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  1. Two 30 inch folding tables gives a gaming space with 6" on each side for putting dice and reserves and small tablets or printed data sheets or whatever.
  2. Nin Win

    Warhammer Legends

    I do both. The sculpting style of Age of Sigmar stuff keeps me coming back though. Nice deep details and animated proportions and I find I keep choosing warhammer stuff over historicals in the same plastic. That said, I am going to be starting an all metal historical project shortly. It'll still be cheaper than the same number of warhammer miniatures!
  3. Nin Win

    Warhammer Legends

    I did this as well. I did WW2 and Greeks vs Persians. So cheap and great gaming. People often don't value free rules so the ones that people like enough to talk about and play are usually quite good. It's the same for the AoS fan content. I find I don't have to watch every little project. The stuff that's truly worth paying attention to will get mentioned and talked about in podcasts, on blogs, in forum posts and so on. I know GW has lots going on in terms of their development schedule, but hopefully more armies get the Legends treatment. I had totally forgotten about some of those dark elf models. Maybe it'll help some people rediscover some cool models and realise the stuff going for really cheap in the secondary market might be worth paying attention to.
  4. Nin Win

    Warhammer Legends

    Seems like a game theory approach aggregating to bite everyone in the ass. No one can afford to "waste" money on a suboptimal unit so the average level of competition goes up which means cheaper starter and start collecting models are no longer viable, so then the average cost of an army goes up for everyone.
  5. Nin Win

    Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    That makes sense. For me the only thing that was missing from the first starter was a special weapon guy or two. It's possible that the Sequitors in the starter will come with at least one armed with a two handed weapon. I get the desire for more weapon options though-- the liberators with swords look great and the grand weapons in the box are amazing. And there's really no comparison between the starter prosecutors with 2 out of 3 being identical and the full kit with all its options. If the 40k Deathguard and Primaris releases are any indication, I really don't know if they'll make the new kits for Stormcast in the same way as last time. It could be that there will be way less weapon options in the full kits and slightly more in the easy to build ones-- I don't mean weapon options for a given model, but one model having the weapon option like how the plague marines 3 pack comes with one guy with a power fist and another with a heavy plague weapon.
  6. Nin Win

    Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    It will depend what's in the box. If it's like Dark Imperium with a big book inside then I'm probably more likely to trade the death stuff for more stormcast with someone else who buys the starter so we can both have the book and twice the miniatures.
  7. Nin Win

    Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    I'm hoping a Lord-Arcanum muses about reforging in a novel or something. I've liked how the reforging process is different for everyone that goes through it and hope to hear from a character who has been there for a lot of it. I've decided to sell my magic cards and set the money aside for these new stormcast. I like every model. The Sequitors are especially cool as it lets me get more shield and weapon type stormcast without duplicating on liberators any more. I know some people love having 90+ of the same model like big hordes of skellingtons or skaven or whatever, but I find after about 10-20 I'm done with a particular unit. So the Sequitors are perfect for me.
  8. Nin Win

    The end of compendium (finally?)

    I'm probably about 700 miles straight north of you. Nice extreme centre of the continent weather. Most of the time we also do two folding tables with a mat on top. Gives a good amount of space around the play area as well. They go on sale a few times a year and two of them don't take a lot of space upright in the back of a closet. To tie this back into the compendium replacement not having matched play points or things disappearing from apps and whatnot, I'd advise anyone to make sure they get their PDFs, maybe print data sheets for units you like and just write the matched play points for them from the first GHB or whatever. The way I look at rules for playing with strangers or for organized play or tournaments is that we would be basically renting the rules. When the rules change, the product we used to rent is no longer available. By agreeing to play only with the current set of rules with other people who also agreed to only use those same rules, we would have preemptively agreed to be subject to the whim of the game designer/publisher. When we stop doing that and take ownership of the rules and use them as a tool to set up games among people who want the same thing out of their hobby as us, then it really doesn't matter if a unit disappears from an app or doesn't get updated points or whatever. Would I rather an app for AoS have everything that has ever been published and can just warn people it's no longer recent when they go to add it to a list? Absolutely. But I do understand wanting the app to be about the current state of the game.
  9. Nin Win


    Like the text on the scroll. Nice effect.
  10. Nin Win

    Warhammer Legends

    This is one of the reasons I think being overly focused on being competitive can shrink one's gaming experience. If people make lists with less of an eye to always have the strongest stuff then more warscrolls in a given battle tome are viable for the table top. I know when I pick units the first thing I do is look at painted examples of the miniatures, then look at pictures of the sprues, then I'll read the fictional entry for the unit in the battletome. Then I'll check to warscroll to make sure the cool or more important thing about them is actually reflected in the rules. I guess they'll have a points cost, but I can look that up later if I need to. The idea of only using a subset of scenario material, a subset of available units, a subset of artefacts/command abilities sounds like a really bad trade off for the sake of trying to win more.
  11. Nin Win

    The end of compendium (finally?)

