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  1. Gravesite showcase

    Yeah I think that bases are the most ideal to go with. Alternatively pick up an old CD, sprinkle it with tombstones, grass, sand and use that.
  2. Rip apart this list

    Looks pretty solid. Though as is often the case I do think a Vamp Lord on Foot and a Terrorgheist in Ambush improves the list. Give one Vamp Lord the Artefact with +2 to cast and from turn 2 and on you have a force with hammers and anvils.
  3. What happened to the FW khorne dragon?

    Such a massive shame that they randomly dropped it as a mount. I don't know why they did it either. What I do know is that indeed Galraugh was the first Chaos Dragon in narrative whilst Baudros, Egrim van Horstmann preceded him in model. Both very Tzeentch bound I do think that some recton could be made that Galraugh's children don't have to be for followers of Tzeentch ******. Ah well... Maby GW will visit him one time in the future, alternatively Khorne Dragons from Forge World appear
  4. Gravesite showcase

    Really nice work allready guys! Can only say, don't forget about this wonderful set: http://www.greenstuffworld.com/en/scenery-accessories/191-gravestones-graveyard-plastic-set-renedra.html
  5. Is there any point in allied flesh eater courts?

    Pretty much allies under GH2017 are quite rare in terms of use. Most armies just go for as much as possible under the Allegiance. Logically this means that for army wide buffs it's less used... Even for Khorne, where it doesn't really matter if you go mono Khorne for Blood Tithe you still do it because of the Bloodsecrator. I pretty much see this in the Legions of Nagash too. Basically the point in using allies is there if you want to/like the models a lot.
  6. Loathsome Sorcery vs Rerolls to cast

    We locally use the re-roll's can't be re-rolled rule which indeed means these rules would cancel each other out. However I am uncertain about the rules involved with this right now. Basically leave that discussion for the rules-questions sub-forum.
  7. Biasco

    Hi Biasco, Generals Handbook 2017 has the most up to date points for a unit of Chaos Warriors.
  8. Earthquake - a must have?

    I'd try to include it in everything but there are more cards like that. Illusory Fighter comes to mind, same with Time Step, but yes to me it is on that level of ideally being part of your deck.
  9. Let's chat: Garrek's Reavers

    Still the same, your better of playing them because their allround approach works very well against pretty much anything. There are several cards from the Skaven expansion I like and do want to test here, especially Earthquake and the flip in Hammer/Swords/Shields/Dodges are cards I need to test. Have said it before and will say it again, the moment a general Cleave upgrade will come out I'd gladly give Garrek's Reavers a new run, but we don't have that card.
  10. Aesthetics of new factions

    Nothing, but at the same time I wouldn't count out the plastics in your list eventually returning. The key for TK to excist right now isn't there just yet. In addition I think GW is playing with the idea of some Death rebellion but it's probably not something they are focused on. There are so many AoS paths that can be explored and we just always visit a few per year because it's saver for GW to produce that way.
  11. Vampires with Wings

    Not mine, but I do think this guy would allow for some incredibly awesome conversions. He can be bought here: http://www.figone.fr/cornelius-nosferatu-vampire/ Otherwise I'd say Dark Eldar Scourge models/wings is where it's at: https://www.games-workshop.com/en-NL/Dark-Eldar-Scourges
  12. Aesthetics of new factions

    Yep I think that for AoS the advantage remains that several realms can have several things going on. In addition to that there is no story to end right now for AoS so it will thake a mighty long time ideally before we get End Times pt. 2. I think that GW can really include all. It's just that some things will look better at home in 40.000 as AoS though the boundries of that are much smaller now. I really think that Chaos will do Chaos but it depends highly per God what would lead them. For example Khorne will always be war bound but the others can indeed have periods of rest within their own twisted realms. While Nurgle might not be interested in cities a Nurgle garden in many ways can be the realm for their followers. For Tzeentch and Slaanesh we have had several cities for them allready. I also feel that these two in particular can blend in really well with Order allready. As a search for knowledge or excess can be found in many cities...
  13. Aesthetics of new factions

