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  1. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Hello everyone! I have a unique game coming up this Sun, so I thought I'd get some feedback on my list. We've been playing a Firestorm league (4 of us total) and thus far, I have been fortunate enough to win all 4 of my games and the next game victory would win me the league (I control all 3 strategic locations, one other location required to forge the scepter, and am fighting at the last location I need to forge the scepter and win the game). Normally we'd go to 6 games and total Glory Points, but Lady Luck has smiled upon me and accelerated victory! With that background info in mind, the store manager and I agreed it would be fun to do an atypical game instead of the normal league game and give everyone a chance to "get back" at me. So my game this Sun will be the other 3 players with 1k pts each vs me with 1500 pts. I don't know the scenario, but know it'll be them vs me. I provided some scenarios suggestions, but told the store manager he should decide and not tell us so we couldn't tailor our list to the scenario. Here is what I am thinking of taking, to be as defensive as possible, but still pack tons of shooting. Thanks in advance for any thoughts you might have! Barak Urbaz with There is No Trading With Some People Leaders Beldric Forgehand (140) Arkanaut Admiral - General - Command Trait : Doughty Champion -to help keep him alive and keep everyone immune to Battleshock. - Artefact : Aethersight Loupe (to help vs spells) Thorin Brewmeister (140) Aether-Khemist Drolen Reiksund (140) Aether-Khemist - Artefact : Aethershock Earbuster Units Arik's Reavers (240) 20 x Arkanaut Company - 6 x Light Skyhooks Sven's Troop (120) 10 x Arkanaut Company - 3 x Light Skyhooks Zigli's Explorers (120) 10 x Arkanaut Company - 3 x Light Skyhooks Smitty's Lads (360) 9 x Endrinriggers - 2 x Grapnel Launchers Nolen's Mercenaries (200) 6 x Skywardens - 2 x Aethermatic Volley Guns - 2 x Drill Cannons Serendipity (40) 1 x Gryph-Hound -Might help prevent movement shenanigans but also only thing I could get for 40 pts Total: 1500 /1500 Allies: 0 / 400 Leaders: 3/6 Battlelines: 3 (3+) Behemoths: 0/4 Artillery: 0/4 Wounds: 89
  2. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Yes, their 3 shots apiece are great! Better than Thunderers aethershot rifles too, which just further makes Endrinriggers a more useful pick in general.
  3. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    A few thoughts for you, but obviously it may not work for your current collection. I think you could probably drop one frigate and help yourself a bit, since one of the benefits of Barak Urbaz is getting an extra artifact, which you can't do unless you have a second hero! So, I would drop the second frigate and get a second Khemist or an Admiral. With the remaining points you could bump one Arknaught squad to 20 models, expand a riggers unit, or drop in skywardens/thunderers for more firepower. I would also highly suggest an aethermatic volley gun on the Ironclad - much more reliable and efficient. I think Fleetmaster would be a great Command Trait as it would allow you to move a ship after deployment, and can take advantage of your opponent deploying to counter your ship and then you could move it to a more advantageous location. My favorite artifact is the Aethershock Earbuster. It has the ability to be quite powerful on units with lower bravery and can still be quite useful against Chaos/Death if you cause lots of casualties due to shooting. Just make sure you shoot the unit with other units first, before using the hero with the earbuster.
  4. Malign Portents

    The Grim Deliverance story was very interesting, as I thought it nicely showed what a priest of Nagash might do. She is bringing peace to those who are suffering and have no other hope of salvation (unless they want to be a Nurgle demon). I tend towards believing she is a necromancer, rather than a vampire, but don't disagree there is evidence for both! I do not think she is "turning" anyone - she is giving them peace, by killing them and allowing their cleansed/uncorrupted souls to go to Nagash, rather than Nurgle. The story nicely sets a scene where a God of Death can be viewed as a savior and helps us understand one reason how/why Nagash might be worshiped amongst the Realms.
  5. Choosing a Dorf Army

