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  1. I actually solved this with a hack: I take a few pictures of table and cards with my phone or tablet, at the end of the session. I only use the sheet to keep track of visited rooms, and only when players move between levels. It's simple, very quick and extremely reliable.
  2. Giac

    Exotic Adversary - Spirit Hosts

    Dude, where did you get the template for the adversary warscroll? I'm using a bastardized hero card template atm, it would be nice to have a more consistent look...
  3. Giac

    Silver tower vs shadow over hammer

    Hammerhal has 1 campaign with 8 dungeons, plus the city minigames that can be accessed from most levels. Replayability of the specific campaign depends a lot on your players' curiosity and hunger for power-play; it's likely you won't see all rooms, or even all levels (and certainly not all treasures and skills) in one single run; some players will like to re-run the story while starting at a higher skill level. This said, after one pass my kids went straight to "here's a dungeon I designed, can we play it please" which is really what opens the floodgates to infinite replayability. It does need a player to sacrifice as gamemaster though, playing adversaries and managing the map (and likely writing dungeons, in the long run, as I'm doing atm). Silver Tower's dungeons, from what I understand (I don't actually own it) are randomly generated while fitting in an overall story that repeats ad infinitum. Hence no two runs are the same. The game is fully cooperative, no gamemaster required, all players are on the same page. The community is also somewhat bigger, since the game was released more than a year ago to wide acclaim; Hammerhal is a more traditional gameplay so it got a bit less publicity (this said, last I checked it had a higher score on BoardgameGeek).
  4. They are very different, it depends on what you think your family would appreciate more. Shadespire will likely be something more in tune with the card-game crowd, 1v1 and competitive between each player. I don't see your wife getting into this sort of thing (unless she already is a Magic player or something), but your kid might like it. Silver Tower is cooperative and allows for more players, you can invite your son's friends and so on. Everyone is on the same page, so it might be easier to involve a spouse. The same is true for Shadows Over Hammerhal, which is more RPG, although one person has to be a Dungeon Master (likely yourself). The rules are not very complicated but might take a bit to digest if your kid is smaller than 8 or so. ST and SOH both pack a lot of miniatures, so if you have a strict "no-unpainted" ethos, it will take a while before you can actually play. I think their overall scale is on a different level from what Shadespire will likely be, and this also involves having more fluff and being more immersive.
  5. Second level also done. This is very "roleplayed" so I don't think it needs much testing. For the record, all files and sources can now be found at https://github.com/toyg/whq_quests/tree/master/Training_day 2a - forge.pdf 2b - forge_rooms.pdf
  6. First level done. There are a few Treasures and even one Artefact to find, all regenerative stuff that should help players survive as they gain skills. Adversaries are low-level and in low numbers, although you can multiply Bloodreavers with Khorne Calls if players start more powerful than base, and Acolytes can spawn Pink Horrors. I'm going to give it a go with the kids in the next few days and see how it fares. Hope you like it! 1 - warehouse.pdf
  7. I also have an idea for a possible sequel, where the party must descend to rescue somebody and then ascend again, but I should probably finish this first
  8. Yeah this is just the start, with background and somewhat-themed levels; as I type it all up in the PSD templates I'll put in all adversaries, unexpected events etc. I will stick to the Hammerhal set for big bosses, but will put in plenty of space for exotics - the scenario of a building being looted by a bunch of loosely connected baddies should leave ample space for variety.
  9. I've started working on a custom Hammerhal campaign, with 5 levels. However, I'm not particularly familiar with the AoS fluff and armies, so I wonder if I made any obvious mistake in laying down the background. Can anyone have a look and let me know if there's anything obviously wrong in the overall scenario? The idea is to give players a few levels to optionally stock up on gadgetry, and then hit them with the big baddies as they fight to crawl their way out. I'll probably modify the stairs placement because at the moment they're a bit random; the idea is to have a series of continuous flights plus some back-entrances. Eventually I'll type it all up in the templates others have posted, and upload it somewhere. Any help is welcome! Training Day.docx
  10. A friendly guy on BoardGameGeek posted a useful PSD template to create custom Hammerhal dungeons. It has all the tiles as layers, plus the various tables you need (ambush etc). He created the files in Photoshop, but I opened them with GIMP without any problem. Link to the forum post: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1826524/hammerhal-map-making-kit Link to the current release: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w40movpo4mxkns5/Hammerhal quest building psd.rar?dl=0
  11. Giac

    Hammerhal - fighting through doors

    Yes, but now that I think of it, I might not have applied it to enemies, assuming they spot the party as soon as the door is opened. If they don't, it gives the party more of an incentive to step in, I guess.
  12. How do you guys handle fighting through doors? The rules are not clear on this point. Until now I let my players fight through doors, but this means they tend to just "swat": Lord-Castellan opens the door and moves away, then Cogsmith and Loremaster shoot the ****** out of whoever is in the room, then the Fleetmaster jumps in to clear up (and only because he's otherwise useless). We experimented one session with forbidding fighting through doors, but then it became hard for players to actually justify starting the fight. I feel like I'm doing something wrong but I'm not sure what...
  13. Giac

    Stormcast Liberator

    That's really good for a first model! Your son must be quite happy with it.
  14. Giac

    Hammerhal - Ambush helper

    Someone asked for a Silver Tower version so here it is, although it lacks pics and action names because I don't (yet) have the actual game, someone just gave me the ambush rules. I've also tweaked the one for Hammerhal to allow for different chances of ambush happening, which seems to be a popular tweak to the rules (the default 1 in 6 is indeed a bit low). I renew my invite for better pictures, which I'm happy to clearly credit / link
  15. Hi, I started playing Hammerhal with my kids, and they love it, but I found myself hating the ambush rolls - I constantly have to scramble for tables, doing multiple rolls etc. So I made a simple webpage to help me: http://static.pythonaro.com/ambushwhack/ It rolls for ambush, then for the type of adversary, then for the quantity, then for surprise, and if surprised it also runs for behaviour - so I only have to pick up the miniatures and look up the behaviour table. I made buttons big enough to be usable from phone/tablet and added iOS icons so I could "add to home screen" on my phone and it looks like an app. For fun I added some pics of my unpainted miniatures - I'm ****** at painting so if anyone wants to send me pics of theirs I'd be happy to replace mine. I hope it can be useful to others! Any feedback is more than welcome. I've not dabbled in GW miniatures for 20 years and it's been a lot of fun to pic the hobby up again...