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  1. i think it's a reminder for people that would want to move forward and roll over models when they're in close combat.
  2. Question 1: In my opinion that only applies to Movement Phase, because that's when you can retreat. So yes, you can pile-in and fight in Combat Phase.
  3. I don't understand one thing. Suns were supposed to mean change in points, but High Warden and Reavers (Swifthawk Agents) have the same point cost as in the Spire of Dawn booklet. Is it that they weren't in the GHB before? Sorry, wrong thread. Delete.
  4. Thanks, sounds good. What paints did you use for the pipe?
  5. Yes, please. It looks really cool and would be nice for skaven bases.
  6. Rouge idol should soon return to Forge World webstore, if i remember correctly.
  7. Nice idea for skin. Very good way to diversify your army.
  8. In my opinion original color scheme is the best - colors are much more pleasing to the eye. And as @Veillotron said it will make your ScE and KO look really unified.
  9. Unfortunately they said it's "full table of contents".
  10. There's also no grots and greenskinz (besides Ironjawz). One battletome for all of them would be really nice.
  11. We're going to have Open War Cards like in 40K.
  12. Sorry, little problems with adding pictures. I found in FAQ 1.0 that "Ironjaws" counts as "Ironjawz". I don't know if it's still valid.
  13. Sorry for double post. I found it in old FAQ:
  14. If I remember correctly, GW once said that Black Orcs with keyword "Ironjaws" still count as "Ironjawz", so in my opinion it should be the same situation. I don't remember if it was in official FAQ or just on their facebook page, so I can be wrong.