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  1. On a completely separate note, can anyone clarify for me which side of the shoulder should get the ship symbol? The battletome states right-side for fleet and left for ship, but the pics I can see seem to suggest the ship symbol is on the right shoulder. Thoughts? My eyes mixed up?
  2. Well this is in no way official ruling, the overview in this article actually discusses this exact tactic and indicates that the fled models do count as slain: It says: "An Aethershock Earbuster on a hero can completely annihilate a large unit by forcing it to take 2 battleshock tests in a turn. You can shoot at the unit with all your army and finish off with the Earbuster attack to make it take an immediate battleshock test. Any models that flee will count towards the next test taken in the battleshock phase. Without getting too much into ‘Math-hammer’, if a unit is Bravery 6 and starts with 30 models, you only need to kill 12 of them to ensure the whole unit is completely wiped out after taking 2 battleshock tests in a turn, even if both of those tests are a 1. It’s more likely that, with average rolls, you would only need to kill 8 or 9 models to destroy the whole unit. If someone is foolish enough to field 100 models in a single unit, you could destroy them all after shooting less than 30 models. Even Bravery 10 units like Daemons will be fleeing in droves if this combo can be brought to bear." Again, not necessarily official, but makes me wonder what is intended.
  3. Exactly, what I was hoping for too!
  4. Anyone else notice that the battletome uses a different alphabet than what was used previously? Many of the words still translate well, but I want to be able to write out the ship names and need an alphabet update!
  5. Well put Dez! Need the book and a day off! precious....
  6. I know! I even considered that several times, but then didn't want the players to whine if it turned out more difficult than they thought. I will have them sign a no-whining waiver before the next session!
  7. Circus of Paint - I really like that idea! Will definitely try that next time and may just need to fudge the dice rolls a bit if they start getting too bored.
  8. Thanks for the advice! Might be a fun way to handle it.
  9. Hello, I ran some friends through the first couple levels of Shadows over Hammerhal this past weekend and overall it was very fun. However, I noted that as the Game Master, I was having terrible luck rolling for Ambushes (needing to roll a "6") and in some cases the players were getting a little bored spending their turn moving through the dungeon when they cleared it. Anyone else have that problem? If so, how did you solve it? We almost just had ambushers arrive on a 5+, but I was worried that might make it too difficult. Any advice is appreciated!
  10. A bit of divergence from the discussion at hand, but thought I'd share something I've been working on. Since the unveiling of the Kharadron Overlords, I've been a fan and thus starting thinking of schemes etc while we waited for more information. My step-son and I are making a narrative map campaign, making Styrofoam hex tiles (similar to Mighty Empires) which we can move around on a felt map with Velcro. We made our "home" starting tiles a couple weeks ago and I was pleased to see my ideas of a floating sky-port fit in with some of the artwork we saw on Friday! Again - just sharing with fellow aetherpunk duardin ethusiasts! A couple other tiles as examples of a Seraphon and Aelven tiles/sites.
  11. I know! Really points out the types of creatures flying in the upper atomosphere and the scale of danger!
  12. I know what you mean Dez! I find myself wanting to use colors I've used in different armies, but if you like the colors... hard not to use them! Can spice it up by using slightly different shades.....Branching out can be done later...;)
  13. Painting schemes is always my hardest step of the whole process, so I am not the best to offer advice. However, I often use the Citadel Paint Chart to help me decide on a color and a process - attached (I think). It may prove helpful! However, if you are going for a dark indigo, then maybe Naggaroth, Duruchii, and then Macgragge Blue?
  14. DynamicCalories - Great paint scheme and very clever photoshop use! I wish I could figure that out and test some schemes! And very funny photo! Clearly your Photoshop-fu is stronger than mine!
  15. Great idea on the paint pen, might be easier than a fine brush!