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  1. Rhivan

    AoS 2 - Daughters of Khaine Discussion

    So I've been looking at the Blood Coven box, and now it is missing. Does anyone know anything about that?
  2. Your army looks absolutely stunning the conversions are fantastic, and I love the blue you've done.
  3. I really love the conversions man and the blue on the skeleton/wraith is amazing! How did you do it?
  4. Rhivan

    Realm of Chaos Style Grand Alliance Chaos Army

    These look fantastic! I'm really enjoying your chaos conversions. The Elven ones, and the new Slaanesh Stormcast are my favorite.
  5. Rhivan

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    Khalidia, Isabella and Neferata were together when the world ended in the end times right?
  6. Rhivan

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    While I do agree Age of Sigmar needs new characters I still want the story of many of the old ones to live on. With Vlad & Isabella it makes sense that they can (via nagash) and they are beloved characters that I'm sure everyone would be happy to see return. Especially if they can set the narrative right to make them fit in the current world... realm. Which is why I mentioned my theory on Vlad being a stormcast as it would really solidify Isabella as mortarch of grief (and explain why we don't have a Vlad mortarch yet...) and make them both fit and allow us to see the couple reunited one day. To go back to the new characters of nighthaunt we have 3 characters for the faction so we are getting a minimum of two new ones and I'm really hoping the Craven King and the other guy get some good fluff regardless. If Isabella is the Mortarch of Grief I'll be ecstatic but if they can make me enjoy a new character than I'll be happy. I'll still dream of my favorite Von Carsteins coming back, but I'll be happy either way.
  7. Rhivan

    (FEC) Chamber of the Bloodied Dawn

    Adding the stormcast bits onto the ghouls is something I really enjoy seeing. They just work well together.
  8. So I was able to get my hands on the Spire of Dawn kit, and I built the Skaven half and I'm pretty much willing to sell everything in it. Only thing I'm iffy on is the Gryphon but I may be willing to sell that too. If you don't know what this kit has here you go. High Warden Archmage 10x Swordmasters 10x Spireguard 5x Reavers PM me if your interested and name your price please
  9. Rhivan

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    To take it a step further it could also play really well into the Stormcast vs Nighthaunt if the Mortarch is Isabella. My reasoning for this is in one of the Death Books Mannfred recognizes a "familiar presence" among the stormcast. IF that familiar presence was Vlad (especially if he isn't in control of himself) then the fight could be Isabella trying to free her love from Sigmar. Edit: Plus the Black Coach is a Von Carstein trademark
  10. Rhivan

    Lets Chat: Darkling Covens

    I did not know that. I just used the deepkin bases because it was either that or square.
  11. Rhivan

    Lets Chat: Darkling Covens

    @Twitch of IzalithThe thralls and reavers are great for their legs and kitbashing potential. As for using the Black guard heads I have not. I don't really care for them and they have relatively stationary plumes on their heads which would make any dynamic cloth flying around (and the deepkin having a lot) just look off. So I have 20 (about to be 30) blackguard heads I'm just gonna be sitting around with.
  12. I'll probably be using them as Blackguard considering I have a bunch of executioners above. I'd like to be able to play Age of Sigmar with them sometime
  13. Well it's been a long time since I've last posted here, and it's not the same thing that I posted before but I have some death elves (I plan on having spirit hosts fly around these guys).
  14. Rhivan

    Lets Chat: Darkling Covens

    I'll agree with you they are a bit fantastical (which is why I've decided to start darkling covens myself) but they make really cool conversion fodder at least for us
  15. So I finished the other squad of 5 Hope you guys like it! I gave one guy a shield simply to see how it looks and him walking forward halberd ready was too cool for me not to use.