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  1. Are you afraid the Dwarf release will come up short? <boom>
  2. I've always loved the rugged Dwarf Rangers, so I'm totally on board! I do fear our traditional Dwarfs may be phased out. You also caught my intent with the Racksm that I didn't make clear, but I'd like to see some up armored mechanized Dwarfs that reflects what was done with Tir-na-bor in concept vs style. That armored chariot I forgot how much I loved it.
  3. I'm impressed, the paint job really saved this relic
  4. We use Github, perhaps appropriately named
  5. No, but I like it.
  6. That'd do for the Mortal Realms too.
  7. What's a Necromancers favorite game? Playing Dead! <boom>
  8. Painted some Blood Bowl Humans, I have Skaven and Dwarfs on deck!