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  1. Could I get an example of a stormcast list? I've fought stormcast at 1k with my ironjawz and my sylvaneth and won handily, and my death list hasn't lost to either of my other lists in my test games vs them with friends. I realize just because rock beats scissors it doesn't mean it beats paper, I'd like to know the list so I can get a test game, because currently I don't see it. For what it's worth, the zombies will combine into a single unit of 20, and 2 units of judicators will on average only kill ~8.2 zombies, with ~3.5 getting back up each turn. If that's how they want to use 320 points over 3-4 turns I'd gladly take it. Any lists people see me having issues with I'd love to see so I can get some actual games in rather than just my speculation.
  2. Hey folks, been playing AoS for a little while, though mostly other factions. I have a 1k tournament coming up, and I'm like people's thoughts and concerns on my list. Royal Warsphinx, general, RotN, Tomb Blade Vampire lord on Abyssal Terror 6x Necropolis Knights 10x zombie 10x zombie My thoughts are in a 1k game I want to make the support removing pieces of the other players worthless by having no soft targets. It's a really high amount of defense which I don't see many lists being able to crack, with the recursion of the knights and the healing of the tomb blade and spells from vamp. Let me know your thoughts! Thanks