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  1. Shadespire community FAQ

    Probably an easy one here. Several Ploy cards trigger on next "attack" action. In the store I was playing, they were saying that if I performed a "charge" as my next action, those ploys do not trigger, because a "charge" action is distinct from a simple "attack" action. (I guess the argument is that those ploy cards would be too powerful if they could be used by charging models??) To me, though, the rules seemed pretty clear that a "charge" action is effectively both a "move" and "attack" action, so that any ploy triggered by either of those actions is triggered by the charge. Correct? And if so, is there any authoritative source I can point to?
  2. Khone - Blood Bound - Dark Feast - 1000 pts ??

    Thanks. I don't see too many (any) fast units though. Skullcrushers are only 8". A bloodthirster? Valkia? And as beautiful as there are, on paper, it doesn't look like bloodthirsters are worth their pts or $. Worth getting one?
  3. So, I've got 2x Khorne AOS starter, the GoreChosen Game (fun in itself btw!), and 1 box of Wrathmongers. Not sure how to expand to 2000 pts from this, but for now, at 1000 pts, this looks good on paper: Aspiring Deathbringer with Goreaxe & Skullhammer (can add an attack with command ability) Bloodsecrator (obv can add 2 attacks) Bloodstoker (increase threat range, reroll wounds of 1) Slaughterpriest (increase threat range - sort of- w/blood bind) 40x bloodreavers 10xbloodreavers 10xbloodreavers Dark Feast Battalion (add yet another attack, and no battleshock) **So that'll give (on paper) the 'reavers 5 attacks(!) rerolling 1's to both hit and to wound. Seems like that'd be pretty tough to deal with at 1000 pts. Thougts? And also, I'd appreciate suggestions on what to buy to build up to 2000 points. Any point in adding Deamons? or stick w/mortals? More blood warriors? or more elite?
  4. GH2017 - Beastclaw Raiders Review & Discussion

    I don't see the FAQ/Errata regarding the Stonehorns on GW's website. The link posted above is broken. Can someone confirm? Thanks.
  5. Alternating activation in Age of Sigmar

    In malifaux, you have the tactic of taking extra low-cost models just for the purpose of getting an activation edge. That could be abused more so in AOS. It would require a new set of difficult rules. How about, in a 2000 pt game, Take turns activating AT LEAST 200 but no more than 400 points worth of models.
  6. Crypt Horrors or Crypt Flayers 'Deathstar'

    Someone did the math in another thread (maybe it was in Reddit/Age of Simar). Anyway, the maths give the Horrors the nod in almost all situations. That, and you have Battalions to consider. For Flyers the Deadwatch seems pretty nasty. But I like the look of the Abbatoir (Roll a dice for every enemy MODEL w/in 3" of Abbatoir unit, on 6 causes mortal wound). And some other Battalions use Horrors too. Anyhow, after realizing it was going to be very tough to magentize, I modeled mine as 9 horrors and 2 haunter courtiers with an aim towards an Abbatoir. I've played all of one game (and lost to of all things a FEC Ghoul Patrol) but my two units of horros backed by the courtiers (and a varghulf coutier) didn't look like were going to every be killed off ever with all the regen I was getting. Anyone my 2 cents, after a single game.
  7. IMG_5267.JPG

    Prince Emat the Just riding his loyal Sky Eagle, Brightwing
  8. Lets chat: Beastclaw Raiders

    Only the leader of the pack has a pistol. And if you model the one regular guy with a garant hacker, then it's considered that all of them have it. (I moded mine so they all are holding the gargant hackers, even in one hand to make it clear).
  9. Beastclaw starter advice?

    I think that's right. You can go full-out BCR hold-no-punches if your opponent has any of the newer army lists, i.e., Tzeentch Archinates, Sylvanth, the new Khorne, (I'm assuming the new sky dwarfs), SCE. . . . If he's using older war scrolls you can just tune your list down to make sure the game is reasonably balanced. When I first ran BCR I played a guy with old dwarfs - infantry and cannons - and he didn't kill a single model of mine. I nearly tabled him b/c I went bottom of 1 then top of 2. That's just not fun for either player.
  10. Beastclaw starter advice?

