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  1. Malakithe

    Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    All the abilities and such that could create Chaos Spawns
  2. Malakithe

    Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    All the magic and free summoning is going to be nuts. They should just name it Age of Death/Tzeentch lol Free horror splits, free chaos spawns, and summoning with a special mechanic and not points. Some of those endless spells will be crazy too as long as your opponent doesnt snatch them away ir dispell them.
  3. Malakithe

    Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    Yep. Thank the gods...it needed a huge nerf. Too many factions and lists were using it as a crutch
  4. Malakithe

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    They are still servants of Nagash so it makes sense...the article was pretty straight forward about using some of the new stuff with LoN
  5. Malakithe

    Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    So free summoning plus able to include some of the new Nighthaunt lol wow
  6. Malakithe

    Religious Armies

    All of Chaos, a huge portion of Order, a good chunk of Destruction, all of Death...
  7. Malakithe

    Updating Ironjawz

    lol no..no they arent. Not by a long shot. Even if a max unit of Ardboyz gets support from a warchanter and mystic shield they would still get completely murdered by a max unit of vulkite berzerkers
  8. Malakithe

    Updating Ironjawz

    Perhaps though with the points drops plus whatever this command point system is and new magic IJ could move up a bit
  9. Malakithe

    Updating Ironjawz

    Minimum yes but im talking about max units. Taking minimum units of Ardboyz is useless since everything is battleline and sub max units of Ardboyz dont really do anything aside from being super expensive wounds that just stand around.
  10. Malakithe

    Updating Ironjawz

    You clearly never seen Vulkite Berzerkers. At max strength they are cheaper, hit harder, and are faaaaar more tanky then Ardboyz. At minimum strength Ardboyz would be marginally on par with Liberators
  11. Malakithe

    Updating Ironjawz

    I think 100 is fair when compared to every other battleline in the game. St 100pts it would bring them more inline with stuff like the new elves, bonsplitterz, those nasty vulkite berserkers and even skellies when maxed out.
  12. Malakithe

    Updating Ironjawz

    New faction focus for IJ. Kinda saw that coming but i hope there is more. One of the many, many problems IJ has is thats all the units are overcosted. Maw-Krudsha coming down could be good and might be auto-include no matter the list...maybe even big green himself Brutes need a points drop to about 160 to make up for easy it is to wipe them with bravery. Ardboyz are possibly the worst battleline in the gsme for their current points when compared to similar priced and even cheaper battlelines so they better come down to the 100ish pts area. Megaboss and Warchanter are too slow to keep up with Ironfist brutes. The Weirdnob suffers from hurting himself and costs too much as well. He needs to come down to 100pts or his warscroll needs to be tweaked to allow two casts. Id say the new magic might help but as it stands he already has 4 spells to choose from with one attempt.
  13. Malakithe

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    That kind of system wont ever work anyway due to how costly even basic battleline units are compared to 40k. A 2k AoS list is barely a fraction of what a 2k 40k list is when you compare how many units you take so filling out say, a battalion or equivalent, in AoS would be next to impossible
  14. Malakithe

    Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    All those tabards...might have to go full Sac-mode!
  15. Malakithe

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    I imagine most of the heroes will be wizards. A few of them at least