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  1. Great work. the Manticore conversion is fabulous.
  2. For each table at Warhammer Achievements I want to have a map on each table that shows the scenery rules and the secondary objective for that table. Here is the first example that I have put together. To set it up I laid out a board on the living room floor and then stood on the chair with a selfie stick to get the aerial shot. After that it was just a case of importing into photoshop and adding in all the rules and fancy graphics stuff to make it look professional. Hopefully the players will appreciate the work!
  3. Last couple of weeks I've been working on the terrain for the a table I want to set in Ghur. I've been trying to think of new colour schemes for the scenery for the tables as this is Age of Sigmar and there is no real reason to keep things traditional. For this set I decided to use a brown scheme, but throw in some yellows and reds for a lot of the detailing. Scatter Terrain These were made from some of the the terrain that was donated for the event from Garrisimo on Twitter that he had 3D printed. I was able to blend everything in using polyfilla. They are large enough to block line of site for single models and also can't be charged over so will help with dictating charge lines. Plateaus These were made from a Cork Bark tube which I cut into three sections. I glued them down to bases and then filled them full of expanding foam. When this cured I chopped off the excess using a saw and then covered the top in polyfilla and sand. I used the shattered dominion pieces to make the details on top to try and show that there used to be some sort of old civilisation or city here. Numinous Occulum This is just the regular GW kit (which can be a real pain to assemble!). I wanted this to be a ruin from past times, so I built up a rocky outcropping base for it to stand on. The stairs were cut from blue foam and then slotted into a gap, and the rock front was made using Cork bark pieces that I cut and glued on with hot glue. Once that was dry everything was blended together with sand and filler again. Painting was done using Plasticoat Chocolate brown spray that goes straight over the blue foam. I then used a combination of cream and yellow spray pint to get the shading effect, Then everything was dry brushed with Terminatus Stone. The shattered dominion pieces were base coated Khorne Red and then the washed with Athonian Camoshade. The yellows were done using Zandri Dust and Dorn yellow for a quick highlight. Serpents Lair This will be the main damage dealing piece of terrain for the the players to be wary of: "Serpents Lair: Any units that run, charge or retreat within 6” risk getting poisoned by the snake. Roll a D6 – on a 3+ the unit takes D6 Mortal wounds" This was made from a piece of fish tank scenery and the cave entrance came from an old Snake Mountain playset that I bought cheaply on eBay. Everything was chopped to size using a bandsaw and glued down with hot glue. I used a mixture of cork bark pieces and play bark nuggets to blend and hide edges, and then the piece was, as usual, covered in filler and sand. The snake was another part of the old toy that I just glued in place. I should have filled the gap down the centre, but I was a bit lazy with this. After that it was just painted quickly. It still looks a bit toy like, but I don't have an issue with this for terrain. Serpents Altar The main feature of Snake Mountain is the big snakes face. I chopped this out and then surrounded it with Cork bark before painting it up. I think I might go in with the air brush and give it a nice glow round the eyes. In terms of an in game effect I think it will give a nice little area effect for attacks, maybe a mortal wound on any wound roll of a 6 along with regular damage as the players invoke the serpents power for some added poison to their attacks! The pictures below show the stages of building up the terrain piece!
  4. Complete: Treelord Ancient

    These are great - my only critique is the basing - its very much in the Games Workshop style, but on such large models I think there is so much more you could do to add interest, particularly now with the creeping vines and skull packs, as well as all of the different tufts and grasses that are available. In terms of the painting I think that you have clearly got the hang of highlighting and blending effectively, but now you need to consider colour choice and position more. For example on the Treelord you can create a much more effective composition by repetition of the spot colours in more areas. As an example above you could use the ice blue from the loin cloth on the claws, head dress and ends of the spirals on the staff. Hopefully this will give you some ideas for your next army
  5. Before/After shots

    Thats a great little comparison. You've made some massive strides with your painting. The glade guard looks excellent!
  6. Kairos and Fatesworn Friends go to BLACKOUT

    This is a great write up Nico. I'm also very impressed with the army. Its looking extremely Tzeentchian with all the colours! Do you have some photos of Kairos on the clock? I've been considering a Fatesworn Warband army for Sheffield next year, although I suspect that it won't be quite up to the standard of yours - I'm hoping to have Archaon lead it as he hasn't had a run out for a while.
  7. We have a Watts App group for attendees now. Click the link to join: https://chat.whatsapp.com/3SCZfuVikOMFOhamzZQf7Y
  8. Age of sigmar & terrain

    I've been beavering away on plenty of terrain for Warhammer Achievements at Blood and Glory this year. I've been focussing on making a lot of pieces that block Line of Site as this seems to be a real issue with the game. Big pieces are pretty easy to make using things like polystyrene and especially Expanding Foam which is my new favourite thing! I'd like to see more events that have a real focus on making unique scenery and tables as it really brings the overall standard of events up, however I can fully appreciate that doing it for the bigger events would not be practical. Storage, particularly in the UK i Imagine is a real issue! We used some of my terrain at a 700 point event last week:
  9. Herald of Nurgle

    Thats a cracking paint job Jon! lovely model.
  10. The Scenarios are available for Download now so you can start practising the Battleplans. WA5 Scenario Pack.pdf
  11. I thought a whole bunch of sky fires would be good for the siege games due to their flying ability. Plus I think a whole flying Tzeentch army is very narrative and thematic...
  12. This was an early progress shot on the Gaunt Summoner that I painted up for my Tzeentch army as a little break from all the terrain that I had been doing recently. I wanted to do a really fun and brightly coloured miniature, but the problem that this leads to is how do you balance all of these colours so it still works as a model? @Vincent Venturella and @StoneMonk talk a lot about colour theory and the colour triangles and this was something I wanted to try and emulate on the model. However I hadn't quite cracked it on here at this point. I sent Vince and @Thomas Lyons a message on Twitter to see what they thought. The main advice was centred around the top of the head: The guys talked about changing the colour of the blades at the top of the head to the blue/teal colour used on the staff as this would set up a triangle using the staff top and the feathers. The feathers were an interesting case as they allow you to sneak in the extra colours needed to complete certain triangles. Above you can see the three main colour triangles and how they all work together. When I broke this down I also saw another triangle that I should have made that used the yellow in the eyes, the feathers and I should change the eye in the staff to yellow as well to fully balance them out. I think I'll make that change later just as a sense of completeness. Looking at the completed model below I also think the blue tuft could be changed to the more natural colour of the the other tufts - the blue one is a little dominant on the eye.
  13. Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    The army is still really strong. They've been toned down (or rather had abilities that were easily abused, such as the Windthief Charm and putting a LoC onto a Balewind, clarified), but the base units are still good even with the points increase, the mortal wound output can be crazy effective, and Destiny Dice are arguably the best allegiance ability in the game. The best thing about the army is that you can take a completely different or unique list and still compete on a competitive level. As an example I took the Omniscient Oracles battalion to the South Coast GT and won 4 out the 6 games - that is often the beauty of a strong book when all the models are at least average to above average.
  14. Let's chat : Nurgle

    I suspect that the dial will be exclusive to the box, but the abilities will stay the same when/if a Battletome is released and that will have the spells and artefacts in to go along with the allegiance abilities we already have. I'm hoping that the horticulux war scroll is a solid hint that new beasts of Nurgle will be arriving along with a GUO - hopefully that will be a duel kit in the same way the LoC one was.