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  1. I started in 1995 with box of mono-pose Warhammer Orc Warriors and Archers, bought from Toys 'R Us after school with £5 of my hard-earned pocket money! Started playing in 4th edition Fantasy with school friends, then soon migrated to 5th edition and shared the cost and contents of the box set with my bro. Dabbled with all sorts of GW games since then, but I always went back to Fantasy and now AoS as my main wargame.
  2. It's still growing in popularity I think, and it'll probably get another boost with General's Handbook 2. I'd like to see GW continue getting creative with the new minis and fluff, surprise us with more cool stuff like the Overlords. It must be pretty fun times for the design team over there with all this world building, I know I'm absolutely loving it and it has really reinvigorated the hobby for me!
  3. Has to be the Beastclaw Raiders! I've loved monster minis since my early days in the hobby, and Ogres have been a big part of Warhammer for me since setting up the Stronghold 13 years ago. Ogors mounted on big monsters is an amazing mix really, and I was pretty impressed with how GW gave what used to be Ogre Kingdoms units a great new spin with some very unique and much more interesting fluff. They're fantastically imposing minis on the tabletop, and the low model count suits me too!
  4. More Ironjawz, Gutbusters battletome, cheaper Mournfang Packs and Gitmob Grots overhaul
  5. Love this one: Aethermatic Volley Gun
  6. Twitter DM sent! BTW, voting for Warscrollz Warboss has begun: 1 week to vote, voting is only open to existing Stronghold members and you can't vote for yourself
  7. Says there "A fast-paced game of tactical arena combat" - looking forward to the reveal!
  8. Made the same point, would make sense if it works like chapter tactics
  9. Wondering if it's just going to work like Space Marine chapters - there are well defined chapters with their own specific colour schemes and special rules, but you are still of course free to make up your own colour schemes and adopt any set of those special rules for your army.
  10. No worries Chris, there are plenty more competitions on the way BTW I'll update you guys here this weekend when I get the voting thread up for the Warscrollz Warboss (best reviewer - the battletome winner) - I'll have a look at making a list of all the entrants after work today. Voting will be open for a week. I plan to do a video on the Stronghold YouTube channel to draw the winner of the start collecting box, that'll come when the votes are all in for the Warscrollz Warboss too, so I'll announce both winners in the video at the same time
  11. @Greyshadow Glad you enjoyed! Will do!
  12. Yup, this is the last day to enter, the competition will close at midnight tonight (UK time).
  13. Not my real voice unfortunately, hah. Completely different accent and a lot of computer magic there Cheers for subscribing!
  14. Hello all, I've begun making videos for the Stronghold TV channel, they'll be mainly focused on the Age of Sigmar Destruction Grand Alliance just like the Stronghold website. My first video is a little fluffy introduction to the Stronghold - please like if you like it and subscribe to the channel for future videos - thanks!
  15. No, I edited it this morning, don't worry lol