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  1. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    I've played with units of 10, just because I stole the idea from Ben Johnson. Turned out ok I guess, thats three very mobile units with a modest footprint. But I still rate dryads as way better. Fun to use, though. Three teleporting 10-man units forces your opponent to think twice about leaving to much room behind their army.
  2. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    When plaing Dreadwood, you should print and laminate these words and carry them with you to the battlefield
  3. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    If at all possible I want a forest in my deployment zone, at least one in the middle and one or more in the enemies deployment zone. That is easier said than done. So that's why I've used the branch sometimes. Depends on the scenario and terrain on the board obviously Maybe my failure to play total conquest is down to me and not the dreadwood battalion... hehe.
  4. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Dreadwood, possibly. Or Winterleaf. Or the one where you get +1 to charges. I think there´s some battalions that could see good use. As for gnarlroot, obviously @MayItBe have had some success with it
  5. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Congratulations! Seems well deserved, you played a wide variety of lists for sure. Interesting with the triple verminlord- list, that's something you don't see every day Did you think the gnarlroot was wort the cost? I've stayed away from gnarlroot since GHII due to the cost. But looking at your list there's still some punch there. Although I don't know if I'd dare to play with so few models (dryads) myself. I fall more and more in love with Drycha each time I've used her. I guess you had the squirmlings and not the.. flitter furies?
  6. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Nr one advise is to not throw away a unit just because you "can". With dreadwood it can be tempting to use the first strategem to alpha-strike with your unit of hunters. Keep a cool head. Use the strategems for playing the long game. I´ve used the re-deploy strategem sometimes to just launch a branchwraith forwards to plant a forest close to the enemy lines Don't forget the extra effects that the dreadwood and outcast battalions gives your units of spites. I struggle with total conquest because it stretches my army out. I'm not sure if that is dreadwood-specifik or just my lack of ability to play the scenario though
  7. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    There's been a lot of debate here about the dread wood list. I've been playing a list very, very similar to what @Mirage8112 posted a few pages back (sorry Frank - just realized now that I never replied; my strategy for starstrike is to lose...). Branchwraith general, regular treelord, 6 scythes, Drycha, 30 dryads and the spites, more or less. Just came home from a one day-tournament where the list performed really well and by now I've played it at least 15 times. I really like the dread wood list; it's fun to play, flexible and can counter some of the top builds. But after every game there's this feeling I can't shake: do I need the dread wood battalion? We pay a very hefty amount of points for the battalion (including the spites it's a minimum 610 points!!). The first games I played I played the list very offensive, hurling the hunters and/or Drycha across the table. Now, I find myself playing it more defensively, perhaps using the re-deploy to get an objective, or more often than not choosing the third stratagem. While these effects are great I keep thinking that most of them I'd be able to achieve either with any kind of one-drop list, or just by using the basic strategies of a Sylvaneth army. What I really like about the dread wood experiment is that I've learned to live without the TLA as the general. Of course I aslo really like what the battalion brings, but I'm still unconvinced if it's worth all those points. 600-isch points could give me 6 more hunters and points to spare. Or a Spirit of Durthu and some tree revenants. Etc. I'm gonna keep playing the list further but I find myself looking more and more at other kind of lists.
  8. Army Paint Schemes for rules

    Quote for truth! The elephant in the room is not so much the sudden ruling about colors, but the really odd adding of a very narrative concept onto matched play/tournament play. I was really hyped for Firestorm before this silliness. Now I hope it just dies a quick death and are never mentioned again. I'm a bit concerned if this is the future of AoS - more and more rules-bloat with add-ons from campaign books, formations from old books lagging on in the app etc etc. If not controlled that could turn AoS into 7th edition 40K on crack. I'll probably be playing Firestorm down the club, but would never in a million years allow those rules in my tournaments. Neither would I demand specific army paint schemes, but I really cannot see that be a problem either if we keep things like Firestorm out of tournament matched play.
  9. GHB 2018, and Main rule changes

    This! I think there is so much flexibility in using different battle plans and creating new warscrolls and battalions, and points of course.
  10. GH2017: the honeymoon is over

    This has spiraled - once again - to a thread that is full of negativity and pointless cries for rule-changes that most players could not are less about. Someone should just lock it and throw away the key.
  11. GH2017: the honeymoon is over

    For me and the community here, I think the only limp ****** on the honeymoon was the release of 8th edition 40K. GH17 brought back some of the buzz from pre-40K. This isn't in any way surprising as a lot of the AoS players here used to play 40K. I hope some of them come back when the dust settles. This thread for me really highlights the low self esteem of the AoS community. Since the release of AoS, and even more so the first Generals Handbook, variations of this debate seem to pop up every week. It's like two clingy people desperately keeping their relationship alive - "is it still good, are we happy, we ARE happy, surely?" If this comes from all the negativity at the end of WHF or from the fact that it is a young community, I don't know. But I do find it a bit sad. Is the interest in AoS really so shallow that a month - a mere month! - of GH17 triggers this debate? There has got to be hundreds of versions of lists out there that haven't been played yet. Hundreds and hundreds of possible outcomes of scenarios and match- ups. And way, waaayy before all those are tried and tested GW will have released new battle tomes, models, FAQ:s etc. I kinda wish people would read Ben's thread about all the negativity around here, and drop the complaining and just get out there and play the game.
  12. The dreaded double turn

    I kind of think that the possible double turn between turn 2 and 3 is more of a deal. Getting/having to play the first turn sure can put you in a (to) defensive position, but the times I really feel like the dice fisted me is when I loose out on the initiative going into round 3.
  13. Stopping Murderhost in Scorched Earth

    I'm not sure the murderhost is the big offender here. Dreadwood sylvaneth list can do more or less the same, though just with two objectives. A dreadwoood list would have the staying power and the mobility to not only burn two objectives turn one but also compete in the following turns. As @Andreas noted, tunneling Vulcites could do some shenanigans too. I'm not sure about every battle tome but there are offensive and defensive ways to handle this scenario for every grand alliance out there, possibly bar Death.
  14. Klubbar/föreningar i Sverige

    Kul att höra! Och om nu inte datumet krockar med något alldeles särdeles viktigt hoppas jag verkligen ni får till något. Behövs någon turnering under hösten i södra Sverige (för oss som tycker att Umeå är lite väl långt bort...)
  15. Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Hi Frank, I've been playing with more or less the same list, except for 2x branch wraiths (bc of models I have available) and it works like a charm in most of the scenarios. Only other difference is I've gone for Gift of Ghyran + Briarsheath on the general and Acorn on the other wraith. Really fun and good list. I think it (I?) struggle somewhat with the star strike scenario though.