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  1. FARSPIRE - Towering watchpost at the Viridian Coast in Ghyran, Populated by Aleves and Sylvaneth. It's a location of general novelty, once a place of great battle with the forces of Tzeentch. It was saved by sudden intervention of Stormcast Eternals, who now protect Farspire. Inhabitants are plagued by strange dreams of nightmarish monsters and blue fire - maybe Tzeentch wants another round.
  2. Moonclan Squig Hopper question

    Yes, warboss Command Ability works only in Movement Phase so no rerolling charges.
  3. Moonclan Squig Hopper question

    Yes, warboss Command Ability works only in Movement Phase so no rerolling charges.
  4. The Rumour Thread

    New FAQ for GHB2017. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/09/03/an-faq-for-the-generals-handbook-2017gw-homepage-post-1/ Deadwalkers have allies now.
  5. All Compendium warscrolls barring Forge World. warhammer-aos-beastmen-en.pdf warhammer-aos-bretonnia-en-1.pdf warhammer-aos-daemons-of-chaos-en.pdf warhammer-aos-dark-elves-en.pdf warhammer-aos-dwarfs-en-1.pdf warhammer-aos-high-elves-en.pdf warhammer-aos-lizardmen-en.pdf warhammer-aos-ogre-kingdoms-en-1.pdf warhammer-aos-orcs-and-goblins-en.pdf warhammer-aos-scenery-en.pdf warhammer-aos-skaven-en.pdf warhammer-aos-the-empire-en-2.pdf warhammer-aos-tomb-kings-en-1.pdf warhammer-aos-vampire-counts-en.pdf warhammer-aos-warriors-of-chaos-en-1.pdf warhammer-aos-wood-elves-en-1.pdf
  6. TGA Recommended threads??

    Maybe not updated recently, but it's really good thread for fans of old style Chaos.
  7. Let's chat Skaven tactics

    Other clan keywords on clanrats could be good, but if GW don't want to do that there's another option. They could make clanrats as exception from rule "allies can't be battleline".
  8. Warscroll Builder updated for GH2017

    I think Skaven Warlord should have "War Halberd and Barbed Blade" option according to warscroll.
  9. Warscroll Builder updated for GH2017

    In skryre allegiance there's no warpfire thrower weapon team.
  10. @TheOtherJosh You could be right. Now search for Spire of Dawn shows "Generic Error Page". Edit: Ok, it looks like that it's still available on US page.
  11. Indeed it does say "No longer available".
  12. Maybe you're right. It would explain also Spire of Dawn as there is Blightwar incoming.
  13. Recently i found out that both Spire of Dawn and Gorechosen are sold out online. I understand Spire of Dawn, because it's old repackaged IoB and moulds wear out, but Gorechosen is a fairly new game and repackaging would be weird. Are there any news?
  14. Shadespire Warband Wish List

    That is a good idea, who knows how Nagash' pocket dimension affects mortals.
  15. Shadespire Warband Wish List

    Well, in my opinion it would be cool to see Moonclan Grots. Squigs and fanatics as a crazy warband.