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  1. I think it's going to be that if you shoot a lascannon at single wound infantry you hit and can only kill one model even if you roll a six for damage.
  2. Interactive vs non interactive and seeing the table footprint as changing with more or less non-interactive terrain is a really smart way to look at it. Thanks for posting that. I'll definitely think carefully about increasing and decreasing available footprint to the game size as well as considering the nature of both armies in terms of model count relative to the other. It just went in as the first entry in the terrain section of my scenario journal.
  3. Wolf Rats <-- that is a terrifying combination when you think about it. When I was a child I had two pet rats and then suddenly they got sick and something about their sickness led them to attack and kill one another. the victor ate the flesh of the loser but died of her wounds/infection a days later. We knew something was wrong and while a vet should have been involved, no one was willing to put their hands in the cage after the change. Your wolf rats remind me of those two. Great models. Love how they turned out.
  4. It may actually be more compatible than a lot of people unfamiliar with AoS might realize. I'm sure there's a simple way to convert S&T into fixed numbers and to factor high toughness into the save or by adding a defensive ability from some warscroll or another. I got into AoS when I actually finally played the game and then asked some questions of people who knew it better than I. I'm excited about the new version of 40k because of the similarities to Age of Sigmar. And that as someone doing nurgle daemons, I'll already have an army that works in the new 40k.
  5. What a great conversion. I know painting will change things, but something about the griffin heads makes me feel like its very happy to be a soul grinder of Tzeentch.
  6. Back in the 90s, the Dragon Ogor idea is what got me into warhammer fantasy. It was a dragon AND an ogre! Combined! Nothing could be cooler than that for a teenager just discovering fantasy and sci-fi miniatures. The fimirs in Heroquest were also pretty mind blowing. Never saw anything like that before. It was also the first place I ever came across the term "chaos warrior." It is sort of strange that they made basically the same thing (mortal sorcerer of nurgle) have different rules like that. It'd be cool if they were closer but different in ability so you wouldn't find it to be an obvious choice. From what I've been seeing that outside of truly competitive play, people take a true variety of stuff and there really isn't the equivalent of the sheer number of 40k shelf sitters in the current edition of that game. A very common feature of the best "duds" It's been interesting to read the very different approaches that lead people to their assessment. As someone who doesn't use points, a model with weaker rules is more about whether or not they provide the person fielding them with a good game experience. And sometimes a weaker unit will just feel less cool than the model would otherwise suggest. Whereas other people more interested in matched play are just as disappointed by the same sort of units but for other reasons.
  7. How much terrain do you use in your games? In my historical and sci-figaming, I use a ton. Like enough that the table looks like a place. I try to make the table lose it's sense of being flat. How important do you feel terrain is to your enjoyment of the game? I would say making terrain has become my main hobby and I would be sad if the terrain was irrelevant to the game or shouldn't be used. How do you decide how to set up terrain for a game? I want the battlefield to look like a real or fictional place. Which units are most/least impacted by terrain? I have insufficient experience with the game to answer this. I've played only 3 games so far. I have some notions from other games like shooting is inhibited if every firing lane is shorter than weapon ranges and things like that, but not enought AoS experience to comment further. Where do you get your terrain? Use your club's terrain? Buy it? Make your own? I make my own. I am also really interested in lower model count games as well as skirmish gaming like Hinterlands and AoS28. These type of games can often handle more terrain than pitched battles on an open field. I imagine this might also be true for the full AoS game as well, but probably not as much for the 2000+ point games. You need places for the models to stand where they can actually contribute to the game and too much terrain if you have 100+ models a side can make that annoying. Similarly, I am not going to do matched play. It's all narrative battleplans and campaigns for me. So that means terrain can become part of scenario design. It can be made extra impactful on the game through rules in the battleplan or campaign document. Here's some 15mm sci-fi terrain I made. I plan on having this same density for the Hinterlands/AoS28mm games, but less for the 1000+ point AoS games. Or perhaps the same amount of terrain, but different types of terrain to make it more mass battle appropriate.
  8. A friend made a bunch of these skaven models into a bloodbowl team on 25mm rounds and they look great.
  9. I'm sorry if I'm blind but I couldn't find the link to the episode in your post. Nor on It's there on your libsyn page though.
  10. I think that works. Were you going to give them a similar basing treatment as the warlord?
  11. The cost of being elevated to the stormcast and the reforged. Those Sigmar reforges can lose their very identity. Sigmar is willing to pay that price to have a soldier back to fight again.
  12. I like the clean black lines where the different parts meet.
  13. Capturing the building in the picture really shows how big these monsters are. Often terrain is some strange realm gate or an odd forest and there's nothing concrete near the big stuff to really show it's size off. Those monsters next to terrain we can relate to definitely makes the conflict look more epic.
  14. The adventure card game is very good. I found it very difficult and challenging the few times its come out for board game night. Hammerhal is a fascinating development. If you like normal cities and people in the Mortal Realms, I've heard good things about the City of Secrets novel.
  15. I'm super curious to see how this goes. I love Renaissance warfare as a historical and gaming subject.