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  1. I suppose that with brimstones doing the blocking ... that it will be even more applicable to shout "Feel the Burn!" As the brimstones hop around in impotent anger! Or "You have made me very very angry!" Given that they are angry bitter little Daemons ...
  2. The costs are only applicable to Matched play. Battalions were previously under-costed ... there is substantial benefit to being able to go first through fewer drops, and get unit rule benefits, and the artefacts, and that wasn't being accounted for in the prior price. This is an overall meta changer, and we will likely see changes next year too. The changes here are an "initial correction" and we will see more changes next year with GHB 2018. Which is a great thing! Let's all play games with the new rules (and the open War cards!) and see what still needs work and give some feedback on where things are in six months ... or so. You can still "field" the battalion equivalent force... but you don't get additional in-game benefit unless you pay for those. (Fewer things for free.)
  3. Open War cards are coming to Age of Sigmar. With just shy of 1,800 different games using just the basic deployment, objective, and twist cards (and over 60k if one includes Ruse and Sudden Death cards) what list building resources exist and what recommendations do the TGA players have for creating Army lists that meet more of an "all-comers" style of game that has loads of possibilities? I know that there are multiple different kinds of threats in a game, and choosing how to answer those threats and meet objectives in a game is the challenge. There are many "use this list for a win" lists out there, and tournament winning lists are more than prevalent on the internet. Especially if one is merely attempting to kill "table your opponent". Here are some resources I've found useful reading: has an article on Building any List in Age of Sigmar: And has a nice Podcast episode on How to Write a Winning Army List in Age of Sigmar: Getting Started with Age of Sigmar: Basic List Building (Frontline Gaming) What other resources and recommendations does the TGA community members have that they're willing to share?
  4. The Skeksis could arguably be a cross between Nurgle and Slaanesh.
  5. If you're looking at technicality, the key item is "touching the base." If they're not in contact with the base then, it would be possible to move them around.
  6. Druchii Violet skin wash? The effect is nice [emoji4] And what looks like a subtle NMM on the sword blade? Good stuff!
  7. In the olympics, and many other competitive sports there are minimum specifications that must be met to be "good enough to compete". For wargaming tournaments, if you show up, and pay the entry fee you've just met the "you're good enough to compete" line ... typically these aren't invitational events. However, If you're not the lead dog the view never changes. While they may not have to win anything, they need to have the appropriate tools to be capable of winning. If an army has never even "placed" in the top 3 with all of the tournaments then one could argue that it doesn't have the tools to compete. Most folks enjoy winning. You don't typically go to an event where you're paying money to loose. Almost everyone goes to a tournament with the hope of winning the tournament.
  8. Per the Rules FAQ v1.1 a model in contact with the enemy cannot move. Here are the clarifications from the FAQ on p. 4 Q: How is a pile-in move carried out? A: When a model piles in it must nish the pile-in move closer to the nearest enemy model. As long as you finish the pile-in move closer to the nearest enemy, you can move around friendly models or obstacles to do so. Q: If you are already in contact with a model, do you still get to pile in and rotate around the enemy units? A: No. This is clarified by the prior FAQ item: As long as you finish the pile-in closer to the nearest enemy. If you are touching the nearest enemy, you are in contact with them and therefore cannot pile in any further.
  9. Yeah, it looks pretty cool! It looks like a "Start Collecting Daemons of Nurgle" box, replacing the normal herald with the new herald on snail ... I wonder what the movement will be ... it has lots of legs ....
  10. [mention=3405]misthv[/mention] I don't know anyone personally (that has shared with me) who is or has played AoS games with the new rules ... It is a substantial change, we have no idea what the level of fun or dynamic nature of the lists will be. I hope that Sayl gets an appropriate cost with the GHB 2017 refresh given his "auto-include" status for many rosters. (Haven't seen his points myself.) They've already changed points for the Rogue Idol of Gork (or Mork). I wouldn't bet a candy bar on them not adjusting points for units...
  11. The only hard Requirements for Host Duplicitous were: 1 LoC or Overseers Fate Twisters 1 Changehost Optional: 0-8 additional warscroll battalions Any additional number of Tzeentch Daemons Are you running two Changehosts?
  12. [mention=7725]Battlemania[/mention] Yes this will change the meta. You're likely looking at larger armies to properly pull him in. (Something closer to 2500 points.) The points changes are painful if that was what your list was based around, but on the positive side the change in the entire meta will affect everyone. And my understanding is that units that were "auto-pick-this-unit" now will require more thought on how they should fit in. And we're likely to see less "Skyfire-spam" lists. And more variety. (Which may mean fewer complaints about Change.) What do you think would be a solid list at 2500 for Tzeentch and Archaon?
  13. My bet on this change is that previously the lord was the same points as the Magister, could take a mount (for free) had a better ability (reroll saves of 1 for unit within 10") and a seriously good spell with a casting value of only 5. With the new "huge unit sizes" the lord has a good synergy potential.
  14. It's a pretty reasonable looking fake if it's not. But, all of the other points that we've seen have come out of a French language version, and this doesn't seem any different.
  15. Also odd. The Herald of Tzeentch on Burning Chariot lists a star... but the points are identical to the DoT book.