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  1. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Thanks for pointing that out stato! I have not played that scenario yet - my local crew has been busy with Path to Glory - so I didn't realize how pivotal the frigate or other behemoths could be for that scenario. Loading up units on it is very nice - but it can be a tricky balance if the enemy is fast and can effectively surround and take-out the frigate. I've lost a unit and hero that way and now try to play more cautiously. Can be tricky with all the deployment/move shenanigans out there now!
  2. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Just to chime in to the debate, I think the changes to Thunderers, the increased point cost of the Khemist, the change to his ability, and reduction of wounds for drill cannons all hurt the Kharadron lists. I think the simple change to the Khemist ability solved the over-buffed Thunderer issue by itself and didn't require such drastic changes. I'm still trying the Thunderers out to form an opinion, but the biggest hurt was taking our longer range - across the board really. It hurts more because we have limited unit selection to begin with. I have not played with a Gunhauler or Ironclad yet (so no idea if the Ironclad is worth the cost), but feel the ships are greatly overpriced for what they do. I generally run 1 frigate in all my lists for the mobility. That is the only reason to take it, as I hit with a cannon 50% of the time and wound 50% = 25% effectiveness statistically, and the bombs only work 50% of the time. So, all I really have is a 280 pt ship which can carry guys and rarely does anything else. I do use it to block or distract, but even then, it generally has been going down in 1-2 turns. The mobility is greatly needed, but it is getting harder to swallow that 280 pts for something which I feel has not lived up to the cost. I just started using Endrinriggers and the Frigate is nice to drive them along as well, but I just think we'd get more use out of the ships if they cost even a little less.
  3. Tzeentch Skirmish Advice

    Well, Ogroid costs too much unfortunately! Thanks for the tip on the horrors. Maybe more Tzaangors are good since they have 2 wounds.
  4. Tzeentch Skirmish Advice

    I did check with the organizer and he said I would get those.
  5. The Painting Contract - October 2017

    Trying to finish up some home-made walls/fences and crypt for my step-son's Armies on Parade board and help him paint the board itself. Also, need to paint up a Tzeentch Skirmish Warband before Nov! Going to be busy!
  6. Tzeentch Skirmish Advice

    Okay, while many of you may not have skirmish experience, surely you have thoughts on what spells may be best suited for this scale of game and what models are more effective/useful to take? Any help is appreciated!
  7. Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    Thanks for explaining how that works! So only points in Reserve indicate models for splitting. And thanks for explaining how a split group is setup.
  8. Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    Hello everyone! I just had a basic question on the lists I've seen in this thread and how people are running the armies with the horrors. Forgive me if my ignorance shows too much! So, in the following example list, how are the horrors handled? For example, 10 pink horrors can split into 20 blue horrors....so is the 20 blue horrors only for one unit? Or is it split between the two? Or do you get to use it twice - i.e. for each pink unit? Same question with the brimstone horrors as 20 blue horrors would split into 40 brimstone, but only 20 are taken! Any clarification on how people use them as shown below would be helpful for me to understand how to build one of these lists. Thank you! Leaders Gaunt Summoner (120) - General Tzaangor Shaman (160) Ogroid Thaumaturge (160)Battleline 10 x Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch (120) 10 x Pink Horrors Of Tzeentch (120) 30 x Tzaangors (450)Units 20 x Blue Horrors Of Tzeentch (100) 20 x Brimstone Horrors Of Tzeentch (80) 3 x Tzaangor Skyfires (200) 3 x Tzaangor Skyfires (200) 3 x Tzaangor Enlightened on Disc (160)Battalions Skyshoal Coven (130)
  9. Tzeentch Skirmish Advice

