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  1. Because of 40K? Maybe, but not really. I'm having a hard time getting games in, but that's largely my own fault. I was having some major real-life issues getting in the way of hobby time in recent months. In fact, I've only played 4 games with the current General's Handbook since it was released, and they were all back before October. But the drama being caused by, frankly, my wife's baggage, is to important to not deal with. So family issues first, then fun second. And then the holiday season struck... Plus, my local group is pretty small - pretty much only 5 people within an hours drive have AoS armies, and while they enjoy the game, they are working on Malifaux and 40K some in addition to their AoS armies. Unless I drive 90 minutes to 3 hours to other gaming stores, I'm stuck local, and I can't afford that time commitment right now. However, it's not all bad. I basically took my game time and spent it painting models at home and being available for my wife. I now actually have finished painted models again! But something else is coming up - my health issues. As I said to my wife, "I'm too old to be making these noises and feeling like this." Pain in my feet and joints, getting out of breath easily, and wearing out shoes and socks like crazy. As such, I'll be trying out one of my old hobbies to get in better shape and improve my health: boffer fighting. Specifically, Amtgard LARP and Boffer Combat. I participated in this ultra-nerdy hobby for a full year in my final year at college, and quit going after some mild drama in the club and real life taking over (job, master's degree, started dating my now-wife, Warhammer). But in that one year of playing, I lost about 70 lbs in weight, going from 330lbs to 260lbs, and feeling good and healthy too. So I'm dusting off (literally) my old boffer equipment, and using that as a more productive, fun version of a gym. So did 40K affect my ability to get games in? Not me, personally. But it's timing for release perfectly lines up when stuff was happening in my life that caused me to not game as much. But not directly.
  2. Let's Talk...Online Hobby Talk

    This may just be the way to do it! I'll remember this trick when I get back into gaming more regularly.
  3. Let's Talk...Online Hobby Talk

    I am strictly Facebook and TGA now. I was a semi-regular member of DakkaDakka until recently, but some of the close-minded vitriol coming from a few specific posters there go to be too much for even me to handle. TGA is the best place for me to communicate AoS related stuff, in as much as discussions about the game itself. I will also echo @MrCharisma in using Facebook to schedule games. I also browse the larger wargaming and miniature painting groups there to look at what other people are doing as far as painting their models goes. But as for using Facebook for myself for hobby stuff, I'm hesitant to. I'm paranoid about my marketability to potential employers, so I'm reluctant to do anything on Facebook that might hinder any future job prospects; nerdy hobbies and habits are becoming more acceptable every day, but not fast enough in professions that I might work in. I mean, it's about to the point I'm thinking of changing my username on Facebook.
  4. The Painting Contract - December 2017

    I'll be humble and realistic this month for what I think I can get done. Finish Shadespire Ironskull's Boys Finish Brute Squad And that's it for now. In as much as what I feel I can even attempt to do at this point. This holiday season is going to be rough for me, for many reasons. That said, my follow up items, should I miraculously get to them, would be as follows (in not particular order): Shape wings on Dragon Paint up second Gore-grunta squad Paint up Aleguzzler Gargant Paint up Bones models that stand in for Forge World monsters Acquire and assemble more Brutes Acquire and assemble second Ironjawz SC box Build and paint up some Scenery Oh! And start basing my Ironjawz army! I still haven't done anything with them for that yet. Let's see how the next month goes.... Maybe things will go better than I am expecting.
  5. Ctiadel Skirmish Cases

    Like it "dents" the foam for extended periods. I had them packed in really tight, and some of the more protruding models left impressions in the foam that took a while to recover, and then not fully. If I'm the only one having this problem, then maybe it's just me! Perhaps I was putting too many models in at a time or overreacting to what I saw. Granted, I haven't even looked in my cases in a year at this point, so it may have formed back since then. Plus, these were the first cases I ever used that actually had foam in them; prior to the Citadel cases I was using tackle boxes, plastic totes, showboxes, and bubble wrap, so my experiences may be skewed. If you are wanting to use these as long-term storage, I would recommend not cramming the models in there too tightly. Go for a firm-snug fit, rather than dense-compacted. I hope that helps!
  6. Ctiadel Skirmish Cases

    I wish this as well. I have found that leaving models in the foam for too long can damage it. I almost need new replacement foam for my Skirmish case at this point. I always make sure to empty out my cases as soon as I can so as to let the foam recover as much as it can.
  7. Can you start too many armies?

    I used to to be one of those guys who would collect a bunch of armies, but then life happened and I've been selling off a bunch of unpainted models. It's not for a lack of interest in the hobby, but a shift in priority. When family expenses come up, those come first. Nowadays, I'm doing much better with sticking with one army at a time, and right now that's Ironjawz. I'm slowly accumulating forces for other armies as I can find discounts or deals on the kits (holiday bundles, etc.) and get ready to build and paint them. Anymore, it seems I either have way too much free time on my hands, or I'm so busy that I can't spare a moment for hobby time, so I dive into it when I can. I have just my Ironjawz as my current project, but I'm also looking at Dispossessed, Stormcast, and Beastclaw Raiders for future projects. Plus my wife and step-daughter have their armies that I get to put together (and probably will paint) for them. So I have big plans and dreams for my armies, but it's just a matter of time and budget anymore.
  8. unmotivated

    I too am in a painting funk right now. But I can pinpoint the exact reasons why: Familial obligations and conflicts. The holidays suck up free time, and the obligations of meeting with relatives and family members is one that many of us struggle with. I can't really fix this one with massive drama and potential legal fallout. Holiday activities. Probably both the best and worst thing of being a parent is taking your kids to and from activities. It's awesome to see your kids/step-kids doing well in activities that they enjoy, but I would so much rather just stay home as a family instead. Can't solve this for the season, and more drama from my relatives. Burnout. I painted up 20 models all in identical color schemes over the past 2 months. I'm trying a variation on the scheme now, but it's more of the same models that I just finished; while the Ironjawz models are some of my favorite, I can only handle so much of a single type of model at a time. I can correct this a bit by painting up other models, of which I have plenty to choose, but I don't have time due to the above items. I am running out of paint. I accidentally left a couple pots of paint open after my last painting session. So a couple colors cannot be applied to my models without getting fresh pots from my FLGS. I can fix this by paying better attention to my paint station
  9. What are your 2017 Objectives?

