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  1. Maybe not the best by a longshot, but my favourite at the moment is Drycha. If she works right she can dish out some serious damage. I run her with Flutterflies for a laugh and try to get her into action quick. But played against a Giant last week and the Club, Headbutt, Kick with rend -1/-3/-2 is a killer if it hits
  2. Thanks Guys Nice conversion ideas Kaleb, will look into it. Just working on a 2K army to start with. Will be using Chaos Warriors/Knights/Marauders as a base with Blightkings and the others at the rear. And maybe some Deamons for summoning - maybe
  3. I only returned to to the hobby last year, and like many I only get so much time to model. I am also very slow so a unit or hero will take me 2-4 weeks. My major rule is don't have to much grey plastic built. I try to build one unit and one hero at a time so if I get stuck on one I can move to the other without just walking away and wasting a session. I have an almost completely painted 2k Sylvaneth army with a good 700pts unbuilt, and hiding in a cupboard so I can't see it. Also I have just signed up for a tourney in July so need to have it done for then. Another booster for me is that I am planning a second army of Nurgle, and will spend a few months researching my colours etc. But as I get more and more into it it is making me get on with my Sylvaneth. Simon
  4. Just reading bits and wondered if Chaos Knights would add a bit of speed to the army, are they effective enough for the points? I can see the value of Marauders, but not keen on the figures. Might have to find alternatives. And Chaos warriors look alright, so will be getting some as the 5+ against mortals seems good. Just looking at units and wondering there stats/points costs/effectiveness. I am not trying to build an all powerful army, but one that will be fun and challenging.
  5. Hi All I seem to acquired an extra Start Collecting Sylvaneth Box that is surplus to requirements. It has not been touched so all parts are on sprues etc I have started my second army now which is Mortal Nurgle, so does anyone have stuff to trade. I only have a few bits so this list is stuff I am looking for. Gutrot Spume Putrid Blightkings Maggoth Lord Harbinger of Decay Chaos Knights Chaos Warriors Chaos Sorcerer Would prefer unbuilt Regards SimonL
  6. Well that just about sums it up for me too
  7. Thanks for the reply. I will look at building an army around the Plague Touched warband, luckily I am in no rush. I have a few figures to play with for colour. While I am working it all out Simon
  8. Plaguetouched or Blightguard ohh not sure, there are so many choices. Need to have a good think as I need to build one first (as funds allow) sal4m4nd3r I found a post of yours with the following army - Harbinger of Decay (General) -Lord of war -Chaos Talisman Glotkin Festus the Leechlord Rotbringer Sorcerer Lord of Plagues -Chaos Runeblade Blightkings x5 Blightkings x5 Blightkings x5 Blightkings x5 1760/2000 With point left to summon 2 units of 10 plaguebearers. It was the one that I referred too in my first post, have you had a chance to use it? I was thinking of something similar Thanks Simon
  9. It really does depend on your army? I am currently playing Sylvaneth and in my last game I played 4 heroes that cost 1080pts, if I threw Alarielle in I wouldn't have room for battle line! Cool do you want a game of HeroHammer Dez!!! But I am now collecting Nurgle Rotbringers and the points on them would allow me to bring more easily. I suppose you could always arrange with your opponent to have a game that allows more than 6, just to see how it works.
  10. Thanks Guys Plaguetouched looks mean, and I like the idea of bringing in Rats. Got the Chaos book yesterday so time for lots of research Simon