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  1. Yeah and I suppose fans of Fyreslayers and Skaven might find some use for them too because their line by comparison is also rather small. But the issue I have with a lot of the ideas to use them for cheap Objective holders is that in all cases, cheaper Objective holders allready excist... To give an example, buddy of mine really wanted to do this with Garrek's Reavers or Magore's Fiends. This idea is cool. However when we then look at the cheap effectiveness of Marauders, who fill several roles and have the custom Mark option and are very cheap per body/output/armour and then to me it feels silly to exclude the 'cheaper and better'. However mindsets of the game and way to play can differ, for casual games, always do however you feel like Things start to be different if your aim is to have a great competitive result for a particular event.
  2. Best Decks for all Warbands

    Well I dont think a best deck actually excist for the game. There are multiple paths to go and because so many cards are around I really feel that every Warband can be played in different modes. But for all intends and purposes the Let's Chat's have been made to discuss each Warband and create decks that fit them. You are able to look into that.
  3. Critical Roll channel updates

    Super fun as always!
  4. My opinion on them is that they are great models to be used instead of the regular ones in Age of Sigmar. So far most of the Warbands have not been an incredible addition to Age of Sigmar as far as I know. What slightly frustrates me is that I have read somewhere that initially the plan was to have these Warbands be an add on for a particular unit. It really kind of upsets me that they didn't do this. Garrek's Reavers added to Bloodreavers actually would make them very relevant. You could keep the unit to 20 additional Bloodreavers and have something great to work with. Likewise Magore's Fiends added to 5 regular Blood Warriors, I believe, would have made them way more relevant also. Now these units instead of adding synergy compete with others of the same cost, which means it's extremely hard to justify their inclusion.
  5. Let's chat: Magore's Fiends

    Great discussion guys! I guess I'm just one that believes in simplicity first and foremost as, despite be not playing a month now, this has always been the most benificial throughout all my games. Which now currently would likely number around a hundered orso, though I will admit, most of which with a more casual setting. This basically is our beer and cheese game Back to Inspire ploys! The simple reason why I like them here (the fact that it's easy to do otherwise is really irrelevant to me, I'll explain it later). When they inspire: - Magore gets: +1 damage, +1 move, to me this has a worth of 2 Upgrades, so yes, I'd gladly inspire before attacking as attacking is the plan anyway but more result will be obtained this way. - Riptooth gets: +1 damage, +1 move, +1 dodge, this can be argued to be the worth of 2 Upgrades, so yes, I'd gladly inspire before attacking. - Ghartok and Zarkhus get +1 attack dice on both attacks, +1 move. An arguement could be made that this isn't extremely special due to the lack of Cleave or any other very relevant abilities but the thing I personally like the most for them is that this way the Gorefist actually has some chance of being relevant. Which I believe is super relevant against pretty much all Warbands with Dodge. To me this makes the Warband extremely allround in functionality which rubs of as them being a great choice in general. So to me the conclusion for Inspire ploys is that they will function as free Upgrades and I can't pass on that. In addition there are even some Objectives who care about Inspiration. So it gels very well with those ploys. Keep it simple and aggressively efficient What I've found is that especially aggressive Warbands really need to snowball on their opponents. This approach initially for me appeared with Orruks and if I recall correctly I also heard a lot of whispers of players stating they might be the best. What I certainly will agree with is that aggressive approaches are easier rewarded. They require a plan that is a rather simple A to B movement that aims for succesful attacks. Simplicity is what works and still works for Orruks, but even Stormcast, because of the simple reason that if your opponent needs to thake the initiative with 1 vs 1 weaker models it's much easier to punish that with a 3 or 4 sized Warband. In my opinion the prime reason why Fyreslayers are so hard to play has to do with their aggressive stat build, (too) low movement and Objective based Inspiration. This doesn't gel well because your opponent can easily bait/mess up at least 2 Objective placements. This is VERY EASY to do. In that same vein a great buddy and teacher of mine is excellent with his Objective game IF he has 3 Objectives and otherwise the strategy often collapses. This is not a factor for Warbands like Orruks, Blood Warriors and the new Stormcast. As before though, Ive been out for a month... But I don't think too much drastically changed in the general approaches. What I also know is that the movement of 3 vs 4 is massive, even moreso now all the Push effects can be included up to 4 to 5 cards for certain Warbands. Push effects on movement 2-3 are massively more impactful as on movement 4+. In addition being easy to Inspire is absolutely a massive advantage. Including cards who do this without a downside are simply said because of that a MUST in my eyes. As it never does nothing. It ups your stats that otherwise would require Upgrades. Lastly, to reflect on a Warband where I have the most experience with. Garrek's Reavers by comparison remain extremely hard to Inspire efficiently. Now that at least we have a chance for Saek or Karsus to do it earlier is very good. It adds Cleave to his Warband 'on time'. In Magore's case it adds Movement 4 and good defences 'on time'. Cheers,
  6. Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    This looks incredibly awesome! So much potential to do a whole Army in this scheme !
  7. Let's chat: Magore's Fiends

    Yeah I do like this ploy for the Reavers again, prime reason being is really easier/faster acces to Cleave. Which sounds crazy but with all the games I had versus Stormcast, Orruks and Fyreslayers it has been ever so relevant. Same as a Sepulchral Guard player versus Stormcast and Orruks too. Lethal Lunge is awesome, a Harvester with Cleave, awesome too. But first we'll have some awesome fun with Magore's Fiends. Funny enough it even appeared on the Facebook page. I think this Warband can use them both too.
  8. Let's chat: Magore's Fiends

    Oh did I miss the option of a Neutral card that does this? If so, certainly! I think any Reaver can become some form of can opener, altough it's often too late. Having said that I think in general I will have more ease to play and fun with the Magore Fiends. 3 health or lower just makes it all hard for Reavers, who can't come back either.
  9. Gorefist vs. Gorefist

    Exact. Looking forward to your approach aswell! Cheers,
  10. Let's chat: Magore's Fiends

    I'd certainly run it with Magore's Fiends, though will share the deck when Im completely comfortable with the build. Prime reason being that a card like Bloodslick Ground can negate the issues that appear when your opponent wants to charge back with multiple models. In addition I think the massive value we find here also is Riptooth being very able to assist from the backfield due to it. Which I think is a really good follow up to any of the Blood Warriors.
  11. Let's chat: Katophrane decks

    I think is a great discussion and so far have not tried this type of gameplay. As a complete noob to this concept and strategy, how do you guys feel it holds up to a competative standard? Do you feel it's cool for casual games? Or do you feel it's an amazing and strong way to play the game? Thanks for your replies!
  12. Let's chat : Blades of Khorne!

    Same here, which leads to me current conclusion still being that they simply don't care. Because with this re-occurance accounted I think we're savely heading towards a dozen mails who adressed this. Same with Karanak too, though at that point the Facebook page didn't gave out the mail adress. I believe they then mailed them themselves. What is so odd is that rule inquiries, especially by non-Khorne players, for new books do get all the attention. To some extend logical, to another extend we're really asking for a simple Keyword here that shouldn't even require further explanation... We could even look into the history of the Juggernaut riders. Really since 1988 (30 years ago!) the Juggernauts where confirmed Daemons and wether or not there was a Daemonic or Mortal rider for them, Bloodletter or Chaos Knight, they remained Daemon too. This applied well throughout the years since Age of Sigmar really... Which in itself shouldn't be an issue except that Age of Sigmar's narrative, both in Bloodbound and Blades of Khorne confirms them to be Daemonic mounts in all instances. So the question then becomes, are they not even reading their own lore? I suppose I have less issues with the Mighty Lord of Khorne and his Fleshhound, but the oddity still very much remains there too. That Fleshhound is a confirmed Daemon. When two types of models present themselves on one base, why is it that Khorne exclusively loses Keywords? Lastly it isn't even only in our advantage to obtain this Keyword. Several anti-Daemon pieces excist that would make our Skullcrushers and Heroes worse in quite some match ups. However I personally prefer logical approaches before any game term advantage. The only logical approach comes from lore and lore confirms both Juggernaut and Fleshhound are Daemon. It's litterly impossible by the letter of the different army books to view it any other way.
  13. Let's chat: Magore's Fiends

    The non-adjacenet clause has mattered a lot for me in the past as I still like Shadeglass Darts for reasons like this. So here too I wouldn't ever dismiss this card. I do agree with the latter two Upgrades in terms of sole usage, they might not be in the deck after some testing. Having said that, due to cards like Bloodslick I think we have enough control pieces to decide who's going to die or who's not going to die. In addition 4 Wounds are a world of difference compaired to 3. But then again decks are filled quickly with all the new cards I suppose. Edit: The other thing I do like about Raage-Fuelled Attacks and Wrathful Blows also is that it makes the Gorefist ever so slightly better.
  14. Gorefist vs. Gorefist

    As the others have said. The difference is that one ability is obtained only when an opponnent fails an attack. The other has a split ability that is a Reaction and a Passive ability. This Warband has quite some Passive abilities and Reactions. Passive: - Riptooth cannot have upgrades which are (new) Attack actions. - Gartok cannot be driven back. Reaction: - Gartok can attack with his Gorefist if an opponent fails an attack action against him. It can only target the attacker (thus only works in range 1 combats). - Zharkus can attack with his Gorefirst if an opponent fails an attack action against him AND cannot be driven back by failed attack actions. It can only target the attacker. If Zharkus could be driven back his Gorefist attack wouldn't do much most of the time as it would be out of range. Which is still the case, but there is that small chance of succession. Do I agree that a bolded word to indicate Passive abilities would make it all a bit more clear? Certainly. But as mentioned elsewhere also I believe Shadespire is a large learning experience for it's designers also. Especially certain wording has just been too vague. Leading to require them to errata/faq it to make sence of certain cards. If I had to choose an ability bolded word for it it would be Permanent. Passive as an ability name to me would not really be in line with the 'flavour' of the game. I totally agree. Plus I don't know why the design team has chosen for certain abilities to be named and bold. While others are text. What I mean by this is that a bolded word (for example) Steadfast, could also just simply mean, this fighter cannot be driven back. The more I also look into the Rulesbook the more I think it was finished before all the Warbands where for some reason. While ideally you finish the rules first and then present how they all work together with new cards and Warbands and all that. Ah well, as before, I think the design team of Shadespire learned a lot...
  15. Let's chat: Magore's Fiends

    Can only agree with the pure offensive call. In many ways Magore's Fiends remind me of the Orruks, which isn't a bad thing in shadespire at all because killing oppossing models is actually decreasing tactical options for your opponent and should win you the game more consistantly as objective play because you have more hand in this matter. Cleave assists in this role too and even while critical Cleave clearly isn't as good, it's still better to have that than nothing at all. Even if it's by the smallest of margins. Comming from Garrek's Reavers and Orruks myself I really like Magore's Fiends because unlike Reavers you have a lot of saying in the matter of combat. As your experience grows with this Warband I think a slot of Annihilation is absolutely worth it. But feel free to share your full deck plans @Goblin-King because I also think that the more your local meta will get to know Magore's Fiends the more they will try to play around them. Luckily though our inspires are FANTASTIC to continue the assault. The only thing I would aim for as an opponent first would be to kill Riptooth ASAP. Movement 5 and double Dodge makes him a little too dangerous otherwise. But certainly we can keep opponents away from him and obviously don't need to deploy him upfront. In addition, like all Movemen 3 or slower Warbands, there is some round 1 advantage that can be taken out of them by deploying the boards long... But let's have some cool card discussions! Here's the ones I think I like the most for the exclusive cards. Maby I forgot a ploy here? Reasoning behind me liking these cards is both functionality and viarity of use. - I think Bloodslick Ground can easily be as good as Earthquake, Great Concussion and other push/move effects. Once in combat offcourse certain models arn't effected at all, but I do really like how it allows us to continue a pressing advantage. Especially against Orruks and Stormcast I think they need the combat assistance to deal with out guys and this Ploy makes it very hard to assist in certain aspects of the turn. - Daemonic Resilence is also there in Garrek's Reavers and quite obviously I like it here more because you can't really do much with 1 damage against this Warband. This is less the case with Garrek's Reavers as they have more 2 Wound models who then are easily indirect killing targets. - Free Inspiration? I guess that's always a yes? I do wonder if you guys will use it more on Riptooth or Magore or perhaps even someone else. Gotta love this card. A lot of my issues with Garrek's Reavers would have been solved if they too had this card. - Brutal Charge + Cleave is just amazing I believe but due to it being available to all I think it's a great inclusion. - Likewise No Respite seems like a great Upgrade also who basically is there to ensure that the model that will die will be a risky one to thake out. It also doesn't ****** require adjecent enemy Fighters which makes it ever so slightly better. - Great Strenth 2.0 is cool. - Improving Weapon Mastery is cool also, but maby these two are even better replaced with more allround Upgrades? Looking forward to read more opinions! Cheers,