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  1. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    I think this may have come up before, but with no concrete conclusion. I have a theory that there may be something in the upcoming GHB2 that might make this more beneficial. Otherwise, there's the closer shooting range, as you said. Off the top of my head, I can also see this giving you more room to disembark units from the same/other skyships in the vicinity, as by charging successfully you're clearing more room in a space that was previously occupied. That's about it for now, I think.
  2. Kharadron Overlords - Post your Barak/Fleet

    Thanks for that, @FractalRain. I actually used that Bugman's list to work out my Barak name (as well as for my suggestion for yours). There's some cool ideas in here already. I hope we start to get some more posts as more players decide to take up a KO force.
  3. Kharadron Overlords - Post your Barak/Fleet

    @FractalRain sounds great. How about Barak-Zorn Izril? As far as I can tell, it means Plateau of Jewels. It sounds like it would still accurately describe your port, and there's less grammatical issues to work around.
  4. Kharadron Overlords - Post your Barak/Fleet

    That sounds perfect for some great narrative games. I wish you fleet luck in their quest, and hope they can quench their hard-earned thirst on the best cold beer soon.
  5. Kharadron Overlords - Post your Barak/Fleet

    Hi all While we have a "Let's Chat" KO thread, which is great for army building ideas & tactics, I thought it might be a good idea to start a separate thread for narrative/fluff discussion for the faction. Specifically so that it doesn't clutter up the great tactical discussion going on in there. Mods, please feel free to move/alter as you see fit if this is in the wrong place. I'll go first, although I'm only starting to work this out myself. Fleet: The Black Iron Charter Port: Barak-Gazul Admiral/Flagship: Jhasson Grundvengryn/Unbakit A smaller sky-port located in Shyish, the realm of death, Barak-Gazul began as a small joint venture between the dour traditionalists of Barak-Thryng & the pragmatic militarists of Barak-Zon. The port was named after the ancient Duardin god of the dead at the suggestion of the founders from Barak-Thryng as an intent to honour their ancestors. However, over time it has taken on a darkly humorous tone as its inhabitants encounter more and more of the undead that populate the land below them. The Black Iron Charter is a highly effective military fleet based at Barak-Gazul. The fleet has a remit to conduct search & destroy missions against perceived threats against the port, and as such has been granted considerable lee-way as to how it conducts its operations with respect to the Kharadron Code. The current admiral, Jhasson Grundvengryn, has spent a considerable part of his career as both a Thunderer in the employ of the Grundcorps, and a Skywarden prior to promotion to his first captaincy and subsequent elevation to the Admiralty. He is a grizzled veteran not given to many words, and commands the respect of his crew through his actions (and his custom Aethershock Bludgeon). Code: Artycle - Settle The Grudges Amendment - Prosecute Wars With All Haste Footnote - These Are Just Guidelines
  6. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    With Barak-Zon, I feel he's best aimed at Heroes/Monsters in combat. Preferably used to finish them off after doing some damage with your guns. Give him the +1 attack Command Trait, and the Aethershock Bludgeon, and he's doing 3 3+/2+/-3/2 attacks, re-rolling half his misses & all failed wound rolls (re-roll 1s to hit & wound) against Heroes & Monsters. I've not done the math, but surely that would result in 6 wounds the majority of the time? Use a Khemist for a fourth attack. I also like the run & shoot ability he grants any Skyvessel he is aboard. Adds to the maneuverability of the army.
  7. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    This is also why I was looking at fumigators for a forward Thunderers unit. The good thing is that they have that retreat option in the consolidation part of the combat phase. So while they may be a one-use missile, I'd used correctly they should do a load of damage to a key target. I figure that's worth 100 points (200 with a Khemist/additional 5 grunts).
  8. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    I like your thinking. I am considering doing similar, but with an Admiral. Also using Barak-Zon. I wonder if the GHB2 rules will introduce some initiative order based on who charges first and/or when? Maybe an extra attack on a successful charge in the Hero phase?