    Well, that is what the poster mentioned, though honestly, I don't recall which of those cities have duardin!
  6. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    I completely know how you feel - I do the same thing! I've lost whole units/characters when my opponent got a double-turn and managed to surround enough of my frigate and destroy it. I play more conservatively now, but it still feels counter-intuitive. It would really help the army if we could move and Disembark as an option. That would help with shooting/charging. Though Disembarking in the Hero phase let's the unit get buffs etc. Now I find myself loading up my frigate and using my Fleetmaster to redeploy it and drop stuff out in the first turn. Occasionally I'll leave something in it if I plan to be move it towards an area where it is unlikely to get surrounded. But those double-turns hurt, no matter how you prepare! I've heard of people going whole footslogging, but that would make it very difficult for some scenarios - provided you don't just shoot them off the board. However, you could use some fast allies, endrinriggers/sky wardens, or just run 1 ship. I've often run one frigate to provide a hit point sink and deployment/movement flexibility. Plan to try an ironclad soon!
  7. Malign Portents

    Regarding which faction is "good" or not, it is really important to keep in mind that life is full of grey, not just black and white. So while the Stormcast are overall "good" and try to clear the Realms of evil so people can live, they differ in their methods. Also, it's all perception! What is good for one person is not to another! For example, in the story, the Freeguilder's village is being cleansed of taint, even those who are not infected. Of course, it is unyielding and complete and definitely not perceived well by the victims. However, a neighboring village may be extremely relieved that the Stormcast cleansed the village and they do not have to worry about corruption. These stories are highlighting the simple fact we all experience in our own lives, that good/evil are matters of perspective. Even good people do bad things and bad people can do good things. Again, many of the Black Library books show these sides of the free cities, but this may be the first view some people have seen.
  8. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Thanks for sharing your list! I have a few thoughts for you. Perhaps swap your Arknaught special weapons around so they all have a specialized role - i.e., put all light sky hooks in one unit, all volley guns in the other, etc - as it would help you focus them and they may be more effective. In conjunction to that, then you could drop one Frigate and get one Khemist, so it can buff your Endrinriggers or the light sky hooks. But otherwise, let us know how the game goes!
  9. Choosing a Dorf Army

    I think you'll be fine going with Dispossessed. Converting models to keep a Duardin theme and use them as allies is a great idea too. Also, keep in mind that having Dispossessed allows you to play them as Tempest's Eye or Greywater Fastness in the future if you want and as your models grow. You can also add in other models as allies as you explore playstyles. Come up with a nice army backstory and it'll inspire you to paint and help direct your army development over time too!
  10. I'm lost choosing THE faction

    Sounds like a good choice! They do have many playstyles to choose from and tons of ally options. Welcome to the game!
  11. In fact, I believe I saw discussion about a new Gotrek novel coming out, which implied he is still alive because he carries a part of Grimnir inside him, thus leading to the possible resurrection of that god.
  12. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Definitely looking forward to hearing how it does! I haven't tried it yet as I'm still waiting for 10 vulkites to arrive and be assembled.
  13. Let's chat Fyreslayers

    Okay, will head this direction, now any advice on what people prefer to equip the Runeson with? Is it worth going with wyrm spears or is the axe better? Suppose I could try to magnetize it, but would still be helpful to know. Thank you!
  14. The Painting Contract - January 2018

    I am going to assemble 10 vulkite beserkers for allies with my Kharadron Overlords and 3 sky wardens. Follow-up goal: If I am going to try and do the Start Collecting box painting contest - I will need to assemble and paint the fyreslayers, or the sylvaneth - but I need to decide soon! Follow-up goal -2: If I do not do the first goal, I will attempt to get base colors on my 12 endrinriggers/sky wardens so I can base them.
  15. Let’s try this thing

    Welcome to the Kharadron Overlords! I would also suggest you visit this thread over in the Order forums for lots of ideas/tips, and I would start at the end and work your way back to get more relevant info: