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  1. You just gotta love Skirmish

    I honestly don't know. We handle things on a case by case basis and I don't know if that's come up or not. Here's the text of the skeleton entry: ICON AND STANDARD BEARER Models in this unit may be Icon Bearers or Standard Bearers. You can return D6 slain models to this unit in your hero phase if it includes any Icon or Standard Bearers. That seems really strong to me. I'd probably say roll a d6 for each slain skeleton and on a 6 they can come back. Adapting these type of rules is often a matter of compromise and negotiation.
  2. You just gotta love Skirmish

    I'm also pretty much only doing Skirmish. I totally abandoned my plan to make full sized armies and am instead doing warbands of about 100 renown that people can use parts of as they play through games. A lot of battleplans work well with skirmish. I don't know if I have my favorites, but between the six in the skirmish book and the free ones from the fan End Times Battletome as well as Hinterlands (both hosted here on TGA), I've mad no shortage of material to use. I've done the Open Play battleplans for multiplayer from General's Handbook and they worked fine. I prefer one-vs-one games though. House rules: When a rule benefits a "unit" it can benefit all the models from that warscroll within 6" <-- so far this has been fine, but maybe there's a really powerful ability out there that just hasn't come up yet. Morale effects work when used on the enemy general. So if an icon or banner says an enemy unit gets -1 morale, that works on the general only. Summoning and the like: spend renown on reserves like matched play. I've also done straight up summoning with no limits and it was fine as well, but that's down to opponents who don't go crazy.
  3. One hour per day chaos army

    That's awesome. My favorite thing about the warhammer tv recipe for these guys is painting the gold trim before the armour plates. Right now I have some 40k scifi stuff going but once that's done I'll start up a thread of my own.
  4. One hour per day chaos army

    I need to start doing this as well. So an inspiring start (literally in that you've inspired me to join you). When I've painted regularly in the past, i've found a wet pallete is helpful. Like sometimes you can come back the next day and the paint is still wet and just needs to be mixed around a bit to redistribute the pigment.
  5. AoS podcasts

    Not every podcast is going to have universal audience. I found Facehammer's hyper tournament focus to be uninteresting as well, but I'm sure there are those to whom it appeals. I'm going to listen to episode 40 because it sounds like a change of pace. Their episodes are also quite long, so it's like it's far more than five episodes. I'm only most of the way through the first episode, but this is a seriously good podcast. I hope the remaining hours I have qued up are just as good. If I had one general point of feedback for all AoS podcasters it would be this: Stop hiding your mp3 links. I don't know if it's done on purpose, but I'm really surprised how often they are difficult to find. Or hidden behind a flash player for some third party service. It's to the point where often the first thing I do when I get to a podcast episode page is view the source code for the page and search for .mp3.
  6. No more plaugebearers

    I end up texturing over the gap with texture paste when doing the basing later. Some times I leave a bit of the old base showing and paint it as stone. I totally get it though, wanting the new basing to be like the old one with no extra mound, rock or other height added between the base and the feet.
  7. No more plaugebearers

    I just chop away most of the old base and glue a chunk of it down onto the new larger base.
  8. Episode 171 - Kharadron Overlords

    [URL=http://garagehammer.net/2017/06/episode-171-kharadron-overlords/]Episode 171 - Kharadron Overlords[/url] Turns into this: Episode 171 - Kharadron Overlords
  9. No more plaugebearers

    In Canada they are the same price but now with 32mm bases. I haven't seen the box, but I imagine it's in the newer branding.
  10. I don't think this is a democracy, but I still vote yes.
  11. I'd recommend having a scheduled skirmish day/evening/event rather than a "play when you can" league. I know some people won't be able to make it, but a regular event is something people can actually plan for rather than trying to figure out when another person (or multiple people) can have their schedules align. If the store has an event calendar it can go on there and the manager can know to use it as part of his sales process. Maybe figure out how long you have the space for and have an appropriate number of games that start at the same time. And always be willing to have a new player get some table time. Even if it means you need to cut your roster way back in renown and play Clash at Dawn again. As the organizer, it's your job to make sure someone is the go to person for new players. It might have to be you. I would just manually do pairings and stick with teams as the scenarios are all 1 vs 1. So if you have 8 players, that's two 2 vs 2 games. Then the winning pair (roll off for draws) of table 1 and the winning pair of table 2 but then they switch partners (each pair rolls off, both highest change teams). Similar for those who lost. You should be able to repeat this multiple times without people playing with the same partner for a good while. If you do hit a point where people are going to be paired up with someone they already played with, either solve it if it's easy or just relax about it and have them play if it's not ("but if we switch then they'll play together again and they did in game 2" you'll know the point when it's no longer easy to manually fix it). When new people show up or when too many or too few show up you'll need to adjust on the fly anyway. Might also be worth considering keeping some of the Open Play multiplayer scenarios in your back pocket. It sounds like the General's Handbook 2017 is going to have even more multiplayer support in it. For scoring why not do a Major Minor, Draw, Loss tally (breaking ties down that line) and then have a separate winner as being the Relic Bearer who gets away with the object of power. No reason to say which is more important. Just say "Joe got the best win-loss record and Mariana is the Relic Bearer who actually got away with the object of power at the end of it all." Only crown someone an overall winner if they accomplish both these tasks. The last scenario with the storm also looks like it might work as a massive multiplayer game with the storm closing all around on the centre of the table. As for renown, I've just started another campaign with a friend and we went with 35 renown so we could have things like Saurus Oldbloods, Orruk Megabosses and Chaos Sorcerer Lords right off the hop. Worked fine. So unless someone is dead set on playing a Dragon Ogre Shoggoth as their hero, you should be fine at 35 or 40 to start.
  12. The cursed sheep

    Is that a mutation or a parasite? The answer to that is troubling either way.
  13. What a fantastic picture. Thanks for posting it!
  14. I've been doing a desert thing so I think my terrain has been too warm looking. I think I need to start introducing more grey and drab greens. More yellowy dead plants like winter static grass. Maybe make some rusted grey wood broken wagons and other worn down and weathered structures. Sagging roofed miserable huts with rusted gutters and weather vanes. Strange stone structures and megaliths erected long ago. Drab green vines. Maybe rusted occupied gibbets and foul trees. Brass and copper idols corroded and blue. Pine trees sounds like a great idea. They're definitely less summery than other tree types.
  15. Inq28 and AoS28 are capturing my imagination as well. Can't go wrong with ghouls. Any plans for terrain? My stuff is too bright and happy.