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  1. Turn order Reference sheet ?

    I’m going to recommend the standard GW 4 page rules. On page 2 they have a “Battle Rounds” section: “BATTLE ROUNDS Mighty armies crash together amid the spray of blood and the crackle of magic. Warhammer: Age of Sigmar is played in a series of battle rounds, each of which is split into two turns – one for each player. At the start of each battle round, both players roll a dice, rolling again in the case of a tie. The player that rolls highest decides who takes the first turn in that battle round. Each turn consists of the following phases: 1. Hero Phase Cast spells and use heroic abilities. 2. Movement Phase Move units across the battle field. 3. Shooting Phase Attack with missile weapons. 4. Charge Phase Charge units into combat. 5. Combat Phase Pile in and attack with melee weapons. 6. Battleshock Phase Test the bravery of depleted units. Once the first player has finished their turn, the second player takes theirs. Once the second player has also finished, the battle round is over and a new one begins.” Also, I recommend have your warscrolls printed out (or use the GW Warscroll cards) and have a cheat sheet for your spells (having the most recent faq printed is also good.)
  2. The age of hope is dead....

    As a side note: The interactions between Azyrites and those who aren’t was expanded upon nicely in the “Eight Lamentations: The Spear of Shadows” one of the main characters happens to be one. There is a much better feel for the world building (and non-Stormcast as the main hero storyline) ... in both of the recent books by Josh Reynolds (Disclaimer: No relation ... not all of us ‘Josh’ folks are related ... ) I recommend reading his short Story “Auction Of Blood” before “Spear of Shadows.”
  3. The age of hope is dead....

    My memory was indeed incorrect: “It had been almost a century since the Gates of Azyr had been flung open and Sigmar’s storm had raged forth to reclaim the mortal realms” Excerpt From Eight Lamentations: Spear of Shadows (Chapter 2)
  4. Problems with Shades.

    Uuuf! Oil Rig? Ocean? You may be dealing with water softeners, or they may be pulling water from the the surrounding water with minimal processing for de-salinization. For thinning paints and shades bottled water or Lamian medium (which is basically the same stuff as the paint medium ... but without the paint pigment.) I will sometimes use distilled water or reverse osmosis purified water for rehydrating paints. And as Duncan often says “remember to give your paints a good shake” and “two thin coats” Let us know how it turns out!
  5. The age of hope is dead....

    So, personally I’m hoping that this “Malignant Portents” stuff is happening in the current timeline, after the timeframe of the Spear of Shadows. (Which is apparently ~300 years after the Realmgate Wars...)
  6. Problems with Shades.

    If you’re mixing it with tap water in thinning, it may be minerals from the water. I recommend using Lamian medium if you’re going to thin the wash, or only a tiny bit of distilled water.
  7. The Painting Contract - December 2017

    Shadows over Hammerhal definitely! They're down the way in my queue as well... With the addition of the new Chaos Adversary Cards for Warhammer Quest, and the additional adventure that is in the December 2017 White Dwarf... it’s a great way to play!
  8. Oscar Painting Stuff

    Well. It looks like the DNG format is supported for the iPhones with at least 12mp cameras (so that would be iPhone 6s) and higher. *booo* So, your fallback alternative is to use TIFF format for your color correction work. That should be an option if you select the settings and “Quality and Format”. (As a word of warning Tiff images are big and take up loads of storage space. But they will color correct better than JPEGs as they have more picture data available because they aren’t initially compressed.)
  9. Oscar Painting Stuff

    You can shoot RAW in “DNG” mode in Camera+ on your phone and then just export the jpegs to your camera roll to upload to tga after you do your edits to adjust the image. http://www.idownloadblog.com/2016/12/14/camera-update-brings-raw-shooting-and-editing-support-for-iphone-7-plus-dual-camera-more/
  10. Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    Here’s my Stormcast Force: The bases are a bit “too clean” but they’re on the list to get updated this month.
  11. 3D Printed Scenery- Ancient Statue

    You need two random hands and a foot (maybe a knee or elbow) for other locations on the battlefield at the same scale. kindof a giant turned to stone ... thing... but pretty nice!
  12. Oscar Painting Stuff

    Camera + is solid, and it has white balance adjusters. Heres a slightly older article on it: http://www.idownloadblog.com/2013/01/05/white-balance-lock/ Basically you can adjust the WB (white balance) slider color temperature more towards blue. (You’re not looking at tint. But at temperature.) (blue is ‘higher temperature’ ie towards the 5500k and Yellow is ‘cooler temperature’ ie 2700-3000k ... this is because it is based on the Kelvin scale) If you take a pot of Ceramite white, you adjust the slider until it’s properly white and then lock the color temperature slider. That and a pot of Mechanicus Standard Grey... (it’s a pretty neutral Grey) and as long as they’re not “yellowish” you should hit it okay. Auto-white balance is “okay” but can still end up with color casting. (It’s typically good enough for normal pictures, because folks often like pictures to be slightly warmer from a color temperature perspective.)
  13. Oscar Painting Stuff

    The issue is that the color temperature in the photos aren’t balanced to the color temperature for the bulbs. A good set of daylight balanced bulbs ~5500k should be pretty easily color balanced. (That used to be a really big problem when shooting daylight balanced film with incandescent lighting.) What app are you using to do your pictures with? It might have a “tungsten” setting? (Or indoor image setting.) (basically the image is “warmer” than you want, which gives it the yellow cast)
  14. The Painting Contract - December 2017

    Last month wasn’t quite a loss... but I will say that Painting was overtaken by events. (And a bunch of Vermintide on the Xbox... ) I finally completed the Shadespire SCE to a good tabletop standard on the painting bench today... So here goes: Paint the Shadespire SCE (to a tabletop+ standard) - Done (woo hoo!) Tabletop Standard for the Bloodreaver Shadespire team. Stretch Goals: - Shade and hilight the bases for the SCE and Bloodreavers - Update the Bloodreavers a higher than minimum standard. - Additional models for Warhammer Quest
  15. The Rumour Thread

    “Warhammer Quest fans are particularly well-served by this month’s White Dwarf, with the beginnings of a whole new adventure in Shadows over Hammerhal to get stuck into using the 12 free cards as well as new rules for mercenary allies. Combined with the new Chaos Adversary Cards, it’s a great time to return to Hammerhal…” So... bright news for the Warhammer Quest side of things. 12 free cards... and mercenary Allies. A bunch of new content cards (hopefully covering the new heroes that have been released but don’t have cards ... like Naeve ...) Maybe covering some of the Shadespire models? ... that would be the bees knees ... While not “mainline AoS” it’s a very nice expansion to the Warhammer Quest side of the hobby.