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  1. We'll be looking at the SCGT pack this weekend, and choosing the 3 scenarios we want to see played. Best rgds Jonny, Baz and Chubby
  2. I'll update your name. We'll look into a veggie option this week and let you know. Jonny
  3. Hi Mike, Found your payment. I'll update the list now. Sorry. Jonny
  4. I've had a few people ask me about the 9" measuring sticks that the Warchief members are using. We'll have a stash at the Warpath event for sale. Best rgds Jonny
  5. Updated paid list.
  6. I'll add you to the last spot.
  7. Cheers, what lunch option?
  8. Hi, We currently have 2 spots left for the event. I hope to get times, food options and payment details up on Friday. Having a 5 week old to look after has slowed things down a bit! Best rgds Jonny
  9. Hi, Has anyone got any Dragon Ogres that they want to sell? Either old skool metal or plastic. I'd prefer unpainted, but will consider painted stuff. cheers
  10. Hi everyone, We are having a meeting on Tuesday to finalise timings etc. So watch out for a update! Best rgds Jonny, Chubby and Baz
  11. Hi Karl, We're working on timings. It'll roughly be 9am until 6pm. rgds Jonny
  12. After measuring and measuring and some head scratching. We've worked out that we can fit 20 tables! I'll update the list later and add the current reserves into the mix! Best rgds Jonny, Chubby & Baz
  13. Thanx to everyone for supporting us! It's great to see the love! we're going to measure up the venue on Sunday - Open gaming day at the Warchiefs. Hopefully squeeze in a few more tables...
  14. Yes, one of them is for you. What's your name please?
  15. We'll have a cut off date for payments. Paid reserves will then then get priority.