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  1. Age of Sigmar Open Day 2018

    Via Warhammer World FB page Snow Update Friday 2nd March 12.00 pm Due to the tireless efforts of our Site Services team over the last 24 hours, Warhammer World will be open on Saturday 3rd March 10.00am to 6.00pm. Bugman’s will be open from 9.00am, for those early arrivals who want to get a hot breakfast. Warhammer Underworlds: Shapespire Grand Clash will still be taking place, but we will be refunding all of the tickets. That means a free event if you’re a ticketholder who has battled the elements! Whenever you arrive, you can join in. The Warhammer Age of Sigmar Open Day will be cancelled. We will be rescheduling the event, and announcing details soon, so don’t refund your ticket just yet, as we’ll be putting plans in place for refunding and/or reallocating your tickets to the future date. Entry to the Warhammer World Exhibition will be free for everyone on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th of March. Enjoy fantastic miniatures where it’s warm and dry. It’s not been an easy decision to make, and we thank you for being patient while we have waited to be certain of the situation. Although we have been able to make the site safe at Warhammer World, we’re still unable to get all of the content and staff for the Open Day here safely, and a great many customers are unable to travel to us. Look out for the new Open Day date being announced soon, and if you are coming to Warhammer World this weekend, please take your time, and travel safely. These details are also available on our website here:https://warhammerworld.games-workshop.com/2018/03/01/snow-updates-about-any-changes/
  2. Age of Sigmar Open Day 2018

    @Tis true. Also confirmed by Nick Bayton (community team) and Josh Reynolds (BL author) all via Twitter so far. I imagine a FB update will follow shortly.
  3. Age of Sigmar Open Day 2018

    OPen Day cancelled but the Shadespire event is currently still due to go ahead. Source @akrakenbracken on Twitter (events team)
  4. Resin architecture accessories?

    Fenris http://fenrisgames.com/shop#!/Architectural-details/c/2457557/offset=0&sort=normal Be aware that he is a one man band and has an estimated 18 day payment to dispatch at the mo.
  5. Daughters of Timmy - a DoK blog!

    Agree on the hair. I did a test mininwith turquoise hair and it doesn’t look right. I’m no big fan of the pale haired studio paint job either. The more I think about it the more I’m inclined to give them all black hair.
  6. Daughters of Timmy - a DoK blog!

    I think I'll use the FW Avatar for the foot version.
  7. Daughters of Timmy - a DoK blog!

    Thanks guys. Lots of possibilities and cool conversions for DoK. I'm really enjoying working on them!
  8. Daughters of Timmy - a DoK blog!

    A bit more progress. Got 10 Sisters assembed and also made the Death Hag’s fully pimped out Cauldron! I used some Drukhari Raider platform parts to make a larger stage at therop of the Cauldron, altered the position of the staircase (it’s higher up and back), cut down some fairings and the braziers and repositioned the cauldron itself and added another! Super Death Hag deserves a super ride! Just waiting on the undercoat to dry now and I can start painting.
  9. He said in an earlier ep that his NDA has expired. He also said he wouldn't be spoiling stuff left and right though. I think he just got excited in this case.
  10. Honest Wargamer Podcast ep: New Death Warscrolls and Daughters of Khaine Rob (formerly of Warhammer TV) in discussion about the teaser vid with the minis in response to 'is it Morathi' It's her, they're both her - I've seen the mini, she turns into a snake. (paraphased slightly but the gist is that both forms are her)
  11. Forum Posts vs Blog Posts: Discuss

    There’s a blog section?
  12. Halfords primers

    I think it was your Blight Kings(?) that put me on to the Halfords camo stuff. Can't wait to give it a whirl.
  13. Daughters of Timmy - a DoK blog!

    Cheers mate. Colours I can't quite pin down yet. I keep thinking of a similar scheme to my 8th ed Slaanesh DoC but I also keep looking at the traditional DoK scheme and mixing it up just a little (darker red, contrasted with a cream/bone) ... but can't make my mind up yet. I also like the idea of mixing the two above and going for a turqiouse and blood red scheme........... Argh!
  14. Well, the 3 recent DoK videos have a lot to answer for! 3 Bloodcoven boxes and a hotline on standby for the new stuff (take my money!) and I seem to have started a new army...... I've been messing about with the bases, going for a ruined temple theme akin to the ones in the video. So like a lot of folk I imagine have been inspired by that vid. Ruined greco-roman columns, temple flooring - all with a hooks and barbs twist though! Morathi is super peed off so I want to reflect that in the architecture! First conversion is my Death Hag - a kitbash from Hellebron and the Yvrainne kits. You need to do a fair bot of chopping (including my thumb in this case!) to get the torsos to fit properly. I also removed all of the soulstones seeing as that's a Aeldari thing not an Aelf thang. I also thought they looked a bit foppish for this army. For the same reason I have shaved off all of the earings from the Witch Aelves. Anyways - there you go! I shall update some more as I go on on a fairly irregular basis. Next up I plan to assemble some Sisters. For more regular musings/micro updates you can follow me on Twitter @timfisher22
  15. Halfords primers

    Halfords Primers are tried and tested over many years by us hobbyists. The grey in particular is great. I haven't tried the black - as you say it isn't a part of the same range. I recently picked up some of their new 'camo' range (these aren't primers so will work like the GW colour sprays) and will be using the brown and khaki. GW sprays are good. Army Painter I cannot recommend. I've seen so many bobbly, powdery results from their sprays and from experienced hobbyists.