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  1. pikachoux

    Legions of Nagash new version errata

    So I cant use the banshee ans spirit host in my Legion of Nagash army?
  2. pikachoux

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    I think that I will add some of the new Nighthaunt units in my Legion of Nagash. I want to know if anyone have some combo that I can use with the units from the Soul Wars box? Any clue if we can take more Nighthaunt units in a Legion of Nagash beside those from the starter box?
  3. pikachoux

    Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon Question

    Wow the VLoZD is now a killing machine with +1 attacks on each weapons and the re-roll to hit. I think i will start using it instead of Arkan. My opponents wont be happy.
  4. pikachoux

    Let's chat Fyreslayers

    What do you prefer between a dwarf cannon or 10 auric hearthguard to complete my 1500 points army list.
  5. pikachoux

    Let's chat Fyreslayers

    I have a question about the runeson on magmadroth ability. How to you use the Furious Onslaught and the horn of Grimnir of the vulkite berzerkers? Those 2 abilities can be very good I just dont know in what order to use them.
  6. pikachoux

    GKoT - is it all that1?

    Try to use a screaming skull catapult with the GKoT its very good. The ennemi unit have -2 bravery. You can add a necrotech so your catapult can shoot 2 times and target 2 units.
  7. pikachoux

    Ghoul king on terrorgheist question

    Sorry my first message was not clear. Lets say that I have the 160 points left for summon the unit with the ability. The unit is dead can I summon back that unit?
  8. pikachoux

    Ghoul king on terrorgheist question

    If I set up a unit of flayers with the summon the royal guard ability and they die can I use the ability to set up the same unit again?
  9. pikachoux

    Deathless minions help

    I think I find my answer in the FAQ at the page 5. Q: When a model/unit has a special saving throw arising from an ability that can be used whenever they suffer a wound or mortal wound, is it taken after normal saves but before damage is determined (i.e. between steps 3 and 4 of the attack sequence)? A: No, such special saving throws are taken after damage is determined and as each individual wound is allocated to a model that has such a save (see ‘Inflicting Damage’ on the rules sheet). For example, a unit of Phoenix Guard is attacked by a Cannon. The Cannon successfully makes its hit and wound rolls, and the Anointed fail their save roll. The Cannon therefore inflicts D6 wounds in step 4 of the attack sequence. The roll is a 4, inflicting 4 wounds on the Phoenix Guard. The attack sequence is now over, and the wounds are set to be inflicted on the Phoenix Guard. However, the Phoenix Guard’s Witness to Destiny ability means they ignore a wound or mortal wound on a roll of 4 or more, so as each wound is allocated, a dice is rolled, and on a 4 or more it is ignored.
  10. pikachoux

    Deathless minions help

    Thank you for the help. Now i just have to explain that to my friends. They say I only use the 6+ deathless minions save once and if I fail then I take the wouds. You have a FAQ or something that I can show to my friends?
  11. pikachoux

    Deathless minions help

    Can someone help me to clarify how to apply the deathless minions special rule? I understand the rule like this: 1- Opponent have 1 attack and he hits 2- Opponent make the to wound roll 3- I miss my save 4- Opponent say the attack does 3 wounds 5- I roll 3 6+ saves from deathless minions rule. I got 6,2,3. I take 2 wounds.
  12. pikachoux

    Flesh-eater start box

    I just got the flesh-eater starter box and can someone know the points of rthe royal hunt formation? I think its a very good one and I hope to use it.
  13. pikachoux

    Save after save question

    Well now the ghoul king on terrorgheist is better now with the 5+ save spell.
  14. pikachoux

    Deathless minions how does it work?

    How you use deathless minions with the new FAQ? Only the units at 10 inch of the general have the 5+ «ward save» and the other units near of heroes gets the 6+ «ward save»?
  15. pikachoux

    Save after save question

    How many save after save can we do? Lets say i have a ghoul king on terrorgheist casting his spell on a ghoul unit. Do i have the 6+ normal save, the 5+ special save from the death faction and the 5+ save from the spell?