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  1. Terrain Storage Solutions?

    Storage is fine, I just have it all on a shelf. It's the transportation that is tricky.
  2. Forgeworld in AoS tournaments

    Probably. I suppose it depends on the store. But GW stores tend to have 1 or 2 tables; they can't support a lot of gaming. So, thinking through this as if I were a manager, if you're going to be taking up space in my store with your a Forgeworld army that doesn't make me any money, I'd rather you go somewhere else so tables can be available for players who actually buy their armies in my store.
  3. Forgeworld in AoS tournaments

    I doubt it. My local GW also limits Forgeworld models, although the limit is not zero. I believe the limit is 10% per army. Having a few Forgeworld models is fine, but a Legion of Azgorh army is out of the question. The way corporate has built in their incentives encourages stores to place such limits.
  4. The problem with the recommended questions is that, unless you are talking to an experienced tabletop wargamer, they aren't going to have a correct response to most of those questions. Prior to actually trying it out, I thought that since I don't have an artistic bone in my body and have never enjoyed: drawing, coloring, painting, or any other visual art, I would not enjoy painting miniatures; I was wrong. I also thought I liked gunlines. I was wrong about that too. They aren't even going to be in a position to say whether they will wind up enjoying competitive environments or narrative environments more, nor will they know which environments are actually available in their area. Rule of cool is one of the few things they do know for sure. It also happens to be one of the most important aspects of the hobby; so I think responding with the rule of cool is the best move in most situations. Seasoned tabletop wargamers are going to ask different questions than beginners do and you won't need this response for them. They will already have some idea of what they like and the kind of questions they need to ask to figure out which army is right for them.
  5. Army Paint Schemes for rules

    It’s a sensible change but now they have accidentally disinsentivized painting things according to lore. It’s in your best interest to go with a custom scheme now. This is a welcomed development as far as I’m concerned, but probably not what they intended. Their painting suggestions are now “do not paint this way” lists instead.
  6. Open War Cards - Your Thoughts?

    I have never liked the idea of Sudden Death. I would rather just ensure that games are never so lopsided that you need to use these. I think the battleplans from the various books are far superior to what you could get out of these cards. But where they really shine is with the ruses; I love the ruse cards.
  7. I wouldn't want any changes. The only change that really interests me is taking away the ability for people to influence who gets the first turn. But I'd rather that be accomplished by changing the matched play battleplans so that in the setup section they all say that you roll to see who gets to choose whether they go first.
  8. Games Workshop isn't going to create new rules for our own custom armies. Neither are we likely to find opponents who are OK with letting us come up with our own rules for them. So it makes sense to pick whatever rules for a force come closest to our vision for our armies. We shouldn't view rules that are for a specific force as being unique to only that specific force and no one else anywhere in the realms. We should view that specific force as an example of the kind of force you would apply those rules to. If this were the world that was, I think it would make a lot of sense to say things like, "only Franz' royal guard have demigryphs fast enough to take that battalion." But in this infinite multiverse I don't see the case for saying no one else could do X or Y. The setting should be the baseline from which we build our own forces, our own armies, our own stories, it should not be a set of chains that tie you to building and painting a certain way in order to have the kind of army you want.
  9. Fyreslayers in Destruction?

    If they'll fight for anyone, they should have been included in every faction's list of allies.
  10. Yeah, I hate it when people just assume it's ok to measure base to base. The rules say model to model!
  11. I'm sorry I ever asked this question. It's unfortunate the admins decided to let this nonsense continue. This wasn't my intention.
  12. What if the rule is that to qualify for a certain allegiance the models must be painted a certain way? ADMIN EDIT : This is a split thread from the Firestorm Season of War book.
  13. Afterlife & Souls

    They didn't worship any of them in the way we think of it. Unless you were part of a specific cult, you didn't so much worship the gods, you appeased them. You performed the sacrifices and rituals because you wanted what that god could offer (fertility, good fortune, success in battle, love, etc.) or wanted to prevent calamities (famine, infertility, invasion, etc.) should that god be angered and lift their favor from you. We still see these kinds of practices today in parts of the Hispanic world that had a strong Catholic influence (Latin America, Portugal, Spain, etc.). There is a thriving market in the sale of candles with the image of specific saints and prayers to that saint. If you need help with your family, you worship St. Joseph; if you need protection from evil, you light a candle to Saint Michael the Archangel; if you need money or a job you might make a shrine to St. Judas Thaddeus. You also might perform devotion to your town's patron saint on his feast day or keep a charm on your person honoring the patron saint whose feast day coincides with your birth date. These saints are not worshipped full time by the vast majority of people; they are turned to at the appropriate time to achieve the desired effect. This is very similar to how pagan practices worked. If Warhammer followed human history, most mortals would worship a variety of gods throughout the year and depending on what they needed. If a family member were sick, perhaps you may sacrifice to Nurgle in the hopes that he would withdraw the illness. If a loved one died perhaps a ritual to Nagash to earn your loved one peace in death, or perhaps there would be a ritual to Sigmar in the hopes your loved one would be elevated to the ranks of the Stormcast Eternals. Before a battle, you might perform rituals to Khorne and, perhaps as the chaos god of change, Tzeench would be the focus of rite of passage rituals. Clearly, the Warhammer world isn't designed with that in mind; but that would be the more historically plausible way mortals would worship the gods. You would still have your cults to specific gods, but the vast majority of people would see the gods as beings that must be appeased and/or can provide help in times of need. You don't turn to them because you can relate with them, but because you need their help at the moment or are afraid of them.
  14. Yup. Which will be everything Skaven, Beastmen, Nurgle, etc... If they release a Clan Verminus book or a Skaven book or something like that with new allegiance abilities and artifacts then it might be worth reconsidering, but for now there's no real advantage to limiting your army to one clan unless you were using one of the two clans that does have their own abilities in the generals handbook, or you don't want to use Clanrats and needed something else to be battleline.
  15. First of all, that battalion doesn't have points so you can't use it in matched play. Everything I say below is said with the understanding that the list above is just a list and not a battalion. The difference if it were a matched play battalion is that everything in it would have the verminus allegiance. Allegiance is described in page 116. It's pretty straight forward, look at the keywords in your war scrolls, whatever keywords they all have in common are your allegiance options. If you are using allies then 80% of your points need to share that keyword and the other 20% must have keywords that are valid allies for that faction. Your army qualifies for Skaven and Chaos allegiance. You might be able to figure out to qualify for Verminus allegiance depending in whether those weapon teams are 20% or less of your points (then they would be allies). There wouldn't be any advantage to that since the advantage to having verminus allegiance is that you can use stormvermin as battleline and you're using clanrats anyway (which is battleline for any Chaos army). So, you have Skaven allegiance. But Skaven allegiance doesn't offer any allegiance abilities or artifacts so you'll be using the ones for Chaos. That being the case, there is no functional difference between Skaven allegiance and Chaos allegiance so feel free to throw in any other Chaos stuff that might fit your army and just say it's a Chaos army.