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  1. The way I've read it and seen others discuss it seems to imply you still get all of those things. Many of the rewards allude to the army having some of the allegiance abilities, for example.
  2. I am a fan of Barak Urbaz for the Khemist's ability to use his trait twice, the free artifact, and their special ability to let a unit within 3" of an enemy get a free pile-in or round of shooting in the Hero phase. I cannot tell you how valuable that extra round of shooting has been when a unit of Arknaughts are in combat. It has helped me take down characters with the light skyhooks and clear the enemy in combat with the pistols. Very useful.
  3. Just a useful tip, but if you go here you can get the points for any and all armies you want!
  4. I do think that clarifies that Allegiance Abilities are already included in a way. What is the overall concensus on using Command Traits?
  5. Those are good abilities/items. Should be fun to try! I agree on your Thunderer load-out, but you could even take the fumigator or deck-sweeper, as those may work well in skirmish. My group started at 30 renown, so I just have one Thunderer and gave it a mortar for now.
  6. Yeah, it would be really good to get clarification from GW. My group is playing that you can take champs and can take a specialist up to the first requirement - i.e. can take a light skyhook if you have 3 arknaughts, take another at 6 arknaughts, and the last at 10 arknaughts.
  7. Perhaps provide some additional detail on what you are equipping the lads with and what relic/command ability you may be starting with? And don't forget you can take the champs for each of those warscrolls. I'd suggest a light skyhook for the company to help deal with heroes and the 24" range. Mortars might be nice for some thunderers, but the aethershot rifles and other weapons may be nice too. A mix is ideal for skirmish.
  8. Love all the battle reports and your insight, it is very helpful! I too like Urbaz a lot as their ability to once/battle pile-in or shoot with a unit within 3" of an enemy unit can be very useful for polishing off a unit/hero for the subsequent turn!
  9. This may be the way to go. Also, it may also mean better LOS-blocking terrain is needed on the board - like the old Mordheim vibe.
  10. Zhorphorus, I think that is the general concensus, but definitely depends on your opponent. I use them to hunt heroes and monsters, but they work great for the longer range too. The other two special weapons are situational and you'd still want to have each unit focused - all three with the same, particularly if getting a Khemist buff on a weapon - in my opinion.
  11. I too tried to examine the maps closely and agree with is only a portion of Chamon as they don't all connect to each other. But it would be interesting to see where some of the Realmgate war info fits into these maps (I haven't gotten the books so I don't know if the battles take place in these parts of Chamon or other locations).
  12. My goals: Finish base colors on 2 Kharadron frigates Finish basing 30 arknaughts, 10 grundstock thunderers, Admiral, Khemist, and 2 frigates so they are ready for the Coalescence event June 10th After the 10th - complete 10 arknaughts in full detail
  13. The freehand looks great on them! Excellent idea!
  14. You should be a pro now.
  15. Congrats Dez! Would love to see pics of the army too! I am in a similar situation for the Coalescence event on June 10th - need 1500 pts everything painted and based to table-top standard. I see lots of late nights....been working hard on assembling and converting and just started getting paint on the arknaughts....Need to do 10 thunderers, khemist, 2 frigates, and finish the 30 arknaughts and admiral........