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  1. Ahh true true
  2. can we get a mod to move this thread into the Order subforum...and maybe change the title to Let's Chat/Competitive: Kharadron Overlords! No need for the same topics in other smaller threads anyway
  3. This isn't in the order area is it?
  4. Lol wow....oh man the excitement is building. Once all the models and book comes out we immediately need a Let's Chat/Competitive thread!
  5. I think I'm leaning towards a good blue like 1k sons blue/ahriman blue with various metallics. When I was doing stormcast I did a orange/leadbelcher which turned out really nice too
  6. I'm coming up with color schemes while waiting lol
  7. Here you go. I found it in the app with the points. It's in the waaaaay back of the Generals Handbook along with all the other old stuff. 120pts might seemake like a lot. But don't confuse picking another spell with casting another spell. LoC can already cast 2 but the battalion gives him 3 cast attempts
  8. Didn't Ironjawz thrive during the wipe? Their lore says they actually grew stronger during the Age of Chaos. And doesn't Death want everything to be wiped out? To create more undead?
  9. What's is this Warhammer Underworlds?
  10. That's what I've been saying. They will be a high points cost low model count force
  11. I think they will be balanced based on points. Take a look at all the other units with crazy guns and big firepower. This faction will be a high cost/low model count army for sure. Top hat alone has what...flying, a storm bolter, chainsword, dual mustache flamethrowers or guns and a giant face sized cannon. He will need to be 300pts alone. The Devastator Squad will probably be 200pts. And I can't even begin to think of what a flying transport boat with cannons, guns, and bombs will cost. Also these guys will be a ****** to paint lol
  12. You know what the scary thing is? Imagine the level of a potential death will probably be mind blowing as GW continues to escalate
  13. Those guys will be hard to paint. The level and amount of detail is crazy
  14. I can see them being a low model count army. That kind of firepower won't come cheap
  15. Yep April-ish was the answer I got when I asked the FB page