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  1. I feel its because of Age of Sigmar's openness and casual style that this site has become what it is, and why it's so successful.
  2. Dakka Dakka is a nightmare. It's kind of a shame there isn't a decent 40K community site. But TGA is so great, and always full of positivity!
  3. The red capes are flawless. Just enough orange to brighten them up but not overwhelm it.
  4. The Doomflayer is definitely for clearing the decks of those pesky boarding parties! I'd be horrified to see that speeding down the decks of an enemy ship.
  5. That's a sweet looking battlemat. Who's it from? Gorechosen has been a great intro game for me as well. I'm swaying my friends who play D&D to Warhammer with it now. Mwa ha ha!
  6. Any warships yet? They're fine as is by the way. It's kinda cool to see them as a (mostly) land bound force.
  7. That's the color of the original XIV Legion. I haven't tried out the new 8th Edition Rules either.
  8. Definitely my favorite part is that I have taken some of my friends who have been interested in the models and been able to teach them how to play in an afternoon. They still come over every month or so and I'll (hopefully!) have another unit or two to add to the four-player mayhem. I've had some of the most bizarre alliances in those games.
  9. I HAD A PLAYMOBIL CASTLE!!!!! The nostalgia is killing me.
  10. That's what I'm pretty much trying to do with my terrain. I'm not putting down wrecked tanks or anything, but making some terrain that can fit both. Mostly Chaos-desecrated ruins.
  11. Slambo is my man! Looks menacing, like the Death Guard from 40k. Forgive my cross reference.
  12. Oh! You did go with the Mantic Zombies! Great models. Hopefully Grand Alliance: Death gets some attention soon, GW's zombies are incredibly outdated.
  13. Your other group of minis is called your "Forces of Spookiness", but these elves look pretty spooky themselves. Probably dabbing at some dark magic to achieve their goals. It seems like the elf thing to do. Good job on them by the way.
  14. I'd love to test it out. Still haven't gotten hold of the GW skirmish book yet though...
  15. He looks fast with a fin. Love seeing more of these guys.