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  1. We were just talking about this last night.
  2. I use a bit of everything GW paint I transfer to dropper bottles and put in a couple stainless steel bearings. i like the Reaper HD line a lot.
  3. Likewise, I'm convinced!
  4. Likewise, I'm convinced!
  5. I'd assumed it would be this one!
  6. Mine of everything
  7. MOAR 4chan info:
  8. You can also get magnetic sheets from places like Michael's. I also found heavy duty magnetic register covers, for the vents in floors that will work too
  9. No computer to get distracted with, I like it!
  10. Yup, I think I'll change my answer to 'Anchor from a Ship'....most likely Shadow Elf
  11. Looks to me like the background was removed with a graphics utility so we won't be able to discern something that was a dead giveaway. My vote is on Death Guard and Mortarion in particular.
  12. Actually Orks just believe their guns work, they don't bother with cleaning or even loading them I believe that I read that in the Xenology book. From what I recall, a group of Mechanicum were trying to figure out how to work an Ork gun to no avail and figured it was useless. An Ork prisoner got his hands on it and blasted everyone to pieces much to their surprise
  13. I have to say, I like the Look Out Sir rule. However I'd like 40k to go back to a wound allocation system like AoS has.