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  1. Well my friend argues that the Flamespyre Phoenix doesn't have to pay the points to bring it back once it's slain, so I suppose I've got a good argument for Ravager I've also had another thought while looking at the Warscrolls again. Does anyone think that Ardboyz 'Uge Choppas being a range of 1" is a misprint?
  2. I am getting a Witch Hunter's going to make me start a Realms of Renown Witch Hunter warband...
  3. Oooh that might be a better short term financial goal. It would also almost completely free up my gaming schedule...LVO, here I come!
  4. Gives me more time to remortgage, sell the car and get my wife and kids jobs to support the release
  5. Hi @Geoff Ozzy, welcome aboard! Da Boyz've been sharpenin' da Choppaz, ready to krump some pointy eared 'eadz in. Tonight Da Boyz are gonna roast marshmallows over da flames of a dead Flamespyre Pheonix and uvva panzee gitz! I love the idea of the Megabrute mob, I'm thinking I might give this a whirl tonight...though it is only a 1000 point game. My one question is on the Ravager command trait, where in the FAQ does it say it only applies to the Megaboss? I mean I see it on a read through of the rule, but it can be interpreted both ways. Giv'm da choppa! Dez
  6. The Winsor and Newton series 7 are the best, I feel like I've gone through a lot of brushes and they are my work horse. I use size 0 to 000 though masters brush cleaner is a must!
  7. Must be a tech dude thing, my trade too.
  8. I love the digital life...and this is coming from a bibliophile! I love that I can have a full library on all of my computers, iPhone, iPad...whatever.
  9. I am so giddy about High Tech Steam Stunties!
  10. So many I could do! I've wanted to recreate the Realm of Beasts for my Ironjawz, some crazy underground pier/factory for my Skaven, and I'm also mulling over an Ork 'Counts As' Genestealers, which would be lots of city/inside terrain with flickering lights and stuff and the Kommandoz sneaking around.
  11. Moneys in the bank!
  12. After setting a frenzied pace and then accidentally playing too much ESO, I'm going to get back to work again. Stupid car accident didn't help either. I've got more Skaven to share, some Blood Bowl coming in the near future, and a fun Orky project I've been mulling over
  13. I've been wanting to do this for years myself, it would be nice to get it done!
  14. When I make conversions, one of my first thoughts is 'What would Kurgan do?'. I can't love this thread enough!
  15. I'm a Yank on the internet 24/7 with moderator/admin experience if you need help too