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  1. No worries! I'd also like to note that @Aspirant Snaeper and I don't completely agree on one thing. That being: "But to really take effect of it, you need to combine it with the Goretide and a Mighty Lord of Khorne." The prime reason I don't completely agree with this is because your General does not have to be part of the Slaughterborn, has to be a Mortal Hero or Bloodbound Hero. It only has to be a Khorne Hero to be part of this effect and we have some significant Khorne Heroes. A Bloodthirster comes to mind , by large because it's: A. Fast, B. Has a large footprint (thus physically more models can be within 3" of him) and C. the Units in Slaughterborn are all decent. I do agree that the synergy chain can become amazing with the Goretide! If you like a Mighty Lord of Khorne in there you can certainly thake that small step aswell.
  2. I think They in this case is trying to refer to the Khorne Hero AND the Slaughterborn units. It isn't the type of wording I'd use, but I understand your confusion. So what is happening here is that if your General (must be Khorne Hero) is within 3" of an enemy unit your Slaughterborn units (within 12" of General) can attempt to charge those enemy units (within 12"). Etc. Hope that helps?
  3. 1. No, not start of the (charge) phase 2. No, not start of the (charge) phase 3. No, not start of the (charge) phase 4. Yes, this phase is now considered the combat phase aswell as the hero phase 5. Yes, this phase is now considered the combat phase aswell as the hero phase 6. Yes, bonkers isn't it Now ask me about Rage of Khorne
  4. While I didn't know this was unclear, this is also the prime reason why I went to the forums and asked if you can choose any ability order for Mark of the Destroyer The one thing that is unlikely in the above scenario is that 66 attacks will fail to kill any model, but yes, 22 attacks Mighty Lords of Khorne are nuts and if they ever reach the opponent in this set up it becomes retarded... ...Then you realize you can technically also include multiple Mighty Lord of Khorne and ask your TO if they also profit from Agshy's Bane because the wording in the Goretide doesn't specifically say it's one MLoK Khul and the Gang: 3 Mighty Lords of Khorne in The Goretide and all with Mark of the Destroyer because why not.
  5. Would you like the meta to be a constant shooting show of? I can't find many examples who do not heavily rely on ranged attacks and happend to thake the tournament. If your trying to shoot monsters down I'd say that in general your putting yourself at a large disadvantage. If there is a rock, paper and scissors it's Monsters, Massed melee Infantry and Shooting Units. However currently there is nothing that actually limits you from going mono ranged attacks. It's not that often done yet, which I see as a gentlemen's pack, but yes, 9+ Skyfires or 40+ Arrow Boyz are neigh undefeatable regardless of what you put into that next to it. I also don't think shooting needs to be nerfed or is OP. I do however think it makes sence when it follows some limitation. Only to continue to promote diversity. As there are reasons as to why X, Y and Z are limited, which makes it strange W isnt. What I mean with this is: - Melee/Piling In is limited. In the WFB past there where armies that only needed 1 turn to kill you off (Chaos) - Magic Spells are limited. In the WFB past we had games where only 1 turn of massive spell mend GG (Many factions where part of this throughout the editions) - Summoning is limited. (Several editions of VC or TK being too weak or too good) These 3 where arguably what made WFB such a cheesfest from time to time. Honestly Missle attacks where also part of them, just not so much in 8th because you either took extremely fast monsters or massive units anyway. In short I don't think too many ranged units are overcosted, I just think that the core Missle Attack rule is just slighty too good. WFB and 40K don't have their characters as easily sniped out as AoS does, they never had this either throughout the years.
  6. Good, yeah there are pros and cons to both. The biggest con to iniative that goes all over the place is that it increases the time required to play. Comming from Malifaux for example you really see that it adds tactical dimension but that tactical dimension also forces you to reconsider more moves. Which thakes up more time.
