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  1. Bretonnian firstly but it seems I have 3 units of Empire already so I may end up with two armies. I will have a look at the directory....the North of England is a bit barren regarding war gamers.
  2. Good to hear! I have never played a game other than solo so finding other players would be great
  3. Wow Already so much more information than I had hoped for!
  4. Thanks for the input Chaps....Foundry will be a good place to start for my Bretonnians! I have never read anywhere what actually happens to a mold so storage and possibly re issue may occur one day? I live in hope of 5th edition Bretonnians but stand in models will be OK as I intend to play solo.
  5. Hi Chaps, I have a niggling question which I am sure someone on here will be able to answer. I have a lot of "man love" for the old Bretonnian range (possibly 5th edition?) which I used for historical warhammer medieval troops a long long time ago. My question is what happens to the molds when GW (or any firm I suppose) discontinue a line? I sincerely hope that they are put into storage somewhere maybe to make an appearance a few decades later in retro editions! I suspect not... The wearing out of molds is I am told almost impossible? So does anyone know of a vault containing highly desired older GW molds? Thanks in advance for any pointers as too what happens to them...if they are destroyed just don't tell me.
  6. Bamber Bridge near Preston Mr Penguin. I have nothing painted for this really except some old Empire and a few Bretonnians....I sold a lot when AoS came out to fund other stuff. I regret it now as the system is elegant and easy to play
  7. Hi Chaps, I am completely new to this game but I do love the look of it and the rules style. I just bought the "Getting Started" booklet and a new set of paints as I usually paint historical. This forum looks really useful, looking forward to meeting you all.