    I've seen many different solutions to the table size issue. From table tops that can be placed on top of an existing table, two plastic folding tables that can go in the living room. Another folding table of the same height as the kitchen table can allow a very large table top to be put across both the kitchen table and onto the other table. It's actually pretty simple to make panels that can be easily bolted or fit together. Sometimes all that is needed is some non-slip shelf liner to put on the table so nothing moves an everything just sits there. As for other family members, that seems like a strange barrier. Not everyone who lives in a given home has to participate in everything that happens in that space. I guess they can be social and hang out too if they want, but participation is always optional. I'm also in an area that gets tornadoes. So it's been standard practice here to build basements since the 18th century. The ceilings may be low, but it's still lots of extra room. And since we're no longer heating our homes with coal, even really old homes with coal chutes and drains can be finished like any other interior space. Some people keep their basements unfinished with concrete floors, but you can still game in those. When I lived in Vancouver and the space you'd get for your rent/mortgage was way, way lower, I ended up going in with a couple friends and we rented a single car garage behind someone's house. Where I am now weather ranges from 40 degrees to -40 degrees during the year, so that's not really an option, but lots of places are more temperate.
  12. Nin Win

    The end of compendium (finally?)

    I think many people jump to the conclusion that matched play is the vast majority of all play when it's probably only fair to say the majority of easily observable play. My own group has never had a game of matched play happen at our monthly club meetings, ever. The people who play tournament type games at the local store have a vague inkling that there's a couple guys who meet somewhere and do strange scenarios, but they have no idea it's a totally packed multipurpose room and we're trying to figure out whether we're going to need to find a different space. The guy who runs the nearest store knows we exist. As does the organizer of the largest tournments in the area. As does GW. Because we told them. Apparently that's rare. Most small groups of gamers that do things on the kitchen table or whatever don't involve themselves in the larger public community. For us, the issue is small children. We're not going to invite a stranger into our homes. They can come to the club meeting though and if they turn out to be reasonable people, then they can come to the other events in people's homes. If we didn't have the monthly meeting in a more public venue, no one would know about us at all. We'd be four or five smaller groups of 3-6 people each all playing at home and would have never come together as a union of kitchen table gamers. I think GW knows matched play isn't as large as people think it is in terms of their total customer base. They know people are using other decision making metrics when picking units every time someone buys a kit that people say is an awful choice for a list. Since the new CEO came in, they've been doing large amounts of market research to find out what their customers want and have been very careful to appeal to a broad a range as possible.
  13. Nin Win

    Various lore questions

    I can only partially contribute: 1) Hammerhal and City of Secrets are two books that deal more with these types of cities. Malign Portents has some stuff as well, though most of it is in short blurbs. 3) Who made the realmgates? I don't think it's spelled out. Dracothian shows Sigmar the mortal realms and then realm gates are talked about. I guess you could claim that Sigmar and the other gods made them, but it's also possible they did not and when Dracothian showed Sigmar the realms, that already included realmgates. They can do a variety of things, like be corrupted to open directly into the realm of chaos rather than their original destinations. How common they are is hard to talk about as the realms are gigantic and largely unexplored by the fiction so far. Sigmar can cast his forces, but the realm gates would allow them return to Azyr to be cast again. As well the very first AoS story is about the securing of the Gates of Azyr as that would allow far more stormcast to be sent forward more rapidly. 4) Yes, Sigmar is in Azyrheim. He walks around and talks to people.
  14. Nin Win

    The end of compendium (finally?)

    Well, technically, it may have been a success. GW is about return on capital. So if the original Age of Sigmar launch gave them a return on capital (the money invested in designing and producing the game and miniatures and getting it to the point of sale) better than 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy did, it was a success. The fact that they then embraced more ways to play and that let the game be enjoyed by more people wasn't turning a failure into a success but a success into an even greater success. Miniature wargames didn't start with warhammer. In it's modern form it goes back to the late 1950s with another period of play during the late 1800s to around 1915. Points didn't exist for many, many of those decades and people still were able to enjoy their hobby. There currently are very popular historical wargames that don't use points. There always have been.
  15. That was an amazing post. You're totally right about the angle of that photograph vs the ones on GW's website. I had passed them over thinking they looked really wood-elfy.. I think you're right about how not elfy they can look, as well as how not-wild they can look. They even have the same sort of scale on their breechcloths that the stormcast eternals have. I think painting them up in colours close to the hammers of sigmar would work great. My warpriest got painted up that way and I think i would work well for elf models as well. I'll give the kit a closer look for sure. They might combine really well with these heads from Statuesque: