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  1. personalize the various warband

    New warband custom paint jobs up on Warhammer Community: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/10/20/josh-and-steves-shadespire-warbands/
  2. personalize the various warband

    Duncan posted up his “Customized Stormcast Warband” on the community site: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/10/19/our-warbands-duncan-rhodes-stormcast-eternalsgw-homepage-post-2/ It looks like a couple of weapon swaps and a shield swap, and a painting scheme with some purple in it.
  3. The Painting Contract - October 2017

    The important piece that you also need (not just the diffuser box) is for the light to be bright enough.
  4. The Painting Contract - October 2017

    Your camera is likely just fine It is more important to control lighting and background when photographing. I’m going to recommend the solid article on the Warhammer Community site about taking pictures for display: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2016/11/13/the-model-photo-how-to-photograph-models-for-display/
  5. Chaos keywords warscroll update

    However it is not “Nurgle Daemons” that are listed ... it is explicitly “Daemons of Nurgle” (the Pitched Battle Faction name) on the Ally list for Pestilins. And they explicitly do not have “Nurgle Rotbringers” (aka “Nurgle”) in their ally list. This is particularly noticeable with the explicit keyword change to “Monsters of Chaos” where some have “Chaos” and “Monsters of Chaos” and others also have “Monster” as an additional keyword. (Which allows summoning by the bray-Shaman for some but not others.) And you’ll notice that “Monsters of Chaos” is also a Pitched Battle Faction list name ... and an Allegiance keyword. So, while both Rotbringers and Daemons have the Nurgle keyword, only “Nurgle Rotbringers” was called out as being synonymous with Nurgle. Sure .. you could go for “Nurgle Allegiance” for Pestilins, but you loose out on the Pestilins Abilities, and their objective would be to keep the Pestilins Allegiance. If they have “Nurgle Rotbringers” as an ally, I could see allowing “anything Nurgle” as proposed for Allies... but they don’t. So the converse is not necessarily true. And Daemons of Nurgle were explicitly separated from Rotbringers in the Pitched Battle Faction lists. (Unlike Blades of Khorne and Disciples of Tzeentch ... which previously had been Arcanites and Daemons of Tzeentch.) Again. It really needs a proper FAQ. Unfortunately, this really feels like a pretty poor bandaid for a set of situations where Allegiance names don’t match Pitched Battle Faction names.
  6. Chaos keywords warscroll update

    You do realize that the point they clarified “If you have a chaos deity keyword you get the allegiance Abilities” was never in question? So in the Allies lists: If it says: Nurgle Rotbringers that translates to Nurgle which boils down to “Anything Nurgle Keyword” e.g. Pestilins, Daemons of Nurgle, Nurgle keyworded Tamurkhan’s Horde, etc.) But if it says: “Daemons of Nurgle” that’s actually just the units from the Pitched Battle Faction table “Daemons of Nurgle”? Same with: Clan Pestilins = > Clan Pestilins ... if that’s the case then that really needs to be FAQ’d. And clarity on what the Pitched Battle Faction tables are actually for...
  7. Chaos keywords warscroll update

    That isn’t their example, it specifically states that this is for handling Allegiance Abilities. And nothing is FAQ’d. And, unfortunately, they give no examples of how this “works” for Allies. I’ll refer you to all the situations where Nurgle Rotbringers exists, but Pestilins doesn’t ... (which also follows under Nurgle.) If “Nurgle Rotbringers” is synonymous with “Nurgle” does that mean that anywhere “Nurgle Rotbringers” is on the Allies list that you replace it with “Nurgle” and can bring anything Nurgle? How about Daemons of Nurgle? They’re a separate table?
  8. Chaos keywords warscroll update

    The furies and Soul Grinder from the “Daemons of Chaos” comes to mind. The Daemon Prince is pickable via Slaves to Darkness.
  9. The Painting Contract - October 2017

    Awesome progress! And we still have 10 more days till final picture posting for the month! Keep up the good work and keep the pictures coming! (I need to get some paint on my Gaunt Summoner and Familiars... primer isn’t going to cut it!)
  10. Chaos keywords warscroll update

    Your Daemons of Nurgle example is contrary to the DoT example. If we use your Nurgle example, if something isn’t on the table, then it can’t be in the main force and use Allies. If one is making items synonymous, then we should be looking for consistency. The example used by GW only addresses “Allegiance Rules”. So it didn’t address the Allies question. Are “Disciples of Tzeentch” and “Nurgle Rotbringers” and “Hosts of Slaanesh” synonymous with Tzeentch and Nurgle and Slaanesh in all cases? IE they replace it in both the Faction list, and the Allies list? Or does the example only work for Allegiance Abilities? (Which is as indicated, and if you’re not on the “Table” you’re an ally. Because the updates didn’t fix the Allies issue.)
  11. The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    FYI: My local GW (USA) has “Full Art Cards” for the Stormcast and Bloodbound faction units for folks pre-ordering/purchasing Shadespire in Store. (Limited to while supplies last most likely.) So remember to ask if your store has them when preordering or ordering.
  12. Basing an Exalted Flamer of Tzeentch 😖

    It glues fine. Shave a slight bit off the sides to decrease the curvature and increase the contact Surface. (But the back mounting point works just fine with plastic glue.) That allows the base to sit flatter. Alternately, you have two “bases” for the Chariot top. (The one for the herald with the feet, and the one for the exalted Flamer) Place it on the other Chariot top, and glue that to the large oval base.
  13. Stop Calling It Shadespire

    For the same reason that people don’t call it “Warhammer Age of Sigmar” and Call it AoS, or Sigmar, or Age of Sigmar. Or why they don’t call it “Warhammer Quest Shadows Over Hammerhal” it typically gets shortened to Hammerhal, or SoH. Or why people don’t refer to “Warhammer 40,000 Eighth Edition” ... and instead shortcut it to 40K. Its shorter and concise. And we all know what it means If there is an update, I'm sure that it will have a distinct name, and we’ll call the update by the short name there too. (And It’s easier to type on a small mobile keyboard. )
  14. The Painting Contract - October 2017

    Flamers and the herald are both amazingly fun to paint, I’m looking forward to seeing the final product!
  15. Chaos keywords warscroll update

    So ... first question: Why aren’t they FAQ’ing the Ally lists and Pitched Battle Faction lists to address their list building issue? (Unless this is only to help people who had issues reading Allegiance qualifications.) Not sure that this even answered the question regarding Allies.... it appears to have been a half hearted effort to somewhat match Keywords and Allegiances and sort of Faction ally lists. (Kinda ...) Second question: So, when creating a DoT Army with Allies, does this mean that anything that can be keyword “Tzeentch” can be put into the main force? I.E. Soul Grinder (Tzeentch) from the “Daemons of Chaos” Faction list ? And you ignore the Pitched Battle Faction List as provided in the GHB 2017? Third question followup: How does “Daemons of Nurgle” as an ally work with Clan Pestilins? Does that allow allying ANY Nurgle force? Like Rotbringers does? Or is it based on the “Daemon of Nurgle” Faction list (which would explicitly deny the Soulgrinder/Daemon Prince/Daemon Plaguetoads of Nurgle)? Or is this Based on the keyword “Daemon” combined with keyword “Nurgle” which would allow Daemon Princes of Nurgle and Soulgrinders, etc.? The Pitched Battle Factions are now implied to be a quasi-mix of Allegiance Names and Faction Lists.... but not really. Determining what Allegiance ability was/is the easy part. It is on a keyword on the Warscroll. Annoyingly, this doesn’t appear to be a fix for Allies and List Building. Merely a “fix” for handling what Allegiance ability do you get. “Since the release of the General’s Handbook 2017, we’ve been listening to your feedback, and we’ve received a number of questions on how Chaos allegiance abilities work. We’d like to clarify that all references to ‘Blades of Khorne’, ‘Disciples of Tzeentch’, ‘Hosts of Slaanesh’ and ‘Nurgle Rotbringers’, are synonymous with ‘Khorne’, ‘Tzeentch’, ‘Slaanesh’ and ‘Nurgle’ respectively. For example, a Blades of Khorne army can also, and interchangeably, be referred to as a Khorne army.”