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  1. We're trying Hinterlands and while it was fun there are questions about game play eg; Does combat still work the same as in AoS? If I charge with three models on a single enemy model do I then attack with one model, then my opponent attacks back choosing which of my models to attack then I continue to attack with my other models? Eric J
  2. Hey all, thanks for all the replies... Eric J
  3. Old time Mordheim player excited to step into AoS 28 and run a campaign. Tonight several of us are playing for the very first time, though we are AoS players. I want to start off with Death and plan on fielding a TK warband. Not really having any feel for the game yet, can anyone recommend heroes? I'm thinking King or Necrotect or perhaps both but don't want to overkill. I'll fill in with rank and file. Hope this is the right place for this post and any help is appreciated.... Eric J