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  1. unit fillers

    @Squirrelmaster I only ever got a chance to play 8th Edition, but the local players were not big on powergaming lists, and they kept playing their armies that they had been collecting for the past few editions. Basically, I only saw 5th, 6th, and 7th Edition Fantasy armies doing their best to keep up in 8th Edition. Except fr the Undead players, I never saw big blocks of units. Although as I type that, I remember one Ogre player who put everything into as few units as possible, which looked cool. Even with round bases, you can run your guys in ranks. I play my games to try and win by objective, but I still try and keep my stuff thematic for the most part. Like, I'll put my models in a little formation, and try to keep them in that until it's time to charge and attack. You ever seen a block of 6 Gore-gruntas in a wedge formation charge into a line Khorne infantry? It looks sweet!
  2. unit fillers

    And you still can, technically. Just because there is a move towards round bases does not mean that ranks upon ranks of models are no longer a thing. Also, I find it interesting how AoS has changed people's perceptions of units and squad sizes. I mean, back when I was playing WHFB, nobody wanted to build large blocks of infantry. 10 to 15 models were the average, with hardly anyone going larger that 25 or 30 except for Undead players with Skeletons and Zombies. At least in my experiences, the way AoS has included bonuses to the units by having larger numbers of modes (those "for every 10 models" rules), and now coupled with the Massive Regiments discounts, there is an incentive to getting larger units, at least no apprehension for it anymore. Back in the day, I would never have considered a block of 40 Dwarf Warriors in a single unit. But now, I actually like the idea of collecting and painting up a unit like that! I actually like seeing large amounts of painted models on the tabletop. And I'm making steady progress on getting there with my own armies!
  3. Hobby Accidents And Diasters

    It's not just you! Over the yeras, I have had plenty of issues with spills and stabs in the line of hobbying. Over the years, I have done the following myself: Stabbed myself on multiple occasions in the end of my thumb with a pinning drill while drilling out barrels of Space Marine boltguns, with various amounts of bruising or bleeding. Stabbed myself in the end of my thumb with a Space Wolf toothy bit while drilling out barrels of Space Marine boltguns - first and only time so far that I have drawn blood on a model! Dropped a heavy pewter model on my foot while trying to assemble it, and then having to repair the bent, damaged bits. Spilled various pots of paint and shades/washes over the years, once getting some on my mattress that spilled down my leg and got on my feet, another time I spilled some paint on my pants that soaked through to my ski. Accidentally dropping a model with still-wet shade on it straight into my rinse water. Mostly just aggravating, as I had to wait for it to dry before painting more. Closing my carrying case wrong on one of my Space Wolves models, breaking the icon on his pack off at the stem.
  4. The Painting Contract - October 2017

    What you are looking for is called Master's Brush Cleaner. You can find it on Amazon, or in various hobby and crafts shops around. Like, my FLGS doesn't carry it, but the local Michael's Hobby Store does. It's amazing, and can save you lots of time on your brushes, both in amount spent cleaning and in time to use them. I highly recommend it!
  5. how to choose an army to restart with

    What about Fyreslayers? They are a strong melee army, but they have decent ranged capability, and their basic troops can smuggle in pseudo-ranged attacks as well. My wargaming buddy is getting into them and I was reminded of them as he told me his plans for building his army.
  6. unit fillers

    To me, unit fillers work really in massed-rank units that must maintain their formation. It gives a chance for some modelling opportunities, can help break up the monotony of painting so many of the same model, and can help lessen the costs of bulking up your army. However, it doesn't really work as much in a game with loose unit formations. I'll give you my reasoning. In both types of games loose or tight formation, the size of the base matters. However, in tight formation, the unit's facing is often important. Additionally, in the case of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, it was just the outer rows and columns of models that mattered; so long as you paid the points for the models, you could use a pencil and paper to record how many models were left in the unit rather than having to use a physical model. Unit fillers are a good compromise between that abstraction vs. representation that wargamers always struggle with. For loose formation units, unit fillers don't really work, since, in many cases, the size of the model and size of its base are used to represent the model's presence on the board. Also, loose formation games tend to focus on the actions at a model-by-model basis, whereas the tight formation games look at the unit's actions instead. To me, the best unit fillers in Age of Sigmar would be actual models. If we want, we could say that less expensive, 3rd party models could count as unit filler and are the first casualties removed.
  7. Swords or Hammers

