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  1. Joakim

    The Rumour Thread

  2. Joakim

    The Rumour Thread

    Do we only have the cover available, so no description/teaser yet? Im curious about the big gray guy in the top! : )
  3. Joakim

    Painting Contract - June 2017

    I am in again. Another 10 Arkanaut company and 3 endrinriggers as bonus
  4. Joakim

    Chronicles of a Sky Pirate

    Cool. Thanks for the reply. Did using a custom skyport make for a much different game than your previous game with the Zilfin skyport?
  5. Joakim

    Chronicles of a Sky Pirate

    Was this decision made by yourself or requested by GW? I dont want to fuel the fire about painting and rules but I am a bit curious still. It was great to follow the game - sadly I had to run just around the technical issues around turn 2/3 and didnt see the finish. Lovely models on the table! ; )
  6. Joakim

    Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    That is probably also the best way to go about it we would need another layer of math to model the outcome of that so I guess we'll just have to play the game : ) .. or rather paint models so we (I) can play...
  7. Joakim

    Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Also if we do numbers I'd like to see the damage distribution vs likelihood for each outcome (I guess for that various AS too) so we know the rough likelihood of, say, 8 thunderes with decksweepers doing x wounds 60% of the time. Optimized target priority
  8. Joakim

    Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Numbers are almost always great but the underlying complexity cannot be done in a spreadsheet I'm afraid. as notes by Dez mortars have a great range and can be protected better. BUT then what about armor save? Or what army you'll face? Storm cast or bone splitters? Two different scenarios needing two different tools. cannons have the best damage output and luckily some ko lists can utilize this trough abilities and by playing style. I think it's great to see how there is no single always go to option here. Also it isn't wrong to have two units of 10 thunderes perhaps ill use the decksweeper for my skirmish warband
  9. Joakim

    Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    For any friendly game I really wouldn't have any issue for my opponent to use proxies for the weapons. Using All cannons but biult with rifles? No problem for me! also I built my first five thunderes with one of each weapon... because they all look good by their own right. I also only plan on friendly games and have no desire to buy and paint 10 identical models that being said I think using the organ gun barrels are a neat and cheapish way to convert/bash some cannon and the spare mortar shell at least can be glued to a rifle if need be.
  10. Joakim

    The Rumour Thread

    There is literally a hashtag implying it is a joke. Don't worry. It was implying a joke and that now that we almost had the summer 40k release out of the way we can focus on aos for rumors.
  11. Joakim

    The Rumour Thread

    I may have heard that 40k v8 will use centimeters rather than inches to measure (finally!) #AlternativeRumor So with 40k 8th hitting the streets with awesome burgle models, are we any closer to seeing what (and when) (undead) models will come with shadespire? (Besides the skeletons that didn't look that Prince of Persia/Aladdin like that one might think after hearing about the background..
  12. Joakim

    The Painting Contract- May 2017

    I finished my pledge and in time to photo document it 10 arkanaut company. One of each special weapon just to try them out with paints. not my greatest painting but nice balance of getting them done and trying new colors and have way more to paint waiting. I knew the basis colors right when I saw the models first time and those colors happened to match a skyport - lucky! i hope to work more with the blues/ beige / metal for the new models. And use more gold for the riggers and thunderes.
  13. Joakim

    Blood Knight alternative minis?

    If you do decide for the game zone models they often require lots of GS work but besides that I love their models. Very characterful! i hope you will find a good alternative so you won't be infamiously known as banana guy smacking 110kg of blood knight proxies on the table
  14. Joakim

    Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Try to hold up that unit with a ship and hope that will slow them down/keep out of the way? i fully understand that board control is key but given that a loaded ironclad may be 700 points then the opponent will win part of that game by delaying deployment or forcing non optimal deployment of the ironclad using cheaper troops, i guess. Having a relative low model count army KO may be a target it self to deep striking beyond the 3x10 companies
  15. Joakim

    Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    I doubt nobody is questioning the Zilfin potential however I feel at this point the question is rather what are the response other players are contemplating in response to the Zilfin alpha strike. I think the options available to other armies will hint to the potential weakness of the list. If the opponents key units are bubble wrapped with expendable units and you only have 12" range then the strike wont be as effective as you want and the thunderes may get removed next turn. (can they be covered from brutal battleshock test when they start dying?). Also if your opponent can force you not to drop turn one then he is starting to win on you (so to say), as every round your ship with crew is in the skies they do nothing. So does the Zilfin list have a plan B is perhaps the question? Also everybody can see how well the Riggers benefit from a kemist however how likely are they to be in 10" range after dropping when they can move 12" and then charge? Then their 1 attack per model becomes dicy and variable. Again not saying they are bad just that the theories may translate a bit rough : )