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  1. New warscroll for Shadespire!

    Its good for all You can use as much as you need Keywords for it toi, so its great
  2. New warscroll for Shadespire!

    Hahaha Noice, everybody get Shadespire.
  3. The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    Frankly speaking I think its less of an issue. Though Ive gotten custom to lower card quality from GW. Objective cards and the like are also often slightly damaged out of the pack.
  4. Clear bases

    Just poke that nice measuring device right into another players nice model. Bonus points awarded for scratching paint jobs
  5. Reservations...

    True, though with a free mulligan and fill up to 5 every time youll likely see your 20 if you want to.
  6. Let's chat : Khorne!

    You will certainly be connecting, its up to his save to deal with it. The infantry awnser will allow it to mulch through undamaged however. Thanks to Relentless Hunter and Hellfire Breath Id say hes still a better awnser as either Bloodletters or Wrathmongers. Edit: Skarbrands fun too.
  7. LVO List Math-Hammer Prep

    Damage warrants the 270 points for 30, no worries.
  8. Let's chat : Khorne!

    Sounds like the old Warscroll indeed. Try the Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster, Immense Power, his wounds and attacks present an issue. The newer Warscroll also needs to kill in order to remain relevant. Ask your opponent why he uses the old Warscroll and experiment with a little WoK BT
  9. What would you do with a map of exactly that though? Used to have a ton of Old World maps and stuff, even a detailed Mordheim one. Gave them all away though as it was eating dust after a peak. I do love some artwork but its all minis for me and I like we have artistic freedom now. This reflects to any display board being relevant instead of a replica. I also like historical dioramas but those arnt game pieces
  10. Clear bases

    Only do it if you like it. I love scenic basing. If you dont like that clears are cool! Blast from the past:
  11. Let's chat: Sepulchral Guard

    I agree, the option to double move for an Action means this Warband has the numbers and survivability to play more on Objective capturement and gaining Glory that way to obtain their Upgrades, especially the Petitioners seem ideally designed for that use. The third will act as a great roadblock to the Warden. One of the most interesting aspects also remains the punch the Harvester presents and as such I feel this army will feel weak at first but dominate in the lategame once 3 or more Upgrades have been attached. Fun for sure! In terms of boards I think the 1-2 blocked pieces are also ideal here. More (3) would hinder movement and open fields in my eyes makes it more difficult to keep the Warden out of harms way. So far I think the Stormcast will like the 3 blocked board, Undead the 1-2 and Bloodreavers the open while Orks seem very adaptable.
  12. Exactly and I think this is a great advantage to keep a game interesting. The moment you know the full in and outs of a game, what excitement would be left? If WFB would have continued we could have seen Cathay and perhaps two other armies, at that moment the game would have been finished. Sure one could continue and explore all the character facets of each army but it was clear through WFB sales that the interest in Historical-Fantasy games had shifted. Since 6th WFB really went deep into that direction and ultimately I think it killed the game. Too much logic needed to be applied for Fantasy and those two do not mix well. All the while the sculpts where getting restricted in terms of dynamic poses because blocks of infantry on 25mm bases really don't allow for too much difference. In addition Lizardmen/Seraphon fighting Ogre Kingdoms/Beastclaw Raiders in the WFB narrative sence was practically impossible. That really isn't good. One of the reasons I believe we also went this higher, epic fantasy route is because Warriors of Chaos and Chaos Daemons followed that patron in WFB allready and always continued to sell well. In many ways most Factions/Armies are inspired by them in the sence that they are now split up, have their own objectives and thus visually do not have to look alike. Character really sells games and a universe allows for unlimited ammounts of characters. Ive said it before but Age of Sigmar has room for Warhammer Fantasy like worlds, where Warhammer Fantasies Old World didn't have the place for Age of Sigmar's universe. This is because epic fantasy can include locations that are akin to historical fantasy but the other way around is almost impossible to do, by large because the other way around means your breaking all the rules youve set to yourself before.
  13. Reservations...

    I think that the prime advantage GW has here is that they arn't known for their boardgames all to much, let alone 1vs1 boardgames. Blood Bowl was an exception but as mentioned before Blood Bowl shows it's age compaired to Guild Ball. To the point where a gamer that feels like competing will be more likely to pick up Guild Ball. This doesn't mean the models from Blood Bowl arn't amazing but one could say that Games Workshop was a little too late for most fans of Blood Bowl. As before I would see Mordheim falling is a similar positon due to Malifaux being a much better fleshed out Skirmish City Fight game. Shadespire on the other hand is new, the closest game I can think of which was akin to it was the WoW miniatures game from ages ago. They too had cards, characters and even offered Warband building but what lead to that fall was the booster packs with unknown information. I am very happy that Games Workshop didn't decide to go a similar route. The beauty of Shadespire really lies in it's simplicity. Having said that it also rewards tactical play extremely well but because it requires dice there still is some luck involved. This mix is ideal because it often leads to a 50/50 of luck and tactical skill. Most players like this a lot because they feel they can impact the game (they can) but also don't just obliterate 'noobs' by being tactically superior all the time because dice are still involved (luck). When I see the reviews some seem like cards are impacting the game a lot (true) but the practicle use still is decided by dice. Likewise Ive seen about 50/50 comments on Stormcast being "better" vs Bloodreavers being "better". All of this leads to good design. In many cases simple design is great design and I think Shadespire is the perfect example. Too simple is what Age of Sigmar for example started out with, you need some restrictions, but since the General Handbooks I feel AoS is also in that nice realm of easy to learn and hard to master.
  14. Totally, the advantage a universe grands to a world is that specialized forces in worlds can be the extreme in a universe. E.g. despite being dwarfs Kharadron Overlords and Fyreslayers dont have to look the same because they dont come from the same place. The Old World didnt allow for that, much room was allready taken, from the getgo.
  15. In regards to Stormcasts and some who dislike them I can get both aspects really. I think one of the things Stormcasts is suffering from since their initial conception is the same-face-syndrome most of their models have. For sure Games Workshop now has added design with more visually human aspects but I really wish there was a rough 50/50 human aspect in Stormcasts. They are heroes of the past but all character is ripped away from them because they look so virtually identical to each other. For sure the armour and backpacks mix up their look when you do inspect them but as humans we are drawn to the face for a characteristic and if that face looks like an empty helmet practicaly all character is lost. Compair that with the Warriors of Chaos and you see they, by comparison, ooze with character. They look more human while they are less human Luckily though I feel GW has realized this aswell and as a result we do see more and more human looking Stormcast following, like he Hunters. What I hope is that this will continue into a demi-human which Stormcasts eseentially can be. They are an elite force allready and if the creators really had a good look at Space Marines they'd also see that what makes them so cool is their human side, bloodline, legion or chapter. If we think of a cool Space Wolf they most certainly do not look the same as a Blood Angel. Within Stormcasts range pretty much everything looks exactly the same, the more recent weapon and shield upgrades make a difference but in the end what matters more is the human face we'd like to see. I think that super-gods waging infinite war in infinite realms is actually great, this is because it essentially represents the player and the possible places he can go to play this game. A miniature wargame works if it revolves around war. It is a war-game. If the world is full of political discussion the game becomes a political discussion (and not a game at all). Funny enough this is exactly what is going on with 9th Age on the other side of the spectrum. They didn't want a world that was forged in war, now they don't have a war game. I am not surpised. You get what you create. A calm political world leads to a calm political game (design).