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  1. Caillum

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    The argument on Facebook is a bit hilarious. I don’t think a lot of people ever read it as triggering a 2nd Roused By Magic roll, but there’s probably enough evidence to send it to GW for their opinion... I bit the bullet and bought 4 boxes of Spite-Revenants for my Dreadwood list. Drycha has always been a favourite for me, so it is going to revolve around her Outcasts. I read the Josh Reynolds Eight Lamentations short story “The Tainted Axe” recently, and I really liked this quote: “It is not Alarielle’s song that they hear, but a rather more primal melody, and darker by far, sung by one whose will is as tangled as the roots of this forest. You know of whom I speak.” 👌
  2. Caillum

    I really hate to ask...

    I cannot express enough how awesome an idea this is! 🏆
  3. Caillum

    AoS 2 - Free Cities (Firestorm) Discussion

    I think that’s correct. Note that the only Allies you can take in a Free City Allegiance must be ones you can normally use as part of the city itself. Allies are part of the army, and a Free City army is made up of units with certain Keywords, so they must match up. eg. in a 2k game, you can have a Greywater Fastness army with the Free Peoples Faction (opening up Battleline Demigryphs & Greatswords) and then take 400 points of allies from the following list: Stormcast Eternals, Ironweld Arsenal, Collegiate Arcane, Wanderers, Dispossessed. Finally, you only get to use the Order Allegiance Abilities (plus the Greywater Fastness bonus). Also, new allies rules means only 1 in 4 units can be an ally, on top of the 20% of the points in Matched Play. What city are you looking into?
  4. Caillum

    What colour are your spirit hosts?

    Yeah, I’ve used Agrellan Earth and Martian Ironearth for Heresy models before - it is a really solid basing material. Need to dig out my old Vampire Counts bits and find some gravestones!
  5. Caillum

    What colour are your spirit hosts?

    I dusted off, re-based and painted this Spirit Host over the weekend. First WFB/AoS model I've painted since The World That Was! 😮 I tried to pick colours that would compliment the pale purple, hence the beige base and verdigris on the daggers. Not sure if the base will suit for an army, especially given the awesome bases we've seen in the previews (roses, gravestones, etc.), so it might get changed...
  6. Caillum

    Let's chat : Blades of Khorne!

    Gah! And I knew that too! Will need to rethink it. And I am definitely wanting to go for the wider Blades of Khorne list. Bloodletters are on my radar for sure - is it a safer bet to go for Murderhost? I’m thinking that 2 Battalions is pretty much a no-go. Also, I read through your 2 tactica articles - they were great! 👍 Yep, that sounds like a good idea! Will have to see if I can make it work...
  7. Caillum

    Let's chat : Blades of Khorne!

    Completely new to AoS, though I’m a long-time WFB, 40k and 30k player. I asked for some advice in the Order forum, and they suggested I take up Blades of Khorne. Who knew? 😂 Went and picked up the Starter Set, and have been furiously working on lists. I’m not committed to using everything from the box, but if there’s a good reason to, I may as well! As much as they might not be worth it, I want to give Khorgoraths a go! Only issue is getting bang-for-your-buck, ie. Skulltake. Is it worth it running 2 Battalions these days? Murderhost and Gore Pilgrims are clearly the best, so I tried getting one of them too. How does this look? Mighty Lord of Khorne: Slaughterborn; Mark of the Destroyer 140 Skulltake 200 • Bloodstoker: Talisman of Burning Blood 80 • 5 Skullreapers: Icon Bearer; Daemonblades; Soultearer 180 • 5 Skullreapers: Icon Bearer; Gore-slick Blades; Spinecleaver 180 • 5 Skullreapers: Icon Bearer; Gore-slick Blades; Spinecleaver 180 • 2 Khorgoraths 160 • 2 Khorgoraths 160 • 10 Bloodreavers: Icon Bearer; Hornblower; Meatripper Axes 70 • 10 Bloodreavers: Icon Bearer; Hornblower; Meatripper Axes 70 Gore Pilgrims 180 • Bloodsecrator: The Brazen Rune 120 • Slaughterpriest: Bronzed Flesh 100 • Slaughterpriest with Hackblade and Wrath-hammer: Bronzed Flesh 100 • 10 Bloodreavers: Icon Bearer; Hornblower; Meatripper Axes 70 1,990 points
  8. Caillum

    Finally starting AoS! Looking for advice.

