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  1. Endrinmaster finished!

    expecially like how the gold moustasche contrasts the metal beard.
  2. Weekend Progress

    Clever with the nail in the stand (wish i had thought on that).
  3. Finished Frigate

    Beutiful frigate! Intresting to see a dark, almost sinister paint scheme with the purpule and red. I am curious of how you came to choose this colors (and overall experience with the assembly of the ship).
  4. Karaz dahendra - arkanaut ironclad

    A wip picture of the gunner before he got his protecting shield.
  5. Karaz dahendra - arkanaut ironclad

    Another close up, this time on a hard working rigger busy with finishing the hulls paint job.
  6. Karaz dahendra - arkanaut ironclad

    Close up in a crew member in ancient arkanaut armor who is gazing after the legendary glimmer of aether-gold.
  7. Karaz dahendra - arkanaut ironclad

    Well thanks Antonio^^ for your kind words I happily oblige:) here's a view from babord side
  8. "The proud flag ship "karaz dahendra" of Elgi-bar's skyfleet takes to the skies! Crewed by the different uniformed arkanauts of the Rereksfjiord company, it is currently under the daredevil captain Agrün Svinvirrsson whom is eager to prove himself as the most cunning sky vessel operator. This ambition comes from his first muster press, where rival arkanauts from barak-zilfin boasted that no other sky port could never produce a captain better than thiers." This is the biggest model I've ever assembled and painted. It has been both a frustrating and rewarding experience, which only spurs me onward to expand my sky fleet.
  9. What drew you to collect your Army

    My first AOS army is the kharadron overlords wich was for me a logic step from collecting dwarfs since 8th edition. It all started as an experiment to build a unit of an arkanaut company from parts I had from unfinished dwarf warriors, thunderers and miners. This resulted in what I imagine the first kharadron warriors looked like during the age of extinction, with the aesthetic of the dispossessed but with custom build special weapons and armed with pistols and hand axes. Image of this unit can be found here: This have given me a blooded tooth to discover and paint the official kits so these fellows can rule the skies of battle.
  10. Favourite terrain piece

    To add my tought to the ongoing discussion, I wish to praise the ruins of osilgiath pieces for thier adaptibility to function with other sets. I take great satisfaction in how my set blends in with the newer nimbus occulum. Lastly thank you all community members for your contributions to this topic. Its inspiring to read your opinions. Please keep it coming!
  11. Hello awsome hobbyists and war gamers! This year I have decided to have a good collection of terrain to battle over during my games of AOS (and in length for general TTRPG). Looking over the different terrain models I bought, built from scratch and avaliable at the Web it made me wonder what is the merits of a good terrain piece. My view on that is how cool it looks and how the armies can interact with it (either trough rules or physical means like standing in/on it). So to conclude my topic I ask you fellows here on Tga; which is your favourite terrain pieces and why? P.s. photos on said terrain would be appreciated for inspiration!
  12. Both the most embarrassing and luckiest: In a game with my moonclan vs a friends wanderers the grots shaman went on a 3 round trip of bad mushrooms. Being an easy target, a troupe of wildwood rangers charged and attacked the hallucinating shaman, but by some of the worst die rolls I ve ever seen failing to slay the gibbering grit. This changed of course when the shaman came to his senses round 4 and was finely chopped to pieces.
  13. Halfling Greatswords

    Yes, thier big personalities sure is making up for their small starure.
  14. Halfling Steam Tank

    Awsome costume build warmachine. The master engineer at the top looks hysterical in just the right way. And is that a dwarf thunderer gun in his left hand?
  15. Halfling Greatswords

    Really nice models you've got! Lots of character and superb paint job to that.