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  1. Does the Gaunt no longer get a flying option?
  2. I was at a store yesterday and we were talking about the new DoT releases and he said the only thing that was stopping him from going HAM on DoT was the confirmation of new duardin in 2 months So there's that...
  3. What's up with the Gaunt? He can't fly on a disc anymore? No familiars?
  4. I'll buy the app allegiance pack also even thou I pre-ordered the book lol
  5. I only pre-ordered the book+dice for now. I'll wait till everything is fully released and I've read to battletome to see what I'll get
  6. Wow those cards sold out in the US store in less then 10min lol
  7. Got my book+dice pre-ordered. The cool cards sold out on the US store in less then 10min lol
  8. Looks like the app is kinda updated. All of the new stuff is in the daemons category thou and none of the battalions are on yet. They will probably shuffle them around next week...also... Why is the US site not updated yet...wwwhhhhyyyyy
  9. Death needs a DoT style book too bad. At least until they add more to the existing mini factions
  10. He better be able to cast 3 spells being that crazy looking
  11. Well ******...I'm sold on that! Steamhead will need some crazy cool stuff to top that
  12. Oh man you could use the new Tzaangors on dics to fill in the 3-9 req.
  13. So most of the StD can be used as well...the possible combos could be crazy. There will probably be specific build battalions but there will probably also be open ended ones to that just require keyword units
  14. I'm just waiting to see how Tzeentch turns out with crazy magic and new battalions
  15. To be honest I was thinking of a weirdfist + balewind + ironfist. Green puke sniping from your deploy zone to pop heroes in their deploy zone lol As a whole ironjawz will need to change their tactics in order to fight the arcane shitstorm that will be Tzeentch come end of January. Those of you that hate the shaman better pucker up...well it won't really matter since he can only unbind one spell anyway lol An army with the ability to cast one spell a turn vs 20 spells a turn...