    Yeah I'd say fantasy turned up to eleven has become the new norm, pretty much since Blizzard's World of Warcraft. Which is the 2000's era. For sure GW isn't simply copying that but I do believe that the fantasy genre game has become much more adapt to accepting extreme visual designs. Just to give another example, HATE is designed directly in the extremely detailed designs of Adrian Smith and Adrian has worked a lot with Games Workshop in the past also. So if anything I'd say we see ourselves drifting away from historical inspired fantasy designs. Where the idea was to have a fantasy twist but nothing too extreme. However I'd also say that Tolkien probably went this historical route for others to accept fantasy more. As just like with Age of Sigmar a lot of players think fantasy design X or Y is 'crazy' because it doesn't abide to the regular laws of nature. But the thing is really that GW creates their own stuff now with influences from everywhere. Again I can only state that I am happy with the way AoS is going. The thing to keep in mind is that GW will not simply delete all WFB history either, which makes it a nice blend of everything, something truely new. Ultimately I also think GW will adopt all kinds of fantasy styles in Age of Sigmar because it's not impossible to go that route in Age of Sigmar. The "wildest designs" also show up the "wildest Realms". -- For those that know the Berserk anime/manga, I think the shift you see in that manga from going historical fantasy to epic fantasy is also what Games Workshop will have applied in Age of Sigmar ultimately. In the sence that there will be factions more akin to historical fantasy and factions much more related to epic fantasy. Though for now I think GW will keep working with the epic fantasy designs.
  14. Aesthetics of new factions

    @Dorimant I largely agree. I think the most important thing to realize is that Games Workshop will not just ship away/remove most of their WFB content that can logically appear in Age of Sigmar also. What I mean by this is that newer and dynamic sculpts will simply remain because they fit the aestethic Games Workshop wants to sell. Best example of this can also be found in the WFB/AoS blended lines. Most of these lines are found in Chaos, Death and Destruction but Daughters of Khaine and Seraphon are perfect examples of massive parts of WFB lines directly being ported over to AoS. In terms of what this will mean for new 'High Elves' I really think the best guess can be made by looking at the models again. If GW deems it good quality it will be incorporated in the new design. I believe to date that for Sylvaneth a part 2 will eventually come that fleshes out the Wanderers more. Their sculpts remain immensely dynamic and again this is the "Age of Sigmar standard". Likewise I believe that part of the reason why Tomb Kings and Brettonia where removed was sales + a largely outdated design. Offcourse Tomb Kings had some newer massively awesome stuff also, notably the Sphinx, but their Undead looks very different from the Legions of Nagash Undead. So IF they will return I think they will return with a whole new design indeed. With perhaps only the newer Sphinx remaining the same and basically re-appearing again. What we see currently is that GW is testing the water with re-releases in scenery allready. I think for armies they will do this too, eventually and when they feel like the time is right. I mean in the end there is absolutely no hurry for GW to release it all in one month/year, in fact that would likely hurt sales more than anything.
  15. Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    Yeah DoK will be a fleshed out on themselves standing Allegiance without issues. 'Big' is perhaps not totally true by Chaos comparison but for Order this Allegiance leaves a lot of options to the players. Certainly more as Fyreslayers or Kharadron Overlords but on the other hand it's likely a bit smaler as Stormcast or Seraphon. But not by too much to worry about it. All in all I can only say I remain very excited by the prospect of it all. I think that the basis for DoK Warscrolls is allready very well executed so it's great to know more and more will come and like Maggotkin of Nurgle and Legions of Nagash I think that Daughters of Khaine will be easily capable to play a part in the competitive scene. At the same time one of the only downsides of this army are the costs involved. Though it's not un-typical of Order to work out this way either. By comparison Fyreslayers and Kharadron Overlords are costly armies also and I have a good feeling Daughters of Khaine will be like it in terms of costs involved. Luckily though a Start Collecting Box does lower the costs and not every unit is very expensive. @DantePQ I think there are only two forms of Witch Aelves to be honest but I do think their wargear options might have been expanded. We saw this with the Morghasts in Legions of Nagash also.