    Hello everyone! I am going to be in a Skirmish tournament in early Nov and decided to take Tzeentch as I have models from Silver Tower and Shadows over Hammerhal. We are playing the first 3 scenarios from the Skirmish book and after each match, we will roll for renown gain. We are starting at 25 renown and can have up to 50 renown at the max. Sounds like we will be using the Skirmish book for Command Abilities and Artefacts and the organizer has not ruled on Battle or Command Traits yet. With all of that in mind, here is what I'm thinking of adding and why: 25 renown: 1. Gaunt Summoner (20 pts) - cheapest hero and has many nice keywords. Can cast 2 spells/turn a. Thinking of the artifact which gives +1 to my spell dice to help get off its spells. b. Command Ability - not sure....could use some advice c. Extra Spell - need to pick one! Since this model has Mortal, Arcanite, Daemon, and Wizard - am I right in assuming I can choose this from either Lore of Change or the other for mortals? Any advice? 2. 1 Pink Horror (3 pts) - Can cast a spell (each model no less!), can shoot, and has close combat! Also counts as a wizard for the Tzaangor Icon later.... a. Extra Spell from Lore of Change - need advice here. b. Now, I know that each model is it's own unit, does that mean with each additional Pink Horror, I can choose a different spell from the Lore of Change? That way I maximize the number of spells I can cast due to the Rule of One? 3. 2 Blue Horrors (1 pt each) - ranged attacks and close combat Is that a good starting list? Seems potentially powerful with all the spells and ranged attacks and I love the flexibility of having the horror or gaunt summoner being able to case their own spells/extra spells or arcane bolt/mystic shield. Big question - Do the Horrors still split in Skirmish or does the No Summoning rule negate that ability? It mentions not gaining new models, so not sure..... -------------------------------------------------------------------- Additional models for up to 50 renown: 1. Tzaangors (4 pts) - Really nice models with the champion getting an extra attack and I might take multiples of these as they have 2 wounds. They also get +1 to wound if they are close to an Arcanite Hero -which includes the Gaunt Summoner. However, the Icon Bearer seems really nasty with it's ability to get an extra ranged attack in the Hero phase dishing out mortal wounds, with the Gaunt Summoner and every Pink Horror counting as wizards!: ICON BEARERS - Models in this unit may be Icon Bearers. If this unit includes one or more Icon Bearers, then at the start of each of your hero phases, take a dice for each Wizard (friend or foe) within 9" of this unit. Then, pick an enemy unit within 18" and roll the dice; the unit suffers a mortal wound for each roll of 4 or more. 2. Kairic Acolytes (3 pts) - I really like the way these models look and might take the champ for the extra sorcerous bolt, but being the same cost as a Pink Horror, I think the Pink Horrors might be the better value as they have better saves, longer ranged attack, can have a spell and dispell, and count as wizards. Thoughts? 3. Chaos Warhounds (2 pts) - fast and cheap units, though not sure if they are necessary with all the ranged attacks? Maybe one for the scenario where you have to get an artifact off the board? 4. I've seen some people suggest Skyfires - but that seems a bit much and I don't really want to buy a box at this point. 5. Advice on whether piling up on Pink and Blue horrors is a good approach, to add all the extra spells/ranged attacks? Any other thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated as this will be my first foray with Tzeentch. Thank you!
  10. Pink horrors and Lore of Change

    Thanks for the quick reply!
  11. Pink horrors and Lore of Change

    Hello! I just picked up the Disciples of Tzeentch Battletome and saw that all Tzeentch wizards get an extra spell. As a unit of pink horrors has the wizard and daemon keywords, do they also get an extra spell from the Lore of Change? Just thought I'd verify that! Thank you.
  12. The campaign sounds great! The only comment (I hope helpful) I have is that your weather rules will favor melee-focused armies. A few ways you could handle this to make it more equal for armies which rely upon or which include lots of ranged attacks: 1. Make a roll first to determine whether the weather chart should be used - maybe even roll once/turn to see if the weather has shifted and then see what the effect for that turn is. 2. Add ranges to the shooting penalty for each weather effect (you do have one in there for 18".2" is at -1 to hit). 3. Add more movement penalties for some effects - i.e. Torrential Rain should likely have -1 movement or something due to mud/slippery conditions. Also - by -1 morale - I am assuming this is for Bravery and Battleshock tests? Look forward to seeing the campaign progress!
  13. Chronicles of a Sky Pirate

    Not sure if you were asking for clarification, but normally the Arknaughts hit on a roll of 4+ with their weapons, however, when targeting a hero or monster, they get +1 to hit, so they can hit on a roll of 3+ (unless there are other modifiers). Makes them really good monster/hero hunters, especially with the skyhooks.
  14. Chronicles of a Sky Pirate

    I agree with Paul here! Also, remember you get +1 to hit with Arknaughts against heroes and monsters! Very important!
  15. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Stato hit it on the head - running more than 1 let's you get a second chance if the first fails and you REALLY need to get them where they need to go. Sometimes that is more important than the lost attacks/shooting, especially in a larger unit where all of them can't get into combat anyway.