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  1. Let's chat : Khorne!

    Yeah I also think that Chosen serve an additional purpose for Chaos Warrior heavy armies, but the real thing is that we don't have a ton of reason to go that deep in Slaves to Darkness units. Possible yes, required, hardly... As above though I don't think they are a bad choice but speed and relevant survival are very important to us due to the minor ammount of ranged attacks we have. However Ive also seen some lists using them to great effect when you combine them with Sayl. Not saying you should do so (because magic, bleh!) but if you do you can create another very fast and hard hitting brick which in the end is all that matters. Looking forward to see those converted Khorne Chaos Warriors, I have a ton to do aswell but Im going to have great fun with the Khorgoraths too. Though the bases thake quite long to make, so much to cover!
  2. Vanguard Stormcast Warband

    - I think that we will see a copy of Sidestep and Confusion as one of their exclusive Ploys. - I expect their stats to be akin to Steelheart's Champions but with a different Inspire trigger and not inspiring to double Shield defences. Instead I think they will have a ranged attack that is essentially a Shardfall Darts but with range 2 (twice), have one fighter without ranged attack but stronger general attack and I even expect them to have a single Aetherwing (probably with the stats of Targor). - In terms of cards really anything is possible. - As above some cards I expect them to be long ranged but also mobile in melee. We allready see a confusion upgrade with their art and this will probably serve them well also. I think they will have 4 fighters in total, 3 being what we expect of uninspired Stormcast and 1 "Targor". We don't know how many fighters the Warband will have but I do expect 4. Which would make them akin to Magore's Fiends aswell, as in being 3 relevant fighters and 1 pet. I think your guess is as good as any for now. As soon as we know more I'll certainly share it aswell
  3. For me, as above, have a melee orientated second plan and even if that plan is only supported by Denial and Containment it will most certainly be enough if you keep the plan B in mind and play perhaps more aggressively as usual. As above luck can't be removed completely and considering your former posts I asumed you allready have a clear plan when you do not start with 2 Objectives. To me Sepulchral Guard can most certainly still hard enough, all that is required is a Harvester or Champion in good place and/or an early Inspire/Great Strenght/Lethal Lunge for the Warden.
  4. I don't think your missing much, it's just important to keep in mind that in the epic Age of Sigmar fantasy saga being dead doesn't mean it's the end. It applies to Order, Chaos and Death for certain and while it's a bit less the case for Destruction Sigmar did work with several different gods from the several different allegiances and their return mend a return of their race and thus characters aswell. So with this in mind it's even more important to highlight the differences in fantasy setting between WFB and AoS. In WFB being dead mend your mostly dead and this is why 6th to 8th edition no relevant and playable special character really died. WFB didn't even cover what happend to the 5th edition characters all the time, which is why some of them suddenly showed up at the End Times. In AoS the epic fantasy saga is much like many other myths and this means dying is only one of the many phases a figter can go through. As there are also many daemons in Age of Sigmar there are many warriors who's energy can be disrupted upon death but isn't lost to the aether, in many cases either the Order god (Sigmar), Chaos god or Death god can re-use their warriors spirit again in one way or another.
  5. Let's chat : Khorne!

    I think Khorne Chaos Knights are an allround great choice now. In other elite choices get Wrathmongers first, build a Death Star by wrapping them.
  6. Do you even stormcast bro?

    First things first, it's great that you have a plan! To me it's step one to victory to have one and indeed going deeper into higher scores can potentially lead to tournament victory aswell. In terms of your pointers, some reflections: 1. Certainly but unrealistic scoring is making winning games much harder. To cover your glory income, I think Eternals, Denial and Contained are a great trio of end game. I'm less a fan of Annihilation (it's simply unrealistic against Sepulchral Guard or Bloodreavers) and Conquest, the latter simply doesn't work well with Denial and Contained. The potential income generated out of Scavange and the Keys is very neat. Having said that though, again the plan between Denial and Contained and Keys is very much apart. You can't keep the neurtal clear and stand on Objectives. 2. Great choice and I believe it's the best choice for the game as your plan is less reliant on the initial board thaking coinflip (thus 3 or 2 Objectives). 3. Yep, though with 3 Objectives being our max hand I feel there is very little reason to go over 3 round 3 Objective cards. You simply can't store or keep them anywhere. 4. Yep, fine choice. 5. Yes, though as before Conquest is close to impossible to score with Stormcast. 6. Solid plan. Keep in mind though that there are several Upgrades who do this for you which I don't see in your deck... 7. Seems okay. As above I like most of your plan. What I like less is the following cards: - Army of One, it's a neat failsave but not required if your intend is to score max glory. More offense is a better plan. - Cursed Artifact, the only fear this deck has is Cleave and Cursed Artifact does nothing for that weakness. What I would consider instead is: - Flickering Image (Brighthard has 3 attack dice and thus crits often and thus can hop 2 hexes often) - Heroic Stride (additional movement is great). - Cruel Taunt is not really needed. - Sprint is not really needed (if you add Upgrades that increase your movement) What I would consider instead is: - Mighty Swing (open the potential to kill multiple models in one Attack action for massive Glory swings) - Parry (this leads to an almost automatic Inspire and increases crit chances when Inspired allready) With this kind of chances I think your well set up. Cheers, Win/Loss/Draw. The total ammount of Glory scored is also kept as a tally for organized play indeed. For me it's a nice by product but I also believe in reliable scoring over peak-scoring
  7. The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    An interview with Shadespires lead designer, Dave Sanders: The video is good quality but doesn't cover a whole lot about Shadespire, it's more about Dave Sanders and all the kinds of things he does. Nontheless I do think it's a cool video to watch and it's nice to have some acces to some designer thought process. Cheers,
  8. Absolutely. But if they are just marked as "haters" then the loop of misinformation and un-informed potential fans just goes round and round. What I find interesting is that some are still shocked by this type of content. Way back when D&D was the nerd-hype do you think several players of that system did not hate against Magic the Gathering and Warhammer essentially copying that and using a cardboard or metal miniature medium to essentially do-over D&D? As before, there will always be some part of some community who doesn't like A or B. To give another example, some people "hate" spamming units while some armies only have one Battleline unit to begin with. So if you "hate" spamming surely a whole lot of armies are "hated". All the while spamming units has been part of any Games Workshop system because it gives the largest ammount of army customisation which then leads to pushing through with powerful units multiple times to get that power across. TLDR; a lot of people don't know what they are talking about but hating on all of them leads to nowhere.
  9. Well I don't see this as a hate video towards AoS, it covers enough of the lore in broad strokes that it doesn't cover incorrect information. For sure the time process of the story might be incorrect but again board strokes are still more informative as just bashing AoS for it's designs (something which it doesn't really do, it's just explaining things in what the creator thinks is humorous). Hate for game systems (ANY) has always been around and never really dissapears. It's not the creator or any fanbase of WFB or AoS who pulled the plug on the WFB system. What many for whatever reason still do not understand is that not every game has a lifespan of 25+ years at all. The fact that WFB excisted for that long was very unique to begin with. I see little to no complaints on several other game forums displaying the same longing for a return of a game that went out of production. The reason for WFB's cease to excist is still not clearly known to us because Games Workshop hasn't really covered in detail why they chose this. We all can make assumptions that it has something to do with the sales but those are just assumptions. Every new game that is created and every new edition that comes just somehow is viewed in a negative way. I will tell you that the fanbase of Games Workshop always has reacted like this to anything new. From going to 5th to 6th edition (way back when internet was still dial in here) to the most recent 8th edition of 40K or even the new Shadespire game. Everytime something is created fans will enjoy it and fans who do not spend time to make posts or articles about it. So far I can only say that those who speak out in a positive way have as much right to do it as those who speak out in a negative way. Games Workshop remains a compagny and games need to sell. If a game sells well enough but a system gets old or could really use an update usually new editions are brought forward. If several editions do not realize enough new interest a game might dissapear. It's no different in cardgames (wowtcg was great but there was very little interest), boardgames and yes miniature games too (oh so many miniature games from the past are just gone, best example is Rackham's game, which didn't lack good rules or models). So for those who currently still hate on AoS because they lost WFB I just feel sorry for them. It's been almost 3 years now and in reality AoS is a better system as WFB was. For those who really like the blocked, scenery-low, magic-crazy systems there is still enough to please you. AoS same as 40K will have hate stacked against it either way, wether it's because wolf skins are modeled on miniatures, Space Marines lack female Marines or Stormcast being golden golems. This is an entertaining video and I doubt the intend was ever be to be correct and informative. For in order to be that it should adress all the characters, races and genders correctly. Which it doesn't but that's also the joke about it.
  10. Well you can do this, negating Orruks their melee combats round 1 is respectfully easy the moment you use your Move Actions well from the start. If you only have 2 Objectives there is no reason to not move two Warriors out of melee combat reach round 1 activation 1. It can still lead to their demise but unlikely round 1. I wouldn't say Denial and Containment are halfsies approaches. They are approaches who can score you 3 to 6 Glory round 3 when you ideally have spend enough time on hold Objectives. Playing on Objectives is trusting to luck from the getgo, as you've realized not all games will start with you having 3 objectives on your side of the field. The prime reason as to why I significantly prefer Soultrap and/or On Your Feet over additional wounds is because it's an all or nothing. The difference is as follows: - Situation A. Your opponent has a guy swinging for 3 damage, you have Soultrap/On Your Feet and a 50/50 chance to completely ignore it's Attack action (this is better as relying on Dodge or Shield defences because your opponent cannot beat this roll) - Situation B. Your opponent has a guy swinging for 3 damage, you have an additional wound but survive with 1 left meaning every other 1 damage dealing model now serves an additional melee purpose. So for me the choice between Soultrap and/or one additional Wound is very simple. It's objectively better to have a 50/50 chance in ignoring all damage that would kill the model for each model that has 1 defence die. The moment you do have two defence dice or Upgrades or Abilities that interact with not being damaged (which only Stormcast have) the additional wound becomes better because you have a higher chance of succession. Better put, the 50/50 rolls are a whole lot less luck-dependant as succession from single die defences are. Cheers,
  11. The point of these australian reviews is to be like this. It gets the story across from a point of view that most certainly isn't correct. It's also not attempting to getting it correct. Videos like this are designed to be a humorous piece, not a carbon copy of a story that is in a book or a read up of stuff that's on wikia page. Edit: However I get that humour is a very subjective thing and that some can't laugh about this type of content at all. Would also say that a strong language warning would be at place here.
  12. Its funny and covers quite a bit too.
  13. Contained and Denial

    I love Contained and Denial. I think they also make for two fantastic end game cards that currently could be put into any deck regardless of additional stratagy. While I havn't won the mayority of games on the both of them round 3 it has occured a few times and there is very little that stops you from claiming that Round 3 victory if your opponent ignores the possability of these cards. The really cool thing is that they work well in both defensive (objective holding styled) and offensive (melee objectives styled) decks. The earliest experiment I had with them was with Stormcast due to their survivability but quite honestly they are amazing and become even better if you or your opponent decided to go for a board choke. At that moment all that is really required to be done and claim victory is push or kill who-ever is on your zone or on the neutral hexes.
  14. "Make your own Band" Contest

    Also for those who might have missed the Podcast/Video, here's the link to the first episode: Looking forward to seeing the entries, feel free to be as creative as you want to. If anyone is interested in the goodyz, feel free to ask - To give some additional help to create a card for a fighter, feel free to use the following design template. It's basically the same as is currently used in the game: - Keep in mind that the max size for the Warband is usually 7 (unless you can come up with a great way to toss in another model offcourse!) - Currently every Warband comes with 10 exclusive Ploys and Upgrades but as above any number is sufficient for the following entry, we're just looking forward to Warband ideas Cheers and happy creating!
  15. Well there is a practical caveat to Orruks too. They can play like a piece of cake if your opponent allows it. What I mean by this is that it's a beginners mistake to just attack all Orruks and see how that 'fair' combat unfolds. When a good opponent forces Orruks to basically do nothing round 1 (by using the long board, pushing them or bait and go away with Illusory Fighter) they suddenly become extremely difficult to play and basically have a foot in the game. The Sepulchral Guard in many ways are the exact oppossite to that. "Doing nothing" means the game is going forward for them. I do however believe that pretty much every Warband has a reason to run Denial and Containment currently. The swings are massive and the route to scoring them isn't impossible. When both decks run these end-game cards you also basically get a sub-game to A. Clear your territory and/or B. Clear your neutral zone. Both these tasks arn't incredibly difficult to preform for any Warband because they do not require kills, just pushes.