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  1. Well, I played @jay6 in round four. Jay had two resin ruined L shaped buildings, both about 12-15" tall with very few windows. I had three pieces that were big enough to hide a Lord of Change behind - plenty of LoS blocking terrain on that table. Of course I was running 4 lords of change so this sounds brilliant. Except Jay had 4 Hellstorm Rocket Batteries (no line of sight required) and a Hurricanum on a bale wind (which was still able to hide even on that behind the terrain we had!). The game was my favourite game, both tactically and regarding player interaction, it went the full distance for turns and time, and Jay got the minor victory. So, yes, there was big terrain around.
  2. I completed a bunch of terrain yesterday to go along with the rest of the Tzeentch army I've painted over the last few months. I've yet to put it all out on the table, but here is the list: Lord of Change x 3 Kairos Tzangor Shaman 10 x Marauders (x2) 10 x Pink Horrors 6 x Skyfires Omniscient Oracles Battalion 2000/2000 Its quite exciting to think that the army will finally come out to play tomorrow.
  3. Official? Its what it says in the book Rolling for damage for mortal wounds isn't covered under the nine uses. People have done it in games including Warhammer TV games, but that doesn't make it correct. As always though if your opponent is happy with it then fill your boots as they say. I agree its a strange omission, but it isn't the first odd bit of rules writing the GW have ever done.
  4. This weekend is the South Coast GT and I have finally managed to complete all of the models for the Omniscient Oracles Battalion. It was a fun painting challenge and I developed quite a few cool tricks to help get through them in the time span and keep the models to an acceptable quality level. I used a lot of spray can work to get the base coats done and then dry brushed and washed a lot to get the variation in texture. I then went over the top with the brush to pick out specific details, but only in key areas. I discuss the techniques a lot more with Ben and Mark on Ep 153 of Bad Dice if you want more details. Link is here As ever if you have any questions put them in the comments and I'l be happy to answer them!
  5. You can't use DD when determining how many mortal wounds you do with a spell. You can use them to get the spell off, but you have to risk the roll to see how much damage you do. My big issue at the moment is the wording on the Lord of Change and the fact that if you have the sword or the rod then you can't use your beak and claw attacks, which really limits the damage output on the models. We'll see how bad it is this weekend when I use all four Lords of Change in one army!
  6. I have a lot of the list built and painted so I might try this out
  7. I like to pick the armies I play based on the models I have painted that I like the look of. The problem I have is that this doesn't really fit with the group I play with. For example my last club game I played a guy I'd not played before, so I took a fully painted army led by Archaon that included a bunch of Kairic Acolytes, some marauders and chaos warriors. My opponent put down seven empty bases, one was painted blue so I knew it was his shaman and the other 6 were his sky fires. Game lasted about 3 turns. @Wayne kemp talked about the fact that there are no fluff players anymore on the last Heelanhammer ep, and to an extent I agree with the point he made, but I still try to play the models I want to use and am more interested in my army looking acceptable than being highly tuned. My South Coast Army sounds impressive (kairos and three Lords of Change), but I picked it before I read any of the scenarios and I still haven't really considered how they will work with the army. I dont know whether this is the 'fluffy' choice or if its just stupid. I suppose the thing is I'm not really that bothered.
  8. Email @Dan Heelan or @Russ Veal and ask before doing anything. I've turned up to lots of events with models that should be on ovals (such as freemen) on rounds for example, and it's never been an issue. All of my Tzeentch marauders are on 32's for example. Just check.
  9. Awesome. I shall do that
  10. Treat the games and the list building the same way you would in 40K - if you can play competitively there you will already be ahead of the curve when it comes to competing at AOS. A lot of the tactics are similar. You're list their is quite tame by the AoS tournament standards at the moment, but i can see that you have already realised that Sayle is required to actually be in the 'Chaos Club.' A list without Sayle the Compulsory really isn't even a list these days! Have fun developing the list, and good luck at Heat 3.
  11. I spent all of my Easter Holidays in 2014 painting my South Coast GT Empire army only to get pipped to the Best Army award by the POinthammered boys who swanned over from America for a jolly holiday. I watched all the West Wing and Buffy to get me through it all. Now with two kids I know I'll never be able to get that sort of time again, so my painting goals have changed to painting in a more economical fashion to get projects done faster.
  12. @Thornshield Hey Ming, do we get a copy of the two pages at SCGT, or do we need to print our own (although how will we know what Tzeentch has obscured..)? Also I'll happily get involved in an evening game of T&T if anyone wants to play?
  13. In terms improvements I think looking at the blight kings I'd like to see more variation across the armour plates so that there is darker to lighter shading. You could do it with some selective washing towards the undersides, or try and layer in a few more highlight layers. You could also be more daring with the highlights in places and push them a bit more so you get more contrast. You have some areas that nail this well, such as the horns on the Chaos Lord, but in other places the colours are a bit flat However the models themselves look great as they are. By pushing your skills a bit more you will have a really stand out army.
  14. Pretty much, yes. It only really works on the bigger models, although I did do something similar for the skin of the Marauders i am working on. I have an airbrush, but its not particularly reliable (i'm not sure I really treated it well in its early days) and the spray cans get things done so much quicker, but with a little less control. You have to expect that you will get overspray in areas and just work with it. I use the GW ones - they are the best, but I also use other brands for more colour variation, which can be risky. I sprayed up the third lord of change and the bright green i bought didn't give a very good coverage so this one will probably need a bit more work to tidy up. Its very much a rial and error approach, but on expensive models it can be a bit heart in the mouth!
  15. For my South Coast Army I needed Kairos to lead my troops. Although he has lost the ability to change the turn roll he is still a good leader. Once again the model was a real joy to put together. I tried to keep the staff separate this time to make sure that the painting was a bit easier this time. I sprayed the model Macragge Blue, then used a baby blue spray paint and some white from a can to pick out the chest and heads. I used spray cans for the purple on the wings and also to do the feet. This gives some nice gradients if you are careful, and means that the base coat is quite effective strength away. All I had to then was wash areas and dry brush and then pick out all the sharp points. However the areas like the gold and the staff took a lot longer than I thought this time. I think I spent five or six hours picking these all out and finishing them off over the last week. I now have two more to do for my trip to Portsmouth so I've got to keep going. The next one I think will be mostly green and purple! If you have any comments or questions let me know below.