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  1. Hey there I'm making a mixed Anvilgard army between Free people and Duardin, however i have a little problem.... I can't really find out how the Free people from the Anvilgard army looks like! Does any of you know?
  2. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    So your list would look like this? Leaders: Freeguild General with Stately Warbanner, Indomitable, Greathammer, Shield Freeguild General on Griffon, Armour of Meteoric Iron, Lance, Shield Units: 40 Freeguild Guard, Swords and Shields (Great Company 1) 20 Freeguild Greatswords (Great Company 1) 20 Freeguild Handgunners (Great Company 1) 40 Freeguild Guard Helbards (Great Company 2) 20 Freeguild Archers (Great Company 2) 20 Freeguild Handgunners (Great Company 2) 3 Demigryph Knights, Lance and Swords, Shields Looks good to me
  3. Best Firestorm Alligance for Free people?

    Well i was thinking using Duardin as frontline and with Free guild Firepower as backup
  4. Hey guys Just a really quick quesetion. What is the best Alligance for Free people? I was considering Anvilguard.... Thoughts?
  5. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    Hey Guys Have a 2 quick questions... What Firestorm alligance does free guild work really good with? Anvilguard maybe? And what weapon is best for the General on Griffon, thinking about taking the greathammer? Thoughts? Have a great day!
  6. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    Wow looks cool! Is that a Altdorf colour scheme?
  7. Need help Painting Hammerhal Freeguild

    Thank you very much!
  8. Hello there I'm starting a freeguild army and i really like the blue and white colour scheme of Hammerhal (or old Middenheim) but i can't figure out how the white and blue are painted So thats what i need help with you guys got any ideas? Thanks alot
  9. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    Woaw this army looks amazing dude! If i may ask. How did you paint your blue and white uniforms, im looking to start a Freeguild army and i really like the blue scheme
  10. Hello there I have played Destruction for over a year now and i wanted to try out something new. I have tried out Bretonnia which i don't enjoy playing and i have tried Disopposeds which i love. I Have always liked the slayer vibe which the Fyreslayers have to i think i might check them out. However i have to questions 1. What "tier" are Fyreslayers in the current meta? 2. What are the current Fyreslayer Meta? 3. What are they great at? 4. What are they bad at? 5. Fyreslayers are really expensive on the GW site, is there someone who sells them cheaper? 6. Are they even worth playing? Thanks alot guys
  11. Need help with a Tempest Eye list

    Going to play some firestorm soon and i wanna play a dwarf army. Any ideas guys?
  12. Why does Dispossesseds and ironweld arsenal not have Tempest eye alligance when you get them in the "Great City box - Tempest Eye"
  13. I need help for a Competitve list? any ideas?
  14. Are Bretonnia even good anymore?

    IS Bretonnia even still worth it? atm im making them into night haunt Would just like to know, cuz rip the lady
  15. How to paint Bretonnian Hexwraith?

    Look really great problem is i don't have a airbrush