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  1. If power gamers succeed to dominate the meta selecting seemingly unattractive combo, I am sure all this crazy spells and free summoning goodness can't stay remotely balanced and would need months of regular nerfs to make it half right. Fortunately when lots of army have access to over powered stuff, they can still cancel each other... The first tournaments will be so fun and random !!!
  2. christophe

    MASSIVE Death Excitement for 2.0

    I am in love with the Peter Jacksonian Sauron/Nazgul influence of the new NH (cloaked ghosts wearing dark but intricate metallic masks)
  3. christophe

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    have you seen those ? scrolling down https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/06/05/faction-focus-nighthaunt-part-2/ https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/05/14/14th-may-faction-focus-nighthauntgw-homepage-post-3/
  4. christophe

    Basing the Mortal realms

    I would totally buy that, I love bases. The main reason I am doing a new SC army is the shadespire factions and new sacrosainct fancy base... NB : with the multiplication of very thematic playing mat (snow, lava, city...), and now this new AoS where coming from a very specific realm could inspire very original base, aren't you afraid/bothered your armies will almost never fit the battleground ? (no more very versatile brown base with some green tuffs). I hope GW will produce new fancy mats and bases... Personnaly, I have the GW soulblight necropolis mat where my NH, SC and my Nurgle army will fight mon son's Ironjawz in Shyish (with matching snow bases, tombstones, ...) and the Khorne mat (lava and turquoise stones) where my KO, ID and my fire Seraphon will fight my son Khorne army in Aqshy , with matching bases, like :
  5. christophe

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    Hum... Having to buy 2 x 125 euros boxes (+ probably Dracolines and Great Taurus guy for good measure and the magic box, GH2018...), while having already lots of SC (most SC players usually have already some SC models...) would still be what I called a "trap" = designing an incomplete expensive product to push even more sell to complete what you just got. Not putting the proper number of guy/unit was deliberate and cunning, bordering deceitful... If Lego did not put all the brick needed in a box set, we would not like it... GW wants our money, and they are super good at producing beautiful models AND "trick" you to need and buy always more (more than you can paint, more than your banker or girlfriend would advise...). I am weak but lucid
  6. christophe

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    yes I for exemple dislike most minor deamon models, and the Slann mini. I will not buy/paint them... which makes my chaos and Seraphon armies super uncompetitive... I will not let GW push me buying mini I don't fancy painting, but my armies will suffer a great deal (at least till the next change in rules, or more fancy new minis)...
  7. christophe

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    yes it's a trap = a super good deal, but a very incomplete one, which will trick you to buy like 8 boxes if you want to complete or optimized your squads
  8. christophe

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    It makes me smile, seeing how most were like "Alopex cost too much !!" while building list full of under costed eels and Tidecasters, and GW reaction was "hum... right, lets nerf Leviadon then..."
  9. christophe

    Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    nah, much better than the average tabletop quality, it's super clean, and painting those armor are not so easy, even if you start spraying the metallic first. And if the base side were done it would look even more impressive, but, even with 1 wash for all colors I don't believe it's not more than 1h of work
  10. christophe

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    are the SC shadespire warbands point in there as well ? thank you !!
  11. christophe

    Let's chat Stormcast Eternals

    The gryp-hound in the push-fit castigator box is a bit random (and a good value compared to the 3 sequitors box). Do you guys think the dog will be an option on the castigator Battletome warscroll ? Or just for those who wants an other alpha model...
  12. christophe

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    they have a "shadespire" base, could they be push fit box ? or at least box of 2, maybe same price as the new ballista with detailed base ?
  13. christophe

    Lore Query - Why do Stormcasts have low bravery?

    I think the game is granular enough, but will make SC way too elite. SC are a dream team of reforged heroes ? then give them all a hero profile... Primaris at 40k went in a good direction. Liberator should have at least 3 wounds fluff wise...
  14. christophe

    Points Changes

    I agree, when GW revamp the cosmic seraphon I would be ok to buy the super cool new slann. But now, nope. And so strange to limit the army builds because of the fluff you invent... And it's not even that fluffy, especially on small battle to always have a slann, wandering around with 20 skinks in front of some Bloodthirster or hordes of squellies...
  15. christophe


    I like the colourful fuschia hue, mine are too grey, well done