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  1. SugarMaple82

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    I'm also very curious where these points drops are if the pms are being sent! Anyone know how much varanguard got dropped?
  2. SugarMaple82

    New edition, new army?

    With the changes we've seen, I'm actually really excited to use mixed chaos with some realm specific items/spells. Top prospects are Be'lakor on a balewind (if it actually changes to 8 or less wounds rather than limiting monsters) throwing out some endless spells and a detachment of a chaos lord of slaanesh on a daemonic mount and 5-10 chaos knights for the double pile in on the charge. Also if Varanguard get a little price decrease I think they'll be a strong addition to any mixed chaos with the 4+ against spells which will probably be incredibly common.
  3. SugarMaple82

    Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    Has anyone actually tried out a Shadowhammer Compact? I have never personally used any stormcast - so I'm not sure how well it would work or what loadouts to use for them, but the battalion seems like it has potential for small drops and some cool shenanigans when combined with the Slaughter Queen command ability. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the battalion ability doesn't appear to be a command ability so double pile ins in the hero phase for buffed witch elves seems cool. Current idea is : Khailebron Characters: Slaughter Queen (general, Mistress of Illusion, Amulet of Dark Fire, Catechism of Murder) - 100 Hag Queen on a Cauldron of Blood (Blood Sigil, Sacrament of Blood, Crimson Rejuvenation) -300 Battleline 2x5 Liberators - 100 each 2x20 Witch Elves - 200 each Other Units 5 Doomfire Warlocks (mind razor) - 160 10 Khinerai Heartrenders - 160 10 Blood Stalkers - 320 5 Judicators (could be 10 here and 5 blood stalkers, but I don't really know what weapon(s) to use/if they're better) - 160 3 Prosecutors (probably javelins) - 100 Battalion Shadowhammer Compact - 80 Total points - 1980 Total Drops - 3
  4. SugarMaple82

    Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    Is the bloodwrack sisterhood still useable with the army? It doesn't seem the most useful, but would help to reduce drops drastically for my list. It requires a "death hag" which doesn't actually exist anymore, but the battalion still has points in the Azyr app
  5. SugarMaple82

    Daemon Cohort of Tzeentch

    Am I able to use the Daemon Cohort of Tzeentch battalion while keeping the Tzeentch allegiance? It is technically under the Daemons of Chaos allegiance in the Azyr app and it won't allow me to add it. Also clarification for the battalion - when it says "set the unit up with its starting number of models" do you pay the reinforcement cost? It seems like you would not, but I would like to clarify.
  6. If a LoC casts Infernal Gateway and the Blue Scribes learn the spell, what damage roll does it need? (Infernal Gateway scales what roll you need to do damage based on how many wounds have been done to the Lord of Change)
  7. SugarMaple82

    Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    Clarification on the Changehost rules - if you summon in more models that would fit with the host, can you then swap with them? Ie. My lord of change summons in a unit of pink horrors and then immediately swaps and can cast his next spells? Also how does this look as a list: Lord of Change - 300 Rod of sorcery, Incorporeal Form, Wellspring of Might and Firestorm Demon Prince of Tzeentch - 160 Sentient Weapons, Bolt of Tzeentch Herald of Tzeentch - 120 undecided spell 3x 10 Pink Horrors - 120 each undecided spell 2x10 Blue horrors - 50 each 6x Flamers - 360 Burning Chariot - 160 Soul Grinder - 280 Daemonbone Talon Changehost - 160 Points 2000/2000
  8. SugarMaple82

    Shadespire Warband Wish List

    Some kind of dark aelf shade unit would be sweet, similar to the old school Mengil's Manflayers - I haven't tried out Shadespire but would definitely buy/run the unit in matched as a regiment of renown
  9. SugarMaple82

    Slaanesh Cavalry Army Concept (2k)

    Again, I'd think the charges may help with that, especially because you can charge during the hero phase - MW helps to clear out the front line and then you charge in the charge phase to reach the targets you're actually aiming for. With such a heavy cav list, the MW to clear the front line is actually what made me look at the battalion.
  10. SugarMaple82

    Slaanesh Cavalry Army Concept (2k)

    I think so, the possibilities with marauder horsemen sounds awesome in my mind. Also with a unit of 10, knights, adding d6 mortal wounds to the charge sounds really strong to tear through hordes since the list is lacking in objective holders
  11. SugarMaple82

    Slaanesh Cavalry Army Concept (2k)

    I have a similar list idea that I'm working on, it seems pretty easy to do to start the turn Lord on a Daemonic Mount -6" -> Knights-6"-> Lord of Slaanesh for the command phase, get both buffs on the 10x knight unit and you keep the buffs during the combat phase, even if the lord are within 12" of each other edit: key to note the Daemonic mount lords are the same cost so it doesn't mess with the list besides that
  12. SugarMaple82

    Slaanesh Cavalry Army Concept (2k)

    Doesn't Ruinbringer require a Lord of Chaos on a Daemonic mount? It's not bolded so I don't know that you can replace with a Lord of Slaanesh on a Daemonic Mount. If that's true, I would recommend combining 1 unit of knights to 10 and keep a lord on each side so you can double command one unit for a massive turn
  13. SugarMaple82

    Let's chat : Slaanesh

    Looks great! What's the consensus on Exalted Seeker chariots vs normal Seeker chariots - debating picking up the kit and unsure if I want the 2 small ones or the one big guy?
  14. SugarMaple82

    Let's chat : Slaanesh

    How does Devotee of Torment stack with the Daemon Prince rule of being able to cut in before they attack, can you pile in from 6" before they attack for an ambush?
  15. SugarMaple82

    Let's chat : Slaanesh

    I'm actually fluctuating the list between that one and dropping the hellstriders to 5 and adding a herald for inspiring presence on my daemonettes. The 1250 is the high end of 1000 pts in the azyr app which my group normally uses. I didn't think of chaos knights as taking too much damage and hellstriders are more likely to charge and either crush something or die trying in this list so I didn't consider them - with only 10 models if I lose enough to take battleshock they're pretty much toast anyways right?