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  1. Don't get off track
  2. Now we're talking! I really like those, IG Grenade Launchers I'd recently gotten a bunch out to consider and now I'm sold
  3. Chaos Bikes are really due for an upgrade.
  4. A lot of people have been saying Orks, but I'm going to disagree. It's too clean a design for Orks.
  5. I'd proxy first if I were you. I jumped in with both feet, I love the Aesthetic
  6. In small units up to 6, just take saws. Team them up with some Arkanaut Company or Thunderers if you want to bring the rend. I just don't find that one shot hitting on 4's to be worth it. I hope you don't mind, but here is how I feel about Endrinriggers as copied from above (in short I think units of 9 with 3 Grapnels is best)
  7. At 5 models, if they get stuck in any combat they are dead. The other unit may live to use their Keep your Distance rule. Their range is really short too, so you can pretty much guarantee this will work once and they will die. I think the only thing worth putting in boats is Arkanaut Company and Endrinriggers (and maybe only Endrinriggers) or potentially Thunderers with Aether rifles. Thunderers are better off way in the back with a Khemist, Mortars and 36" range. Take this with a grain of salt, I've played a total of 5 games with them so far though in 3 of them I won a local tournament with my team mate.
  8. It's an interesting list concept, but I'm not so sure how well it would work. All the ships are 5+ saves, and the Gunhaulers only have 10 wounds. That's going to go pretty fast, and the healing only happens in your Hero phase. Ziflin would give you the ward save and healing, which might fit your concept better. Mhornar is great, but with the amount of damage the boats put's not going to be enough to really make a difference...though the Cannon hitting on a 3+ is nice. If you hit and wound with all your shots, that averages to only 12 damage from all the ships from Cannons... I'd think about not using that Battalion, because you'll have healing and a bit of an edge with with shooting...but it won't be enough I don't think. What you could do is make a super tugboat using the Iron Sky Command as well as Zilfin. Allegiance: Kharadron OverlordsSkyport: Barak-ZilfinLeadersEndrinmaster (140)- Artefact: Autotinkerer Arkanaut Admiral (140)- General- Trait: Doughty Champion Aether-Khemist (100)- Artefact: Autotinkerer Battleline20 x Arkanaut Company (240)20 x Arkanaut Company (240)10 x Arkanaut Company (120)Units6 x Endrinriggers (240)3 x Endrinriggers (120)3 x Endrinriggers (120)War MachinesArkanaut Ironclad (440)- Main Gun: Great Sky Cannon- Great Endrinworks: Incredible Self-healing HullBattalionsIron Sky Command (80)Total: 1980/2000 So with this list your healing is pretty substantial, and your list has enough shooting to be good to game. Healing/Defense: ironclad is a 4+ save and 18 wounds 4+ Regains a wound built in Batten the Hatches: Reroll saves of 1 Endinmaster Heals D3 Ignore mortal wounds on Skyvessels on a 6+ 3 units of Endrinriggers heal 1 wound each for a total of 3 Without our ships, we are naught: Reroll the dice for an ability that heals a Skyvessel once per battle 2 heroes with Autotinkerer heals 2 more wounds ona 4+ So that's tons of prevention, and the potential to regain 9 wounds per hero phase on your Ironclad. With the Ironsky Command, you are adding Trusted Bodyguard to keep your Heroes alive as well on a 5+ any wound or mortal wound goes to the Arkanaut Company instead of the hero. Doughty give the Admiral another chance to shrug off wounds on a 5+ The way I'd play it might change up a bit, depending on what scenario and army I was up against. More than likely, I'd deploy the Admiral with a unit of 20 and 10 Arkanaut Company nearby to make them immune to battleshock with his command ability. I'd put everything else on the ship, making this a 2 drop army. You can easily keep the Admiral on the ship too, making it so you can run 6" automatically and still shoot. Just something to consider
  9. Yeah they Volley Guns are very underwhelming, which is too bad because they look so cool!
  10. It's definitely stackable. What people are considering is, for how long
  11. That's exactly why I'm not so keen on the Aethercannon myself. I'd rather stick with Mortars on the back line somewhere and have 20 Arkanaut Company with Skyhooks popping out of boats to claim objectives.
  12. I have a 1000 points painted to tabletop so far, I need to update pics
  13. So if the Khemist buff is reduced to 1 per unit, I wonder how a unit of 20 Thunderers with Rifles would be jumping out of an Ironclad vs a unit of Aethercannons. PS my math is not terribly accurate but in the general ballpark 20 shots 12" range 4+ 2+ -2 d3 62 shots 18" range 3+ 4+ -1 1 Aethercannon: 10 hit 8 wound. 16 damage if there is a 5-6 save, 14 for a 4+ save Aether rifles: 40 hit 20 wound. 17 damage for 6+, 13 Damage for a 5+, 10 Damage for a 4+ Again, I'm doing the most basic of math at a glance. Aethercannons are better vs higher armor, but rifles have the better range and better at removing lower save infantry. Personally I'd probably just go with Arkanaut Company and more Endrinriggers
  14. That's temporary, I'm going to end up painting over it