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  1. Yeah, that was it. I guess it's dead now. There are vague references to the existence of other systems out there, but there don't seem to be any links to any of them. Since Hinterlands is gone, does anyone know of alternatives?
  2. I recall there being a fan-made skirmish campaign system that I believe was stickied here, but I can't find it. Does anyone remember what this was called and know where to find it?
  3. Malign Portents

    Yes, I think the Malign Portents book is worth it and I have purchased it. I was referring to the Realmgate Wars. It's the Realmgate Wars books that don't make a strong enough case for purchasing them unless you love story, art, and game (which not everyone does).
  4. Malign Portents

    Sure, it just wasn't a good value. If you love the story, the art, and the game content then it's a good purchase. But if you aren't interested in one or more of those, it doesn't really make the case for spending the $60. If they could offer something like the Realmgate Wars books for a more reasonable price, that would be the best, but if they can't then I think what they are doing now with Malign Portents is better. Those interested in story can buy the novels, those who are more into the gaming can buy the MP book, and those who want both can buy both. I'm not sure where people who are into the art go; maybe they need to make graphic novels?
  5. Free Cities Abilities - What's the beef?

    I never purchased the Firestorm box. I recall there was some discussion over whether these abilities required painting units a certain way. Did this turn out to be the case? If so, that might explain why they aren't used much even in tournaments that don't ban them.
  6. Adding more complexity to the game? No thanks.
  7. I love the models, but I am so turned off by the vulgar, offensive, and frankly childish, "violence and profanity" approach to their marketing that I find myself unwilling to support the project. If the game succeeds and the models one day become available, I might purchase it for the models. But I couldn't bring myself to support the creation of this product.
  8. ITC AOS (USA)

    What is the 40K LVO debacle everyone is referencing?
  9. Destruction. Primarily Beastclaw and other assorted ogres.
  10. Malign Portents

    Perhaps the greatest example of player-driven global narratives is what AEG pulled off in the initial storyline of Legend of the Five Rings. This guy goes into the details of how that all worked, but he takes a very long time doing it: I think there are elements of what AEG accomplished with that game which would work well for AoS. Especially relevant is what they did with the Day of Thunder. They had a different story progression written up for each faction and held a story tournament during which each of those possible story progressions were burned as their faction failed to qualify for the next round. At the end, the last remaining envelope was opened and read; the ending of that story arc having been determined by the winner of the story tournament. I don't think a tournament is the way to go with AoS because this isn't a CCG. But perhaps a series of "story events" featuring narrative campaigns with unique battleplans that are kept under wraps until the day of the event might work. This could even be a narrative event that is held in all the GW stores, so that everyone can participate.
  11. If you decide to make such fundamental changes to the way AoS is played, make sure you clearly advertise those changes in all of your advertisements. I would be quite upset if I arrived at an event and discovered they had made major changes to the way the game works. I would rather know ahead of time so I don't waste my time preparing for an event I'm not interested in. If this is a closed group and their dislike of the double turn is unanimous, go ahead and change it. But chances are most people are fine with it and the "few players" who have a problem with it just need to learn to live with the fact that this is the way the game works.
  12. Losing Battalion Drops

    I don't think it's about deploying "fast". I think it's a matter of being deployed "together". I don't consider deployment in AoS part of the battle; I consider it part of pre-game setup. Thus, I don't think we should imagine deployment as something that "is occurring" any more than we should imagine that during the setup of terrain, the terrain is actually appearing on the battlefield. Thus speaking of it in terms of "speed of deployment" doesn't make sense to me. These are aspects of pre-game setup which I wouldn't expect to be part of any narratives. Deploying a battalion together doesn't represent them being faster, it just represents the fact that they are organized into one unit that gets deployed together. The weirdness doesn't come from deploying a unit together; the weirdness is that this has anything at all to do with initiative / turn order.
  13. Losing Battalion Drops

    Do generals deploy individual squads? Do they deploy by the Platoon? No...generals deploy companies (well, technically colonels do, generals wouldn't be involved at the low levels AoS is played at). Why do they deploy companies? Because that's how the army is organized. The fact you trained to be a specialized battalion tells me that these units are organized in such a way that they are deployed as one unit. In other words, the general looks at his map and he's no saying "let's deploy platoons Alpha, Bravo , and Charlie, to this location and platoons Echo, and Foxtrot over there"; he says "let's deploy the Skyborne Slayers to this location and the Pilgrimage of Wrath to this one over here". It's just a matter of organization. They are deployed as a unit because that's how they are organized; into one unit. They aren't just a squad of this and a squad of that; they are organized into a one unit, so that's how they will be deployed.
  14. Losing Battalion Drops

    I like the idea of dropping battalions in one go because it makes more sense; these are units that support each other and work together as one. It's only an issue because of the rule about choosing who goes first. I would rather that the person who goes first be determined randomly regardless of who finished setting up their units first.
  15. Excellent, thanks! BTW, why would you varnish between paint stages? What benefit are you getting from that?