    Lol, great responses so far in the Order forum! 😂 My fault for inviting it. I am really keen on Blades of Khorne @Roark. I have a pretty good theory of how they work, so maybe there’s merit there... Will dive in to the Chaos forum. I‘ve definitely considered the Starter Set @flemingmma. But the one negative thing about the it is that while it is great value, the monopose Stormcast aren’t ideal. The hammers on the Prosecutors are so much worse than the javelins, the Liberators don’t come with grandhammers, and there’s only 3 Retributors, so you have to grab the Start Collecting set or find 2 online. The Blades of Khorne stuff seems a lot easier to convert what you want out of it... Also, I have read a few times that the Firestorm Allegiances are not allowed a lot of the time. They don’t seem to be that broken when you’re only getting Grand Alliance benefits on top, especially when compared to some of the top-tier tournament lists. I suppose that will only be a hindrance for competitive gaming anyway. Anyone have any thoughts on the Vanguard Auxiliary Chamber?
  9. Hey all! It's taken me long enough, but I'm finally jumping aboard AoS. Never really managed to convince my mates to give it a solid shot. I want to go for something completely different to my old WFB armies (hordes). Having done Death & Destruction in the World That Was, it's time to start something for Order! I always spend an inordinate amount of time researching armies before I bite the bullet. Been listening to a lot of Podcasts and reading a lot of tactics, but I've never actually played yet. Right now I am interested in SCE Vanguard Auxiliary Chamber. The models are particularly amazing! Blightwar and the new Start Collecting Vanguard set offer a very cost-friendly way to start this force too, so here's a very early concept list. The Castellant is the odd one out, but ties in with the Gryph-Hound (which ties in with VAC). Dropping both of them could get me another 3 Longstrikes though... I'm trying to keep close to the VAC theme, but I am more than willing to accept any and all feedback. If it turns into a combined-arms-force, I'll still be happy. Allegiance: Stormcast EternalsLord-Aquilor (200)- General- Trait: Staunch Defender - Artefact: Mirrorshield - Gryph-Charger Trait: Aethereal StalkerNeave Blacktalon (120)Knight-Azyros (80)Knight-Venator (120)- Artefact: Luckstone Lord-Castellant (100)5 x Vanguard-Hunters (140)5 x Vanguard-Hunters (140)5 x Vanguard-Hunters (140)3 x Aetherwings (60)1 x Gryph-Hound (40)3 x Vanguard-Palladors (220)3 x Vanguard-Palladors (220)3 x Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows (180)Vanguard Angelos Conclave (200)Total: 1960 / 2000Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 107 For anyone who wants to suggest another Order force entirely, I'm also interested in Sylvaneth (especially Ironbark) or one of the Firestorm cities - there's something visually pleasing about multiple races all painted in the same scheme! And for anyone who wants to suggest our Chaotic foes, Blades of Khorne are very tempting... Thanks in advance!
  10. Over at Bolter & Chainsword, we have a annual donation drive. Works pretty well!
  11. Caillum

    Death listbuilding, Luthor Harkon style!

    I converted the models I have with Empire Militia and GW Zombies. They look pretty good on round bases. I counted them and I have 80 assembled. If I buy another 20 Zombies, I can add them to my 20 spare Militia, bumping the total to 120. Will I need that many, or is 2 hordes of 40 enough? I actually have an Ironblaster cannon I am converting into a Screaming Skull Catapult. I'm wondering - should I make two of them and put a Necrotect in-between them? Costs 160 points for 1 shot, but only 420 for 4 shots... I am unsure what to use the Kharibdyss for. Terrorgheist? Zombie Dragon? Warsphinx? Mourngul? Anyone got any ideas? It's a tall model with a small footprint, but I'll put it on the unit's normal base (whatever that ends up being). Finally, I forgot that I have 9 "Zombie Pirate" Ogres, which I intended for use as Crypt Horrors. They dish out respectable damage, so could they work? I'll take some snaps soon! In the meantime, how does this 2000-point list look? Luthor Harkon (Konrad von Carstein) Captain Drekla (Vampire Lord) Necromancer Necromancer Necrotect 20 Zombies: Standard Bearer; Noise Maker 20 Zombies: Standard Bearer; Noise Maker 20 Zombies: Standard Bearer; Noise Maker 20 Zombies: Standard Bearer; Noise Maker Screaming Skull Catapult Screaming Skull Catapult Rotting Leviathan (Terrorgheist) Corpse Cart: Unholy Loadstone; Corpsemaster's Lash Corpse Cart: Balefire Brazier; Corpsemaster's Goad 5 Dire Wolves 2 Bat Swarms Basic tactic is to have each Corpse Cart & Necromancer support a pair of Zombie units, which will horde up before combat. Luthor Harkon goes up the middle, hopefully helping buff said Necromancers and doing some actual damage. Captain Drekla will do the same for the other Zombie horde. Catapults tag up to 4 units a turn, knocking their Bravery down and helping the Terrorgheist kill even more brutally. Bat Swarms and Dire Wolves lend a hand where needed...
  12. Hey all! Been out of the game since AoS dropped, so I wanted to get some advice for building a thematic and effective Death army. I'm basing it off Luthor Harkon's Zombie Pirates (even if he didn't make it to the new setting). I have a good chunk of assembled and undercoated models on square WFB bases, which I'm starting to swap to rounds: - 2 Vampires on foot - 1 Necromancer - 30 Skeletons - 100-ish Zombies - 1 Corpse Cart - 10 Dire Wolves - 5 Bat Swarms - 6 Fell Bats - 1 Kharibdyss I intended to use the Kharibdyss as a Terrorgheist, representing an "animated hulk" of the depths. I want to add a Forge World Merwyrm as a second animated hulk, perhaps counting as a Zombie Dragon. I also have a few Empire cannons/mortars, which I wanted to use as Screaming Skull Catapults. I recently checked the Legacy Warscrolls, and I'm contemplating using Konrad. On Carstein's rules to represent Luthor Harkon. Any ideas or recommendations? I'm pretty keen to get my mates into AoS finally. Thanks in advance!