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  1. The Rumour Thread

    Actually I checked it right now and that clock is not on the Galvanic Managment sprue. Probably someone used that part for conversion.
  2. The Rumour Thread

    It's part of Sector Mechanicus kit. You can see that clock in recent White Dwarf in Realms of Battle article.
  3. Malign Portents

    Considering it's Nagash, i think both statements are true. Thanks for that lore tidbits, it really makes me want this book even more.
  4. I think there should be an "All of above"option, because with this book it's really hard to decide(at least for me). I'm excited for both lore and battleplans, but if i have to choose, then skirmish expansion is the most interesting. Maybe it wil bea able to breathe new life into this part of game.
  5. Let´s Talk Skyre

    If i understand correctly, i can't take Engincoven battalions separately, but only in Skryre battalion?
  6. Let´s Talk Skyre

    I try to build a 1000 pts Skryre army, not necessarily competitive, but able to win some games. For now i decided for that: Allegiance: Skaven SkryreLeadersWarlock Engineer (100)- General- Trait: Deranged Inventor - Artefact: Vigordust Injector Warlock Engineer (100)- Artefact: Esoteric Warp Resonator Packmaster (80)- Shock-Prod- AlliesBattleline3 x Stormfiends (300)- Skryre Battleline5 x Skryre Acolytes (60)- Skryre BattlelineUnits1 x Poisoned Wind Mortar Weapon Team (60)1 x Poisoned Wind Mortar Weapon Team (60)1 x Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team (70)20 x Clanrats (120)- Rusty Spear- AlliesBattalionsGascloud Chokelung (50)Total: 1000 / 1000Allies: 200 / 200Wounds: 65 Any thoughts?
  7. Greater daemons resolved

    I thought it is stated in books. I don't have any battletome so i didn't know it isn't.
  8. FAQ landed

    Yes, it's really weird. Maybe there is some reason, but i dont' see it. Especially in Valkia's case.
  9. Greater daemons resolved

    Is Lord of Plagues really a named character? I don't have the Maggotkin battletome or GHB2017 at hand so i can't check, but it would be really weird.
  10. FAQ landed

    Ok, that's a good point. Then it's really lack of consistency.
  11. FAQ landed

    Probably GW thinks this way: Drones are mounts and big part of the model, where fleshhound is only a familiar. Killing mounts would kill the rider, but killing familiar does nothing to owner, so abilities targeting Daemons shouldn't work on Korghos Khul. That's why he lacks the keyword.
  12. Malign Portents

    I agree , it looks like this campaign is just a start. We won't see the perspectice of Nagash. It's about discovering what is his scheme. New Death release (new faction or updated old models) will be probably in summer along with bigger campaign. The name of this campaign is "Malign Portents" after all. Only portents, war with death will come later.
  13. Malign Portents

    Yeah, it comes from wfb 6th ed Dark Shadows campaign set in Albion. There was available miniatures for Truthsayers and Dark emissaries as heralds for all armies.
  14. The Rumour Thread

    It's still there.
  15. DEATH - New Faction - Deathrattle - Nighthaunt CHAOS -Nurgle - Dark Oath Barbarians - Slaanesh ORDER - Free Peoples - Shadow Aelves - Light Aelves - DESTRUCTION - Grot Sky Pirates - Moonclan Grots - New Ogors -