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  1. Today I was gladly able to make some Pics from all I did the last 6 Months. I think I have 6€ left but got nothing to do with them. 😊 So here's my work.
  2. You can see it at one of the pictures. The chains were welded. Awesome work btw👍🏻
  3. Yay the TLA's now also finished! This weekend I gonna make a group photo. But I switched the colore of the bases from green to black i think it looks better now.
  4. I myself never done a campaign like that. But the idea is awesome in my eyes. Hope it all works out as you planned it. 👍
  5. So here is Nr.1 the Branchwych.
  6. It is indeed . A Stonehorn get punshed into pieces.
  7. Or roll way more so you can position your models way better. 😁
  8. Right but you don't have to finish your charge in base contact, so you can get more models in Base contact at least against big models. If you end your charge in Base contact wit let's say 3 Models you can't Move them anymore. So you kinda block your back line models from piling in propperly. So you have a Range from 0.01 inch to 0,5 inches to fullfill your charge and being able to pile in propperly.
  9. But you can't if you are in contact. I think that is what he meant.
  10. Looks like grass to me also.
  11. Ok here are my Kurnoth Hunters. Tomorrow I gonna prime the TLA and the Branchwych.
  12. Yes.
  13. Almost forgott to mention the Tounament i was participating. Well it was a Team Tournament my Partner was playing a verry shooty Skaven List: If i remember correctly he was running a Arch Warlock, 2x10 clanrats, 3 Stormfiends, 3 Rattlingteams, 2 or 3 Poison Wind Mortar Teams and 3 Jazzails. My Job was easy defend everything that could shoot, get to objektives and kill or delay hard hitters. First Game was against 2 Undead Players with big Bad Ass 160 Zombies. Too Bad for them/him Hös Partner did Not show up for the first Game. 😓 So the Orga decided either he plays alone against us, what he did, or we are getting a 20:0 without a Game. And i have to say a reeeeaaalllly nice player so we still had fun in this Game. Second game was against a Deamon of Khorne List with 2 Thirster and a Skaven List with 2 Warplithing Cannons. The cannons where positioned so close we could kill both in our First turn what was a big mistake from the Skaven player. 😁 One of the BT i countered with my BT, Fleshhounds and Skulltaker. He had a Secrator and also 5 Fleshhounds nearby. My other stuff did playing meatshield for his shooty units. In the end we won 15:5 Last but not least we had a Destruction force of Ogres, Ironjwas and Goblins against us. Well this could have been a Hard match up but our opponents lost allready in the deployment. They where casteling almost everything in 1 corner inside of a Fortress. So we could grab 2 out of 3 objektives. The Stormfiends dug them out at the Fortresswall and almost shot everything inside their own build trap into pices the 2 Spear chukkas where shot in round 2 we gladly had the double turn. 😁 So we put everything in front of the entrance of the Fortress and killed what wanted to flee. After all is set and done we won 17:3 Tournament was over and we managed the first place with 62 points, thanks to 10 Softpoints for everything painted, payed in time and sending the Armylist in time. 😁
  14. Month 6 Budget: 9€ + 65€ = 74€Month 6 Spend: Treelord Ancient 50€ + Branchwych 18€ = 68€Remaining Budget: 74€ - 68€ = 6€
  15. Aight, the Job WILL be done!