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  1. Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    That's what I came up with. EDIT: N/M I just went with 20 thralls and 18 eels.
  2. Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    9 eels deployed with their bases sideways I bet could make about a 32" front. If you wanted to do it, you could probably wrap the rest of your force with that. You'd be compacted in the center, probably, but I guess it's an option to consider.
  3. Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    re-roll hits of 1 for Akhelion wholly within 18" - so eels, sharks, turtles, and kings. That's his native ability. His command ability of add 1 attacks to 3 units during High Tide - goes to all ID units. That turn 3 with Volturnos as your general is going to be wild. EDIT: I did some quick math. Two units of 3x Morrsarr buffed by Voltunos charging on turn 3 into a 4+ save target should do about 29 unsaved wounds. Make them from the Fuethan enclave and your looking at 31+ unsaved wounds. EDIT 2: interesting comparison. Two units of 3xIshlaen in those circumstances will do 16+ wounds. (and then tarpit the target). Think I'll be running a bit of both types of eels.
  4. Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    Can't cast the same spell twice in matched play. So I don't see it. And that's 880 points for two double-casters. Way too much invested in magic, IMO.
  5. Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    I hear ya. But I am NOT turning this into a horde army. Especially not with all that trim to paint. Painting 60 Blood Reavers is not something I ever want to do again.
  6. Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    frankly none of the battalions look that good: Royal council - grants +3" move (like they need it). Akhelian Corps - grants reroll of one dice (hit, wound, save, run, or charge) per phase. Namarti Corps - auto returns 3 models with lurelight. Phalanx - requires multiple other battalions so won't fit in reasonably sized game. Alliance of wood and sea - uses Syvaneth SC box - they get benefit of tides of death.
  7. Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    Got it. Ionrach - add 1 to casting and unbinding. Allied units get Tides of Death benefiit. Dhom-Hain - reroll 1's to hit on turn charged; reroll fail wounds vs. monsters. Fuethan - reroll1's to hit on Flood tide turn; ebb tide becomes 2nd flood tide; reroll wounds for mounts Mor'phann - lurelight +3 to # models returned!; Freezing mist spell (move de-buff - unit only piles in 1") Nautilar - reroll hits if target charged you, protective barrier spell (combat debuff - worsen rend by 1) Briomdar - can teleport 3 units instead of 2; nonflying units move as if flying (except over enemy models) IMO Fuethan best for Akhelian-based armies, which look like they will be the way to go Ionarch if you plan to go with allies Morphann if you go thrall/reavier heavy
  8. Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    I think the Leviadon's 12" cover aura ability is being undervalued. That's a huge area of moving cover.
  9. Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    It's a 100 pt. Battalion - 1 Leviadon, 2-4 akhelian guard, 1-2 allopexes. The rule is a bit unclear. It reads: "once per phase, you can re-roll one hit, wound, save, run, or charge roll for one unit from this battalion that is wholly within 12" of the Akhelian Leviadon from this battalion when the re-roll is made." So if you use it re-roll to hit, for example, is that a single dice from the to-hit roll? or is it all the to-hit roll dice for one unit? If it's the former, the rule does not make taking the Allopex to get the battalion worth it. But if it's the later, and I can roll all the to-hits on a big unit of Morrsaar or something, then maybe I can find a competitive rationalization for taking a flying shark with blades on its fins and soul-hunting dark aelves with harpoon launchers on its back. I mean, how could you not want that in your army? EDIT: (I guess also if it's just one dice, you could use it for the Allopex's ferocious bite . . . . letting you wait to see if you need it for the to-hit or to-wound is kind of nice). 2d EDIT: (Also, if you use Fuethan Enclave the mounts re-roll 1's to-wound . . . so that and the battalion pretty well ensures you get the ferocious bit in, and if you make Volturnos your general, you get 2 bites. . . . so I'm reaching I know, but maybe I can squint hard enough and justify it.)
  10. Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    Came here to echos this. You absolutely can get a second (staggered) rank into combat. I do it with blood warriors / reavers all the time. You do have to be careful how you end your charge move and the order you pile things in. Your first rank has to be base-to-base with each other and enemy model - and your second rank "honeycombs" in. It ends up looking like a hexagonal grid. Somewhere in some long ago thread someone did the geometry, and if everything is base-to-base, it's something like .80ish inches from second rank to enemy model with that set-up. Caveat - Knowing this, a savvy player can align his target unit's models in such a way (by spacing them out just so) to make it difficult to get that second rank all in.
  11. Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    I don't see why not. That's almost always the case with Heros who you make the general. (E.g., Glottkin getting the +1 attack himself, etc....)
  12. Lets chat: Beastclaw Raiders