    Just imagine what it would look like to have a squad with a sword in one hand and a hammer in the other! That would be cool!
  8. Swords or Hammers

    Statistically, they are identical, as far as the math is concerned. Where one starts to get better is where the buffs start coming in. And going by the averages, 3+/3+ is better than 2+/4+. Meaning that if you get a +1 To Hit, you will want the hammers, while a +1 To Wound would be preferable for the swords. Same goes for the Grand-versions. If you were to put maximum buffs on them, then things get tricky. An Amber Battlemage casting Wildform is the only way (that I know of) for Order models to get +1 To Wound on a unit, while there are three different ways for Liberators to get +1 To Hit: their own ability (Lay Low the Tyrants), a Lord-Celestant (Furious Retribution), and a Celestial Hurricanum (Portents of Battle). If you plan on stacking two +1 To Hits on the Liberators, then the Hammers work better since they get to 2+ with their To Hit, while already at 3+ To Wound. Does that help? EDIT: Ninja'd by @BURF1
  9. Reinforcement Points (0) - universal?

    Lol, I play Ironjawz. What are these "reinforcement points" of which you speak? I've only played one game where my opponent ever used Reinforcement Points, and he just stated at the beginning of the game that he had that. I said okay, and we played. He used his Reinforcement Points and brought in Blue Horrors as I wiped out his Pink Horrors, and then I wiped out his Blue Horrors with a really good charge from my Gore-gruntas. He afterwards mentioned that he wondered how it would have gone should he have spawned another Lord of Change instead, but only rhetorically. That said, my step-daughter wants to play Death, starting with Deathrattle and Deathlords. I want her to play well and know what her army can do, so I'll be getting experience against Reinforcement Points later.
  10. New campaign books?

    ... sure enough, they are. I was thinking the Realmgate books were each about $15 to $25 USD higher than they are. Well, daggum! I guess it's time to add them to my collection of the next few months!
  11. New campaign books?

    I'll take Narrative supplements any way I can get them. What I would like to see though is more modular options. Something along the lines of the old Cities of Death, Planetstrike, and Battle Missions books for 40K 4th and 5th Edition. Those were awesome books, and fit in just fine for Open, Narrative, and Matched Play (even before those terms were used). Path to Glory kind of did that, I think. I haven't been able to get it yet, and there's not enough demand for AoS in my area, to the point that my FLGS doesn't stock the latest AoS stuff unless one of us orders something. I still have not picked up the Realmgate Wars books. I just can't afford to grab them all at once, and one is a strain on my hobbying budget. I really, REALLY want to get them, but nearly $300 USD for a few books is pushing it. They're on my list, but I'm trying to focus my attention on building my armies and scenery up to a point that I can run demos. All that said, I'm picking up my copy of Firestorm tonight! I hope it's as awesome as I'm thinking it is!
  12. Da Crimson Crushas - Maw-krusha painted up!

    Thanks! I'm pleased with how it turned out. While I didn't follow the patterns exactly, I did pick the colors based on the snake species's colors and applied them as I though would look cool. I was torn as to what color I wanted to use, bouncing between yellow, red, green, or purple. And then as I'm discussing it with my wargaming buddy over Messenger, I make the comment "how about based on a real reptile, and start browsing the Internet for pictures of copperhead snakes. Literally as I am about to share with my buddy what I found, he sent some the exact same copperhead pictures that I had found. Talk about a hilarious and mind-blowing experience! And I thought it was funny when my wife finishes my sentences! I'll have to get the colors used written up. I'll do that when I get it based. Hopefully that will be tonight or this weekend!
  13. how to choose an army to restart with

