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  1. Covering The Expanding Costs Of TGA

    An option may be to just have a special icon to go on user profiles who are contributing members? If a special "premium" section of the website isn't feasible, then maybe just having something on user profiles would be sufficient? As you mentioned in the first post, only a fraction of a percentage of the members need to contribute a little bit in order to keep things running.
  2. Monthly conversion challenge poll

    I would love to have monthly hobbying challenges. I don't have the time for it what with my family, work, and commute, but I might sneak in more time once summer rolls around. I would also be really keen on seeing what everyone else comes up with!
  3. Covering The Expanding Costs Of TGA

    Congratulations on the success of the site! Hopefully this site can keep on growing and encouraging the hobby, and be a fun, friendly place where actual discussions can happen. Regarding the options you listed for continued funding of TGA,... One or two banners on the site would be ultimately harmless. And though I loathe to mention them, there is a big difference between DakkaDakka (one or two banners) and Bell of Lost Souls article pages (WAY too many adverts!). And I wouldn't think that finding advertisers would be difficult. I know it has issues, but what about the Google affiliate program in some way? I remember back in the day that was the way to get advertising revenue on a blog. But that was about 5 years ago I last looked into that, and I don't know if it's even a thing anymore. I remember back in the day when MiniWargGaming added adverts to their forums, and it nearly broke things for a while until they fixed it; several banner adverts put in throughout the forums, and threads were split up and were more difficult to read. I would tread lightly with this one, and be careful in implementing and placing the ads. This would be the first website where I would actually consider a paid subscription for additional features. But that is only because this site has done much for rekindling my interest and passion for miniature wargaming in way that I haven't felt in about 3 or 4 years. If you implemented a paid subscription service for this site, and it was at or under $5 USD a month, I would subscribe without any consideration for the additional features. And I be many of my fellow forum-goers feel the same way. This one I would implement, no doubt there. Hm.... I don't know about this one. Patreon has had some recent controversy... https://blog.patreon.com/updating-patreons-fee-structure/ Basically, they changed up how they charged their fees, and it really screwed over the folks who were getting money from several smaller contributors as opposed to fewer larger. They did go back to how they did things before: https://blog.patreon.com/not-rolling-out-fees-change/ But I have learned anything about how the Internet works now, there is no guarantee that they won't mess this up. And considering that they are wanting to make changes, something will come later. I would probably avoid Patreon for the time being. Eh, maybe? Kickstarter typically need a product of some kind to provide incentives, don't they? I haven't looked into what it takes to run a Kickstarter, so maybe this would work out. I've only ever backed three Kickstarters, and it would be an easy way to get funds from around the world. However, it would be a large lump of cash all at once that you would have to use for a duration of time. The subscriber model and advertising mentioned above would provide a steady stream of income over time, which is something to take into consideration. I would say that a subscription method combined with a few banner ads on the sight would be the traditional way to go, and would mesh together well - how about paid subscribers get to view the site ad free! I'm still not sure that I like the Kickstarter or Patreon ideas. How about products to sell? There's already a store on this site, isn't there? How about some more dice and t-shirt options? I'd wear a polo representing TGA! This would be a bit more labor intensive as it would require designing and marketing the products some, but it would be a steady stream of revenue if marketed right. Good luck in whichever you choose! I will contribute as I am able! I'd hate to see this site go down because it got too popular.
  4. Warscroll Designer (BETA)

    I'm having an issue where a Warscroll with a damage table keeps messing up the damage table every time I load it up. Here's a screenshot of what it's doing each time (pay no attention to the stats, it's a BIG dragon ). Notice that it added in those extra lines at the beginning there? It just added in a blank row (which does NOT show up in the actual printable Warscroll) and doubled the instance of the first row. It didn't remove anything, just added in a blank row and repeated first row. Firefox 58.0.2 64-bit, Windows 10
  5. Importance of landscape

