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  1. I was hoping this would be a question about them all being one model. An idea I still love: Meet Larry, he's a Champ, Musician and Standard Bearer.
  2. Great news and Im looking forward to its content.
  3. Im just really happy we wont see anything being enforced onto the game. With GH 2017 in our vision I also am looking forward to the prospect of Battleline. I do understand the rule and it's purpose and how it's somewhat like WFB's Core units but I typically think that the design of units in AoS is strong in most ways. With the good old example of 300 points worth of Bloodletters not ****** being better or worse as 280 points of Skullreapers. In addition Im also still waiting for the Khorne Lord on Dragon Warscroll! By large because that typical beast is the type of thing I wouldn't mind any Matched play point cost for because I think it's frankly impossible to slug around such a model. Still a display piece like it would be so awesome to behold! A Titan in AoS.
  4. From the Blades of Khorne book I would vote: - Murderhost (20 points, extremely efficient as you typically gain a free move per unit in the Battalion, 2d6" push is fantastic) - Gore Pilgrims (80 points, the option to have reliable Blood Blessings is a great alternative way to play Khorne. Blood Boil is a sick sniping tool and having 1 Bloodsecrator 'save' is great) - The Goretide (total banking in at 120, D6" movement in the Hero phase for all is just amazing) I don't think there is one sole best in the BoK book, I havn't heard DoT players really liking most of their Battalion Warscrolls. I don't play DoT so I really cant comment on it but what I like the most from the above three is that they continue to offer a tactical flexability that most Battalions do not have. With this I mean that nothing in particular forces you to go into a particular Spam build. You can, it will be effective, but because the rules they grand are so effective it isn't required too much. With the only excuse being that with Gore Pilgrims I would always thake 2 Slaughterpriests for sure, ideally 3. Though I dont really see that as spamming.
  5. I agree. I also hope to see a Battletome for Death that matches the newer ones. As the latest ones ooze character and really give a representation of what stands for what. In that same vein Im eager to discover if Vampires in the Deathrattle play as big of a role as they did in Vampire Counts. An re-introduction of Blood Lines could be an interesting prospect. Its certainly a very likely option. Though because GW has made objectives for 40K I would be too suprised to see them skip on the mat and toss in two of those. I really also hope AoS will have physical objective markers soon also! In general I think it would be cool to see different ones for Order, Chaos, Destruction and Death. They could quite easily form a set on their own with that.
  6. No worries, I think most players do not mind for a non-tournament setting. I wouldn't and I think most don't mind to much. You can even "remove" 4mm the moment you would measure from his base to different units if players would be upset about you using a 40mm base. The mistake is also easily made. The Bloodstoker does come on a 40mm base and looks fine on a 32mm base aswell.
  7. This looks very cool indeed! Not sure if it's worth much to the AoS community but I really like what you have craeted!
  8. Likely because of what you said in terms of context, being that they want to announce it officially or big on a different date. Which I understand because there is still a lot of 40K to put into the limelight and there is little for GW to gain to suddenly slap the cool generals handbook on top of it all. I think we will officially get a release date in July. This way there is still a week for everybody to pick up on 40K's hype Im very happy its confirmed though! Im looking forward to the changes. I think costs will not be dramatically changed though I do not hope that ForgeWorlds cost change actually was a leaked sneak peek... The thought of a Mourngul going to 280 is not an issue to me personally but I do not believe it would be very healthy for the Matched play games... On the other side a change like that would validate Death as a faction.
  9. Certainly! I do think that this topic isn't really about a system vs system debate though, which is why I cherry picked the rules from 40K I do like to see transferred in AoS As before, the way melee combat resolves in 40K actually gets me more grimmier the moment I look at it. A large part of it again comes from the fact that 1.1" "disengagement" is suffient and while doing so you can still claim objectives and overwatch. Basically still enforcing that shooting is on spot number 1. Now there are certainly a few factions and units who can still go toe to toe in melee combat but I really like melee combat and because of that I really like AoS. To me shooting (which is why I dislike how it in general works on certain AoS pieces) should be an important factor in Fantasy games but not the overtaking factor. This vision is most certainly very biased. I am the Khorne player aswell. What I however wouldnt mind seeing is to have this part be as good as Magic for example. Because I do feel that the way Magic works out in AoS is restricted too much. We have Sayl and others who can do something but as before I do like 40K's rock, paper, scissors approach slighty more in that it removes itself from spamming, as spamming means you are one of the three and not a mix of all. For example, some 40K players are now working on a Razorback + MSU spam, in essence not that different from multiple small units of Skyfires. However due to how Deepstriking works in 40K (ala summonning) and the magic that can push up these units there actually are very much hard counters available for such tactics. If we would translate that to AoS I think it would actually be extremely benificial to all if engaged units could either A. Not shoot, B. Shoot with a penalty, C. Shoot only with those they are engaged with or D. Shoot only with those they are engaged with with a penalty. All in all that's the only comment I have on Core game design in AoS. Kunning Rukk, as a Battalion is also the only Battalion I believe needs a re-design. The moment it's effect would be once per game or only applied if the Battalion is filled with the units (like many other Battalions obtain a super power if they are) I wouldn't mind it. Then the moment Skyfires, Judicators and Hunters would be stuck shooting that which is in combat I think they wouldn't be that much undercosted or undercosted at all. Still very powerful but not beyond the norm they are beyond now. This implication is much more there for a tactically advantaged level, less so on based numbers/wounds vs army size.
  10. Id even settle for a allround 'other games'. Because I completely agree with you. The best thing of AoS is that it has created a reset for the community. Not so much to flush out all the competitive players or something but because I feel that we as a community are aware of what can change and do not really oppose to any changes or suggestions. One of the WFB/40K issues I had is that general discussions about the game are left aside as there is a large part of the community that either does not care or think it's "perfect" because it excists for 20+ years. To me the creative process AoS players go through is MUCH MORE healty for the game. With this I mean that things like the AoS Warscroll builder, AoS Skirmish and AoS Shadespire by 40K comparison arn't seen as "side games" but very much also a cool part of this hobby. Being new isn't so bad at all because it means the creative process is very much unrestricted and not blindsided by what people expect. I really hope to see AoS' community explore all different manners of play. While our forums sometimes even speak about the coolness of a possible AoS and 40K blend I'm quite certain that the 40K communities would respond very differently to that... In any case, go forth TGA community! Spread the creativity and cool discussions.
  11. Oh yes I think thats the case too. If it is real I expect it to be GH2 not 2nd ed AoS just yet. What does make me doubt it now is french announcement with english front cover book. Thats a little strange. Though they have two versions Id make it up with the french variant.
  12. Absolutely. Though openess usually goes with age of the community. Its kind of sad but a bit of a logical thing too. You get community influences and some voices are clearer as others. Though for starters I would love a 40K/alternate games subforum on TGA.
  13. Yes you can Just keep in mind hes usually not part of another battalion, like Khul, as that still forces all other models to come with him too. In general I think both might be a little expensive for Matched play but only due to them not being able to thake Artefacts or Command Traits.
  14. Its even in the instruction manual mate. If they come back on it Im fine if they do, so long as thats not the case this is the most recent Warscroll.