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  1. I'm thinking about adding a Outrider to my Warband but what weapon is best? I'm thinking the Grenade Launcher but most Models only have 1 wound so maybe Brace of Pistols? Or should i take a pistoller instead?
  2. I haven't tried them yet Please tell if you find some bretonnia might be interrested in buying something
  3. Man Pegasus knights looks alot like GWs. And what do you mean by "I could probably dig up a few in storage if you want" And what do you think about Peasent Millita and Defenders Of the Realm (Battalions)
  4. Thanks for the tips guys So im thinking that i maybe should buy a Freeguild General on Griffon and convert him into King leuon But the problem is with the pegasi knights i don't have any Know a place where i could buy them or how i could convert them? and the same goes for Men at Arms. I do like your first list it look fun
  5. Im need help making a Free people army for an upcoming tournement When i say Free people i mean Bretonnia and Freeguild. (Maybe Arcane could be good?) I honstly have no idea what to use so i will show you my collection You are welcome to give me ideas for units that i should buy and how many of them Posting a list for me would i really appreciate (even if i don't own the units) Bretonnia: 1x Fay enchantress 1x The green knight 1x Damsel on horse 1x paladin 1x paladin standard bearer 32x Knights of the realm 10x Grail knights 16x Men at arms 32x Peasent bowmen 1x Field trebuchet Freeguild: 1x Freeguild General on horse 10x Greatswords 10x Freeguild guard As I said I know I need to buy more Freeguild any ideas wich units? Have a great day
  6. Im thinking of starting a free guild army at 1000 point Anyone got some ideas? Would like to have a battle mage for some spelz
  7. So i bought the Battletome and a box of orruks. Orruks or Moarboyz?
  8. I wanna buy a Bonesplitta army (Need more Waaagh!) But i don't know where to start How would you guys start? Im looking for a 2000 point army Have a great day
  9. Think ill be going with Savage Orruks but where should i start? When I say "A bunch" i mean Ironjawz: 40 'ardboyz, 15 brutes, 1 Megaboss, 1 Gordrakk, 1 warchanter, 2 Shamans and 3 Gruntas Moonclan grots: 120+ Grots, 16 squigs (herders), 5 hoppers, 1 mangler squig, 3 warbosses, 3 shamans and a collosal squig Beastclaw: 4 mournfang, 5 Stonehorns and 20 normal ogors.
  10. Hello there ๐Ÿ™‚ I wanna expand my Destroction collection, the problem is that i have alot of destroction and i simply don't know what to add to my collection ๐Ÿ˜• I was thinking maybe some savage orruks? I would like to hear ppls ideas ๐Ÿ˜„ Let me just say that i have Load of Moonclan grotz A bunch of Beastclaw raiders And a bunch of Ironjawz
  11. Wait you can't change your warband leader later?
  12. Could you please send me what you consider for a list?
  13. So that is 29 renown point. I think the list very good I would like to add one Moonclan grot for so it becomes 30 point But can the Moonclan grot have a net
  14. That sounds amazing, thanks for the help i just have a question, Warchanter and 7 Orruks is 30 points, how can you fit the brute boss in there? And a brute boss is one of the brutes with a claw right?
  15. Looking to make a 30 point skirmish list but i'm out of ideas Could somebody please help?