    Do you count Skaven as Chaos? They are in AoS now, but they have a good mix shooting and melee in their armies. The melee strength comes from tarpits, and their shooting can often blow themselves up, but they can be an effective army when played smartly.
  14. Letting go (is hard to do)

    Some of us are also interested in the fluff and making our own custom fluff. Some of us look at wargaming as a large-scale version of D&D. And some of us like to hang out with fellow hobbyist and push plastic around the table to escape from the real world. There are many aspects to how one can enjoy the hobby, which is why I truly believe that miniature wargaming is one of the best hobbies in the world: there's something for everyone! Over the course of my hobbying, I have occasionally fallen for the "flavor of the month" new releases, or got excited by game systems that seemed fresh, or was convinced by friends to try other games, only to find that none of these truly interested me for whatever reasons. I have been selling off some of my armies and models for a variety of reasons... - I tried to get into Horus Heresy 30K because I had a few wargaming friends that played it, and my local 40K group was wanting to get it started up locally. I ended up selling those models that I never really got painted because: 1) I didn't want to paint up another Space Marine army, 2) I had trouble deciding which Legion I wanted to play, 3)the local players all seemed to forget about it and lost interest in it, and 4) I really, REALLY don't like working with Forge World resin on anything larger than infantry, for that cost the pieces should fit together, *grumble grumble* - I tried Warmahordes at one point to give it a shot, only to find that the local players were unpleasant meta-chasers that, while they were decent at trying to teach people, was only interested in playing with you if you played at their level or were trying to get at their level. Combine this with petty drama and cliques and favoritism showed to one of the local gaming shops by Privateer Press, and you end up with a schism in the local gaming scene (but that's a story for another time). I'm trying to get rid of a bunch of my Warmahordes stuff and get those experiences purged from my memory. Having said that, I have made the decision to keep some of my models that I was planning on selling, specifically my Necrons. I have a large Space Marine army, and a decent sized Imperial Guard army. I'm keeping the Necrons for the possibility that I might get back into 40K, and then I can have a guest army at home that I can pull out for some non-Imperium gaming. Bear in mind that some of us can't hold on to what we might want to keep. I've mentioned before that the Queen song "I Want It All" is the wargamer collector's anthem, and I still believe it - I would have each army all painted up if I could - but I just can't afford it right now. Between a new baby and the associated costs, and dealing with legal costs in the coming months in dealing with relatives who are a horrible influence on my family, and maintaining a car for long commutes to and from work, these are cutting into my available funds Some sacrifices must be made for the greater good, and those models I sold have gone to new homes, where they will not sit in storage for years and get some game time in. Those models kept me afloat for a rough month, and helped contribute to starting my step-daughter's Death army, and freed up space in my home that can be used on current army projects (like my step-daughter's Death army). If I could keep everything, I would (except the Warmahordes stuff). I don't like buying something for $50 USD and selling it to someone for $15 several years later, but I'm doing what I can to support my family and make their lives better. For me, it's family first, fun second, and it will stay that way as long as I have a family.
  15. Aftermath of the GT final

    Ah, MS Office 2010, oh how I miss thee! Probably the best version of Office to grace Windows. Oh wait, let me turn off the IT portion of my brain. *click* Always neat to see how Painting scores can affect Overall score at events. I especially like how "Best Painted" got enough points to count for more than two victories. As someone who won "best painted" at a few events before, this makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside I will third this! The prep-work and cleanup are way too time consuming, even if I did have a good place to really use it. I've played with one some when I was fancying a Horus Heresy 30K army, but I could not find the color I wanted in an airpaint, so I had to attempt to find a proper ratio of thinner-paint-water to get it to work. I never did get it to work, as I always made it too thin. Think assembling a tiny pewter model before and after all the painting, and then watching how much paint is in your brush as you use it. And if you can't find the color you want in "air" form, then you may not be able to even use it. Proper ventilation is an absolute must, and you will want to wear disposable gloves during the painting. It really works for some folks, but not at all for some others, myself included.