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  1. Were you using the Terrain rules? Great pics.
  2. Great input UGT! I am reviewing my Generals Handbook and will Talk with my LGS to see if we can make it happen.
  3. My Thanks to Criti and Honcho for the input. Your recommendations is what I will do to try and take this to the next level.
  4. Here in the Mitten (Michigan) there aren't a ton of people playing Age of Sigmar. I have been wracking my brain on what is a good way to approach this challenge. We have 3 gaming stores within less then 30 minutes of each other. I have started a group page on FaceBook, what am I missing? Demo games? My best friend is taking a second look at AOS as we both started playing when it first came out and had balance issues and need fine tuning. I am hoping he gives it a second chance as the game is so much better now.
  5. Just read that we are getting an updated Khorne book! Blades of Khorne out in April which should add some goodies to my Khorne army. I am glad in a way that the older battletomes are getting updated so as to keep up with the newer stuff. I hope GW takes a good luck at the Death alliance next.
  6. Just assembled this unit of Pink Horrors. I have been running back and forth in my head which might be better Tar pit unit to use. The thought process would be to use the Pinks to their full potential, Meaning 140 Points for the 10 man unit, 100 points for 20 Blue Horrors and 80 for 20 Brimestones for a total of 320 for the whole shebang. Getting this nasty little buggers out of there would take many turns. Now these guys aren't the most offensive of weapons but they can get in the way. Then their is my unit of 30 Tzaangors at 540 Points. Multi wound models that can fight very well and with a Shaman can even come back. Is the Daemons a better value?
  7. So I have been giving a lot of thought to the guts of my Disciples of Tzeentch army. I am going to start by using Tzaangors for this. Unit of 30- 540 points. Tzaangor Shaman-120 points. 1- Twistbray with Shield Thinking about giving him a great blade. 1- Icon bearer 1- Brayhorn with Shield 6- Muntants paired savage blades. 12- Great blades 9- Savage blade/ Arcanite shield. Would you change anything on this make up?
  8. Finally picked up my general for my army. There was never a question on the Lord of Change for me as I intend to run a very wizard heavy army. Will most likely give him the Rod of Sorcery. Can't wait to get him together. Kinda intimidated by the painting of him but I am up for it.
  9. Thanks for the input Obfuscate. My blending work is a work in progress. I was never very good at it and continue to experiment and push my skills set. Will keep brushing away..
  10. Thanks for the input Tolstedt....Always looking for new ideas and things to try.
  11. This is one of the Pink Horrors from Hero Quest Silver tower. I have been painting these miniatures from this game as sort of prototypes for my main Tzeentch army. What do you think of it?
  12. Greetings all. First time blogger here. Been doing minis since the 70's. Then last year was very exited about AOS. I am a servant of Chaos and the gods I pray to are Khorne, and Tzeentch. I also have a good start on a Slave to Darkness army that will all have the Mark of Tzeentch. Currently I am building a very heavy Tzaangor list and here is my first pic. Going to be sharing my thoughts on this army construction all the way to 2000 points.