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  1. indeed. Long term, the typical generic 2kish LoN lists has been something like 2xmaxed out horde battleline units (typically spearletons, but big dire wolf units also worked here), a vamp lord on zombie dragon, at least one necromancer, one to preferably two big 'hammer' unit (typically terrorgheists or morghast harbingers with the glaives, but blood knights can work here for legion of blood), msu dire wolves to fill remaining battleline points. maybe a regular vamp lord or second necromancer or some spirit hosts if points allow. If playing grand host, maybe a big grave guard unit instead of the second skeleton unit, but that's more for aesthetic variety than game play value. Maybe a mortarch or the named dragon lord instead of the VLoZD or hammer unit if desired. Notable variants to the above include lord of sacrament lists (built around the arkhan/mortis/2 necromancer foundation, generally forced to drop the hammer unit and/or second horde unit to fit the points), non-first-cohort nagash lists (where nagash probably replaces either both the VLoZD and either the Hammer Unit or second horde infantry unit) or first-cohort nagash lists (take the minimimum first cohort, pump one skeleton unit up to 40, leftover points can be spent a variety of ways, usually to get some heroes, or add an extra unit, or expand the morghasts or one of the msu skittles, etc). In 2e? It's a little early to say how things will shake out. Chainrasps may or may not provide a meaningful alternative to wolves or skittles as your core infantry blocks, grimchasts may or may not be a workable hammer, spirit guardians may or may not be granted access to Legion of Nagash spells. Endless spells and extra command points may or may not be worth dropping one or more units from the standard set up. Increased cost of the formation might kill lords of sacrament lists, or expanded magical tools might make the list much more prominent than it was. We'll see.
  2. If you've already got arkhan, and want to use some nighthaunt units, I'd reccomend legion of sacrament. Grand host is also great, though, and you don't have to stick to just one or the other. You know you'll eventually want to run the skittles in a bigger block, so I think you've got a handle on things. Personally, I'd recommend a necromancer over the guardian, but either or both is fine. Look into picking up the malign sorcery box when you get a chance, as there are several spells in there that arkhan appreciates, most notably the spellportal to extend the reach of his magic and the palisades to shield him from shooting. In general, though, you've got the right idea for legions of nagash lists. Some casters, a big hero, a bunch of hordey little guys, at least one strong hammer. Have fun with it, and welcome to the winning team. >:)
  3. Sception

    First Death Army - 1500 points

    Vile transference, amaranthine orb, pinions (particularly on a VLoZD or other large melee threat), and soulpike are generally considered to be the good spells from that lore, without any universally agreed best spell between them. Don't underestimate soulpike, it can really put opponents in a difficult place, especially when cast on one of the many units in the game with 3d6 charge range.
  4. Sception

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    Ugh, i missed that the non mounted kos must be your general to use his command ability. So much for taking him as an ally in my LoN armies. Ugh, I should never have purchased it.
  5. Very much so, yes. Geeze, what a nightmare that game would be.
  6. Sception

    Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    I think Legion of Night will still be among if not the top undead legion thanks to outflanking gheists, ghasts, and wizards. I'm still trying to make lords of sacrament work. Spellportal helps the positioning thing a lot, and palisades helps with the vulnerability of the casters and mortis. In the end, though, I feel you'll prove correct, and the formation will just be too pricey to work. Even without the formation, the casty bonus for legion of sacrament should prove useful in 2e, especially if the realm of battle rules carch on more than they did in 1e. Legions of nagash, with or without the big guy, should do fine. Legion of blood... unfortunately the price drop for blood knights was nowhere near aggressive enough (i don't see them as being worth a point over 200, personally), and was completely cancelled out by the price hike on castellans. I don't think the legion is *unplayable*, the leadership penalty is still nice, as is the attack boost for VLoZD, but they definitely strike me as still the weakest of the lot. Maybe next year's GH will fix them, because the LoB problem really is a points cost one more than anything else.
  7. All casting happens during the hero phase, before the movement phase, and a wizard has to be within an inch of one spellportal to cast out the other. So if you throw the first spell portal up that far from nagash, you'd need to get the double turn to use it for hand of dust, otherwise the opponent will just dispel it or move away from it. Instead, the first portal should be set up one inch away from nagash so he can use it right away. That gives hand of dust something like a 23" range (1" to first portal, 1" diameter of first portal, second portal entirely within 18" of the first, 3" hand of dust). Still disgusting, but 10" shy of what you're thinking.
  8. Spirit guardians are neither vampire nor necromancer nor deathlord wizards, so even if you take them in a legion of nagadh army, they will not gain access to the legion of nagash spell lores. They have access to their signature spell, mystic shield (which does work for ethereals now), arcane bolt, any endless spells you might purchase (palisades and cogs strike me as most putentially uaeful, though some orhers are good), and any spells granted by whatever realm of battle tou might be playing in. If you're using the realm of battle rules or purchasing any endless spells, two guardians at least would probably be a good call, and even if you aren't, their healing spell plus mystic shield won't go to waste. Plus their aura is great, but short range, so having two to spread it out a bit would be nice. I'd personally run two in a nighthaunt army. In a nighthaunt-heavy legions of nagash army, though, I'd probably skip them for necromancers instead. Maube take just one for the aura more than anything else.
  9. There are three big problems with ising the gravetide as shooty protection compared to the palisade. The first is that it doesn't block line of sight, it only provides a penalty to hit, slightly dampening damage instead of preventing ut altogether. Against the several shooting attacks that fo not *technically* roll to hit, it doesn't do anything at all. A necromancer can benefit from look out sir, a gravetide, and the shroud of darkness, and a snowball from a thundertusk will still obliterate them under six mortal wounds on a 2+. The second is your entire unit needs to be within an inch of the gravetide to benefit. Anything larger than 10 models will have a lot of difficulty with that. The third, and most problematic, is your opponent might take control of it at the start of any battle round, rolling it backwards over the units you were trying to protect, dealing mortal wounds to them and leaving them as exposed to shooting as if you never cast it at all.
  10. Sception

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

  11. Sception

    Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Not sure who would take the harvest between nagash and arkhan, but one of them certainly. No artifacts or vanhels in that list bothers me, though. As does the lack of the palisade, which I'd almost consider as vital to arkhan as the spellportal is. He's just so vulnerable to shooting, being able to just wall off line of sight from a significant portion of the board is amazing. Remember, palisades blocks shooting it it crosses a line from center of the source base to center of the target base, so even large bases like nagash, arkhan, or a mortis engine can be easily walled off to shooting from most or even all of the enemy deployment zone.
  12. Sception

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    Spirit hosts already have the summonable keyword. Even if the nighthaunt book has different spirit host rules, their rules in LoN armies will remain the same, including being summonable units
  13. Sception

    Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    I used to like first cohort lists with 2x40 skittles, but the points are tight, especially factoring in one or more endless spells. Some lists I want to try: Nagash Arkhan Spellportal 2 archai 40 spearletons 2x10 swordletons First cohort Or Nagash Necro Spellportal Palisades 2 archai 40 spearletons 2x5 black knights First cohort Or a more ghostly, non-first-cohort list: Nagash Necromancer Mounted KoS Spellportal Palisades 3x20 chainrasps 30 grimghasts
  14. We do know the methods by which they are available, though. If your battle is in that realm, then you have access to those spells. It's the method that is inherently unreliable, because, unless you and your opponent agree to a realm beforehand, you do not know at the time of list construction what if any realm you will be playing in. It isn't like the realm based artifacts, where you choose what realm your army is from at time of list construction and gain access to those artefacts. Furthermore, in competitive environments, the answer to 'which realm are you fighting in' has traditionally been 'none'. This may change in 2e, but at the moment it seems unsafe to bank on access to any realm spells at all, let alone specific ones, the way you can bank on faction lores, signature spells, or endless spells. I think you're too hung up on these spells costing points. It is quite possible for LoN armies to run out of useful spells to cast before they run out of wizards able to cast more spells, and powerful effects that remain active in future rounds or burn enemy casting attempts can be well worth a few points. And while there is a risk that some of these spells might be turned against you, that very possibility serves to discourage double turns, and anything that discouragesvdouble turns yet again is worth a few points. ....... Arguments about the value of endless spells in general aside, your point about chronomantic cogs is great, whether for gravesite summoning, endless legions, or legion of night outflanking. Thank you for the suggestion.
  15. Faq or errata could change it, but as written it only ever moves in a straight line in the same direction as its first move. The player who gets to move it in a given battle round does not get to choose the direction, but can move it any distance up to its max move in that direction, including having it remain stationary that turn