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  1. First of the Lords of Change completed. I've got the lord of change finished that I've been working on for the last couple of weeks. Couple of small conversions to change angles on the arms and neck, but otherwise its stock. Basecoating all done with spray cans which was a fun little experiment - just had to be careful when doing the purple on the wings and the legs. After that it's a lot of drybrush work. Some Sharpie highlighting too on the golds so that I could work away from the hobby desk. Base again is just playbark all drybrushed up and then some desert 🌵 diorama tufts added. Overall happy for a speedy (relatively speaking) job The wings take a dry brush really well which is great, so you can layer on a lot of different colours to give the model a real Tzeentch feel without being too over the top. I was quite conscious about not making it too much of a rainbow model, so the palette is fairly limited to the red with a lot of purple and blue/teal for the details. I also didn't go round picking out too many of the gems etc as I need the models done (the best colour of all, or so i've heard!)
  2. Welcome to the blogging club! You have some great looking models there too. Keep us updated of how the games and modelling are going.
  3. I can get behind that wooden shield design on the Stormcast dude!
  4. Couldn't care less about this painting thing. I'm getting the big boat and a unit of the foot guys and they are gonna get painted in a nice red and white paint scheme to match my Freeguild force. I think they will fit right in with the steam tank, Hurricanum and Hellstorm Rocket battery, as well as a gyro copter and bomber. Its going to look ace!
  5. love the old school catapults! They bring back some memories!
  6. Thats a great looking book. One thing I didn't quite get from the show though - Its official GW approved right....? (How funny am I....?)
  7. Congratulations on getting the army completed and best of luck at Adoption. For me the painting lacks a nice focal colour. Its all a bit too monotone. When you look at some of the best Sylvaneth colour schemes they have a nice, usually bright, contrasting colour that brings the army to life. Against the browns and greens which are very neutral colours you can pick pretty much any colour, but creams, bright blues and purples or orange are all solid choices. You can pick out the weapons, staffs and faces, the hair on the revenants etc and it will elevate the army to a new level for not much effort.
  8. I'd take both. You cannot underestimate the amount of hold up power the pink/blue/brimstone combination has, but you also need the hitting power that the Tzangor unit provides.
  9. I really like the Rolling Bad Podcast - its my favourite of the new breed that you have identified above. I'd also recommend Bad Dice, although the hosts are a bit slack when it comes to recording regularly!
  10. This is the current state of my Lord of Change, I have chosen a very different colour scheme that will match some of the details on the next lot of Marauders. I started with a Mephiston Red undercoat and then sprayed on the purple to the wing tips and the feet using a spray can rather than trying to blend it or worry about the airbrush. This made the initial base coat a lot faster to do. The details were dry brushed up with wild rider red and Kislev flesh on the red which works nicely as a top highlight. My intention was to go in and highlight the face carefully as this will be the stand out part of the mode. There doesn't seem to be any real benefit in terms of time vs quality achieved to highlight all the individual feathers, although I have gone round the wing tips with Palyd Which Flesh to give a nice bright highlight on the edges of the purple. I am currently working through the gold and the blue armour and I have been using the Duncan video to try and see how it turns out. I am currently pretty happy with the whole thing. The only thing that I am really not a fan of is trying to paint the tabard as the detail is quite flat and the complexity of the folds and position makes this a very tricky piece to paint with any real quality. Fortunately it is hidden away and will probably not be that visible on the final model when it is based. Overall I think this is a great model and its been a lot of fun to paint so far.
  11. I'm a big fan of this little army. Really great use of the Eternal Guard parts. And I like the basing scheme - its very different from the usual schemes that you see which normally have a lot more of a woodland feel. Great job
  12. To complete my Tzeentch army I have started putting together some Tzeentch magical terrain that will go along with it. To start with I have done a couple of large line of sight blocking pieces. I wanted something warped and un natural looking and I was fortunate enough to find a couple of fish tank items that I thought would work well. I didn't do anything much too them. I cut the bases from MDF and then glued the two pieces down using Mitrebond. I then used a lot of filler to go round the edges and blend the base and the rock together. Once dry I then sanded the base. To paint them I just used spray paints. I gave them a coat of macragge blue, then baby blue, then white. I tried to aim the second two sprays so they just catch the edges to try and vary the tones. Once these were done I used a brown spray and sprayed the sand. I'm not bothered about the brown going on to the blue as this just helps blend the two together. Once dry I used Agrellan Earth on the base pieces where the sand had missed. I washed this with Seraphin Sepia and then dry brushed the whole thing with Terminatus stone and a little Wrack White on to the blue areas.
  13. Haha! No problem with that - I think basing is one of my favourite things to do.
  14. Earlier on I posted an image of the original Skyfire model I painted. I have finished the Shaman to go with them now as well. This was a super cool model to paint. Came together really quickly and I was really happy with it. I cut a few corners to speed up the painting so areas like the robes are just the undercoat with no touch ups, just a few edge highlights, and there are a lot of areas that are deliberately not painted (under the disc, underside of the robes etc. As this is a relatively quick gaming army I am trying not to get caught up on all the details, but I still want it to look neat and tidy. One of the things I did was to paint the disc in sections this time which was an awful lot faster and easier than trying to paint them once they were all glued together. I enjoyed using one of the Shattered Dominion Hero bases for it as well as I have a few still lying around. I am most pleased with the feathers on this guy. I think they came out really well and hopefully it can be utilised on the Lord of Change which is up next...
  15. To fit into my budget of Sigmar army I had to do a conversion of some sort on this model. I chose to create my own Shrinemaster figure. I took some of the leftover parts of one of the Maggoth lords as the top half. I glued some plastic sprue inside the body to act as a support post. I then cut the Shrinemaster figure in half and glued the pillar to his waist. The Maggoth Lord top half was quite a bit wider so I had to green stuff some more skin around the join to merge them all together, but I am happy with the result. For the painting I just used the usual Nurgle colour scheme of Greens and Purples. I was pleased with the metals on this as well. Once he was finished I just superglued him down. With hindsight I should have made him removable so that I could use different sorcerers on top, but that is a lesson for another day!