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  1. For some reason Colossal Squig is blue/greenish on the Forge World Page
  2. I am willing to buy more the tournement uses generals handbook 1
  3. @TheOtherJosh @bonzai So i have looked at the rules for the great moonclan and i think its great so i build a list around what do you think? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leaders: 1x Grot Warboss (General, Bellowing Tyrant, Battlebrew, Moon Prodder & Giant Cave Squig) 1x Moonclan Grot Shaman (Gem of Seeing) 1x Moonclan Grot Shaman Units: 40x Moonclan Grots (Bows & Slittas, Full command) 40x Moonclan Grots (Pokin Spears & Moon Shields, Full command, 6 netters) 40x Moonclan Grots (Pokin Spears & Moon Shields, Full command, 6 netters) 6x Grot Fanatics Behemoths: 1x Mangler Squig 1x Mangler Squig 1x Colossal Squig Battalions: Great MoonClan 174 Wounds, 1960/2000p ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All units have +1 bravery. In addition, for every hit score of 6 or more, that model immediately generates an extra attack. The grot warboss can re-roll failed hit rolls if you are either wearing a hood or you beat your opponent in a staring competition. This makes any grot unit almost cheesy. Extra hits with fanatics, mangler squigs, and the warboss are nasty, and don't underestimate the amount of sixes to hit you make with a mob of 40+ grots. Speaking of grot mobs, when your warboss uses bellowing tyrant and his command ability on the humble mob of grots, they become nasty. Nets hitting and wounding on 3s, spears hitting on 4s and wounding on 2s(!). Every hit roll of 5 or 6 generating an extra attack, and every wound roll of 4,5, or 6 doubles damage. Consider bringing 60 grots in a mob to make sure their backstabbing mob ability remains at maximum. Something to consider: When used in a Great Moonclan formation and with the bellowing tyrant ability and battle brew artifact, a grot warboss with moon prodda and great cave squid becomes a stick of C4. Pop the abilities and artifact on himself, and his damage goes up to a possible 112 in a single phase due to double damage rolls and extra attacks from the formation. Doubling damage on a great cave squig when the same roll for its attacks pretty much doubles damage already is brutal, and due to battle brew, a 5+ to wound means D6x2 damage with each one that does so. CHOMP! (From 1d4chan Moonclan Grot Tactics 1.1 What do you guys think? Something you would change?
  4. I really like that 😄 Can you give me an idea for a 2000 point list 😄 Why would i expand my Stabbas isnt Pokin spearz better in numbers?
  5. I played against Kharadon Never played with objectives so i am new to that Colossal Squig and troll hag got rekt by shooting. Grots did good tho i meele and survived because of the 4+ save agianst shooting. My "Elite" units (Colossal and Trollhag) got rekt so could not kill his Ship and therfore lost
  6. I have 40 grots with spears, 20 with stabbas, 40 bowmen. (With nets in every unit) 2 Warbosses with squigs 2 warbosses on squigs 2 Shamans 9 squigs (I will buy some more if you recomend ) 1 Mangler Squig (Same as above) 1 Colossal Squig 2 Herders 10 Hoppers 7 Fanatics I also have these non goblin models 1 Troll hag 6 Fellwater Trolls 3 Giants 6 Ogors 6 Irongust 4 Leadbelchers 4 stonehorns I have used this list: Leaders 1x Skarnsik 1x Shaman 1x Warboss on Squig 1x Trollhag Units: 20x Grots 20x Grots 20x grots 10x Hoppers 4x Fanatics 3x Fellwater Trolls 3x Fellwater Trolls Behemoths: 1x Colossal Squig 1980/2000
  7. Hey ya i think i need your help .......... again sorry You see i am going to a tournement next week and of course i want to play my Moonclan Grots Problem is all my list have been rekt So i need help making a highly competitive Moonclan grot list You can also show me your competitive list, that would be nice Have a good day
  8. Any idea where i can get a Rouge Idol ? Will prbly buy a Dread Maw or a Magma dragon, Fimir is just so cool tho
  9. I run Fellwater instead of Rockgut. Which Artillery would you pick?
  10. Hey there I want to expand my moonclan grots with some Forge World Monsters. So i would like to know if these are worth it in a Moonclan list Fimir Warriors with noble? They seem pretty okay. Great agaisnt ranged armies (Like Moonclan Grots) beecause of the +1 to save rolls. Otherwise kinda likee Ogors wich also works fine with grots as Hard hitters. Bonegrinder Giant? I normaly don't run Giants but this one seems better then the normal giant. A nice ranged attack agaisnt (kinda unreliable) and 2 nice meele attacks. Magmadragon? expensive as %!@# but really powerfull. Great against horde armies. Dreadmaw? I don't run any Form for Goblin artillery so i guess this could replace the Spear Chukka because it can deal some nice damage agaisnt heroes. Just because we talked about Artillery should i get some Goblin Artillery for my army and if so wich? And btw i already usee Troll hag and Colossal Squig but 2 Colossal Squigs wouldn't hurt Have a great day
  11. Wich army counters Kharadon? from all Grand alliances? Have tried Bretonnia and Pure Moonclan grots Any ideas?