    Oh I know. And those priorities are going into the armies themselves, or into my 11-month old daughter and 9 year old step-daughter. Kids are much more expensive than I realized... Another part of the problem is that I would pretty much be the only one to use the scenery. The closest wargamers live either 45 minutes west of me, or 90 minutes east of me, and there are plenty of gaming stores in those cities that already have boards and scenery to use. In my case, it's not that I can't do it, it is because it just isn't feasible at this time. My goal is to eventually get something set up for my home like I'm hoping for. But at this moment, I'd rather work on the inhabitants and build up my army collection first.
  6. Importance of landscape

    I just haven't had proper motivation to get scenery made up for my home board. Why is that? Well, because I don't have the space for it. With the house I am in, and with familial issues that will continue to haunt me for the foreseeable future, I don't know that I will have the space for it for a while. I can make the time to put some together and paint it, but that takes up my time spent on working on other aspects of the hobby (painting models, gaming, etc). And since it won't be at my home anyways, what's the point? I have tried to find the motivation to put terrain and scenery together for my armies. Heck, I even made a full-sized 6x4 board from plywood with sand, paint and flock on it! But that board is still at my parents house, and I just don't have the space for anything like that anymore. Last year, I was all set to start casting and building some buildings and castles using Hirst Arts molds (http://www.hirstarts.com/), and then I started thinking of who might live in the castles I build, and then I got the urge to make new armies again. I do like a game board with plenty of finished scenery and nice terrain features. But I just can't get anything set up for my home right now due to space, time, and budget.
  7. Line of sight

    I knew a guy from my Amtgard days who was REALLY good at archery. Like, he knew how the arrow would wobble in flight, and could use that to hit targets just behind obstacles, like a tree or even a shield. Archery is cool. If the weather would cooperate more and it didn't cost so much, I would totally get myself and my family into that as a hobby.
  8. Aesthetics of new factions

    So then the power-structures of the mortals over the realms is equivalent to historical city-states, similar to how it was in the ancient Mediterranean? That's make the Greek theme even more appropriate. And really, it is probably better to keep the Narrative's political power at that sort of level, rather than creating a few powerful nations or empires - leave it open for the players to create their own things and plant their own flags.
  9. Line of sight

    I play Ironjawz without any allies, so that's pretty much my perspective on this whole matter in any case; "Oy, oo's dis git talkin' 'bout shootin'? Das not propa Orky fightin'!" Plus our local shop doesn't really have good terrain for blocking line of sight, so it's really open season for any ranged armies in our area. But so far the armies represented have been my Ironjawz, Khorne, Khorne, Nurgle, Nurgle, and Seraphon. no shenanigans to be found here. I am looking at a new army, and one that has a greater ranged component, so I am interested to see what, if any, consensus can be reached here.
  10. Line of sight

    If anyone argues in favor of the "cylinder" approach to handling LOS because that's how Warmachine/Hordes handles it, I will side against them. Anything that AoS can do to AVOID similarities with Warmachine/Hordes is good to me. That said, I'm not a fan of the cylinder approach. I can totally sympathize with wanting consistent and fair rulings on the matter of LOS for models. But back in my year of playing Khador, I found many players carried spare bases with them so they could use them for getting their models into combat because of the large size of the models and their poses creating such overhang that they actually could not get into melee range as per the rulebook. Skorne was really bad about this with their heavy warbeasts, I lost track of the times I saw someone turn their model completely around or they had to magnetize bits and arms in order to actually fit the model into combat. So, combining that with their handling of terrain to now consist of completely abstracted flat shapes on the table, that tells me that Warmachine/Hordes players don't actually care about the miniatures, but just the game. And I think we can agree that is something that none of us want to happen to AoS. When you abstract out the models from the game, why bother playing with them? If that is the more important part of the game, then let's all go to the hardware store and buy up dowel rods of various thickness and cut them to now represent our models. That would certainly make the game cheaper! I realize that there are benefits to having such rules put into the game. But I'm more in the camp of True LOS, whatever it means and however it's handled, because then there is a purpose to the model itself. Clarification on LOS and how bits and features of a model are treated is one thing, but the cylinder method is, to me, a step down the path of powergaming.
  11. Line of sight

