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  1. You can have the Ironjawz threads once new and updated books and such come out Mr. @Chris Tomlin
  2. The customization is crazy. The addition of the paint guide is great too
  3. This book is amazing!
  4. Change the name to Let's Chat/Competitive...otherwise we will be talking about the same thing in two places
  5. Has someone started a tactics thread yet in the order section?
  6. Mother of God...
  7. You know what will be a difficult nut to crack? Fyreslayers...I want to see KO vs Fyreslayers. Swarms of ground bodies vs air ships
  8. I'm surprised the cards didn't sell out faster. I was able to get them and it was 12:10 lol
  9. Me too! Book, big-but-not-book-big warscroll things, and the free cards! Going to wait a bit till I read the book to make purchases. The book comes with a full painting gunder too so that will help me choose a paint scheme.
  10. Sounds like we can choose whether or not to have a single drop or not. Just load up the boats that are in a battalion. Those points don't look too bad actually. I was guessing the big boat was going to be 400+.
  11. I want to go a heavy leadbelcher then either a good vibrant orange or tzeenchy colors like ahirman blue
  12. That's not a weakness. That's like saying every elf faction has a weakness cuz it can't ally with other elves
  13. Ooh man I'm so all in with guys now more then before...thank you tax return season. Perfect timing actually...
  14. Oh your flyers are charging my ship? Nope...2+ d6 MW bomb to flyers in range bahaha
  15. 120pts for 10 of the foot guys. With 9 special weapon options...that can be transported lol Poor skaven players...