    The general opinion is the BCR is overpowered. But I think with each new battletome that comes out, we are seeing that it is just the new norm. A lot depends on how competitive you want to play, and if you'll mostly do match play or open play. You are going to have a small model count if you go pure BCR, so match play can be tricky regarding holding objectives in most scenarios. Thus, for competitive play, people will mix in grots. But when you do that in a "friendly" game, people might not want to play you. What I did was get the IWA box and 1 box of mournfang. That gives me 2000pts easy without making people roll their eyes with 3+ heavies. (I still win all my BCR games - but at least they are closer) (and I don't think there's a cheaper way to build a 2000 point list in the game). Regarding assembly, it wouldn't hurt to magnetize the heads of the heavies, but they are heavy, so it's not easy. I think if I had to do it over again, I would put the double-saddle on both to give me the option of 2x riders, but no biggie. I did magnetize the ogre butts and put metal strips in the saddles for everyone. I run one stonehorn and one thundertusk, just for variety, and it makes it more fun for all. 2x thundertusk huskards hanging in the back dealing out 12 mortal wounds each turn (to me) isn't fun for anyone (assuming we are not talking tourneys). It's fun having your general on a stonehorn lead the way anyway - and it will wreck face like nobody's business, and you have the thundertusk advance in it's wake. The inclusion of the icebrow hunter and cats with the Skald Battalion adds a fun dimension with popping up in the enemy's rear. In all, it's super-fun to play. There's not better LOOKING models either, IMO. Just be weary of turning your opponent off in friendly matches - water down your list accordingly. EDIT: last point - i modeled all my mournfang with the gargent hackers. I don't know if the math supports that or not, but it seemed more in keeping with everyone dealing lots of damage with each successful wound roll. And they look better too.
  11. Beastclaw raiders

    So, If it's my turn, I retreat them out of combat and towards (w/6") an enemy unit engaged with another one of my units. Wait for that enemy unit to complete its attacks. Then do the 6" pile in and attack without reprisal! Does this allow that Yhetees one free combat phase w/o being attacked back? Or is there a way to make it more?
  12. Beastclaw raiders

    Man, I wished I thought of that
  13. FEC 2000 pts. Abbatoir (thoughts appreciated)

    Thanks for the input. FWIW I'm putting the smallest dab of gorilla glue on the arm connections for the horrors, so I can change out to Flayers if this doesn't work out. I'm still quite a bit away from assembly, but I'll post impressions of list as I get some games in. (maybe about two weeks from now).
  14. I made up some Zombie Heroes

    I like the idea behind the Deadwake abilities. Using your Zombies as some kind of perverse death-ammo.
  15. [So again I only have the start collecting and King Whateverhisnameis box sets to draw models from] Heroes: Crypt Haunter Courtier (General - which is unfortunate necessity to make Horrors Battleine) Crypt Haunter Courtier (Abbatoir) Varghulf Courtier Ghoul King on Terrorgiest Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon Battleline: 30x Crypt Ghouls (abbatoir) 6x Crypt Horrors (abbatoir 3x Crypt Horrors (abbatoir) Battalion - Abbatoir That's 1980 pts. I thought two Crypt Haunters and a Varghulf to keep the Horror units up to strength Plan to put the extra 5+ save from the GK on TG on the larger horror unit (or perhaps on self). Plan to position the GK on ZD in close to the larger horror unit as well to give the re-roll Wounds (and Hits) Plan to charge the GK on TG dowfield and in their face to draw fire from Courtiers I thought (especially w/o a crypt ghast courtier, I'm better off with 1 big unit of ghouls so I get at least one turn of +1 attacks before they go below 20. ****** So this means I'll be modeling 11/12 big bodies as Horrors rather than Flayers. I'm a bit scared to lock myself in this way. Mistake? Also, what would be the next logical expansion? A GK on foot for a +1 attack? More Horror? I think I'm ruling out the necromancer and vampire lord on foot - I like their abilities, but I don't want to give up FEC allegiance. Lastly, as regards using the old battlescroll for the GK on foot, it looks like that's a no-go at my store. (Insane ability anyway)