    I forgot all about this thread! Let's see what I was thinking back in June... Well, I'm kind of dissapointed in myself, at least as far as finishing up these goals, anyways. It's amazing how much life and circumstance can change interests in five months. I did get through most of steps 1 and 2 (got about 1000 points of Ironjawz painted, and cleared out most of what I was wanting to offload). Step 3 isn't going to happen because I have lost all interest in 40K thanks to many of the local 40K players being either powergaming-WAAC-metachasers or smelly-chain-smoking-neckbeards. Step 4 is still a dream, especially as the game room has been overtaken for storage and catch-all purposes. And step 5 isn't going to happen anytime soon, especially with their interest in World of Warcraft and other things coming up. Plus with the holiday season beginning to really roll in, free time goes out the window as church, school, and family events start to come up. And gift shopping begins to eat into the budget. And that's not counting a potentially messy legal battle with my wife's relatives that way be coming up in the midst of the Christmas season causing emotional and mental stress and fatigue. BLAH! At this point, I have no ideas what my goals will be for 2018. With any luck, it will involve having a finished Ironjawz army, and getting scenery made for home-gaming. And if not that, then getting a better paying job to better support my family and our chosen hobbies. Whichever of those would work for me.
  10. The Rumour Thread

    My 9-year old step-daughter said earlier this year that she wanted to play and paint a Deathrattle army, but now she is telling me that I can paint it for her. This is in spite of the fact that I'm painting my own Ironjawz and I don't have enough time for that as is! Kids are tricky that way. They give you opportunity to get more models, but then cause you to have hobby overload.
  11. The Painting Contract -November 2017

    Update for me: work is busy (like an extra 2 hours/day or so), and the holidays are coming up. I haven't done anything since I last updated. Blargh. We'll see how things go after my visiting family heads back home. So, looking at my original list: First, finish up October's models: 5 Ardboys and 3 Gore-gruntas - Got this done! Except for basing, these models are pretty much done. Touch up and detail work for October models (brightening colors, eyes/teeth, special effects on Shaman/Warchanter) - Got this done as well, just needing basing at this point. Next, paint up last three Gore-gruntas - No luck on this, other things came up that I was excited to work on, mostly the following items. Assemble Shadespire Warband and non-GW Dragon model - Got it! Prime Shadespire Warband (weather pending) - I got lucky on this one. Begin painting remaining Brutes, Gargant, and Shadespire Warband - Kind of on this one. I got started on a Brutes squad and the Shadespire Warband, but not the Gargant. With any luck, I can get my Brutes and Shadespire boys painted up by the end of the month. Else, they may be my pledge for December.
  12. Varnish?

    I have never used varnish on my models, and probably never will. I have heard too many horror stories about the spray messing up the models, whatever the cause. And with Missouri USA weather, I only have about 3 weeks out of the year where I can spray anything outside, and my house is too small to spray inside without everyone breathing it in, so that's no good. If it works for you all, great! But I would rather do my infrequent touch up every few years than risk ruining the hours put into the models. That said, I've only ever had some chipping issues on a few of my pewter models, and on like two plastic/resin models from regular use. I actually found that, if the models is spray-primed white, that the painting coming off on the high, raised edges, can actually give a cool effect of some bright highlighting as the white undercoat shows through.
  13. AoS Wish For 2018

    I would like more time to paint and play with what I have as is.
  14. Sportsmanship, is it dwindling?

    While I do appreciate the sentiment of The Golden Rule here, I find it just isn't enough in this day and age. It is a nice goal, sure, but the problem is that some people will do just this and still come off as jerks. For example, ultra-competitve players versus Narrative/casual players; a WAAC powergamer will bring their hardest list without a second thought, and utterly defeat the army of the more relaxed player. Sure the relaxed player may be okay with it, but often times they aren't, and the powergamer cannot comprehend why their opponent did not have fun, because it is how they have fun themselves. The trick is to not treat others the way you want to be treated, but how they want to be treated. It's not just a matter of doing what you want as much as being kind and showing a willingness to work with your opponent and deciding what kind of gaming experience you both want ahead of time. Don't just treat others the way you want to be treated, but ask them what they want. If you just use yourself as a baseline, you are: a) limiting your exposure to new ideas and experiences, and b) forcing your views onto others. In my eye, so many people aren't willing to put out the energy to ask their opponent what they want, which is a shame. People just want to play their one right way and get the game in and move on. People are afraid of effort and creativity in their games, and won't put in the time to talk to the other player that they are wanting to play. Instead, it's just "Choose how many points, build list, roll mission, and roll for first turn." That's less a game and more a business arrangement. So don't just think "What would I like to do?" when you should be thinking "What would they like to do?" Put others first, use some effort, learn empathy, and relax. Help your opponents to have fun, not just show them what you think is fun.
  15. Christmas Set ..