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  1. Jep just run or charge is a roll. Heros and Monsters NEVER roll.
  2. I think some Dwarven ruins or something like that.
  3. Stonehorn is 23.5x13x12 cm and Thundertusk is 16x17x9 cm dont know the measurements from the mammoth Sry.
  4. Have some MDF bases myself. Had used with super glue and got no probs at all.
  5. 1. sure you can the base sizestill don't matter. 2 if you want to place them on a 32 mil base you can easily place them on top of the 32 mil one if you want. But it it's totally up to you. 😊
  6. First of all i want to finish my Sylvaneth. Also a good amount from my Dreadhold. And some more Chaos miniatures. The rest will be made in 2018 if god want me to do this. 😁
  7. Awesome work @Nixon
  8. Sugoi!! Can't wait to see them. Hurry up @Nixon. 😁
  9. First part is done only 3 Hunters left.
  10. Don't know if that counts too but this year I will finish my Sylvaneth wich are 5 Boxes Hunters, 4 Boxes Tree Revenants, Dryads and Treelord from the start collecting box, 12 Wyldwoods and 1 more Drycha. Guess it's abut more than 1000 points. 😁
  11. Well I'm in with 3 Kurnoth Hunters and 2 Bases from the Citadel Wyldwood. Maybe the trees too. But I'm not sure if I can make it.
  12. Hi Akuma, i'm from Germany. We really prefer gaming clubs, but I for my self have no issues about going into a store. Clubs are in my opinion the way to go, you'll have a fix room where you can leave the tables like they are. At home i have to getting the Table out of his corner, onto the table, scenery out of the corner, onto the Table and all backwards when the game is over. Kinda annoying. 😊 You also can store all your Terrain, scenery, army's at your clubhouse if it is a room or hut you can savely lock. Also you'll don't have to carry anything over there because you can store every single piece for your games there. Getting a Fridge inside your clubhouse, you also have cold drinks in there. 😊 The thing is you can design it how ever you want. Buuuuuut, it'll cost some money to rent a room. If you have enough guy's coming and are willingly to split the rent it's just a small amount everyone have to pay. Or getting your hand @ a free place where you can go to. It worked awesome in my last gaming club. The only problem was nobody wanted to play WHFB or rarely. Not to speak of AoS. So i had to leave cause I didn't wanted to pay for a club in wich I rarely had some games.
  13. Cant wait to read the reports and see some pictures. πŸ‘πŸ»
  14. True, I gonna make the same thing for big models. Cause mixing colores the same twice is a bit hard. So the wet palet is the way to go. 😊
  15. Thanks a lot @Nixon can't wait to see your group you've done. πŸ‘πŸ»