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  1. AoS Wish For 2018

    I hope we see some new Nurgle demon models and a Battletome to go along with the Blightwar set. That would give me a nice target for next years South Coast GT
  2. Archaon Tzeentch list

    Every time I use Archaon I find that he barely moves. Players swamp his landing zone with a big group of models and then he just gets tied up. He needs a strong support unit to help clear off large models so he can try to get at big models or other characters that he can insta-kill with the destiny dice. It may just be me but I find the Slayer of kings almost certainly misses with one attack, will miss with one wound, and at -1 rend you have a very good chance of doing absolutely nothing. It's somewhat depressing when you see a whole bunch of Fyreslayers running around with possibly a minus 2 rend axe 😡
  3. Festus the Leechlord

    After the final push for Blood and Glory ended I decided I needed to get back to painting some miniatures and make sure I hadn't forgotten how to do it! I'd started working on a Festus model a while ago as part of my Nurgle force that is slowly growing in size. The first thing that struck me was how small the model is. He really doesn't stand up to the new models that all stand a good head taller. To solve this I stuck him on one of the Hero Bases that GW released last year, This certainly made him look more imposing! I tried to keep the base in the brown spectrum and quite muted, and I made sure to keep the tones similar on the poor victim that is drinking the potion. The browns on the staff and the back pack were varied more. Accent colours were the blues and purples that are dotted around the model on all the bottles and mushrooms. I painted Festus using a lot of green washes and also tried to bring a lot of yellow tones into the face to match the nurgling and balance them out with the green parchment on the top of the staff. I also used some bright green on the tentacle. This was probably the bit f the model I rushed the most and am the least happy with. Overall I am happy with the model, but wouldn't consider it my best work. there were a lot of areas that I rushed and a lot of small details that I just didn't give a lot of time too as I wanted to get him finished so I could crack on with some more Tzeentch models!
  4. Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    Sounds amazing! Sign me up
  5. Bloodied and glorified.

    Indeed Straight Nurgle at the moment is pretty weak as you only have the wheel, but no allegiance abilities, items or formations. Generic chaos with a Nurgle focus still is strong though.
  6. I've long been an admirer of the Table Top World terrain - it always appears to be excellent quality and well detailed terrain. Some of it is very expensive, but they have a few pieces that are more reasonably priced, and one of these is the Windmill. It turned up quickly and was well packaged, with all the pieces securely packaged inside the main building section. The casting quality is very good as well, and there was barely any clean up needed. I had a plan for the base that I wanted for the windmill, which was to place it onto a step which was surrounded by some of the excellent ribs from Gary M on Twitter. You can see here how it would be situated. It was important that there was a lot of space around the windmill as I had a little plan for it, so raising the height seemed like a good idea. In the photo below you can also see some the other death terrain pieces in their earliest stages and showing how I generally lay out terrain at the beginning of the process. Once I had cleaned up the Windmill I started on the conversion process. I ordered a very small motor from Pimroni that had a rotational speed 14 rpm. These come pre geared so all you need to do is add a battery pack to them. I ordered a 6amp circular battery holder from Ebay to power the motor and this was attached simply using a few wires and a terminal block. It didn't matter which way the batteries are connected to the motor - all this does is change the direction the motor spins, so you really can't go wrong. Mounting the motor inside the windmill was slightly more challenging. The top of the windmill is cast separately which is a good start, however I had to drill out the hole for the spindle to go through. I replaced the spindle with a small piece of wooden dowel which I drilled on a centre lathe to ensure the holes were located accurately. I drilled a small hole all the way through so that the sails could be mounted and pinned to one side and the other could be pushed on to the spindle of the motor. I then mounted the motor on some hard board and glued it into the top of the windmill. Once I'd done some testing to make sure that everything worked well I glued a ring into the top of the windmill to allow that to be rotated as well. To paint the windmill I used some spray paint and gave the whole thing a few cots of dark grey, light grey and white to pick up a lot of the raised detail. I sprayed the top brown, and didn't worry too much about over spray on this as it would just add a bit of variation on the stone. Once it was dry I washed the whole thing with various different colours and made sure to dry brush the whole thing. This picked up all of the great texture on the model . I was able to selectively wash various stones with blues, green and browns which just adds a nice amount of variation on the piece. I then carefully sprayed the windows with a bright acid green paint to do a glow effect. The Sails had to be painted by hand and took a bit of time, but I didn't spend a great deal of effort. Once this was done I was able to finish mounting the model onto its base. Overall I was happy with the colour scheme and the overall look, and hopefully it will be well received by players at the event this weekend.
  7. Durin's Thunder

    That is a strong colour scheme. Great job. I have an ironclad to paint so seeing finished ships gives me some real inspiration.
  8. Using Scheme Cards is an idea that has come from Malifaux, and these cards were the ones used at an event in the US run by @David Griffin. The cards were developed with help from Tom, and Vince from Warhammer Weekly and they were kind enough to send me a copy over for use at Achievements. These cards will hopefully serve two purposes. Firstly they will allow both players to score up to 3 points in each game by completing schemes from their hands of five cards. This makes up the Tertiary Objective. However it is in players interests to score as many schemes as possible across the weekend as these will be the tie breaker used at the end of the event if players are tied on Achievements.
  9. Tertiary Objectives Both players can score up to three points for completing their Scheme Cards. Scheme cards are drawn randomly at the start of every game, and obviously as the first tie breaker, are quite important if you are hoping to do well at the event
  10. OK, with two weeks to go I should really update the thread! All the terrain and tables have been made now, I just have two more maps to upload. There is also a minor change to the Negative Achievements List which I have copied into the post below: Also I've had a couple of emails about lists - it is just lists on the day for the event. I am now working on getting everything printed so that recording achievements will be easier than ever! Looking forward to seeing everyone in two weeks time.
  11. Events UK: The Sheffield Slaughter- Age of Sigmar

    I cant wait for this - my first tournament since this years South Coast GT!
  12. Events UK: FaceHammer Grand Tournament 2 (30sep-1Oct)

    Top showing from @Chris Tomlin in 4th place with the Ironjawz! Really well done.
  13. Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    I would think that if you can't fit you can't swap, although there may be an FAQ or clarification I am unaware of. In any other situation where you can't place a model due to lack of space then you can't go there. I don't se why this situation would be any different.
  14. Getting the Fatesworn Swagger

    Yeah, I should have tried that. He got smashed up by some flying big stabba dudes. It was a bit of an army mismatch though.
  15. Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    You can still run four lords of change and be reasonably effective. You only end up with three skyfires though. In two games I beat a skybourne slayers list and a four dragon FeC list. The objective grabbing game is rather hard though, but to be honest it wasn't much easier using the GHB lists. I was thinking of improving it a bit by allying in Sayle though due to his faction/allegiance/keyword rules...🙊