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  1. I'm liking the look of the Storm Heralds. Having a Stardrake appear across the board sounds nice. Or the Vanguard Justicar Conclave or Aeatherstrike Force. Question: the big battalions...they have the requirements but at the bottom it says 'any number of additional units'. Can that include units that form other battalions? Cuz the keyword is still there.
  2. Ooh geez lol the possibilities...
  3. The Changehost requires 1 LoC then 8 units. The Hosts Duplicitous requires there be at least 3 Horror heroes in the Changehost itself. So the 3 heroes plus 6 units of Horrors
  4. Yeah it's a typo. Should be Changehost
  5. So Raptors + Aetherwing + Gryph-Hounds = untouchable Raptors that will shred anything stupid enough to get near them
  6. I saw someone post this list. Looks nasty. Galrauchs points are the same as Kairos so that could be a possible swap option maybe. But Galrauch + Arcane Transformation looks nasty
  7. I think 30 Tzaangors are a bit much. You'll almost never get them all into combat. Unless you just really want more bodies
  8. Until there is clarification on the horrible wording for the Eternal Conflagration then I'll be looking at The Hosts Duplicitous is various form. Though having near endless range on spells via Chariots would be amazing
  9. This...I was wondering this from the start. That entire page is just all over the place with contradicting wording. My first impression was that it would be every 'Flamer' unit. Flamers, Exalted, and Chariots. The Flamers themselves have a 's' at the end of the keyword so that also threw me off. I was looking at that battalion first before the others.
  10. Best way is to wait till the 18th for the new book
  11. Hmm who would get the balewind and why?
  12. I'm looking at a lot of Brimstones to fill in gaps in a Changehost
  13. My turn! Not sure how competitive this will be but it fits in all the stuff I want. Mainly a beefy unit of Tzaangors mixed with the awesomeness of daemon units. Fairly straightforward troll tactics. Swap what needs to be swapped and using the best debuff in the game to really mess with those hit buffed deathstar units. And on LoC built for melee while the other one shoots from the back.