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  1. Pearlescent effect paint

    I second the use of metallic mediums, as they are quite nice to use. Some will lighten the color you are using (as you are diluting the pigment), so keep that in mind. You can also have some success with just mixing a metallic paint with the color you want to add some sparkle, but definitely try out ratios as the color can change a bit based on how much you use.
  2. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    With just 3 Endrinriggers, I wouldn't give them any special weapons, you want all their melee attacks, buffed by a Khemist if possible. if you make another 3, then I would get a grapple included, or even 2 if you really want them to be able to grapple. Depending on what else is in your army, you may be better off having a unit of 6 Endrinriggers, instead of 3 Endrinriggers and 3 Sky Warden. It'll pack a better punch or counter-attack than just 3.
  3. Yeah, I'd say the best choice is to rescue our people, as it implies we may be able to renew the assault. That would help everyone continue to attack Nagash.
  4. The Drake = selfishly try to steal the time for yourself The Eye = attack Nagasshizzar in an attempt to stop Nagash and perhaps the curse of the Black Void The Skull = wait and see and do nothing The Eye is definitely the best choice for all factions other than Death, as it alludes to both stopping Nagash and potentially the curse of the Black Void as well.
  5. Well, who can resist shooting down a planet! Though, I am a bit concerned that falling debris will decimate Aqshy.....
  6. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Yeah, I got it as soon as it came out. It was very interesting and added a lot of flavor to the "normal" KO way of trading etc. They places they traveled were also cool. The Spear of Shadows is another great book which has some nice KO bits in it.
  7. Running a warhammer themed dnd adventure

    Yeah, I've run into that before too, as I've inserted the Alchemists of Dirz from the Confrontation miniature game into my D&D campaign. I typically end up using stats from another equivalent monster and then just describing the effects differently and/or adding a unique trait. For example, for a Tiger of Dirz encounter for a mid-level party, I used an adult green dragon template and tweaked it a little.
  8. Running a warhammer themed dnd adventure

    I think you have lots of flexibility and could really fit whatever campaign ideas you have into the Warhammer setting. The Firestorm supplement has lots of interesting tidbits about ancient civilizations in Aqshy. The Shadows Over Hammerhall game is a great adventure and has lots of great information if you plan to adventure in Hammerhall or visit it, including a generic map of the city and specific places adventurers may want to visit. Your adventurers could have many trips in, below, and out of the city. The books City of Secrets and Spear of Shadows have lots of great information about Exelsis - City of Secrets and travelling around the Realms. You could even use the old Eberron pulp noir feel to travel to get your adventurers through realm gates or on airships to destinations. But you can have them out retrieving artifacts, hired to fight threats, agents of a city to deal with special concerns.....lots of options!
  9. Dread Solstice Dilemma - Which Outcome & Why?

    I agree! Though, I it would be really cool if they shared all the potential results with us at the end, as I'd love to see how the story might have progressed if other paths had been taken. Though maybe it is better not to know what could have been.
  10. The Painting Contract - March 2018

    Got a start on my Lord Ordinator, but didn't finish him, so will try and do that this month! I also got the Warscryer Citadel assembled and will attempt to get that painted this month as well.
  11. Glad we got Skull by one point! Good work everyone! Now the next choices....I suspect we Order players will want the Skull again - trying to purify Aqshy.
  12. Resin architecture accessories?

    I know that you mentioned resin products, but just wanted to chime in about HirstArts http://www.hirstarts.com/index.html You can buy casting kits for using dental plaster or resin for the items you may want. This may be an option if you have the time.
  13. I too want to chime in for The Skull for Week 2. I think since we failed to follow portents last week and Nagash gained the upper-hand, that we must seek out the secrets so we can determine what is unfolding. So I think Order really needs to do The Skull. I've got two results in so far for The Skull!
  14. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Just to add a note about Skywardens too - people often take them as fire support - with aethermatic volley gun and/or drill cannon, due to the range. Also, the Skywardens are a little cheaper, so sometimes they have just the right points to fit as a mobile attack unit and for grabbing objectives, when your Endrinriggers are the assassination squad.
  15. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Looks like a very mobile list! I prefer to use the Aethermatic Volley Gun on the Ironclad, as it kills more for me than the cannon does. And I personally would drop 1 frigate and grab some more models, as you have more troop capacity in your ships than troops! So I'd suggest another Khemist, expanding an Arkanaut unit to 20, or getting some Skywardens for mobile support/objective grabbing. Just some thoughts! Also, with that many ships, perhaps you should try Zilfin instead (would definitely want a second Khemist though).