  9. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    I've been brainstorming trying to fit a Gunhauler into a list without the escort wing (so I can include an ironclad as well & keep it Matched Play legal). The list I came up with is below. Behold, The Black Iron Charter: Admiral, Aether-Khemist 3x10 Arkonauts 10 Thunderers, rifles 6 Endrinriggers, no add-ons Ironclad - heavy cannon Frigate - heavy cannon Gunhauler - drillcannon Artycle: Settle The Grudges Amendment: Prosecute Wars With All Haste Footnote: These Are Just Guidelines. Plan is to deploy ironclad forward, with admiral, Khemist, Thunderers, & 10 pike Arkonauts. Drop Thunderers & Khemist in first hero phase to get a more forward position (make most of 3" disembark range), then run forward & aim to annihilate the Grudge unit early. Use riggers, admiral, ironclad, & pikenauts as combat force, making use of 'Guidelines' to choose more beneficial Artycle. Use rest of army as support, with one of the other Arkonaut units (volley guns) in frigate, and third (sky hooks) on foot. Alternatively, I could run a pair of pikenaut units in ironclad, and use these as battering ram, but this would increase drops from 4 to 5. Could probably also run this using any of the pre-built codes. Thoughts?
  10. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    @DynamicCalories that sounds wicked. You could drop a very nasty contingent of Thunderers (say, 10 aethercannons) with Khemist escort in a frigate, backed by a load of skywardens. See that unit? It's dead now. Charge me? Thunderers will back off & unload more fire into your ranks. Give the skywardens a skyhook or two, get them closer to the unit you want to charge on the turn you drop (as they can't move), then get stuck in in the combat phase. As if that's not a tasty combo?
  11. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Thank you. I'm pretty happy with it. I'm a lover of rule of cool & teeming armies. I could see the above as being a core of a nice narrative list, and I've only included the Arkonauts as they're required for matched play. Narrative-wise, maybe their ship crashed, their officers are dead, save for the Khemist who somehow survived & escaped back to an outpost. He's hired some Grundstok crews to help effect a rescue. Nice & easy. Tactically, well, the battalion will mostly pinpoint key targets, and hopefully decimate one or two a turn. The Arkonaut will march forward & provide additional fire/grab objectives. As long as it's fun to play, I don't care, and I think I'll aim to make this as an alternative list to the one I posted a few pages back.
  12. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Thanks! This is what I'm unsure about. The gunhaulers have no transport capacity, but both units of skyriggers (endrinriggers & skywardens) have a rule allowing them to embark on a skyvessel without actually taking space. It's a bit cheesy, yes, but this is why I thought that maybe the two could combine. Otherwise, maybe use the gunhaulers as a forward wedge (arrowhead formation), with a frigate full of arkonauts (& admiral/khemist/both) coming up behind. Can always attach the skyriggers to the frigate in that case. Edit: So I brainstormed a list to this effect. Assumption is that the Skywardens cannot hitch to the gun haulers, so instead will do that to the frigate. Here we go: 3xGunhaulers w/drillcannon Frigate w/skyhook 10 Thunderers - 5 rifles, 3 fumigators, 2 cannon 9x Sky Wardens - skypikes 3x10 Arkonauts Aether-Khemist (general) Grundstok Escort Wing battallion
  13. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Random thought/question: Can the Skyrigger units 'embark' on Grundstok Gunhaulers (the ships don't have any passenger capacity, but Skyriggers don't count towards embarked passengers. I was thinking that maybe an alternative 'hammer' force could be a Grundstok Escort Wing with the Skyriggers hitching a ride on each of the ships, and in units of 6 so as to provide extra combat punch. Have the Arkonaut either on foot (with appropriate guns) and/or a unit in the frigate (with skypikes). I'm AFB but I'm sure there's a way to squeeze this in at 2k points. Thoughts?
  14. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    I feel I've resolved that issue (see list below), but can't find space for a Gunhauler at 2k points. Also, is it bad form that I've decided to name my Arkonaut Admiral Jhasson? Admiral - General; Stickler for The Code - Aetherstrike Bludgeon Aether-Khemist - Staff of Ocular Optimisation 3x 10 Arkonauts - 3 sky pikes, 3 volley guns, 3 skyhooks 2x Frigates - sky cannons, 1x self-healing hull Ironclad - cannon, self-healing hull 5x Thunderers - Fumigators 3x Endrinriggers 3x Sky Wardens Iron Sky Battalion Lots of charge shenanigans here, courtesy of Barak-Zon. I could dump the pair of skyrigger squads for a Gunhauler, but that would remove some of my combat units. Plan is for Thunderers, Admiral, Khemist, and sky pike Arkonauts to deploy in the Ironclad as a hammer/vanguard unit. Use Arkonaut companies in frigates as support/flexible units & skyriggers as front line support.
  15. Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    For the first turn, I would probably run with the +3" range order. This helps maximise the shots you can put out, especially when you include the +1 to all ranged attacks for the Iron Sky Squadron. Basically it just ensures that everything should be in range. That's about all the thought I've given to the flagship orders so far, anyway. I like your idea of the ironclad battering ram unit. I intend to run something similar. Although I'll be using an Admiral instead of Endrinmaster & I intend to use a full five fumigators. I'll also be running with the Zon benefits, so I'm interested to see how your set-up goes compared to mine.