    Sounds like you just happen to be in a very competetative store. Again, though, see if your opponent will let you proxy a Thundertusk as a Stonehorn with Frostlord. Shouldn't be a problem in a friendly non-league non-tournament game. And again, make sure to go over all the BCR special rules in the book. I'd go with Everwinter's Master and give him the Tokens to eat. Remember he can use BOTH his command trait and command ability in the hero phase (as well as eat the tokens). Try to get the Everwinter at 3-4 on Turn 1 for the extra 3", that and the Lord's command ability should get you're guys where they need to go. And turn the page on how you feel for now. Don't worry about winning just yet. First just try to kill as much stuff as you can. Once you get a feel for what you can reasonably expect to destroy with hyper-aggressive play, then you can start to make calculations about where/who to attack, etc. . And just have fun taking your opponents' models off the table for now.
  13. Lets chat: Beastclaw Raiders

    More than anything, I am sorry that this is your experience with what should be a fun and rewarding hobby. For the record, you don't need another book to run a Butcher. The warscroll is free online, etc. Though he is not necessary to the army. You said you started off playing aggressively but were losing, so you changed tactics. I think you should go back to aggressive play, and now with more experience maybe you will know what things are most important to hit on Turn 1. You said your opponent would have you go first and play out of charge range. You should try that again. The Stonehorn can run and charge on the same turn. On average dice, he's advancing 15 inches before he charges. Depending on abilities you select, he can re-roll the charge. I often give him Everwinter's master, and that let's him reroll the everwinter blessing to give him 2 shots at the +3 inches. If you deploy him as far forward as possible (usually 12 inches from the back), he's often able to make it 36+ inches from your back - or 12 inches from your opponent's back. When my opponent deploys all the way at his back line, denying me the top of 1 charge, he's really just giving up board control, and depending on scenario, he is really putting himself in bad victory point position. In such case I'll advance just outside his average charge threat range (which is almost always INSIDE my average charge threat range). If he gets the double turn - fine, I probably lose - I expect that 1/2 the time anyway with BCR. But if I win that roll for turn, look out, he's taking everything BCR can dish-out on the face. I'm eating the token of everwinter; I'm pushing the thundertusks in the middle or more across the board; the mournfangs and stonehorn are crashing into whatever they can reach. Are you remembering the Stonehorn's impact d6 mortal wounds on the 4+? the mournfangs? Remember the token of everwinter lets the frost lord reroll all failed hits and wounds (and saves). When you take the tokens and get the charge in, there's not much that can withstand it. (On a target with a 5+ save, for example, on average dice, the buffed frostlord on stonehorn should be doing about 24 unsaved wounds on the charge). Add in the probable 12-14 mortals from the thundertusks (use vultures), and let's say only one group of mournfang make it in and do only 10 wounds (use gargant hackers), you've done almost 50 wounds. That'll wreck 1/2 or more of many armies. I'm not trying to oversell this. Played well (hyper-aggressively) you'll still lose a lot of games for all the well-known reasons, but you should win enough to make it fun. I think in the end what I'm trying to say is I'm truly sorry that you are not enjoying the game, but I still think there is hope. Especially now that you are resigned to lose, maybe it's time to take a "to heck with it" attitude and just play super-aggressively. (Make sure too you are not missing some of BCR's key rules, e.g., blessings of the everwinter, husklard healing, impact mortals, some useful artifacts, bonuses to charging - you need everything the book gives you). Final thought - It looks from reading one of your earlier posts that maybe you are not running a stonehorn at all. There certainly is plenty of room for debate on this, but if you chose to give it another go and adopt an ultra-aggressive style, I strongly recommend running the Frostlord on Stonehorn as your general and give him the tokens buff and master of the everwinter command ability. If you modeled your beasts only as thundertusks, most people will allow you to proxy one as a stonehorn - if no one lets you do even that, then I'd say it's time to find another place to play.
  14. Lets chat: Beastclaw Raiders

    I don't have the models for it so never ran it, but I think the problem for me is that it wouldn't leave enough points for 2 thundertusks. And for me, you need those thundertusks to have a chance of competing. (It bugs me when people complain about the near-auto 6 mortals, but won't acknowledge the many disadvantages BCR armies come with). Without thundertusks, we're left with a below-average, low-model count, elite melee only army.
  15. Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    I guess the only two other points against toads are: 1) they can't cover as much frontage as plaguebearers if you are making a line, and 2) forgeworld - so $$$$.