  7. @DynamicCalories I agree. However I also think that learning the different ways of Initiative change due to Charge is another rule to learn and I think GW somehow wants to keep it as simple as possible while still giving the depth. In general I do believe that an Initiative charge bonus would be the most realistic aspect. Indeed it blends movement into iniative aswell, but logically speaking I feel this should be the way. Someone who is fast, usually strikes fast also For grenades there is a small rule I hope they might include and that's how it interacts with types of terrain. In our current day and age this is where grenades are used for as they are a means to deal with fortified positions better as a rifle does. However it would also imply that terrain doesn't grand armour bonusses, it would just severly mess with the possability to hit someone. To the point where I'm even talking about situations that say -1 and -2 to hit, which wouldn't apply for a Grenade in the same way it wouldn't apply for a Flamer. What I do think is that the new Dawn of War game might give us some hints on what is to come. But I can't really be botherd to really look into that game.
  8. Absolutely. Though for my personal modelling and hobby experience I'm not looking forward to paining the same model at least 80 times. In many cases the massed spam can be really potent and really powerful but the question for me is if I can bring myself up to create that, having been over 15 years in the hobby, I know I cant
  9. I think it's better to have at least 20 Bloodreavers. However you have 420 points left. What you can get for that is: 1. cheap Bloodthirster and 20 Bloodreavers 2. another Slaughterpriest and upgrade 2 units of Skullcrushers to units of 6 3. another Slaughterpriest, Skullcannon and 20 Bloodreavers 4. 30 Bloodletters and another Bloodsecrator 5. upgrade 1 unit of Skullcrushers to 6, add a unit of Wrathmongers and add a Bloodsecrator I think choice 1 to 5 are very valid. I'd personally go for choice 2. You have Gorepilgrims, you have Brass Stampede, trying to make the best out of that usually is the most solid choice. * What this allows you to do (under the assumption that Prayers do not work the same as Spells for you locally) is to have 2 big blocks of 6 Bloodcrushers with Bronzed Flesh, which is A-Okay.
  10. @DynamicCalories Im just going to switch from game to game as I feel like it I mean what this does do is allow you to truely focus on your favourite. I always liked both systems for several reasons and by all means Age of Sigmar and 40K will remain different in gameplay due to how 40K will continue to have it's more interactive statistical grid. I do agree with you that chargers going to strike first is a thing... I don't really know why a charge cannot be a simple +1 Iniative or 2 even. This would indeed allow Characters and very high I models to at least strike at the same time... But hey, this variant is simple aswell. Overall I agree with your analysis. New 40K is going to be great. PS I think that we as a community should try and test the 3" rule to Missle Attacks. What I mean by that is that I think Missle Attacks would be 'perfect' if their range was reduced to 3" if there is an enemy model within 3" of that model. It doesn't emulate realism completely but makes more sence as bullets bending over their closest target into a model at the edge of the board.
  11. I hope that some Tournaments will adopt it into their House-rules. I honestly believe that it would significantly improve the overall faction balance. As mentioned it wasn't my idea, I So great idea @Jamopower! It also fits the current design very well in my opinion: 1. It doesn't invalidate Missle Attacks 2. It doesn't remove Attacks 3. It makes more sence for Narrative reasons (when you shoot point blank, your range is more limited) 4. It covers the overall 'feeling' that Missle Attacks work in a strange way for Age of Sigmar The last feeling largely comes from us comparing things. So yeah from that perspective Melee Attacks and Pile In are limited, Spells are and Summoning is. So as to why Missle Attacks dodges that completely remains unknown to me
  12. It's more than viable. Age of Sigmar really is a game that tells you that you have to buy whatever you like to buy. Age of Sigmar is also NOT designed to be exclusively used for Matched/Competative Play. In fact, most of the stuff that is written for Age of Sigmar by Games Workshop is designed for Open and Narrative play. Unlike Warhammer Fantasy Games Workshop really wants to push fun with Age of Sigmar, they do this by giving you all the options with a relatively good balance. So to awnser your question, if you want to have Warp Lightning Cannons and Giant Rats with gattlingguns for hands than by all means create the Chaos army you want and like! The only current issue I have with Age of Sigmar is how Summoning is so restricted and how Missle Attacks are so unrestricted Which means that yeah, if you want to go hyper-competative you do want to have some form of ranged support. Granted Blades of Khorne does have this option, called the Skull Cannon.
