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  1. You should be a pro now.
  2. Congrats Dez! Would love to see pics of the army too! I am in a similar situation for the Coalescence event on June 10th - need 1500 pts everything painted and based to table-top standard. I see lots of late nights....been working hard on assembling and converting and just started getting paint on the arknaughts....Need to do 10 thunderers, khemist, 2 frigates, and finish the 30 arknaughts and admiral........
  3. Lots of good discussion here so I'll just chime in with my thoughts. I had always thought base sizes helped balance attacks as well as provided space for larger models. So giving a second rank of models on 32 mm bases attacks when they only have 1" range seems to be over-powering that model. I've played it where 25 mm bases = 1". So if you have a 1" range, a second row would get attacks as they are 1" away from the enemy (provided all bases are touching). But if you have 2" range on 32 mm bases you could still get a 2nd row of attacks (like dryads), but not if they only have 1". I think they are intended for balancing and certainly wouldn't agree to stacking, especially on my decorated bases.
  4. Doh! Sorry, I should have double-checked the rules first. Thanks for clarifying that!
  5. But you get to move once you drop out of the ship, so they could move closer and be within 5" if desired. That should minimize chaf concerns, but you definitely would need to be within 12" of several units to get the most benefit. I haven't tried it yet, but will give it a shot in the future.
  6. Right - Thanks Bashpan - not Mega-shark - Meglofin. Got the terms messed up
  7. I am definitely intrigued by the alpha strike option and since you've play-tested it a bit, can you share what happened after you landed and shot? How did your arknaughts/Khemist and Ironclad hold up? What did you equip your arknaughts with and what did you shoot the enemy with (up close for all the guns or further back with longer-range)? Any experience you can share would be appreciated!
  8. Thanks Dez! I liked it, but wondered a bit about scale. Helps to get other opinions. I'll keep trucking on them! Also - regarding the fish - the battletome mentions sky-sharks - which seem to refer to Tzeentch screamers. However, the pic above represents what I think they call the Mega-sharks and one of the sky-ports hunts them quite a bit for food.
  9. Okay, now cannons with underslung mortars magnetized onto a Thunderer. Still need some details to transition bits together, but at least we get a sense of scale. Thoughts? Too big? Constructive criticism welcome.
  10. Alright, preliminary cannon wiyh underslung mortar. Will get magnetized later so you see it on the model.
  11. I also like my home-made wet palette! The other items which I have found helped me improve many hobby skills are really good paint brushes (Windsor Newton 7 sable is my preference), a good pin vise or dremel for easy conversions, and good lamp with a full-spectrum (daylight) bulb. Files, razors, and paints are important too, but those first three have been great!
  12. I agree Dez! I had not thought to use the Endrinriggers like that with this tactic, but definitely intrigues me! I ordered 4 boxes, so can't wait to get them this weekend!
  13. Yes! Dez actually gave me the idea during one of these conversations. As the mob is busy fighting the frigate, you can keep shooting them with the rest of the army. The only drawback is if they have a large number of attacks and take it down too quickly.
  14. These turned out great! I'm working hard on modularity and decided to cast and magnetize. However, yesterday I had a great idea and am currently modifying the cannons with an underslung mortar barrel, so that I can use that weapon for either/or and don't need to swap to a different mortar weapon in different games. I am casting this dwarf face found in the Ironclad kit - Then I hope to cut out the mouth lines and use it as a replacement shield for the cannons and will have both barrels pointing from the mouth. Will definitely share when I get a prototype completed!
  15. The frigates can be useful, but at times are a little disappointing with their 4+ to hit and 5+ save. In two low-point Path to Glory games I used one to block charges on my units (though it suffered badly the first game) and because it is very mobile, you can retreat with it and grab objectives or potentially activate it before the enemy unit attacks and move it far enough way to leave the enemy standing around to get shot (best done if you are going after your opponent). But, it will take more games to figure out what works well.