a non-issue. Those are the bases they came with. And the Goblins in squares are on 20mm squares ... so 2 ranks for 1” weapon, and 3 ranks for 2” Neither of the units currently has a Battletome ... it isn’t a serious issue, unless you’re aiming for tournaments. However the Malign Portents Herald is a Moonclan Cave Shaman ... so ... there is that. And the order Herald gives bonuses to Artillery (which covers the dwarves.) Quasi-low priority: 1 more troll (you can run one unit that is both under strength and under minimum size.) Fanatics. While they got a nerf in their deployment ... they’re still scary. Goblin Netters (you probably want to do some conversions ... as they’re expensive) Mangler Squigs (a base has two chained together on a single base.) (At least one base.) Squigs (I’ve seen some excellent conversions with Pink Horrors without arms) (If they run away they do damage ... if they don’t run away they do damage ... WIN!) Doom Diver ... not directly A Moonclan unit ... but they’re awesomely fun. And can hit units accross the battlefield. (I’m not as big a fan of the Dwarves... but the ignore spells rule they have... it’s not bad. The dwarves could also be converted to run as Kharadron Overlords ... I’m sure there are some conversions around the board...)
  10. Unit Fillers in AoS

    @Gaz Taylor makes an excellent point .... AoS is a game that has widely available rules for games that can have as few as 3 (maybe 5) miniatures in the force. (AoS Skirmish rules) Yes, we can have games that are huge in scale... but we can also have games that are much smaller in scope and have a GW supported rules set. (There was a Warhammer Skirmish game published years ago ... but it wasn’t commonly available.) Don’t be afraid to say “hey let’s play a smaller game” if you Don’t have enough miniatures to field a full force. (That is why there are differences between the Warscroll minimum units and the GHB ... you can play with a smaller than normal sized unit. Or one that is larger than the minimum but not a full next size increment.) The pieces, however, are rather thematic ... and I’d be interested in seeing them in a narrative battle as objectives to protect or move off the board. Like ‘Battleplan: Convoy Escort’ where the objective is to move as many units from the slow moving convoy off the board as raiders attack ... Or ‘Battleplan: Reliquary Guardians’ ... protect the objectives from despoilers...
  11. Unit Fillers in AoS

    From a tactical perspective you’re potentially shooting yourself in the foot. That filler has to stay together... instead of being able to spread out to cover area for blocking ... you’re in a X by X cube... You can’t cover the same space to prevent charges and threaten area... If you’re not familiar with the reference here’s a great article on AoS zoning and tactical area denial: https://aos-tactics.com/2017/02/21/zoning-area-denial/ That particular concept (the spreading out the unit for the weird zone denial) didn’t exist in WHFB in the same way because you were working with huge blocks of troops. What happens if someone charges your “huge block”? How do you handle units dying? Are you perpetually in a situation where half of that block can’t pile-in so you loose half of the attacks? (Or more?) One could actually completely block your unit in with four models.... and because you can’t get around them because the base is so large you’re stuck. That small break between two walls that you could fit a 32mm base through ... yeah not happening with your filler. Theyre great for dioramas or part of your display board... it just doesn't feel like it works well conceptually in AoS.
  12. Bretonnia vs store manager's decission

    If you’re in a store that isn’t charging you space to game you, as a player, and the miniatures you play with are there as a game ambassador for new players. You and the miniatures on the boards are in many ways an advertisement that potential customers see when they come in and visit the store that says “hey ... folks have fun doing this hobby thing” in the gaming community at your location and as a testimonial for the gaming product being sold on the shelves. If the product you have isn’t sold at the store you’re at ... then you’re not quite as good an advertisement. If you have old GW models then you can say “yeah, these are older GW models” ... not a “well they don’t sell these here ... you ‘buy these online ... buy these at X down the street ... etc’” ... that doesn’t help keep the nice store that you play at in business. At home, what minis you use are your own business. You could even use proxies printed from paper. As a player, we all want our favorite local stores to succeed so we can keep coming back and playing more games and enjoying events. Supporting your local is important, and generating good communities helps that. Help out your local store, and be a good game Ambassador.
  13. The Painting Contract - March 2018

    And Lord Radomir steps up to cause the fall of Hammerhal ... That completes my core pledge for the month! So I’m going to try for some alternate stretch goals (as priming weather has been poor)! For stretch goals I’m going to try for Warhammer Quest Heroes... either the Doomseeker or the Shard, maybe a Bloodsecrator? Or perhaps a Herald of Tzeentch on foot. Decisions ... decisions ...
  14. The Rumour Thread

    No, he’s the Prince of Darkness. He has been that since 1979.
  15. For starters: You can start really small if you start out with the Skirmish rules. (potentially a force as small as 3 units.) If you don't like how a force 'looks' then choose a different one. (this is key ... you'll end up building and painting many units by the end.) You don't have to stick with just one army. Your 'first army' is just that your first army. For a 'quick overview' on how the forces play, I'm going to recommend this thread: Khorne Bloodbound (now known as 'Blades of Khorne' or a 'Khorne Army') do have a substantial Cavalry force available in the Juggernauts. They also have fast attack daemons in the Flesh Hounds. They can mix with any units in Chaos that can follow Khorne (which includes Slaves to Darkness). Disciples of Tzeentch (better known as a 'Tzeentch Army') is an alternate as well, with a wide variety of models and can take the same 'Slaves to Darkness' units (only these follow Tzeentch). They have ranged more attacks available than Khorne and are consummate magic users. Alternately, you have DEATH ... the Legions of Nagash have just been released. Lots of casters (not much ranged weapons) but plenty of cavalry. while there are a number of older models in the force, they have a completely new rule book. (This includes Vampires (Soulblight), Ghosts/Spirits (Nighthaunt) and Skeletons (pretty much most of the rest). The models are overall relatively recent, and with a new Battletome you're pretty set. I would hazard an opinion that they're as good, if not better in some circumstances at Magic than a Tzeentch army. With a boatload of necromancers and undead ... they're a force to be reckoned with. The Flesh-eater courts are an older battle tome, but could also be brought in as allies to a Legions force ... But at the end, you have to find a force that you like the models that are available, and you'll be good to put together. I actually started my forces by getting a Silver Tower boxed set, followed by a Start Collecting Daemons of Tzeentch. (Which gave me all of the exotic adversaries for the board game.) And a pretty reasonable starting Tzeentch Army. I liked the looks of the models, and I've enjoyed painting the sets. And on top of that it gave me a coop board game to play with friends (a randomly generated dungeon crawl at that ...) and got a nice expansion with Shadows over Hammerhal (a board-game with a GM, much like DnD where you use models from the Age of Sigmar line as both Adversaries and Heroes in dungeon crawls.) A start collecting box (that you like the look of) is an excellent starting point for an army. Especially if you play a 'Path to Glory' campaign with your friends. Once you figure out what you're going to get, come join us over in the Painting and Modeling side of the forum at 'The Painting Table': http://www.tga.community/forums/forum/27-painting-and-modelling/ And join in on the Monthly Painting (and Building) Contract where you can showcase your progress and be inspired by other gamers who are building stuff too. Welcome to the hobby!