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  1. Display boards

    Those pictures really explains why you want to make them. Beautiful stuff!
  2. After reading the rules pack for Blood and Glory and listening to different podcasts it appears to me that display boards is a thing people do. I've never understood the point of them, and they have never really been done by anyone I know or been brought to events I've been to. Is it a UK thing? Or is it only backwater Sweden that's not doing display boards (not that I know how everyone in Sweden does things)? Have they always been around or is it something trending that will change into something else?
  3. The first post got posted a bit quicker than intended, but at least that line summed it up well Anyway, I have some concerns with this. First, as far as I know the two occasions of Pegasi in the Empire Compendium and the Pegasus Dark Elf hero are the only units that have rules from a warscroll but with an added "special rule" (in this case that they can fly). Is this so? In that case, are they still treated with as much respect as other rules? The reason I'm asking is that I was working on a unit of Pegasus Knights for my Order/Free People army when the compendium rendered them not worth their cost. So I'm looking for other uses of the model and then I see this. I'm now thinking that I could do a rather cool conversion with some Greatsword heads and free-peopley stuff to make a pretty decent character out of them with that line. Do you think that would work? Would a tournament organizer allow the model as a "Freeguild General on (flying) Warhorse"?
  4. There seems to be a curious exception in the compendium.
  5. Events Sweden: Warcon 2017

    Skulle vara intressant att veta vart i Sverige detta sker.
  6. Gothcon

    Det finns ju en massa val till en hel del warscrolls som inte listas i warscrollbuilder, t ex banners till generals och beväpning på freeguild guards (i mitt fall då). Vill du veta det också eller kan man låta det som står vara tillräckligt med information? Vill inte ge dig mer jobb än nödvändigt
  7. Gothcon

    Kul att få se listorna i förväg! Jag vet inte hur noga det är med options på enheterna, men om det är det så ska min Warrior Priest ha Sigmarite Greathammer och inte Warhammers. /Erik Sundberg