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  1. Ironblaster completed

    Well done on the Ironblaster! I have one waiting for some attention on my table now. I kinda built it wrong so the Ogre doesn't fit in the slots on the floor... Maybe I'll get to fixing him one of these days. Probably not though.
  2. My Warhammer Fanart

  3. Future Shadespire 🤔

    That would be phenomenal if GW did a Firebellies warband for Warhammer Underworlds! There are so many minor sub-factions (like Firebellies) with few models that could get a nice moment in the spotlight. I don't even collect Ogre Kingdoms, but would buy those in a heartbeat.
  4. The Sisters of Silence head really caught me by surprise! The army feels very personal. Also, how did you base your minis? I've been looking for a good rocky desert base.
  5. The blue armor was done astoundingly well! Not too sky blue. Personally I dont like the Warmachine-style bases, but these guys look great on them!
  6. Building the Silver Tower

    Whoah! Nice Job! That is truly impressive. A beacon of dark magic that towers over all of Tzeentch's domain! I still haven't decided what Chaos God to sacrifice myself too. Maybe poppa Nurgle or the mighty lord of Blood. Only time will tell...
  7. WIP Deathrattle Graveyard project

    Garden of Morr is a great kit, but very cramped. You've completely solved that problem!
  8. Wondering Death Guard Poxwalkers conversion to zombies

    They aren't necessarilly zombies in the 40k lore, but pretty much meat puppets. I don't know why, but I live saying meat puppet.
  9. Starblood's Prey

    Definitely closer to Golden Demon than my work! The diorama is reminiscent of it as well.
  10. Big Trouble in Little Azyrheim part 5

    Good battleplans! I initially found you on your Hive Fleet Charybdis blogspot; I love the 40K warscrolls! P.S. My Skitarii wanna fight. Are you working on a compendium for them?
  11. The Bleakswords

    Another job well done!
  12. Starblood's Prey

    It's very interesting to see the process you took to get to a Golden Demon level of painting. I usually just see the finished project in White Dwarf.
  13. Skirmish : First Thoughts

    That's pretty terrifying to see 2 Chaos Knights in a skirmish game. I feel bad for the Seraphon.
  14. The Krunkasaur

    That is one happy Megaboss.
  15. The Restless Barrows (battles etc)

    I spy a Blood Bowl team marker! It makes a great token and doesn't even need painting.