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  1. Stacking Bless Weapons Prayer

    If you look at the Ripperdactyl warscroll, it says "Each time a model from this unit attacks with it's Beak and scores a hit." It has been written that the ability will trigger for each model on their own. Going by the FAQ and the wording of any, it does look like if ANY of the models hit, that unit has triggered the ability and that's their 1 extra hit added.
  2. Behemoths: the best

    I've only started out playing AOS but from what I've seen around the local GW, the bastiladon does seem to be an absolute champion. You get the right buffs to hit on that thing plus its ignore to rend and 4+ ignore mortal wounds, it's an attention grabber and something your opponent needs to deal with in a game or else get shot to bits.
  3. Hi everyone. I'm new to all things Warhammer after getting into AOS through a friend a few months back. I am starting out with Seraphon because who doesn't love lizards riding dinosaurs. I've only played a few games so far and am looking to get better and build my army moving forward.