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  1. I saw that there is a new green colour at the GW store. I happen to have picked up an Ork starter box for 40K and have not chosen a paint scheme yet. Has anyone seen or used this colour? Is it a good colour for Ork skin? Does anyone foresee using this colour any time soon? What would you use it for?
  2. I think I would just stop playing in this situation. Why would you want to play with someone who considers this fun?
  3. Do you consider lahmian medium at least as good as water for those purposes?
  4. Well, what is the reason that people encourage you to always thin your paints?
  5. I just want to thank everyone who replied. This is by far the most useful thread I have ever participated in. I put some of these recommendations into practice the very same day I started the thread and have used the medium in various ways every day since then. There is one more thing I'd like to understand better. I've watched countless youtube videos which extol the value of thinning your paint. They all encourage you to thin with water. I've been doing this ever since watching those videos, and have created a wet palate. My question: is "thinning your paint" with the medium of equal or greater value to thinning with water? If so, why wouldn't you do this all the time? Why use water or a wet palete at all? If not, what's the difference between thinning with water and with medium?
  6. Where do you get an empty dropper bottle?
  7. Do you then thin it out with water like you would if it were paint straight out of the jar? or you don't use water at all for such an application? Thanks for the info!
  8. Yeah, I would move on too. I don't think we have anything to worry about though. It's clear from how they have been training their managers that this is a top-down company-wide commitment to putting streamlined casual gaming up front and leaving crunchy competitive tournament stuff in the background. For them to change, they would need to either ditch their CEO (who has been doing a phenomenal job) or end up going down that route accidentally through rules creep.
  9. How many forums do you post the exact same thing on ?
  10. What kind of base to medium ratio do you use for such an application?
  11. Maybe like a...."battleplan of the week"? Have people e-mail you battleplans and then publish your favorite every Friday. That could be done on wordpress or some other blogging platform quite easily. That's actually a great idea! Not as good as what I had originally envisioned, but far more do-able. Of course it depends on whether people would actually e-mail you any battleplans.
  12. Thanks guys and possibly gals, but to someone as new to painting as I am, a lot of the things you are saying still don't mean anything to me. I am still filled with questions. Why would you want to water down a wash even more than it already is? When might I want to do this? Thanks, I will look at the Nagash video when I get a chance (no access to Youtube at the moment). It "works wonders" doing....what exactly? What's the purpose of doing this? As to the former (using it for bone and flesh colours), what do you mean? What's wrong with using just a bit of water? As for the latter (thinning washes), Lahmian seems to be thicker than washes, not thinner, and it seems making a wash even thinner would diminish your control, not increase it; do you really mean to thicken it? To increase its viscosity? By "create glazes", do you mean to take an existing color and make it more translucent?
  13. I doubt GW would want it since they are still invested in selling you battleplans.
  14. Yeah. I could do that or actually paint more models. If I monetized it, it might make it worthwhile, but I have a strong suspicion Games Workshop would send a cease and desist. has to be someone with the free time, love of web design, and passion for the game to actually do this as a labor of love. Maybe some college student who uses this as a school project or as a means to teach himself web design?