    Lol, I tried to use a compass back when playing 40K 6th Edition to help prevent confusion or shenanigans with scatter blast markers (back in my day...). It would have worked in theory. You orient the compass to magnetic north, place it next to the scatter die, and rotate the direction to match the scatter die. But then you are trying to orient next to a model that is FULL of magnets from conversion work, and that plan goes out the window, because that model is now North.
  12. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    Speaking of the Maw-crusha, mine carried me to a 2-1 Victory at a tournament this past weekend. 1000 points, relaxed, and was the first AoS tournament at this shop, and the first tournament the TO had ever organized. But that Maw-crusha was brutal! I mean, I painted mine up and played with it because it looked cool. And then I find out that its Fists are -2 Rend 3 Damage. , which is far better than I actually expecting! That'll teach me to not read the Warscrolls better! It basically tore through everything when it was rolling anything above whiffing, and that mobility is really nice in an Ironjawz list. My list was: Megaboss on Maw-crusha (General, Ironclad, Daubing of Mork) Warchanter Brute Squad Gore-gruntas Squad Ironskull's Boys Not really competitive, but I went with what I had painted up the best, and just really wanted to field the Maw-crusha. My first opponent was a Nurgle Maggotkin list that was hero-heavy with lost of magic that ended up whiffing on rolls. My second game was against a Seraphon Saurus Knight list. And my third game was against a Seraphon Skink list with a Bastiladon in there and enough shenanigans to get it up to a 2+ re-rollable Save. That Bastiladon, man. When my army is build around lots of attacks with some Rending, that things just shrugs it off without any trouble. I did find that Ironskull's boys were decent as well. As a squad, they are handy character-killers, or can take on a mid-sized unit without too much concern. And between them and the Daubing of Mork on my Maw-crusha, I made plenty of those 6+ special saves. My MVP was the Megaboss, who is like one of my favorite models right now in every way possible. Waaagh!
  13. Line of sight

    I think that we should also take into consideration the differences between COVER and CONCEALMENT: Cover is a physical thing that can block attacks from hitting you, while Concealment is something that makes it harder to be hit instead. It's the difference between a hiding behind a brick wall and using a smokescreen to obscure movements, and both can be affected by and affect Line of Sight. Is a shrubbery going to stop a cannonball? Can a person hide behind another person, or a tank? One of my favorite aspects of Age of Sigmar is the modularity of the rules and how you can pick and choose how you play the game. I would be keen to see a module that expanded on the rules for terrain and scenery beyond the Warscrolls and scenery tables provided, such as how a forest behaves, how a stone wall behaves, or how a road can affect Movement, and so on. I do like how AoS handles it, and I prefer to just get my games in and not worry too much about things and focus on making sure my opponent is having a good game. But I would be all for trying out some expanded and enhanced terrain and scenery rules.
  14. Thinking of playing again

    I can't believe that AoS has been around long enough for players to have left and come back to it... In any case, I wouldn't worry too much about what others are doing in their armies and games. Find the models you like, and play to enjoy the game with your opponent, whichever mode of play you prefer.
  15. POLLING the community

    I'm not a fan of movement trays in Age of Sigmar. I won't belittle to deride anyone who does like to use them, but they just aren't for me in this game. As others have mentioned, the aesthetics and potential movement shenanigans that would used by some players are discouraging. That said, I absolutely loved getting my magnetized movement trays for back when I played Warhammer Fantasy, but that game kind of forced you to use them, or at least hightly encouraged it. But in that game, formation and unit facing made up part of the rules of play and would affect how the game played out. That just simply isn't the case in Age of Sigmar. If I ever used movement trays, it would be for transportation purposes, rather than to make moving them on the table a slightly quicker task. I don't know if I'll ever have a true horde army to play, but I would just play them game with them on their bases, nothing more. But having a nice little tray to set everyone in to more easily fit them into a case or on the shelf? That is something I would consider investing in.