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  1. Hello from Boise, ID

    Oi you lousy runt, it's Ug Thok!
  2. I Hate My Kharadrons

    KO are really strong, and they are finishing top 10. I just don't think there are as many players. Gary Percival has been a terror on the UK scene and has been placing very high with them.
  3. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    I concur with a lot of what FractalRain said. One thing I'll point out imo if you aren't taking 9 Endrinriggers with 3 Grapnels, you are really missing out. Absolutely swear by it. It will give you enough killing power to get things done, and it is super mobile. I've been playing with a unit like that an 3 Skywardens and it's been really great.
  4. I Hate My Kharadrons

    Some good advice here so far, I recommend dumping the 2 Endrinmasters for more Arkanaut Company. Get them up to a unit of 40, using your other 2 units as screens. This is when the Admiral shines, granting his Immune to Battleshock bubble. Place them strategically...I like to use denied flank/corner deployment. I'd also combine the Endrinriggers and take 3 grapnels in the big unit, which is a combined unit of 9 or 12. I've been experimenting with 9 and then having 3 Skywardens which works great. The Endrinriggers are your speed and threat, the Skywardens are speed and objective sitting with range. You need your Khemist to buff your Endrinriggers and the huge unit of Arkanauts. Otherwise...time for a trim, and work in a second Khemist. Your first turn needs to be your best, things need to die. Always take out the lynch pins of your opponents army first, which are usually the heroes. Ask how your opponents army works if you don't already know. I'd rather burn a turn of shooting killing off the Staunch Defender than trying to pick off other units, it's the force multipliers you need to be aware of. Like for Vanguard Wing, the key is killing the Prosecutors and stalling out their movement. I think the key here is in either low drop and alpha striking your opponent, or being able to weather the first round of shooting well enough to counter strike in your turn.
  5. GUO or Rotigus

    You'll be sold once you watch this video on the actual math of Casting or Charging on a 2d6
  6. Official Games Workshop on Twitch

    Yup! I'm just not so sure he was the one that steered things in this direction.
  7. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    I'm going to be trying taking multiple units of 3 Skywardens. Granted they can't be buffed by a Khemist, but they are harassment units that are fast. They can pick off heroes, block movement, and grab objectives. Also, if going with any foot troops, an Admiral becomes a must for Immunity to Battleshock.
  8. Official Games Workshop on Twitch

    Sorry @Twitch of Izalith but I have to disagree with your Kirby statement, he was at the helm driving things directly into the pram. Rountree came on board, and that's when we started seeing these changes. @Charles this can be true, but not in totality. There are plenty of people doing YouTube content for the love of it, Warhammer Weekly or Paul Conti on YouTube as off the cuff examples.
  9. Official Games Workshop on Twitch

    I miss Rob on WarhammerTV too, but I think the current crew is doing a great job. Painting with Duncan and Peachy is (sorry YouTube friends) more entertaining than anything I've watched on YouTube. GW is there to sell us stuff, but what I think is important to realize is they've turned around and are now showing us it's still their passion via the Community Team. I was so jaded with Games Workshop, adrift in a sea of other games before Rountree and the Community team. They've reignited my love and passion for all things Warhammer by showing their own love and passion. I feel like I've gone through The Great Depression into a new golden era, like I've gone from Torglug to Tornus. Also, BRING BACK EDDIE ECCLES!!!
  10. is there a TGA like forum for 40K?

    I haven't been doing forums much of late, but I used to like the friendly vibe of The Bolter and Chainsword. They used to be just a Space Marine site, but they opened up to encompass 40K http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/
  11. GUO or Rotigus

    I'd prioritize GUO as it can really up the power of your army as a whole with it's command ability, Bilesword and Bell. Where Rotigus comes in is if you are looking to do a 'Rain of Filth' list, where you are trying to maximize your Mortal Wound output. Maggotkin is a very interesting army, as it hits all the points for a top tier competetive army: Resilient, Speed, Board control. These things may have been pointed out already, I've been trying to digest the book in a vacuum so I don't get a tainted opinion and can hopefully find some different tricks/synergies that weren't thought of yet
  12. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    All foot KO are really good, the Endrinriggers Grapnel makes it so you have a fast unit or two to go grab objectives. You then sit your foot troops on some objectives while the light skyhooks just murder stuff right off the table. I've had good luck running small units of Skywardens to grab objectives too. That said, I'd love to see taking more ships be a better option, it's part of the army's fundamental theme!
  13. They have gone from laughable to...probable. 2d6 attacks hitting on 3's and wounding on 3's and d3 damage without needing line of site is good! Where it comes up short, is 18" of range and no rend. The other item to consider taking is a Rock Lobba or 3, they fill in all the weak spots and only cost 100 points.
  14. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    This was my first impression too, though I am interested to hear how multiple ships will do.
  15. Love them! It's fun to see all the kit bashing going on here. One small critique, they could use a tertiary color I think all the brown and metal are blending into one tone.