  13. @prometheus Lastly, keep in mind that this is not how Battalions work! Battalions completely made up of Khorne Daemon or Khorne Bloodbound units DO NOT suddenly gain the Khorne Daemon or Khorne Bloodbound Keyword. Keywords in general arn't gained unless the Warscroll specifically says so. Battalions can be part of Khorne or Khorne Bloodbound armies because for Army Allegiance a different check is made (that of Units) in that sence Battalion Keywords arn't that essential. Last but not least (to confuse you even more ) Keywords on Battalions do count towards possible Unit inclusion as long as they are part of that Battalion. In theory a Khorne Battalion could include non-Khorne units and could still be part of a Khorne army. In theory a Khorne Bloodbound Battalion could include non-Bloodbound models and still be part of a Khorne Bloodbound army. Again the Keywords are not gained however, this is an important thing to keep in mind while playing. Moral remains, buy what you like, create an army out of that, then design lists for what you have and like.
  14. @prometheus Well the narrative remains the key essence of Age of Sigmar. This is why it's a bit more difficult to transform into matched play. See it like this: - All forces in the Chaos Grand Allegiance are part of Chaos. You can pick this if you want to have the most Unit choices. - A smaller group of Chaos forces are part of Khorne, they can choose to fight for what used to be known as Chaos Undivided (Chaos mixed) or Khorne (Khorne mixed). You can pick this if you want to have Khorne starting Unit choices. - A specialist group of Khorne forces are Mortals, Daemons and Bloodbound. This means that sometimes you'll encounter an army completely made up of that type, but they are still part of Khorne and Chaos. You can pick this if you want to have Khorne X or Y Units only. Age of Sigmar is designed to give you all the choices. 9/10 designs are created so you can choose, not limit youself in model choice. Buy and play what you like, not what book A or B tells you to do. For game rules this translates to: ARMY - You pick Grand Allegiance Chaos so your forces are Chaos - If your army is made up of Khorne starting units or units that can gain the Khorne keyword you can be Khorne Allegiance - If your army is completely made up of Khorne Bloodbound or Khorne Daemon units you can become Khorne Bloodbound or Khorne Daemon Allegiance, What you see is that restricting your choices can grand you small bonusses. Age of Sigmar is full of this type of design because what you essentially lose in quantity of choices slightly improves the quality of your choices. Battalions work in the same way. The only thing that makes this confusing is that you have to look at 3-4 sources to figure out what's going on. I too wish that GW would have clearified this in the Blades of Khorne book because at the end of the book you suddenly see 'Khorne Bloodbound Allegiance' and it's not mentioned anywhere on any of the 140+ pages before that.
  15. @Gilby I dont think covering weaknesses is an issue. However what is an issue is when certain factions to have acces to threat range 'SUPER' and others don't. Again the simple short of it is thaking out key Hero models that make a lot of forces work in the first place. Now as an BoK example, imagne you go Gore Pilgrims, have those 3 Slaughterpriest shot off the board turn 1 to 3. This is very much a possability with the armies you regularly see running those larger ranged blocks. It sets back player significantly because thaking Gore Pilgrims in the first place means you will lean heavier on Gore Pilgrims. As said in the SCGT topic, Melee ranges and Melee resolvements are very limited. Piling in is limited, charging and moving close to enemies is, etc. In the current set of rules there is nothing limiting Missle Attacks. This feels odd because there is something limiting Spells, enough house-rules covering Prayers as Spells and even Summoning is severly limited in it's use. Moral is, the best attack, by far, is always that with the largest threat range. Those currently are Missle Attacks and there is nothing you or the game really does against it, while the game has your Melee Attacks, Spell, Prayer (house-rules) and Summonning 'Attacks' covered. So even if Missle Attacks wern't a source of the problem, it's the least "limited" Attack in the game. If GW/Events wants to improve Matched Play "balance" it would be wise to thake a good look at how spamming Missle Attacks is very much a good choice and a constant choice for top 3 armies. Not all armies have (or should have) these options. So it would be wise to limit it in a way, as Melee, Spells, Prayers and Summonning.