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  1. GHB2017 - Rules questions collation thread

    Slaves to Darkness Daemon Prince is included in the Slaves to Darkness Pitched Battle profile, but does not have the Slaves to Darkness keyword. Does this lack of keyword in any way limit or impact the selection of Daemon Princes, or their roles regarding Command Traits or Artefacts, within a Slaves to Darkness army?
  2. Daemon Prince - Slaves to Darkness

    Daemon Prince is listed as part of the Slaves to Darkness pitched battle profiles. Daemon Prince does NOT have the Slaves to Darkness keyword. Obviously (to me) the intent is that you can take a Daemon Prince (or many!) as part of your Slaves to Darkness allegiance army. Does its lack of keyword make it technically not work, or is its inclusion in the pitched battle profile all it takes, keyword or no?
  3. Fall 2017 campaign

    I doubt that there is anyone here who wouldn't also have seen this elsewhere, but we're starting up a Fall 2017 modified Path to Glory campaign in Calgary on Sept. 28. Go on Facebook and look for "Alberta Age of Sigmar" or "The Ultimate Gamers" (that last one is trickier since there are other groups of the same name).
  4. Slaves - The Good, the bad, the ugly?

    I'm really considering Bullgor allies to bring in a bit of combat punch. That's the one thing really lacking in the list. The only thing in my collection of models with reasonable Rend or Damage is the Daemon Prince. Otherwise I'm grasping for Chosen for -1 Rend, or a couple Heroes here and there. So I'm looking at Bullgors with big Rend and big Damage (and decent movement) to punch some holes.
  5. I hope this works Ben. I've gone from 5 times a day to 2 times a month visiting the forum in the last half-year or so. Maybe this brings me back haha
  6. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Dumb (maybe) question. Aetherstrike Force. As far as I know, you can take the Stormcast Eternals with this formation and still count as Kharadron Overlords for allegiance purposes. Can the Knight-Venator be your general? Can he take KO abilities? Evidence: Looking at the Command Traits in the Battletome, it says "if they are a Hero, the general of a KO army can have..." Looking at Artefacts of Power, it says "If a KO army includes any Heroes, then one may bear an artefact of power." BUT then in the individual tables, it says "Any KO Hero can be given one of the following..." Thus, the way I read it. The Knight-Venator CAN be the general. He CAN take a Command Trait from the KO list. He CANNOT take an artefact of power. Seem right? (The reason I am figuring this out is that it looks like a minimum sized Aetherstrike Force plus a minimum sized Iron Sky Squadron adds up to exactly 2000 points, with no room for Heroes beyond the KV in the former.)
  7. Coalescence 2017

    Thanks gang, we had a grrreat day.
  8. Spring 2017 Campaign

    I've attached the campaign document (without scenarios, otherwise the same as on our Facebook group) for our Spring 2017 campaign. Mike Ultimate Gamers Spring 2017 Campaign.pdf
  9. Behold the Kharadron Overlords!

    Yeah I support a clean cut on the day that warscrolls are available in the app. Split it between pre- and post-.
  10. It's all about cycles of energy, zero mercy reduced hobby budget, and realistic expectations. Paint what you feel like, when you feel like it. Want to switch projects midway? SWITCH! Someday you'll switch back. Or not. Don't buy the newest filth just because it's the newest filth. Let aesthetics drive your choices at all times. Have a finished army? Play with it for a while, while your other projects meander toward completion, even if it is outclassed by the newest filth. Basically, just take it easy and do as much as you want to.
  11. That's actually the funny part - going from Orc to Orruk is actually dipping back in the Tolkien well for another drink, not moving away, the way Aelf and Duardin move away. I was listening to LotR audiobooks recently, and there are many call-outs to uruks and other similarly pronounced words.
  12. To this day I can't stop myself from saying Leadership instead of Bravery. It's just so automatic and I notice it after the fact and it angers me every time.
  13. Behold the Kharadron Overlords!

    Last time I was this hype was for the 8th Ed Dwarf book (and Irondrakes). It is possible that hype has exceeded.
  14. Behold the Kharadron Overlords!

    Well, he thought he had the high ground.
  15. Behold the Kharadron Overlords!

    I guess if he was an Aether Khemrist he could spray out skeletons...