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  1. Rhivan

    Lets Chat: Darkling Covens

    I did not know that. I just used the deepkin bases because it was either that or square.
  2. Rhivan

    Lets Chat: Darkling Covens

    @Twitch of IzalithThe thralls and reavers are great for their legs and kitbashing potential. As for using the Black guard heads I have not. I don't really care for them and they have relatively stationary plumes on their heads which would make any dynamic cloth flying around (and the deepkin having a lot) just look off. So I have 20 (about to be 30) blackguard heads I'm just gonna be sitting around with.
  3. I'll probably be using them as Blackguard considering I have a bunch of executioners above. I'd like to be able to play Age of Sigmar with them sometime
  4. Well it's been a long time since I've last posted here, and it's not the same thing that I posted before but I have some death elves (I plan on having spirit hosts fly around these guys).
  5. Rhivan

    Lets Chat: Darkling Covens

    I'll agree with you they are a bit fantastical (which is why I've decided to start darkling covens myself) but they make really cool conversion fodder at least for us
  6. So I finished the other squad of 5 Hope you guys like it! I gave one guy a shield simply to see how it looks and him walking forward halberd ready was too cool for me not to use.
  7. I can easily glue the sheathes on since they are from the High elf and dark elf kits. I'll paint everything first. thanks for the suggestion. These guys are using Coldone/Drakespawn Knight torsos, although I'm currently working on the other 5, and because I didn't have another set of Cold One Knight Torsos I'm borrowing some from the Dreadlord kit.
  8. So I got some new conversions for everyone to look at and I can assure you all you've never seen anything like them . I have 5 more to build and they are all not quite done yet as I plan on putting some spirit hosts flying around them as well. So I tried to make these guys look almost like a royal guard or battlemages, I'm really hoping it comes through for these guys. (I also may start trying to write fluff for my AoS army and post it here. While all of these guys already have fluff in the works for 40k most of it can actually be translated to AoS so you can look forward to that coming in the future ) Tell me what you guys think, I'm really looking forward to reading everyone's opinions EDIT: Think I should add sword sheathes to them? I have quite a few.
  9. So the Luminarch + Screaming Bell sounds awesome, but I understand why that is on the backburner. As for the deepkin thralls will you be putting the SoS helms on them? (another thing you could do is paint their bare torso in the same metal you do the rest of their armor, and mention how beautifully crafted their armor is to match the elven body. Just a thought though) Anyway looks like your plate is pretty full, and thanks for telling us As for the Melusai I really do like them the gold and white style of your scheme works really well with them. Although the blue is new (it looks good, it pops a bit and stands a little on it's own in the scheme?)
  10. Rhivan

    Order Serpentis

    Those look fantastic! The crossbows look far better on dynamic models
  11. I may have to look at Lahimian medium then as your shrine of khaine looks lovely Kitbashing for your Leaders is always a ton of fun, and I'm glad you finally got to do so! As for names Ritter Skit the Quick popped into my head.
  12. I'd love to keep em coming but I'm facing the teensy tiny problem that I can't get more Executioners. As I plan on using their heads for a lot of things (That and Shadow Warrior heads, need lots of them too) so currently I have tons of plans and perhaps half the models/bits necessary to carry them out lol. The Wych Cult conversions are something I'm really happy with! Especially since they were made outta spare parts (except for the hoods but it fit too well not to give them hoods, I just need to get more now (Heads are my worst enemy, or lack thereof)) as for what they are supposed to be... They are kinda filling a limbo for me in 40k (which is what I primarily play because of my LGS and friends) but I'm open to suggestions for what they could be in AoS since I WANT to get into AoS. (As for more pics they are on my painting list so when I start doing them I'll post some extra pics) Thanks man! I'm really happy with how the executioners came out. They are the first models I've painted and I'm really proud of em!
  13. So I finished painting my first ever models a month back (the Executioners), and since I was on TGA I thought I might as well show the update as well as some of the other stuff I've done. Also Kramer sorry for never responding to you but thank you and I agree the legs make the models flow so much better.
  14. Rhivan

    Dynamic Dark Aelves Help

    Well if you want them to be a bit more dynamic and you are willing to borrow from the Dark Eldar then you can always use Kabalite Warrior legs, or Wych legs on the spearmen or really whatever model you want to use.. If you want something from AoS then Black Ark Corsairs are a good idea. If you want an example of how DE stuff works with Kabalite legs here is the conversion I did for executioners from my log
  15. This is all beautifully done, not to mention inspiring. I really do love looking at the progress you've made on this log and I can't wait to see what you are gonna do next (speaking of which any plans you have that you wanna share? ) Edit: I wanna add that I love what you did to the bleakswords, I find them a really dull looking unit normally but with a simple headswap and a great paint job you have me interested in the model now